tagErotic CouplingsBy Touch Alone

By Touch Alone


His voice surrounded her. Deep, warm, it lapped at the edges of her mind, a seemingly physical caress. The candles flicked as the night wind moved through the open windows of the room, wafting their sensuous aroma over her. She felt herself moistening, her full breasts tightening when his hand passed briefly over her hair to adjust the black silk over her eyes. His voice continued to wash over her, commanding a response as he told her what he wanted to do to her, with her; she became more aroused with each word. She had never been talked to this way. Shivers ran down her spine at the passion in his voice, and suddenly the world was Him. His voice, his passion, the response he pulled from her.

He told her that he would caress each inch of her body, kissing, tasting, biting as he slowly stripped her clothes from her. She grew more excited as each button came undone, a mixture of arousal and fear knotting her stomach. Her muscles clenched as he pulled her hand to his hard, heavy cock, leading her to imagine what it would feel like as he moved in and out of her, slowly, claiming her inch by inch until she wanted to scream, to beg him to hurry.

She stood there, still as a statue and as unable to move, as he lowered the zipper of her dress. She reached for him, frantic fingers searching for warmth, but he grasped her wrists, held them behind her as his rich voice laughed and teased, telling her to wait; anticipation would only make it better.

As her clothes fell away he knelt in front of her, groaning as he saw the black lacy garters she wore. She jumped when his fingers brushed her thigh; it felt as if an electric current had run through her body. He teased her, plucking at the black silk covering her legs, brushing so softly she wasn’t sure if he touched her, or if it was his heated breath feathering across her sensitive flesh. Finally he smoothed the material down her legs; stopping to rub his cheek against the newly exposed skin, making her shudder as she felt the rasp of his freshly shaved face. Her hands sank into his long, silky hair as she pressed his face against her thigh. A chuckle rumbled up in his throat and vibrated against her soft skin as he placed his hands at the juncture of her thighs, insistently urging them farther apart. There was no warning before his fingers parted her folds to make way for his tongue; the soft warmth lapped at her, caressing, teasing as it circled her aching center. She moaned, arching her hips toward the torment and clenching her hands in the soft mass of his hair, wanting him to suck, to thrust his tongue into her, but refusing to beg, knowing that was what he demanded.

Her breath began to sob from her throat, each inhalation striving to cool her overheated body as he played with her, his fingers darting over her slick, moist flesh, teasing at her swollen labia then smoothing back to caress the sensitive skin of her bottom, wandering to circle her hungry opening, yet never quite penetrating her. And his hot, silken tongue never ceasing; lapping, swirling, coming close to her throbbing peak and then backing off, a whip of fire that punished relentlessly.

The low sound she made was almost a growl, but he understood; even as the words fell from her lips, he was giving what she asked for. She shuddered at the double assault as his tongue lashed over her and his rough fingers filled her, the pleasure so intense she wasn’t even aware of the scream that ripped from her throat. Her knees buckled as the orgasm washed over her, and he caught her, lowering her to the floor as his fingers continued to move inside her, drawing the pleasure out until she begged him to stop.

He slowly drew his fingers from her, smiling at the small shudders that wracked her body as his callused skin scraped across her super-sensitive tissues, drawing his moist fingers up across her heaving stomach. His body moved to cover hers, the soft cotton of his shirt and the harsher texture of his jeans a shock to her naked skin as he rubbed against her, settling his hard erection between her open thighs, his chest pressing against her pouting nipples. One hand cupped her face, his thumb skimming across her lips to open them as his fingers smoothed over her jaw.

The kiss was gentle, soothing, yet she could taste the passion and urgency behind it, the wildness that he held in check. Her hands moved to his waist; she tugged at his shirt, slipped under it to explore the smooth, taut flesh that was hidden there, and then pulled the material over his head. She sighed as she arched her back, reveling in the heat of him pressed against her. His hips surged forward, the denim rasping against her swollen lips as if he would thrust into her right then, jeans and all. She pushed at his shoulders, rolling him over; then her hands tugged at his zipper, struggling to free the heavy mass of his erection while she nibbled her way down his neck and chest. Her tongue swirled around his navel then moved on, exploring the sensitive skin revealed as his jeans were pushed down and off. She smiled a little as her tongue darted out to tease the tip of his erection, short flicks of wetness against the satiny head. She gently blew a stream of air across the moist area, and then moved on to nuzzle the inside of his thigh. She rubbed her face against him, letting him feel the difference in the texture of her skin and the black silk that still covered her eyes.

His entire body jerked when she suddenly nipped him there, then laved the spot with her tongue. The warmth of her mouth engulfed him suddenly as she began to suck his flesh, lightly scrapping her teeth over his aching shaft, then swirling her tongue down his length. The small opening she discovered fascinated her; she teased it repeatedly before going on to suck him deeper into her mouth. Her nails scraped down his thighs and over the cleft of his ass as she tormented him, drawing out his pleasure until he lost control and pulled her over him. He lifted her to straddle his waist, needing to posses her completely, and she moaned as the thickness of him demanded entrance to her body.

The blunt head stretched her, filling her so full she was sure she wouldn’t be able to stand it as he relentlessly pulled her hips down to meet his. She moaned with the pleasure of it, and he seemed to go wild, rolling her under him and wrapping her long legs around his waist as he began a pounding rhythm. Each stroke took him deeper inside her, and his frantic mouth kissed its way across her collarbone before he found the hollow of her shoulder. He growled a little as he left his mark there, nipping and sucking at her flesh until he was satisfied that she would see, and remember.

She tightened herself around him, pulling his heaving body closer, wanting everything he had to give as she urged him on; just a whisper, but he heard the demand. Faster. Harder. More. It didn’t seem it would ever be enough, but suddenly her body convulsed around his, her internal muscles closing around him in thrilling, teasing spasms until he lost himself in her completely.

He held her close to him, pulling the black mask from her eyes and smoothing the hair from her face as she curled into his chest, pressing small kisses where her mouth could reach. When she fell asleep, he gathered her up and carried her to the untried bed, wondering how long he could wait before waking her.

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