tagRomanceCabin by the Lake

Cabin by the Lake


The JILL and Sam Stories

Cabin by The Lake

Chapter 1: A trip to unknown shores

After a few weeks of being together, we have finally had the time to go on a weekend trip. One of my friends gave us the keys to a cabin by a lake that we could stay in for the weekend. It's a beautiful place, surrounded by forest, and although it's almost autumn, the sun is still powerful enough to heat up the lake, and turn the forest into a breathtaking painting of orange, red and brown.

We've already had a wonderful Saturday together. Cooking, strolling through the forest, skinny dipping in the lake. I couldn't take my eyes off you, and I have been overwhelmed by the joy of being with you quite a few times.

The evening has come, and we've been putting blankets on the floor in the living room, right in front of the fire burning in the chimney, and ate dinner nakedly on the floor. Me feeding you, kissing you all the time, and you feeding me. And we've had sex, for the second time today. And once again it was the most passionate, fervid sex I've ever had in my life.

Chapter 2: Three hours earlier

You've been a sub most of the time since we became a couple, and I've enjoyed being in control. But in one of the endless pillow chats we've had in your house, I've told you I like to just lean back from time to time and let you be in control. You hadn't really felt comfortable with the idea at first, but you couldn't get it out of your mind since then, and thought about a way to give me what I loved. So, earlier today on this lovely Saturday, you had surprised me with a wonderful gift.

We've been swimming nakedly in the lake, and spent most of time really close to each other. Me holding you in the water, kissing you, my skin on yours, floating, touching us everywhere. I ended up holding you close to me in a tight embrace, your legs around my hips, and I kissed your neck. We were still in the water, the water slowly getting colder with the sun disappearing behind the trees, and I looked down on your wonderful naked body.

Your nipples were hard from the chill water, and everything about you looked just perfect. You held my face with your hands, moving it up to steer my view from your boobs to your face, and smiled.

"I've got something for you", you said and smirked. You took my hand and guided me out of the water, walking nakedly through the grass towards the cabin. We stopped in the garden in a sunny spot that was still warm. You turned towards me, put your hand on my chest and smiled. Your hand wandered down over my body slowly, towards my semi hard cock. You grabbed it and held it, feeling it get bigger and harder in your hand, and looked at me smiling.

"Wait here for me", you said, letting go of my fully hard penis, and disappeared in the cabin.

A few seconds later you returned with a picnic blanket and a little box. You sat down nakedly on the blanket, put the box down next to you and directed me to sit down right in front of you. I did, kneeling between your legs, my cock pointing at you.

I bent forward to kiss you, but you put your hand on my mouth and smiled.

"Not yet", you said. I smiled.

"Do you like it when I tell you what to do?" you asked, giving me the cutest smirk I've ever seen. "You're mine now."

I nodded silently, looking you in the eye and sitting back on my feet.

You let two fingers glide over my chest and asked "want to know what's in the box?"

"Yes baby", I said. "Or shall I say Mistress?"

We both chuckled, you kissed me and shook your head. "No baby, you don't say anything until I'm ready with you."

You put me down on the picnic blanket, sat on my knees facing me, and took the box in your hands.

I couldn't help but fall in love with you as you sat there on me, your gorgeous body right over me, and your beautiful face smiling at me perkily.

You opened the box and slowly revealed something that looked like a remote control with a wire.

"Wonder what this is for?" you asked.

I nodded. You looked me in the eye and pushed a button on the remote control, and the box began to hum. It sounded a bit like a vibrator, and I wondered if it's actually a vibrator and what you were planning to do with it.

"Uuuuh, listen baby. It hums." you said with your amazingly beautiful smile.

My cock began to twitch a little, which you noticed. I was totally turned on by the way you blended your charming cheekiness with your dominant role. I still wasn't sure what you were going to do with that vibrator, since I don't really like the idea of anything going into my ass, but I was excited and couldn't wait to find it out.

What you finally took out of the box was not a vibrator, but a black cockring with a remote controlled vibrating unit, and I couldn't help but let out a moan when I saw it. My cock bouncing in front of you, and you answering with a smile.

"You know I'm not used to being in control, but hey, I think I can handle a few buttons. Lean back and enjoy." you said and sat down next to me, spreading my legs a little with your hands.

You grabbed my hard cock, stroked it a few times, and then put the cockring around the base of my shaft, still massaging it slowly.

"Hmmm", you said, "I wonder what this button is for."

I let out a funny mix of a moan and an ugh when the cockring started to vibrate. My penis instantly began to twitch and you took your hand away, letting the vibrations do their job.

It felt amazing, unlike anything I had experienced before. The feeling of your hand around my cock was more of an areal feeling, while the cockring teased my shaft intensely in one particular spot, sending vibrating waves of joy through the full length of my cock.

You watched me as I moved my body, moaning, with the pleasure your hands-free stimulation was giving me. It didn't take long until you saw a few drops of precum glistening on my glans.

I closed my eyes, letting you watch my face and my body in an obvious state of arousal. With my eyes closed and my mouth open, I moaned and moved my hip as if I was fucking you with that cockring.

My hands to the sides of my head, cramped to fists, the sun kissing my face, as I ...


I jumped and grunted as you suddenly set the vibration to a higher level. Oh God, that felt so good. That came unexpectedly, and I realized how much you control me now. I opened my eyes just to see how you held the remote, bit your lip and watched me.

"Mmmmh, baby, I ..." I moaned, but you put a finger on my lips and climbed on my thighs. "Close your eyes."

The next thing I felt was you rubbing your crotch over my cock, letting it slide between your pussy lips, the vibrations teasing us both. The vibration unit of the cockring slipped between your pussy lips and entered you a little, making you moan as well. We synced up our rhythm, moved our hips in a tight dance and breathed heavily. You leaned forward and kissed me, repositioning your hip so that the vibrations on my cock stimulated your clit. Your lips on mine, kissing me passionately, you moaned into my mouth.

The wetness of your pussy ran over my cock as you moved faster. You put your hands on my chest, rubbing your clit over my vibrating cock, and your sweat dropped onto me. A light wind cooled our bodies as we sent our moans into the nature. You removed one hand from my chest and I felt my orgasm coming closer, as you...


Oh damn, baby. My body twitched as you set the vibrations to the maximum.

You controlled both our pleasures with the tip of your finger, and pushed me way beyond the point of no return. The wave of my orgasm began at the base of my shaft, spread out through my entire body and escaped my mouth in the form of a loud scream that echoed in the forest, before I exploded inside you, filling you up with my cum. You still rubbed your clit on my pulsing cock while I came, inhaled deeply, and came shortly after me. You switched the vibration off and collapsed on my chest, breathing heavily with me. You felt my cock still twitching inside you, pumping every last drop of cum into your pussy. It still felt like it was vibrating, although the device was off. And I felt how the wave of relief and joy coming from the orgasm was joined by another wave that built up inside me and flooded all over me.

A wave of pure and powerful love.

After a period of heavy breathing, your sweaty body on mine, you climbed down from me.

"I allow you to talk now to thank me." you said, smiling your magical smile. Before I could reply, you bent down to kiss me. I kissed you back, closing my eyes, and - as you let go of my lips -, I said the sincerest THANK YOU of my life. Not just for the amazing sex that you gave me. Not just for the new toy.

But for you crossing your own borders to satisfy me. For caring enough about me to do this for me. Thank you!

Chapter 3: Night in the cabin

That all happened during the day, and the image of you sitting on my and controlling me with that cockring is still in my head. We both just had our second orgasm on the blankets in front of the chimney. No toys, just you and me, and it was magical. We had used the remaining food from the dinner to eat it off our bodies, and now we're satisfied in all meanings of the word.

Your head rests on my chest as my hand caresses your head. I think about how lucky I was to have met you on Kik a few weeks ago as I suddenly hear your steady breathing and feel your head getting heavier. You fell asleep on my chest. I carefully free myself from your naked body and carry you over to the bedroom. You open your eyes and smile at me, kissing me while I carry you.

I lay you down on the bed and snuggle close to you. You feel by heavy heartbeat against your back as I spoon you from behind. After a while of listening to your rhythmic breathing, I slowly climb out of the bed and leave the bedroom.

Chapter 4: From Jill's point of view

I (=Jill) must have dozed off, and I'm not even sure what woke me up, but I'm suddenly wide awake. I remember Sam had carried me over to the bed and cuddled me, but I'm not even sure how much time has passed since then.

I'm naked and a chill breeze gives me goose bumps, as I ...

... wait a second... what's that sound? And where is Sam?

The door between bedroom and living room is ajar, and I hear the familiar humming noise of the cockring. Sam must be enjoying his new toy. I smile and lay back on the bed, listening carefully for any moans. But I hear nothing but the humming of the cockring.

I remove the blanket that's over my lower body and spread my legs a little, feeling a tingling in my pussy from the imagination of Sam masturbating with his cockring next door.

I rub over my pussy with my flat hand, it is still very sensitive from the previous times we played, and close my eyes, listening.

Was that a moan? I think so. His moaning turns me on so much, and I circle a finger around my clit. There was clearly another moan. Mmmmh.

I want to get closer to what Sam is doing, but secretly. It turns me on to spy on him as he's masturbating.

I quietly climb out of the bed and tiptoe towards the door, glimpsing through.

Sam is sitting on the sofa, the backrest facing me so he cannot see me. I see the back of his head, and I can hear him breathing a bit louder than usual.

Yes, the humming is clearly the cockring. I love it so much that he's using it on himself, and I imagine his cock in his hand with the cockring.

I kneel down on the floor, very carefully and quietly, and let my hand go between my legs. I'm already wet, or still wet? I'm not sure, but I want to touch myself listening to Sam's moans and knowing he's right in front of me pleasing himself. I wish I could watch him, but I like the idea of staying in secret. I hope he wouldn't mind.

Two fingers part my pussy lips as a third one enters my pussy, and I bite my lip. I must not make a sound, but this whole weekend has made me so vocal with my passion that it's hard to suppress my moaning.

Sam's shoulders are moving in a rhythmic way, and I imagine his cock in his hand. He looks to the side and I stop, mild shivers going down my spine. Whoa, this actually gets me excited and I even stop to breathe.

But Sam doesn't seem to have noticed me. He just reached to the side and ... aha! The vibration gets louder, he must have used the remote. Sam puts his head back on the backrest and breathes harder. Mmmmh, I love to be close to him masturbating. And I love that I'm doing this secretly. My clit is still sensitive, but I want to stimulate it now. I put a second finger inside me and use my free hand to play with my clit. Carefully so as not to over-stimulate, but it feels so good. My heart is beating fast, both from the joy of touching myself and from the fact that I'm now officially a sex spy. What would he do if he catches me? I think he'd like it, but who knows. I take my fingers out of my pussy and begin to caress my own body, squeeze my boobs and play with my nipples. I imagine this is Sam touching me, and I close my eyes. My clit is enjoying the stimulation, so I'm circling it faster, trying not to make squishing sounds from my wetness. Sam's breathing is getting faster, and I get carried away listening to him.

"I know you're there".

I freeze in shock, unable to move or breathe or think anything. I feel a lump building in my throat.

Sam turns around and looks at me.

"I startled my kitty." He looks at me. "Sorry my love", he adds, "But hey, you look absolutely sexy like that."

I look down on my naked self, both hands still on and in my pussy, and I still don't know that to say.

"Come over here."

I stand up and do as Sam told me. I approach the backrest of the couch, Sam following my every move. As I'm getting closer, I can see Sam's hand wrapped around his cock, slowly stroking.

"Would you like to join me?" he asks.

I swallow, then answer with a thin voice. "Yes."

It takes a moment for me to realize that there's no cockring around Sam's dick. The vibration noise is coming from something to the left of him. My eyes open wide as I see a huge vibrator laying on the pillow next to him.

"I've got something for you too, Kitty", Sam says, smiling at me. "Seems you bit my bait."

My mild shock drops off of me and I laugh out loud.

"You lured me here?" I ask.

"Yes. I want you here, Kitty."

I look Sam in the face for a few seconds, and there's something about his smile that turns me on. He seems so confident, sitting there massaging his cock and smiling at me.

I struggle to get my eyes off him, but I still hear the humming in my ear. I look at the vibrator.

It's sitting there on the pillow, asking me to come and pick it up. It's purple, shaped like an actual cock, with a button to switch it on and off and change the vibration intensity.

I feel my pussy getting wetter.

"Kitty?" Sam asks, watching me stare at the toy.


"Would you like to try it?"

I nod.

"Sit here", Sam says in a commanding voice that still has the gentle undertone that I love about him. He's trying to be dominant for me, and he's doing a pretty good job. His strong voice and the way he looks at me make me tingly, and I want to be his.

I quickly hop around the sofa and do as he asked, sitting next to him. The vibrator is now in Sam's hand, and he holds it away from me, smirking.

Sam gets up and kneels between my legs, spreading them. Being totally exposed in front of him always felt like the most natural thing, but it suddenly feels different now. The way he parted my legs was more forceful than it used to be. I shiver in excitement.

Sam bends forward, holds my legs up and licks from my anus upwards to my clit, and back again. Mmmmh, his tongue around my asshole feels so good, and he stays there for a little while, pushing his tongue in a little, then circling around it, before his tongue wanders upwards along my pussy lips to my clit. Mhhhh, I can't decide what I love more. Him rimming me or teasing my clit.

Whenever Sam slurps over my entrance, he tastes a bit of my wetness. He seems to love it, and I love it too. His tongue around my clit feels a bit too intense at first, but it doesn't hurt. And Sam seems to know, because he doesn't get too wild when his tongue dances around my clit.

"This delicious wetness of yours, Kitty..." he begins to speak, licking my pussy juice off his lips and looking me in the eyes.

"I still have some of that on my cock. You should try how it tastes with my precum. I want you to lick it all clean. Be thorough."

"Yes, baby" I reply while Sam sits down next to me where he was when I sneaked into the room. "Or shall I call you my Master?"

"No, Kitty. Call me Sam."

"Yes, Sam."

I kneel on the couch next to him and bend down.

"Lick my tip clean first. Taste your juice with my precum."

I tongue his glans, taking it in my mouth just a little bit, then slurp the mixed liquids off his cock and swallow them. The sound of the vibrator still in my ear.

"Does it taste good?" he asks. "Kiss me, I want to taste it too."

He grabs my head and pulls me towards his face, licking over my lips, then kissing me passionately. I begin to moan again and close my eyes.

I get carried away in this kiss, our tongues going crazy, and we moan into each other's mouths.

I suddenly feel the vibrator touching my pussy entrance.

"You're wonderful, kitty. You deserve a quick preview of what this feels like." Sam says.

He pushes the vibrator inside me just a little and moves it around until it touches my g-spot. I bend and moan, it feels so good. I try to move my hips so that the vibrator gets into me deeper, because it feels different to have it inside me than the cockring on my clit.

Just when I manage to let it penetrate me deeper, so deep that Sam's hand holding the vibrator hits against my pussy, he takes it out again.

I exhale, and with that exhale comes a sigh that expresses my disappointment.

"Did that feel good, Kitty? Do you want more of that?"

"Yes." I reply quickly, emphasizing my impatience and how much I want it. "Yes, please, Sam."

Sam pushes me back on the couch, then holds the vibrator on his groin right above his cock. The real cock and the fake cock side by side look very hot, and Sam seems to enjoy the vibration against his cock. He begins to move his hip, looking at me.

"I want you to sit on that. You know how."

I open my eyes wide. We haven't had anal sex in the weeks we've been together, but I've been fantasizing about his cock in my ass a few times.


"Good. You're amazing my love" Sam says, leaning over to kiss me. "You deserve someone to treat you good, and I want you to get what you deserve." He kisses me again, then he grabs me and puts me on his lap, my knees to his sides.

He lifts a pillow next to him and reveals a tube of lube. He must have planned this out. The idea of him imagining all this turns me on, and I rub my pussy over his belly. He grabs my hips and stops me, smiling at me.

"I can't stop kissing you, Kitty", he says and pulls me towards him. We enter into a passionate kiss that lasts for a few seconds but feels like minutes.

Sam takes the lube, puts a bit of it on his finger, and rubs it on my anus, pushing his finger in a little bit. Mmmh, it feels so good.

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