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Cabin Confession


Damon had waited as patiently as he could; he refused to be denied any longer. The fact of the matter was that he wanted her and he was going to have her.

It started when they met five years ago in college. He was a grad student and she was a junior. Damon fell for her instantly, but to his dismay, she was engaged to be married. That night, he imagined fucking her small mouth while her hazelnut eyes looked up at him pleading for his come down her throat.

Similar dreams followed while their friendship grew.

The night she got married, he'd brought a date with the same long, golden blonde hair just so he could take her roughly from behind in the bathroom of the church as Millie stood and declared her love to another man.

He'd never been so drunk in his life.

Their cabin trip had been a ritual that had started three years ago. He, Millie, and three of their other friends made the trip to Beaver Bay, Minnesota at the beginning of November to catch up and spend an entire weekend rehashing fun memories.

Her husband did not attend.

Even so, she was faithful; keeping to her vows. Damon’s rage and sexual frustrations grew every time he saw the ring on her finger. He didn’t even have to be there to make his presence known.

Barry had been wrong for her from the start.

Damon had found this out last year when Millie confessed to never having had an orgasm with him. That night, he'd used his tongue to bring her to a powerful climax on the washing machine while their friends were in the den watching a movie not too far down the hall.

She didn't talk to him for seven months.

He hadn't had sex since that night.

Her divorce was finalized two weeks ago. She called and told him. Then she asked if he was coming to the cabin. He was, of course, only too happy to hear her voice again, but he did his best to hide it as he told her that he was.

Now he stood in front of her bedroom door shirtless and already half aroused.

It was time to claim what he wanted.

With one last deep breath, Damon opened the door to Millie's room. They were long past any formalities, and he wasn't looking to give her a way out. If she didn't want him, she was going to have to say the words.

The small lamp next to the bed cast a warm glow over the room. Damon's eyes scanned until they rested on Millie brushing out the golden waves of hair that fell down to her lower back. His erection grew at the sight of it.

Millie never wore her hair down.

Damson's eyes lingered so long he almost didn't realize what she was wearing. A deep purple silk chemise with a matching pair of tiny shorts was all that covered her radiant, flawless skin.

His eyes memorized the shape of her slender legs before traveling back upwards to take in her taut stomach, perky breasts, and the nape of her neck all reflected in the vanity mirror.

Finally, their eyes met.

The desire that clouded her expression matched his. Without breaking eye contact, he locked the door; the sound bringing reality to the situation. It was really going to happen. Millie stood and moved towards the edge of the bed. Damon licked his lips in anticipation. She knew why he was there and, if he wasn’t mistaken, her thoughts were along the same lines. There was nothing else between them to keep him from her.

She was giving herself to him.

The moment their lips touched, a buzz began to encompass them. His groin pressed expectantly into her abdomen wanting to be inside of her. After what seemed like forever, the need for air overwhelmed them both. Damon looked down at her swollen lips and hooded eyes.

This was for the both of them.

"Tell me what you want." He whispered near her ear.

Goosebumps sprouted up all over her skin.

"I want..." She trailed off at the feel of his lips on her neck.

"Yes sweetheart?" He asked while his hands found their way underneath her top gently massaging the pink buds with his thumbs.

"I want you to..." Her voice trailed losing focus with each wave of ecstasy.

His hands continued to explore her body traveling down to her ample bottom where he pulled her into his erection.

"You can tell me." He assured her; his voice was thick and heavy before placing a soft kiss on her lips.

Millie swallowed audibly through the pregnant pause.

"I want you to fuck me."

The words hung for a moment while the shock and primal need to rip her clothes off mixed within him. Of all the ways he imagined taking her, hard and rough wasn't it.

"Are you sure?" He moved back just enough to meet her eyes.

Millie chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. "I don't need you to be careful. I- I just want to know what it's like to not be able to... Think."

Damon watched her closely. He started to wonder if her only orgasm had come from their first encounter.

"Unless you don't want to..."

Damon hooked a finger under her chin. "There's nothing else I'd rather be doing than pleasing you."

The words were out without much thought, but he meant them more than anything. It was pleasing to see the smile on her face from his declaration.

While it was a tender moment, Damon's need to have her was stronger. He pulled her up and wrapped her legs around him moving them to the edge of the bed where they fell with little to no grace.

The force of his lips on hers elicited a sharp intake of breath from Millie before she began to reciprocate. Her hands seemed unsure as she reached for his neck, then down his back and up his neck again. Damon scooted them higher on the bed before pulling his top half off of her. She had a wanton look about her that filled his chest with a burst of manly pride.

He had to restrain himself from asking if her husband ever done this to her. He bit the inside of his cheek knowing that if he had, she wouldn't be underneath him right now.

Without wasting any more time, he moved down to pull her shorts down her body to expose a neatly trimmed triangle above her awaiting center. A sly smirk crept on his features. He then removed the rest of his clothing.

She was full of surprises.

Millie's eyes traveled his fit frame resting on his member that stood at full attention for her.

"The condoms are in that drawer."

He pulled it open to see a box of unopened condoms; ribbed and ultra-thin for his and her pleasure.

"Did you buy these here?"

Millie's eyes looked down in an attempt to hide the blush on her cheeks.

"I'm glad you did." He beamed tearing open the box and pulled one out.

Damon was planning on taking her exactly how she wanted, but he knew he wouldn't last long. He had to give her at least one orgasm before the night's end.

"What are you doing?" She asked wiggling uncomfortably under his stare.

"Just appreciating the view." he whispered, kneeling down and pulling her to the edge of the bed. "You liked this as I recall."

Millie smiled shyly. "It was another first for me, which is why I wasn't exactly... groomed."

Damon came up with another hard kiss. "Don't apologize. You taste sweet."

His kisses were softer trailing down her body until he reached one of her breasts, sucking and nipping at the nipple until it was hard as a pebble underneath the soft fabric. He then moved to the other. Millie squirmed and moaned trying to find contact with his groin.

Damon continued moving downward until he was face to face with her wet center. The tip of his tongue traced up her pussy tasting the juices that spilled out. At the first taste, the memory of that afternoon on the washer came to him overpowering all other senses. His fingers spread her open further while he greedily lapped at her with his wide tongue. Millie's back arched while his tongue sank into her depths. Soon his fingers began to help moving slowly inside of her curling up into her G-spot. Her moans were long and low in her throat due to his ministrations. Once she was stretched enough, he added a third finger making her buck involuntarily.

"Yes, God yes." Her voice was raspy with pleasure.

Damon's cock was now dripping pre come aching to be buried deep inside of her. Millie's sounds were closer to pleading noises as her beautiful strands covered her face while she thrashed around. Damon reached down with his other hand to grab the base of his dick trying to reel in his own pleasure.

Damon could tell she was nearing climax and wanted to be inside her when she did. Once he had enough control, he picked up the condom and ripped it open with his teeth before turning his attentions back to her clit. Every moan sent a chill down his spine directly into his balls. It was an exquisite torcher, but a torcher nonetheless. He expertly rolled the condom on with his free hand before giving his cock one more tight squeeze.

Millie was in another world. She had no thoughts just as she'd wanted and he hadn't even begun to fuck her yet. Her hair clung to her sweat covered face, her top was twisted up around her breasts and her hands couldn't grasp the blanket like she wanted, but her climax was fast approaching putting everything else on the back burner. She'd wanted Damon since the first cabin trip three years ago. Having time with him not around her husband had been the hardest thing to do. If she were completely honest, she'd thought about fucking him her wedding night when she'd found out about his bathroom excursion with his date. While her new husband made sweet, gentle love to her, she thought of being in the bathroom with Damon, legs up, back being pushed into the tissue paper dispenser while he rammed into her tight cunt; biting down on her fist to keep from screaming out when she came all over him. The dream was so vivid she nearly calling out his name with her husband inside of her.

Brian couldn't tell the difference.

Damon could feel her channel clench around his fingers. Without warning he came up her body, lined his cock up with her center and thrust inside her hard. Millie screamed out in ecstasy at the feeling of being stretched. Damson's thrusts were unforgiving bringing her climax on hard and powerful. There was no stifling her loud noises as he pounded into her with reckless abandon.

Damon grunted uncharacteristically wondering if he would have been able to be kind to her even if she hadn't asked to be fucked. Her tight cunt mixed with his burning need to be with her only made him pump harder.

He couldn't feel her enough. Even buried to the hilt, he still felt the need to be closer. His arms had come around her back to cup her shoulders for better leverage as he practically impaled her onto his thick cock. Angry red lines etched his back only spurring him on more. Millie's first orgasm had since passed, but the second had come even quicker causing her to draw blood from his back as she screamed out.

Damon couldn't hold back any longer. He lifted her as he sat back on his legs and pumped his orgasm into her body. Both their noises filled the room not worrying about the fact that their friends were within earshot. He continued pumping into her until they were both spent eventually falling over towards the top of the bed with a thud. With a lazy hand, he pushed her long strands from her face to see a smile gracing her features.

"Were you thinking something along those lines?" He asked catching his breath.

Millie chuckled. "I wasn't thinking at all."

Damon kissed her forehead before sliding out of her.

"Are you okay?" he asked caressing her cheek.

Millie winced before nodding. "I'm good; promise."

"I'd better take care of this."

She nodded again quietly while he went to dispose of the condom.

When he came back, he pulled the thick blankets up over them.

Millie cuddled up into his side.

"Thank you." She spoke finally.

Damon had begun to run his fingers idly through her hair.

"I should be the one thanking you." He answered nonchalantly.

"Maybe," She grinned moving up to her elbows to get a better view of his face. "But thanks anyway."

Damon looked at her for a long moment. "I was hoping there'd be more of this." He sat up on the headboard pulling her on his chest. "I haven't even begun to satisfy you."

She nipped at his chest playfully. "That goes both ways mister."

Damon's eyes narrowed into slits. With a low growl he flipped them so that he had her pinned down. "You know I never back down from a challenge Miranda." Her name rolled of his tongue with a playful lilt.

Millie burst with laughter. "Yeah, it only took you five years to get around to this one."

"Maybe so, but now that I have, I plan on spending the rest of your life making up for it."

Millie smiled widely. "Looking forward to it," she told him.

With another peck on the lips, Damon went back over to his side, turned the light off, and pulled her body into his.

"Goodnight love."


Damon sighed in contentment. For the moment, his urge to have her was sated… but only for the moment.

Millie's eyes opened slightly at the warm feeling of sunlight on her face.

Upon clearer focus, she was met with a kind set of chartreuse eyes staring back at her.

"Good morning." His voice was still groggy with sleep.

Millie's grin could barely contain her happiness.

"Good morning." She greeted; her voice higher than normal.

He leaned in and placed a light kiss on her forehead.

"Come on, I'll make breakfast before we get packed and head home."

Millie watched his naked body climb out of the bed, clothe, and then step out. Before getting her day started, she let out a deep breath hoping that this time, this time she'd get it right.

Either way, she'd be one well sexed woman.

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