tagIncest/TabooBWT (Boating With Bonnie): A Sequel

BWT (Boating With Bonnie): A Sequel


No 9"+, no 38DDDD, no ANAL or other cruelty.

Not a lot of sexual detail either. So no complaints please.

Censors attention. all are 30+


My name is Ed and the encounter that I will get around to relating to you happened when we were in our late thirty's. Dan, my sister Bonnie's dead husband had been best my friend since Bonnie brought him home to meet the family.

(For Bonnie and Dan's story see. 'BWT (Boating with Bonnie)'

Meanwhile I was dating a girl named Rita and we fell in love. We four began double dating and taking trips together and became close. Time passed and than came the day that we had a double wedding followed by a double honeymoon.

By then we were so used to each other that we spent a few nights in one room as we all screwed our brains out on adjacent beds. That implies much more than there was to it. There was of course some kidding about trying out each others spouse but that was all in fun. At least it was at that moment. Usually that was laughed off as Bonnie or I would say. "I'd love if she (he) weren't my sister (brother)."

Of course that was true and that truth had usually kept things cool between Bonnie and I. There had been a couple of 'moments' however.

For instance we had masturbated together a few times until we almost got caught. Another time we teased each other into a very hot necking and petting session. That might have led to our both loosing our virginity. Fortunately or unfortunately it ended by us almost getting caught again.

After that we kept things cool by acknowledging our mutual attraction but considering that acting upon it was not worth the problems. I have to admit though that there were times as I watched Bonnie indulging in some hot sex act that I had my regrets. She really seemed to totally enjoy screwing especially when on top.

Not long after our honeymoons we ended up in different parts of the country following our respective career paths. We often got together for vacations and holidays but the sex stuff was usually on a back burner.

Suddenly everything changed. First Dan was killed in a stupid work related accident. About a year later owing in part to that and also to other problems Rita and I divorced. By then we were in our forties and all the kids were pretty much on their own.

Once in the middle of our lovemaking Rita popped out with a surprise question. "Ed. Did you ever fuck Bonnie?"

"No. Why?"

"Well did you ever come close?"

"Once. Why?"

"Just wondering. I've always had an urge to screw my brother Bill. I know it's pretty much verboten but I just wanted to decide if I really was a weirdo. Do you think there is much of that going on?"

"Brother sister sex? My guess is that a lot of siblings have done 'something' but that few have gone all the way. At least not in their youth."

"Yeah, that seems logical. Dan and I did sixty nine once. We were both half looped and wanted to see if it was all it was cracked up to be."

By then Rita and I were screwing hard and we both came and then we fell asleep in each other's arms. End of conversation.

Then came the year that I would like to forget. Dan was home cleaning up his parents affairs so that they could both move into assisted living quarters. It was late November when an unannounced drizzle turned to ice. Driving home he spun off the road into a lake and died.

It was August about 18 months later when Bonnie called and surprised me by asking if I were interested in spending a week or two boating on the Chesapeake Bay.

Bonnie and I jointly owned what had once been our families 35 foot cabin cruiser. Bonnie actually had been the sailor of the family and really was the most experienced of us all.

Meanwhile she said there was a she wanted to bring. I said that I might bring someone and I let it go at that.

I began to eagerly look forward to our boat trip. After that call my main joy as I anticipated the trip was in seeing my sister. I kept remembering an untimely interruption of our almost screwing each other. Each time I recalled the incident I got hard.

Aside from that the thought of four people half dressed, in close quarters and in total privacy. Who knows what that might develop.

Two Fridays later I arrived at the marina in Chestertown Maryland. I spotted the boat and began to unload the station wagon.

I was busy for the first few minutes sorting and organizing. I wasn't expecting anyone to help so I was surprised when I heard steps behind me. I was more surprised when I felt hands cover my eyes and the traditional question. "guess who?"

The words were spoken softly and accompanied by blowing in my ear. This not surprisingly produced an immediate hardening of my penis. The owner of the marina and his wife are old friends so I assumed that is was his wife Jose being coy. I was surprised when I tuned around and found it to be my sister Bonnie.

We hugged and then Bonnie hooked her hands behind my neck and pushed her pelvis into mine and said. "I've really missed you my dear brother. How has life been treating you?" As she was speaking her lips got closer and closer to mine and she then kissed me with her lips parted. My semi hard cock came to full hard so I tried to pull away saying. "Sorry Sis."

"Ed don't worry about it. I take my compliments whenever and wherever I can get them. With that she picked up a couple of packages and walked off toward the boat.

As I looked toward the boat I saw June and Bonnie's friends. About halfway to the boat Bonnie stopped and said to me.

"By the way Ed. I don't know why but I never told them that you were my brother."

"OK with me."

I met her friends who turned out to be quite nice and whose names were June and Sam. I later found that they had been dating long enough to have lost their sexual inhibitions around each other. They turned out to be a pleasure to have along.

Within a half hour we all had put our stuff aboard and started down the Chester River toward the bay. Bonnie had lots of charts and marks here and there.

I looked and saw X's at places like Oxford and Saint Michael's and Tangier and various other places whose names were familiar to me.

"I thought that we would work our way South until Monday evening." Bonnie explained. "Then we'll lay out the rest of the week. The boat still seems to cruise real nice in the 18 to 23 range. We won't be so far that we can't get back at those speeds in an emergency. In that case we won't be tearing our kidneys out with a high speed run."

"You're the expert." And with that I began to enjoy the scenery. After a while Bonnie was able to set the auto pilot. We relaxed and enjoyed the food and cold drinks that the June had brought up to the flying bridge.

Later that afternoon we tied up to the municipal dock in Oxford Maryland. After a brief rest we toured the town and then took a quick swim and followed that with a casual but very enjoyable meal.

The night began pleasantly enough. Bonnie said that she wanted to be able to check on the boat during the night without disturbing us so she and I took the upper cabin. Later she quietly woke me and I followed her up to the flying bridge where we could talk without being overheard.

Before she could speak I broke in with my own question.

"Explain something to me."


"What was with the kiss?"

For a minute I thought that she was going to play coy but then she said.

"June thinks that you are an old boyfriend with whom I am getting reacquainted."

Bonnie continued. Bonnie and I have an agreement that any action between consenting parties is allowed. She is willing to share Sam and to be available to you. You in brother dear?"

"Wow. How could I not be in."

"Talk to you in the morning. Right now I need my beauty sleep." With that Bonnie went back to her bunk and I found a cushion and slept on the upper deck.

The next day started out cloudy but calm and we explored the lower end of the Choptank River and then cruised down to near the Nanticoke River to find a quiet and sheltered place to anchor.

I was at the controls on the way there. Bonnie and June had stripped down to legal minimums and were lying on a blanket spread out on the cabin roof.

They both looked luscious but it was my sister who had my attention. Bonnie was lying on her back with her head toward the bow. She was slowly opening and closing her legs while lazily running her hand up and down her inner thigh.

It was an action which reminded me of an incident which took place long ago. Bonnie had been doing that same thing to her boyfriend and I at our swimming hole in the woods. I think that she lost her virginity that night. The memory gave me masturbation fuel for several weeks.

June meanwhile was lying on her stomach and her ass was bare and her top was untied. In other words she was naked from head to toe insofar as her back was concerned.

She would half rise once in awhile and almost but not quite give us a flash of tit or crotch.

Sam too seemed mesmerized and licked his lips a few times. "I think we're getting the business but I'm not sure what the business is." Said Sam in a choked voice.

The girls were whispering to each other and looked conspiratorial. As we watched Bonnie got up then before leaving she bent over and kissed June on the lips. It was a prolonged kiss. I couldn't see if there was any tongue involved.

"That was nice," Commented Sam. "do you think that was for our benefit?"

I thought for a minute and then said. "I suspect that it was. At least partly.

"Bonnie informed me last night that she and June had agreed that any sex act between what she termed 'consenting adults' this week was OK with them."

"She and June have apparently agreed that it was to be a week of what she called 'Sexual excess and forbidden pleasures.'. Naturally I agreed without reservation."

I wasn't sure if Sam understood what I had said. After a minute he spoke dreamily saying.

"Are we agreeing that if a desire is present that 'we go for it'? If so I'm standing here with a hard on. I'd love to have someone cure that problem."

At that moment Bonnie had made her way up the ladder to the flying bridge. She made her way over to us and then said to Sam. "June has something she want's to discuss with you."

I was standing at the wheel with my eyes on the horizon. After a few minutes Bonnie came over and put her right hand across my back on to my right shoulder to help her keep her balance. This caused her right breast to rub my upper arm which in turn caused my penis to become somewhat hard.

After a few minutes I said. "You know all I seem to be able to think of since our conversation last night is a certain afternoon when were necking on the recreation room couch. For a few minutes that day I was sure that I was going to loose my virginity"

"I did too. I've recalled that afternoon often. Have you ever thought that it a mistake that we didn't follow it up?"

"No." I answered. "Definitely not. We were too immature to handle it."

"What about now?" As she was asking the question I was untying the strap to her top. When it was untied Bonnie pulled away far enough for the top to drop to the deck. Now she pressed her bare breast against my left arm and my penis was straining hard against my shorts.

I draped my hand over Bonnie's shoulder and let my hand drop till it was a scant few inches above her left breast. The temptation to take a definite handful was almost unbearable but I needed to settle things first.

"What are we doing here Bonnie?" I asked my sister. "If you weren't my sister I'd have you down to the deck while I was ripping that bottom off."

"And I'd help you. But we're not quite there yet. Be patient. At this moment I'm very horny but I have it under control. I'm looking forward to a week that will include a lot of sex. And brother dear I have high hopes that before this week is out that I will have committed several new sins."

My sister to my total joy was echoing the sentiments of myself. I would be patient. The reward would be worth it. Bonnie started to slip away but not before giving me a full body kiss. I included a little wiggle of her crotch against my hard on and more than just a touch of tongue.

We found a good place and anchored. We got the lines set. The girls found some wine coolers. We were positioned so that we could watch the boats and ships ply the bay but we were protected from their wake.

"We were quiet in our drinking until we saw some fish action. Then Sam and I rigged some lines and in a few minutes had caught supper's main course.

While we were fishing Sam and I quietly made suggestions back and forth as to how to start something exciting and different. Meanwhile the girls seemed to be in continuous consultation also. I think that their main item of discussion was the same as ours.

Suddenly I had an idea. I slipped off my shorts. That done I called out to all.

"How about 'supper in the nude?"

Sam was quiet for a minute and then June was standing behind Bonnie untying her top. In less than 30 seconds the other three were naked.

It was a glorious sight, Bonnie and I had often been naked around one another but never in such a brazen manner. Certainly not with the possibility of forbidden sex in the air.

Neither Bonnie or June would qualify as a centerfold nor for that matter neither would Sam or I. But both the girls were capable of attracting lustful stares. We guys were not too shabby either.

Meanwhile our male equipment was obviously in good repair. We both sported cocks which stood proudly at attention and which brought smiles to the girls faces.

"Who's harder do you think Ed or Sam?" Asked Bonnie.

"I can't tell. We need a hard on meter." Replied June.

Then she added. "Wait a minute. I have one. Right here." So saying she held out her hands and took one of us in each. She squeezed both and stroked them each twice in a clinical manner and then said.

"Feel about even to me. Give me your opinion please Bonnie."

Bonnie did just that taking each of us in a hand adding a couple of short strokes before she let go.

I'm not sure why I didn't come right then. Seldom have I felt more erotic touches.

"I can't tell either. We need some other test.

About then Sam spoke up. "Fair is fair. How about Ed and I check and see whose pussy is the hottest? Come here girls stand there side by side."

They did and Sam wasted no time before putting two fingers of his left hand in June's cunt and two of his right fingers into my sister. I could see him wiggle them a couple of time and then plunge them in and out a couple of times before saying.

"I don't know Ed. I guess I need your expert opinion." I looked at the girls and could tell that both were in an erotic spell. I walked over and stood in front of them.

We three formed a circle. Bonnie and June each had one arm on the other's shoulder and the other on mine. I did just as Sam had done and put two fingers up inside of June and for the first time ever two into my sister.

Both were hot and wet and full of slippery juices. Both gripped my fingers tight with their cunt muscles. I stroked my fingers in and out about ten times hoping to make one or both come to orgasm. Both were close but they fought them down.

"I can't tell." I said. As I did I removed my fingers and placed them to the other's lips. Bonnie got the message first and took my hand and guided my fingers coated with June's cum into her mouth and began to lick them clean.

June got the idea quickly and followed suit. Then there was a surprise shout from Sam.

"I'm coming." he shouted. As the sperm began to fly he stepped closer to us and sprayed us all with the hot fluid.

That kind of broke up the moment. We cleaned up and combined our talents and fixed a simple but delicious supper and then made the area ship shape.

After supper we sat around with beer and light drinks making small talk. We were all avoiding the subject which really was uppermost in our mind. Finally June spoke up.

"New subject." June paused before she said. "I would really like to take Sam somewhere private and do something very sexy and very naughty.

"Not only that," June continued. "but some time later this week I would like to do some foursome things," Then adding a bit of humor she added. "or maybe in just couple of hours from now."

"Sold." Said Sam. Then looking at me he asked. "Cabin or deck?"

Before I could answer Bonnie said. "Deck. Right here, under the stars."

"How about a quick swim first?" This from June as she walked back and dove off the diving platform. In just a minute we were all in the water. We splashed around for a minute or two and then climbed back aboard. We toweled and then June with a wink at me took Sam by the hand and headed below.

I went into the upper cabin and folded down a bunk and removed the wide mattress. I carried it back and spread it out on the cockpit deck. Bonnie looked at me and with a mischievous look in her eye said.

"I guess we'll lie down in the cockpit to use my cockpit." It took a couple of seconds for my brain to react. Then I laughed hard as I flopped down on the mattress pulling my sister down with me.

At just that moment there was some kind of a bell tone which I did not immediately recognize. I heard Sam grouse a bit as he found and answered what I assumed was a cell phone. I could not hear the words but it was clear that their was something unpleasant going on.

Then June was next to him and talking. Then I knew that our week of sexual excess and forbidden pleasures was in trouble.

Sam shouted out to me. "Ed! Please start getting things in order for us to get out of here. I need to get to Baltimore. Mom's had a bad heart attack and is being evaluated for bypass surgery as we speak."

As Bonnie started the engines to warm them up I swam ashore and untied the shore line. While they continued to talk on the phone June began stowing things while Bonnie got on the controls.

I went forward and pulled the number two anchor. As I pulled the boat forward to the number one anchor Bonnie turned on the running lights. As the anchor cleared the water the boat began to move the boat forward out of the inlet.

As we cleared the shallow water Bonnie turned a wide half circle. Since the water was calm she eased the throttles up to full. She trimmed the boat like the expert she is. Soon we were skimming along at 40 MPH.

Two and a half hours later we were tied to a dock at a marina in the inner harbor. June and Sam were on their way to Johns-Hopkins.

As she was ready to leave she turned to me and whispered into my ear as she kissed me good-bye.

"Take good care of your sister please. I love her and she needs all the lovin you can give her. Yes, I know that you are her brother but my lips are forever sealed. Enjoy."

An hour later Bonnie and I were naked together on a bunk in the lower cabin. She was on top of me and we were in full body contact from lips to toes. Our heads were nuzzled together as we simply enjoyed the forbidden closeness for awhile. Finally Bonnie spoke.

"Know what I'd like to do?" I shook my head. "I'd like to pretend that we are back on our recreation room couch, necking like mad and trying to decide if we should do 'it' and then go on from there."

"Sounds like a plan to me." So saying I rolled her off me to my left side and with my right began massaging Bonnie's waist. "One slight problem." I said. "We need to adjust our clothes. We were both half dressed as I recall and I had just taken off your bra."

"You're right. Let's do it from there. Your shirt was unbuttoned, Your shorts were down just under the cheeks of your ass and your jockey shorts had this big tent in front."

"Yea. You still had your blouse on. I had unhooked your bra. Your skirt was on the ironing board. I had caught you ironing it for your date."

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