By The River


"Sis," Kevin started. "This is Ellie."

Karen reached out her hand, damp from the glass, out. "I'm Karen and this is Julie."

Kevin sat next to Julie and Ellie next to Karen. "Whatever they're having and seconds for them. We'll eat later," he said to the waiter who then walked away.

Ellie reached over to lean her crutches next to Karen's crutches. "There, they won't be so lonely." She laughed. "How long have you been pretending?"

"Kind of forever, but more since I finished college. The past few years, it's all gotten very intense for me. He," she paused to point at Kevin. "He probably doesn't know all about this, but I guess he does or will before I finish this drink." She laughed. "I know about his, ah, interests, so he should know about mine now."

"Do you mean his fondness for stumps?" Ellie asked then took the first sip of her whiskey. "Hmmm, this is good. Been a while since I've had whiskey."

"Yeah, I figured you didn't mind me saying that after seeing what he was doing yesterday at beach."

"Yup. We've talked about a lot of things since then."

Julie rubbed her fingers though the condensation on the glass as she looked at Ellie. "How did you manage...?"

Ellie interrupted. "Guess it shouldn't be a secret in this group. I wanted it off and found someone a few years ago to help me. I always wanted it off, but just hadn't found a way until I talked to Robert ... someone I met on the Internet. He's rich, a jet setter, with an interest in amputees." She sipped her drink. "Custom made amputees." She sipped again. "I haven't told your brother anything about him, but after my amputation I've seen him a few more times. He's taken pictures of me, even made a few videos. Seemed the least I could do to repay him." She paused and brought the glass to her lips then sat it back down. She leaned into the center of the table and whispered, "I have a thing for big cocks ... like Kevin's cock. Robert's is similar. He paid for my surgery. I gave him some of his best blow jobs." Now she lifted the glass and drank it all before putting it back down.

"I'd blow him if he'd pay for my surgery," Julie whispered. "Hell, Karen and I'd do him together if he'd pay for both of ours." She chugged some of her drink then laughed. "Hell yeah." She finished the rest of the drink. She waved her hand as the waiter passed. "Another round," she said loudly and he nodded.

"Sis?" Kevin question unsure of what he'd just heard.

"Yeah. When will I ever be able to save up for something like that working at the copy center? Do you have twenty grand?"

"That'd be a rip off. For that much, Robert's doc will do all four limbs." Ellie laughed. "I think mine was about seven and he charges more for a hip disarticulation like I had."

"Seven ... really? At that rate, I've got enough for both of us honey."

"It's been over a year since I talked to him and I don't know what the status of the doc is. There was some talk he might stop doing these amputations. The rumors on the Internet about everything were causing too much heat for him."

"Just my luck too," Julie groaned quietly.

Kevin glanced at Julie then at Karen then back to Julie. "Honey?" he mouthed as he looked again at his sister.

"Just an expression," Julie said trying to deflect any concern.

"Yeah," Ellie said. "Just an expression." She caught on to the closeness between the two women even before she and Kevin sat down. She also realized he might be uncomfortable about such things, especially with his sister.

"It doesn't matter," he said glancing at each woman feeling they were each ganging up on him. He reached over and put his arm around Julie. "Just treat her right. Okay?"

Before another word could be said, Ellie looked at Julie and asked, "How much of your arm?"

"Somewhere above the elbow ... maybe a few inches above. Do you think...?"

"Yeah, I do think he would be happy to do that for you," she quickly replied. Even if for no one else, he'd help a friend of mine out."

"Wow," Julie drawled and sucked some ice then let it fall back in the glass. "Do you ever think about more?"

"I was just teasing Kevin about that this morning. Sometimes I fantasize about the right one being the same way."

"Would you really do that?" Karen asked.

Ellie shrugged her shoulders. "I'm getting hungry. Anyone else up for some dinner?"


Julie held the car door as Karen pushed her crutches inside then watched her settle into the driver's seat before walking quietly to the other side of the car.

"Honey, will you cuddle with me tonight?" Julie asked as she snapped the seatbelt. "We don't have to do anything more," she whispered.

Karen nodded then said, "I'd like that. Eventually there will be more. There's plenty of time."

They drove in silence for a few miles on the winding river road. Few other cars were on the road.

Julie twisted in her seat and watched Karen for a moment. "Do you want to do this? I mean go to see the doctor Ellie talked about."

"How about you?"

"Yeah, I do." She was quiet then said, "I want you to go with me."

"Me too. I'll go and I'll have my leg amputated," Karen said as she slowed for the stop sign.


Ellie reached across the table and held Kevin's hand as she sipped the last of her drink. "Sweetheart," she whispered and then let an ice cube roll along the glass into her mouth.

"Do you think he will be able to help them?"

"He's a sucker for women that want to have an amputation. I don't think there will be a problem."

"What about your other leg?"

"That may be more of a fantasy for me. I can always do it later if the need become to great to handle."

"Either way for me will be just fine ... assuming we stay together."

"Let's not worry about that. I'm having a nice weekend."

"Good." He drank a little more then swished it in his mouth before swallowing it. Holding his glass up towards her, he asked, "Want another?"


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