By The River


"Some. My real interest is to be missing an arm. Don't get me wrong, if I lost a leg, that'd be just peachy."

Karen tried to guess her age and assumed she was about ten years older then took a step backwards. "After you," she softly said.


Smoke swirled near the far wall over the only table with people as Karen and Julie moved from the door to two empty stools at the bar. Karen leaned her crutches against the bar and rested part of one hip on the stool.

"Hey Julie," the male bartender said. "What'll you two have?"

"Whiskey ... rocks," she replied as though she had ordered the same thing a thousand times before.

"Same," Karen said shifting her hips trying to be comfortable.

The bartender walked away tossing a damp towel over his shoulder. "Hard to sit that way," Julie said watching Karen. "I know."

The bartender sat the two glasses down harder than expected and some of the drink splashed out of one. He picked the glass up and wiped the wood with his towel, looked at Julie, then flipped the towel back over his shoulder.

"So, you have a partner tonight," he groaned in a deep voice.

"What's it to ya?" she replied.

"You pretending too?" he asked looking into Karen's eyes as he leaned halfway over the bar while leaning on one forearm. She nodded her head in reply.

"When's your surgeon friend going to materialize?" Julie asked him.

He straightened up and rested his balled up fists against his waist. "Maybe I was just jerking your chain."

"No Max, I know that look of yours and the way you drool when you see me. Especially when I'm like her." Julie leaned her head towards Karen. "That's they way you want me, isn't it? Be honest."

He leaned close to both women and whispered, "If I thought you had the cash, maybe I'd talk."

His head remained in roughly the same place and Karen moved closer. "How much?"

"I've been told it depends on what you want, but about fifteen a limb. Of course you need money for the trip."

"So about twenty total?" Karen asked.

"Yeah-h," he drawled as he stood up then walked away.

Julie sipped from her drink then said, "That's a lot." She sipped again and sat the glass down.

Karen sat in silence for a moment then chugged all of her drink and sat the glass firmly on the bar making a loud noise. "Yeah-h," she groaned painfully. Max turned to see what was happening and Karen yelled, "Two more."

"Would you really?" Julie finished her drink and held the glass letting it turn slowly in her hand as her fingers played with the moisture along the sides. She looked up at Karen and dragged her tongue through the whiskey on her lips. "You would ... me too. I've got some saved, but only about half." He sat the new drinks on the bar and pulled the old ones towards him watching first Julie then Karen.

"No quantity discounts ... huh?" Karen teased.

Max laughed and took the empties away.

"Don't guess you have any rich friends," Julie said as she raised the glass and sipped.

Karen drank half the new drink then asked in a voice that was showing the initial effects of the whiskey, "Why aren't you married?"

"Shit-t," Julie slurred slightly. "I was. The bum stole the money I was saving for Max's surgeon friend."

"Couldn't you get it back?"

"The cops never found the asshole."

"Did he know what you were saving it for?"

"Yup." Julie sipped again. "The night I told him, he grabbed it from the dresser drawer and told me he was going to save me from myself. The next thing I heard were the squealing tires as he pulled out of the driveway. Eighteen G's, all gone."

Karen held the glass to her lips and glanced at Julie. "Gone?"

"That was two years ago. I've managed to scrape another ten together. If I had the other, we'd be over half way to getting both of the way we want to be." Julie laughed and drank the rest of her drink. She held the glass up and when Max looked her way, she mouthed, "Two more." He flipped his hand in acknowledgement.

"Thanks. I'm feeling quite 'comfortable' now." Karen made quote marks with her fingers as she said 'comfortable' and then finished the drink in time for Max to bring the new ones. As he walked away, she looked at Julie and said, "You made it sound like you would be interested in helping me. Why?"

"How many others who want this do we know?"

"None. At least I don't."

"Me either. I don't suppose that you have a bag of cash in your closet do you?"

"Nope." They both laughed and sipped at their drinks.

Max stood near them and looked at the near empty glasses then at the two women. "Another?"

Karen held one hand up with the palm towards Max and shook her head. "I'll never be able to walk on these crutches if I do." She snickered and finished her drink, and then stood.

"You need to talk to my surgeon friend." He picked up her glass and watched her placing the crutches under her arms.

"Listen, if I had that kind of money, I'd talk to him ... tonight." His gaze intensified. She leaned closer. "Goddamn fucking leg's got to go. I've just GOT to find a way." She stood, slapped three twenties on the bar, and stepped back. "So you won't forget me." She giggled.

Julie finished her drink and stood next to Karen. "Thanks Max. Let us know if you find a benefactor. We both need the same thing ... and sooner rather than later ... you know?"

"Yeah. Let me think about this. Not promising anything, you know."

The cool night air felt good as they stepped from the warm smoke and bar fragrance-laden air inside.

"Thanks," Karen said to Julie. "We should do this again."

"You going to be okay getting back home? I live just above my shop ... got an extra bed."


Ellie returned from the bathroom in the dim evening light and stood beside the bed looking at Kevin's naked body. The sheet still pushed to the foot of the bed after their last session of oral sex. That had been a few hours before and even asleep, his erection stood high above his balls. As she settled on the edge of the bed, he made a slight sound, but remained asleep. She positioned herself so her face was close to the erect cock and inhaled the aroma of cum dried over his stomach and thighs. A finger lightly brushed the underside of the swollen head and an involuntary reflex made the cock flip up then fall back against the finger. A few sloppy wet kisses and then she let it begin to slide into her mouth.

"Hmmm, nice way to wake up," he mumbled still not awake, but more so than before. He watched progressively more of his cock disappear into her mouth with each bob of her head. A few gagging sounds occurred as she attempted to take all of it then she focused on only half the thick shaft. He rested his head on his hands clasped together and enjoyed the sensations as she began to fondle his balls and tighten her mouth.

"That ... feels so ... ah, ah, yeah-h-h." Most of his cum was swallowed, some drained back along the shaft. "Oh-h, yeah-h." He tilted his head forward and watched her continue even after his last spurt of cum.

"Hmmm, you don't need to stop." He snickered and let his fingers roam through her hair, his cock remaining firm inside her mouth. "Hmmm."

Soon she paused and looked towards his face while wiping her lips with the back of her hand. "Great cock," she moaned pulling a wad of cum lingering on her lip into her mouth with her tongue. She leaned back down and sucked a while longer letting her hips wiggle towards his face. Realizing it was his turn; he pulled at them and repositioned himself leaving his cock close to her mouth. "Yeah baby, eat me."


Midmorning, hungry, sexual spent; they dragged themselves from the bed and made their way to the shower. The steam began to fill the bathroom as they stood under the falling water. Their mouths pressed together as she slid the soapy washcloth over his body. His tongue roamed inside and she sucked it deeper. The washcloth fell on the floor as she massaged his cock into a firm state then pressed it between her pussy lips.

"Fuck me," she moaned into his mouth and raising her legless hip to accept the cock. "One of the advantages of having all the leg gone," she teased as she stared into his eyes. His hands gripped her hips lifting her slightly and then let her slide along the wet shaft. "Oh baby, you do that so well," she said as she let her pussy grip the erection tightly. "If I were missing all of both legs?" He tightened his hold on both hips again and she lifted the left leg. "I bet we'd both like that." She let him move her up and down his cock as she steadied herself with a hand on each of his shoulders. "I know I would." She leaned in and sucked his lower lip between hers. "Yeah ... fuck your legless darling." Her head fell back slightly. "Ah-h, yeah-h," she roared as another orgasm began to consume her.


Damp and naked, Kevin carried Ellie to the kitchen and sat her on the counter. He watched her out of one eye as he searched the cabinets for coffee and cups.

"You really wouldn't mind not having legs, would you?"

"Not if you'd carry me around and keep your cock hard." She laughed and teased a nipple into firmness with a fingertip. "Coffee is in the pantry and there're some frozen waffles in the freezer." She leaned back and pulled her single foot over her head and left it pinned behind her neck. "Do you think I'd look nice without any legs?" One hand supported her as she continued to lean back and the other hand rubbed across the left hip that now appeared to be missing the thigh.

"I'd have even better access to that lovely pussy of yours." He laughed and pushed the lever of the toaster down. "I must say that I get a real rush watching you on crutches though."

"Yeah, I do like walking on crutches too. Guess missing both legs is just a mild fantasy for me." She popped the foot from behind her neck and stretched it out towards him then wiggled her toes a few times. "I think I have a nice foot." She flexed the ankle and watched the foot move. "If I had this leg off below the knee, maybe four or five inches below, I could wear a prosthesis and still use my crutches. Would you suck my BK stump? Hell, I could suck it." She laughed. "Guess I wouldn't need you to suck it." She laughed again.

"You make it sound like you could just call up a doc and have it done."

"No. I was very lucky to find someone that was sympathetic to my need. He made up some paperwork using someone else's lab work. No one knew other than us."

"So you couldn't ... have another amputation even if you wanted it." The toaster popped up and he put the waffles on two plates, and then poured the coffee.

She held her hands out. "Carry your legless lady to the table, will ya?" She dragged her tongue between her lips. "If you're nice to me, maybe I'll give you another blow job." She laughed. "Hell, even if you're not nice to me, I'll do that anytime you want you knob polished." She laughed again as he lifted her into his arms.

Still holding her in his arms as he stood near the dinning table, he kissed her briefly then said, "It's only Saturday morning, and we still have two days before we have to go to work." He kissed her again. "I just might get used to your blow jobs and eating your pussy."


Karen stood at the window with her leg bound again and watched the Saturday morning traffic moving along the quiet street below. Julie walked from the bedroom and gently kissed her on the back of the neck.

"Morning," Karen said without comment or complaint about the kiss. She turned to look at her newfound friend. "I see your arm is 'gone'." She moved her fingers though the air making small quote marks. "I like the way you look that way." She nodded her head slightly. "How much would you have off?"

"Maybe just above the elbow, don't know. How about your leg, how much?"

"Mid thigh, maybe more, maybe all of it. I was at the river with my ex-boyfriend and my brother. He's old than I am. When we got out of the water, Kevin had his face between - well, I don't know what to call it when she is missing all of one leg - between her thighs." Karen laughed. "I don't know where she came from, she was just there."

"Strange," Julie remarked leaning against the wall, the one hand resting over her stomach, and watching Karen.

"Yeah, strange. The lucky jerk."


"Guess both of them, but especially her for being with one leg."

"And for getting her pussy sucked?" Julie giggled.

"Yeah, that too."

Julie stepped closer and lightly kissed Karen. Karen put a hand over the empty sleeve near the shoulder, partly to resist, partly pulling her closer, then pulled away.

"Sorry," Julie whispered letting her face look at the floor.

"No, no. Don't be. It's not something I haven't done before ... you know, kiss another woman ... just not often." She put her fingers under Julie's chin and lifted it, then kissed her softly for a moment. "We seem to be sharing something special, ah, wanting to have stumps and all." She pecked at the lips again then pulled away. "Maybe...." she started then became quiet.


"Maybe it will happen ... lose limbs, become close." Karen paused. "Maybe fall in love." She paused again as if to consider what she was saying. "I've always seen myself growing old with some guy. They've always been such losers, hardly the kind to want a woman with one leg, and somehow I am finding an interesting connection with you."

"Good." Julie wrapped her single arm around Karen and pulled her tight against her. Their breasts rubbed together though their blouses; their lips covered each other, their tongues traded between mouths.


The smell of over cooked toast and fresh coffee filled the air in the diner. Julie and Karen settled into the booth with the classic red vinyl upholstery and gray Formica on the tabletop - sugar, salt, pepper, and several menus behind the napkin holder closest to the window.

"Love coming here on weekend mornings. Especially nice having company today," Julie said reaching across with her only hand and grasping Karen's hand for a moment.

Karen puckered her lips and blew a kiss then opened the menu. "What's good?"

"Everything." Julie looked up at the older chubby waitress and said, "Coffee for both of us to start." The woman scribbled on the order pad and walked away. To Karen she said, "I'm going to have pancakes and a side of bacon."

"That sounds good to me." She closed the menu and looked at Julie, then checked to see if many people were sitting close enough to hear. No one was. "Do you ever think about something other than an arm?"

"All the time." Julie leaned forward slightly and whispered, "One or both below the knee. When I think about that, it is often both." She continued to lean forward and rested her hand in the middle of the table without quite touching Karen's hand. "Just a fantasy though. The arm is for real."

The waitress returned with the coffee and they told her what they wanted. She left again writing on her pad.

Julie's fingers curled around Karen's and she smiled. "You are so lovely."

Karen blushed and returned the smile. "Thanks. You are easy to be with, you know." Her thumb rubbed several of Julie's fingers.

"Tell me about your brother. Does he often hang out with amputees? Does he know you pretending ... or that you want to...?

Karen explained about their cousin and how she had let them use her crutches, how she had pretended for Kevin, about his picture collection. "No, I think this is his first one-legged acquaintance."

"Sounded like more than an acquaintance." Julie laughed as waitress placed the plates of food on the table. Karen held the empty cup up towards the waitress and the woman nodded then left to get a pot of coffee.

"Wonder how she lost her leg. Yeah, that was most curious. It was at the nude beach too. I never expected to see an amp at the nude beach."

"Hey, amps go nude too, don't they?"

"Of course they do ... I guess. Wouldn't you?"

"Sure. I've been there and I would continue afterwards." Julie laughed and poured a little sugar into her refilled cup. "Wouldn't that be cool if she were like us?"

"Maybe she could help us find a doc if that were the case. I'd like to meet her regardless."

"Have you ever known an amp?"

"No. You?"



Naked, Ellie stood in front of the open closet door. She rested lightly on her crutches and rocked back and forth a few times.

"What'd you like me to wear today?"

"Nothing," Kevin replied as he tied his running shoes.

"Darlin', you say the nicest things, but I'm not sure the rest of the world shares your desire to see me." She laughed. "Maybe shorts and a tube top? I've some jeans with the leg trimmed so they fit nicely around my hip ... none of my shorts are trimmed though."

"Looks like a nice day, the shorts and tube top sounds great. I need to get some clean clothes at my place. Some day you should meet my sister."

"The one that pretends?"

"The one and only sister I have."

"Give her a call. We could meet her later to have a drink. There's that bar on the river."

"The Cove?"

"Yeah. How about four if you can reach her? Oh, let her know it is okay to pretend when she comes. Do you think she'd mind? I don't know how public she is about this."


Karen stopped and took the cell phone out of her purse. "Hey bro," she said in a bubbly voice as she moved closer to the building along the sidewalk. "Who was that woman?"

"At the river?"

"Yeah, the one with one leg. How many women ARE you seeing?"

"That's Ellie," he replied smiling at Ellie as she put the sandal on. "I told her about you."

"What part of me?" She laughed loud enough he could hear her.

"Just the part that tells me you are just dying to meet Ellie. You two have a lot in common I think."

"Why, did she want to have her leg off?" She laughed again and smiled at Julie before blowing her a small kiss.

"Meet us at The Cove on river road about four."

"You're not going to answer my question." She frowned. "Jerk!"

"Just come. Ellie asked you to come with your leg bound up."

"Really? I'm bringing a friend."

"That asshole Mike?"

"No. You don't know her."


"Hey, you won't answer my question and I won't answer yours. See ya about four." Karen flipped the phone closed and dropped it in her purse. "WE get to meet her, the chick with one leg. She asked that I come with my leg bound up."

"Does that mean she might have 'wanted' to be that way?"

"Guess we get to find out, don't we?"

Julie nodded and stepped closer then kissed her. As she pulled back, she whispered, "You don't have to tell her about ... us."

"What, that we might fall in love?"

"Yeah, if you are uncomfortable about that." She pecked at Karen's lips again. "It's new for both of us. Nothing might happen."

"Oh, I think something will happen." Karen pecked at Julie's lips. "Yeah, it will. Trust me." She pecked again. "And if it doesn't, we'll just very great friends." She paused and stared at her for a few moments. "Not sure why, but I think I want more than just friendship." She giggled and kissed her more firmly letting her tongue press though Julie's lips for a while.


Karen and Julie arrived at The Cove first and found a table outside facing the water slightly away from other tables. Karen's crutches leaned on the railing. Julie's long sleeve dangled empty. Both women sipped at glasses of whiskey on the rocks as they had the night before.

"Feels good to be here like this, with you," Julie said then swiped her tongue at a drop about to fall off her lip.

"Just wait until that fucking arm is gone." Karen sipped at her drink then held the glass just off the table.

"Where are we going to find the dough? Oh, the dream is burning in me like a roaring fire. More so today than ever before."


"'Cause I know we'll go do it together."

"But if we can only find the additional money for you, I want you to go ahead. Hey, it's your money and you almost have enough. I've got maybe fifty bucks in my savings account."

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