Buttonnose Ch. 05


“Oh yes baby, give me your prick. Fuck me baby. Bang me deep. Oh I love your prick.”

I think you had sussed that I was getting aroused with your dirty talk. Over the night we had realised so much about each other’s bed habits that we had already gelled together. You were arousing me and you had realised my handles by now. We had had so much sex in the night that I was feeling the soreness on my prick. But it was like I couldn’t get enough of you. I couldn’t stop fucking your delicious cunt.

“Oh god I love this. Oh yes. Oh fucking hell yes. Don’t stop baby don’t stop. I’m cumming.”

You were going through one orgasm after another.

“Oh I love your prick. Baby, fuck my cunt honey. I love your prick inside me.”

I was reducing the speed at times and enjoying the prick slide in your wet cunt. Your moans would get more deep and sluttish.

“Oh fucking hell, don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop.” You were enjoying it just as much as I was. I was holding on to your bum and rocking the hell out of your sweet cunt.

As I was getting closer to orgasm, you realised and you encouraged me to cum inside you. I was exploding my cum inside your cunt. As I emptied it, you were holding on my hand on your bum. As we fell on the bed exhausted I just hugged you close.

“I love you so much.” I kissed you gently on your lips.

“Not as much as I love you.” You hugged and kissed me back.

You were the first one to speak. “Would you like a bath with me?” you smiled softly.

“Sure mom. I would love that.”

You looked at me deep in my eyes. I was looking at you.

We walked to the bathroom together holding hands. After we had brushed we got ready to take a bath. I started the water running and added some nice soap for the special moment. The fragrance was sensual. You stopped for a while and said, “I will need to wee first.”

“Go on then”, I grinned and looked at you.

You looked at me, and with slutty eyes, just sat on the bowel and started to wee. I felt it all incredibly erotic and kissed you on your lips. “You are so kinky” you smiled at me.

“Are you complaining?” I smiled back.

“Oh no baby. I’m just beginning to enjoy you”

“I have always wanted to finger you when you wee.”

“Really? Too late now. How about next time?”

“Ok.” I smiled at you.

We then got into the bath. As you sat down, I cuddled you in my arms. You melted and kissed me on my lips. I hugged you and kissed you back. I ran my hands on your breasts. I slowly massaged it and then ran my hands on your pussy. You slowly moved your legs and took my hand in deeper. As I slowly fingered your clit, you got aroused and kissed me more passionately.

After a while you stood up and turned around and sat with your legs around my hips. You had positioned your cunt on my prick and asked me to slide it inside you as you sat down on it. We were in the embrace for a while, with you kissing me and I was holding on your bum and rocking you gently on my prick. We sat still for a while like that.

As we talked about the different things about us, we slowly realised how close we were in reality. We had the same preferences and likes in almost everything. We talked about what turned each other on about each other’s behaviours. We talked about the way we like to play games and tease and then turn each other on. Every time we hit a nice spot of similarity, I would get hard and your eyes would shine. Then you would feel me grow inside you and you would get very horny. Then you would move your cunt on my prick and give me the pleasure of milking it. We spent time in the bath till we started to get pruned. During the talk, you said a few of your turn on and asked me about mine. I told you what turned me on about you, and I could feel myself getting hard again just thinking about it. You sensed it and encouraged me.

“Oh baby, that just felt so good, to feel you grow inside me. I would love that to happen so often.”

“For that to happen, I will need to be inside you all the time.”

“We understand each other so nicely.” You smiled. “What more pleasure than that.”

“You would love me to have you any time, wouldn’t you?” I asked.

“You bet I do.” You kissed me on my lips.

When we got out of the bath, we dried each other, while kissing all the time. For the rest of the day I told you to wear only the thin silk short robe that went only to your waist. Your bum looked so gorgeous in it that I stroked it all day a lot of times. You were especially enticing when you bent down, purposely most of the time, and teased me to fuck you doggy. Every time you succumbed so sensually and enjoyed the fuck. I would fuck you with a few strokes and then settle down for a while. You loved that I had you on and off as I pleased. You loved me having you, using you like that. For you I was your soul lover now, I owned you and your body. And for you that was the ultimate turn on that I would be having you whenever I wanted to.

That was the new day that has been for us the new start in our relationship. I had known your love for me as my mom. Now a new woman had mixed into it and I was enjoying the combination. I felt your love very tender and sensual. The one person who knew me inside out had fallen for me, in a big way. I couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate lover ever in my entire life. I would treasure this chance through out my life!

These days I look at you at times. The mother in you takes care of me when I need you. Your love and tenderness is overwhelming at times. It nurtures me inside and out. Then at the same time, I cannot help but notice the luscious cleavage you have as you bend down over the table with your robe on. You wear it loose, to let it part its collar so I could feast on your sensuality at times. You take pride in displaying yourself for me, like you were my best possession, my woman. You know how much I love you and you like to feel it all the time. The reassurance we give to each other about our feelings change colours every minute and moment of the day. But yet what never changes is that we love each other.

When I come home late, you are there to inquire about me, just like a loving mom. And then you sit on my lap, with nothing underneath that baby doll you are wearing, and tease the hell out of me. You seem to manage so well of showing so many shades of your love all one after the other. You are jealous when I tease you by looking at someone in the shopping centre. Your feline claws clam out at me, shunning away any female’s advances, pulling me closer to you. Yet at times you are so nurturing and concerned about me that you would let me be on my own with a group of friends. That is the time I get attracted to you, to your love that is so sensual. Being my mom, you happen to know me inside out. I think that gives you an edge with the rest of the female population. You know what turns me on and what ticks me off. You seem to use it to your advantage so much that you never loose out on any competition.

There are times when you sleep in my lap on the couch, while we are watching tv. As my mom, you feel so safe in my arms. But then when I start playing with your breasts and cunt, you spread your legs willingly for me to have my way around you. You seem to like anything I do to you. Like a teenager, sometimes you tease and seduce me. At other times I can be overpowered with your feminine game plays. You know how to turn each of my knobs.

When we were at the movies, and you weren’t wearing any panties, I had taken full advantage of the situation and made you cum several times before you had begged me to stop. In the movies, you have always loved it when I had played with you. I too happen to know you by now too well. Every time I think of things that you find irresistible, I use them when you are upset with me for a reason or two.

I remember once when I came home in the afternoon and you were a little low. I cuddled you in my arms, and we ended up making love on the living room floor. If you ever watch it as a movie you would never believe it, cause you were not in the mood to have sex that day. But the way I had stirred you around with normal talk about your day through to the porn magazines in my cupboard, you were eating out of my hand in no time. And no matter what it was on your mind, sex with me was never at a distance!

We were just made for each other, as mom and son, and as lovers. I think it is nice that we realised it before it was too late. Now that we have created our relationship with such depth and love, we get to enjoy it without worrying about anything else. I know I wouldn’t be happier with anyone else. You take care of me more than I can ask for. And I am glad to see a smile on your face every time you look at me. It just assures me that I make you just as happy. No matter how I see you, you appear to be the best woman I have seen. Your love gets deeper every day, and your sensuality grows with every moment we spend together. As a man I would not have had found a more better mate for myself than you. I hope I make you just as happy to have me with you.

Tonight as I sleep next to you, I see you in so many different colours. Your fragrance gets my mind into a stance. Your touch melts my body, and your love arouses me to incredible heights.

As you slept close to me tonight, I knew you were exhausted. You were very sleepy when I had got back home. I was late. But you had been up all the time waiting for me.

I looked at the time. It was nearly 6am. In a few hours we would have to get up. I noticed my prick had become erect during the night. Sleeping next to you has its side effects! But you had never ever stopped me from having you in the night. But today you seemed too tired. I didn’t have the heart to wake you up from the sleep. So I just hugged you close and kissed you on your neck at the back.

You turned over and hugged me close. Slowly draping your fingers on my prick, you massaged it. You must have detected my desires. You had ability to do it. you kept stroking my prick for a long time. You kissed me tenderly and encouraged me to go on top of you. Parting your legs and guiding my prick, you let me inside you. Sliding inside your cunt, I fucked you nicely for a long time. I felt so loved. Every time you kissed me it felt so good to have you.

There are times now that make me so horny just thinking about it. I remember once when I was in the kitchen with you, we were clearing up a few things in the house on the weekend. You were wearing one of your sexy robes, and I was in my shorts. Every time we came close we kissed tenderly and continued working with our chores. Some time during that afternoon you had detected the hardness I had developed in the shorts. You seemed to have encouraged it somehow as usual. May be that is your subtle way of making me eat out of your hands. You were in the kitchen and you were bending down to put something away in the shelves. I couldn’t stop looking at the lovely bum when you had bent down. You didn’t have your panties on. You had stopped wearing them around me. The sight of your shaved pussy was too much for my erection. You knew I loved it shaved. Oh it was a sight to behold. And more heavenly to touch and feel. To lick and fuck, simply divine!

I think you had given me an idea and as soon as you stood up, I hugged you from behind. You caressed my hair and were blissful about my moves. I pulled my shorts down and placed my hand on your back. Soon you got the hint of what was on my mind. You slowly bent over and parted your legs. As I positioned my prick on you cunt you stroked my balls gently form underneath. “Oh yes,” you moaned as you felt my prick sink into your vagina. You were wet inside and I realised the seduction games you were playing all this time were for me to fuck you, cause you were so horny to have me inside you.

I held on your bum and slid in and out of your cunt for a while. All the time I could hear your moans, so deep and sexy. You were enjoying every inch of my prick. After a while I started banging you hard. Your moans grew more passionate and you kept encouraging me to bang you deep. You loved it. A few minutes and I was exploding inside you.

“Oh yes, fill my cunt with that cream, I love your cream.”

You kept grinding your bum gently and squeezing my prick, sucking every drop of cum.

A few moments later we both stood up and looked at each other with the lusty eyes as usual and felt like animals in heat. We kissed passionately. My prick was still throbbing and oozing cum. You squeezed it and stroked it gently, “I love it when you fuck me whenever you are horny. I’m your slut and I am glad you know how to use me.”

“I know how to use you and I love doing it anyway.”

“And I love being used by you, honey.”

“I’m glad about that.”

“And you know you can use me any time you like. This cunt is your and you can have it as many times as you like.”

“Mind you, not just the cunt.” I smiled at you with a tease and kissed you.

“Oh yes of course. All of me.” You apologised succumbing to me coyly.

We were back to our chores and soon we were fucking again in the living room after a few hours. This time you were on the floor, on your knees, and I was fucking you doggy. You loved it when I fucked you like that. We also talked dirty to each other when we were really turned on. It seemed to drive you wild.

When I feel like it, these days, you are there for me. With your sweet caresses and kisses, you seem to take my blues away. You seem to know when I need you and in what way. I remember the times when you gently parted your legs once when we were on the couch and offered your cunt to me for a fuck. It was so sensual and loving expression of your love. You didn’t seem to disapprove of the physical love being a part of my need for you. In fact you always enjoyed loving me that way. It seemed to come naturally to you. You show love in all different ways naturally. And that’s what I enjoy most every moment of my life, your love, and you in my life!

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