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Cabin Crew


This is the fourth in a series that starts with Cabin Fever and continues with Cabin John and Cabin Pressure.


Jerry interrupted my self-loathing by pausing to speak to Samantha.

"Honey, why don't you and your boy toy go fix us another round of drinks. We're going to be thirsty after this."

Sam took me by the arm and guided me inside. I could hear the men grunting and Tracy gasping. Sam looked like she wanted to say something and then thought better of it. At one point she glanced up a couple times and I realized she was looking at the security camera. She looked at me meaningfully. I had no idea what she was trying to communicate.

I made the three boilermakers while Sam made a couple of Long Island Ice Teas. She came around to my side and pulled the A and Q drawers open slightly on the 'candy jar' and looked at me pointedly again before reaching into an unmarked drawer and pulling out a couple of pills. She grabbed one of the two mortar and pestle sets next to the candy jar and went to another part of the bar to work.

I had been trying to figure out what those drawers were ever since I had seen them. I had guessed the Q was Quaalude Now I remember hearing something about Ambien and sex drive and thought maybe that's what the 'A' was. I didn't think it was Arsenic but the way I was feeling I wished it was.

I reached in and grabbed several of the tablets and put them in the mortar and pestle on the bar. I ground them up quickly and distributed most of the contents among the three drinks I had made. I was getting ready to top them off with the remainder when Sam grabbed my arm and took the bowl. She split the remainder between the two Long Island Ice Teas she had made. She set the empty bowl down and picked up the one she had been using and distributed the remains of some other crushed pills among my three glasses. Sam got out a tray for the drinks, grabbed two bottles of water, and had me follow her out of the door.

Mike was now laying on the ground with Tracy face-up directly on top of him. He must have been in the process of splitting Tracy's ass in two. Kent was between their legs completing the sandwich and fucking Tracy's cunt while Jerry was to the side of her head, securing it against his groin. Part of me was glad to see her getting pounded. Most of me wished an Uzi would fallout of the sky into my hands.

Samantha handed the drinks to Tamara and Blair who both took big sips. I didn't know why she was doing this. I didn't know how the guys would react if both women passed out. I rolled with it.

"Had your fill Sam?," Blair teased.

Sam ignored her and spoke to the guys who were slowing down.

"Why does Tracy get to have all the fun? There are three more of us over here looking for some attention."

Jerry pulled himself away from Tracy.

"That's a great idea, Sam. We could all use a little breather and drink. We can watch your boy clean up his old lady with his tongue."

Mike slid out from under Tracy. Kent's hips oscillated up and down. Jerry and Mike stood up on either side of Tracy and jerked on their cocks. As Kent completed his orgasm he sat up and finished himself off on Tracy's crotch while Mike and Kent shot their loads all over Tracy's breasts and face just like in one of those lame pornos. Blair and Tammy applauded.

The men bowed and walked over to the table with the drinks and draped towels around their groins. Sam grabbed me by the back of the neck and guided my head to Tracy's torso.

I licked up all the cum off of Tracy's body starting at her groin and working my way up to her neck and head. I heard the women and men talking amongst themselves and laughing.

Tracy was out of it. I don't know if it was what she took or something Jerry gave her or a combination of both but she was barely conscious. I heard the conversations slowly dying. I took my time attending to Tracy. I licked Tracy's face off and then kissed her cheek.

"I'm going to get you out of here."

Tracy said something unintelligible, never opening her eyes.

I stood and looked around. Both Tamara and Blair were in a zombie like state. The three men were slumped in their chairs. Jerry had his beer glass with one last gulp in it between his legs. Kent's was set on a table next to him. Mike still had his eyes open and his glass firmly clutched in his hand but showed no signs of life.

Sam was nowhere in sight.

Perhaps I would have done things differently if I had had more time to plan but I didn't so I just improvised.

I stood a few feet in front of Mike and punched the air six inches in front of his nose. He didn't flinch. I really wanted to go another eight inches but I didn't want to wake him up.

I didn't know how much time I had. I ran in to the house and up the stairs and into the playroom where I had been held hostage. I opened the toy box and grabbed all the bondage gear I could find including several pairs of hand cuffs and ankle cuffs and brought it down and plopped it all down on the patio.

Starting with Mike, I handcuffed one bracelet to his hands and put the other end around the base of his balls and cock closing it as tight as possible. I got a second pair of handcuffs and hooked Mike's other hand to the base of Kent's cock and balls. I attached one of Kent's hands to his chair and the other to Jerry's cock and balls. Finally I handcuffed Jerry's hands to his chair. I found some ankle cuffs and connected Mike to his chair and then to Kent, Kent to Jerry, and Jerry to the gas grill.

I guided both woman to the ground, only gently enough to keep them from waking up, and used spreader bars to put them both in vulnerable X positions. I secured them together with a pair of ankle cuffs and a pair of leg cuffs. Finally I put ball gags and blindfolds on all five of them.

I knew I needed a way out of here. I went into the spare bedroom and found wallets, purses, and cell phones laying out on top of each of the bureaus as well as car keys and a large jack knife. I grabbed the knife, all the cellphones, and both sets of car keys and threw them in a plastic bag I found and went out front. One car was a Ford pick-up and the other was a Toyota SUV. I peaked into the Toyota and saw it had a GPS. I climbed in and started it up.

Next I went in to Jerry and Sam's Bedroom. I startled Sam as she was packing up her clothes. She turned to me with a fake look of terror on her face. She fumbled for words.

"Hey...I...Don't hurt me Rich, it wasn't my fault."

It took me a moment to realize she was playing to the camera. I blew her attempt at cover.

"Samantha, that's not going to work. Jerry is not stupid. He is going to know you helped me. Your best option now is to go full in with me. Now show me where Jerry's computer is."

Sam wasn't stupid either. There was no going back now. She pointed to a door. I tried to open it but it was locked and had a deadbolt on it. I stood looking at the handle trying to figure out how to get in when Sam tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a ring with two keys.

"Jerry thought I didn't know where he had it hidden. He underestimated me in too many ways."

I opened the door and found a small office with a desktop computer and lots of paraphernalia. I hoped the computer wasn't password protected. My friend Jon could have broken the password, he was a computer genius. He and I were both into computers as kids. He went on in to programming and I didn't. But he wasn't here.

I sat down and hit Jerry's name on the welcome screen and prayed. It opened right up. I was ecstatic. I guess he thought the door lock was enough.

I opened network connections and found two other computers on the network, a laptop and another desktop that said '"Home."

"Where does Jerry keep his laptop?"

"He doesn't keep it in any one place. It could be anywhere."

"Find it. I have business to take care of."

I went back out to the patio. I was still naked but there was a reason for that.

I went over to Tracy and helped her to her feet. She leaned on me heavily. I walked and dragged her to the SUV and helped her get into the back. On my way back through the house I heard Sam rummaging around upstairs.

Out on the patio I surveyed the situation. Everyone was still way out of it. The women were ripe for the taking. It wasn't the sexiest situation in the world but I had to do it. I massaged my cock and balls as I looked at the two naked women and felt myself hardening.

I decided on Blair first. I took the knife out of the bag before I set it down. I knelt between her legs and began to stroke her inner thighs. She responded by twitching. I hit the switch on the jack knife. I worked it carefully between her body and the top string and cut through. Then I cut the strap between the two breast cups. I set the knife down and worked my hand up to her pussy lips. They became wet within moments. My cock was ready now.

I plunged into her pussy and pistoned into her as fast as I could. It was well under a minute when I felt myself start to come. I had so much built up energy for a real orgasm. After one squirt in her pussy I pulled out and stroked myself off all over her torso, breasts, face, and hair. It felt good, but it was more like releasing a full bladder than sexual fulfillment. I worked my cum into her hair before moving on.

Tamara took longer. I wanted it to. I didn't despise her and Kent as much as Mike and Blair and she was attractive. But I still cut her bikini up. I played with her nipples, rubbed my cock across her mouth, and fucked her tits before fucking her too. She responded to all this subconsciously. On some level it was creepy, like date-rape, but after what she and Kent had done to Tracy and me I didn't care.

I was getting in to it. After a couple of minutes I heard a stifled gasp. I looked up to see Samantha standing in the doorway staring at me, holding a laptop. I looked back down at my conquest and ratched up my pace. Eventually Sam sat down. I looked up once more and she was watching in fascination.

When I finally came I let myself go. It was such a relief I cried out with joy. I didn't pull out of her until the middle of the third pulse of cum but still had enough to leave my mark on her. I stood up and squeezed the last few drops back on Blair, just as Mike and Jerry had done to Tracy.

"Let's get out of here. Meet me out front. Do you have the keys to the van?

"Jerry hid them somewhere and I can't find them."

"Let all the air out of the tires . Or better yet slash them."

I turned the grill on. I took the handcuff keys and the set of keys for the pick-up and set them on one of the racks and closed the lid.

Back in Jerry's office I opened up his e-mail account. I found his contact list and hit the 'select all' button.

Hey All! This is an open invitation. We're playing a rape game. We're all up at the cabin naked and bound and ripe for the taking right now! Come and enjoy us. Our two lovely women want to be gang raped while we are forced to watch. We may pretend to struggle, but that is just to make the whole experience more exciting. You can abuse us guys too if you want. I especially like to take it in the ass. We'll be here all this afternoon and evening. Please Cum!


I opened a program called SecCam. After a couple of minutes I found the feed from the porch. There were two camera's out there. I saved a clip from each one showing both the men and the women and attached them to the e-mail and hit the send button.

While I was waiting for the attachments to load and the message to go I looked in the desk drawers. Jerry's wallet was in one. I opened it up and grabbed several hundred dollar bills as compensation. As soon as the message was sent I ripped all the cords out of the back of the case. I grabbed it and the two external hard drives nearby and carried them out to the SUV. Sam was standing beside it.

"Jump in. I just have to grab some clothes and we'll get out of here. Do you know the way back?"

"No idea. Jerry always drove and I was usually in the back or not paying attention."

"We'll have to trust the GPS."

I went quickly back into the cabin. I had a sudden inspiration. I went into our room and saw my wallet and cellphone on the bureau. I grabbed the cellphone for now since I didn't have any pockets on my birthday suit. I went into the guest bedroom and grabbed all the power cords for the cell phones I could find.

I went out to the patio and took one of the cellphones I had found on the guest room bureau out of the bag and dialed my cell's number. I answered. I threw the cell phone deep into the bushes. I took my phone out and hit the mute button

I grabbed the bag and started back towards the house to grab my clothes when I heard a loud muffled voice behind me. It was hard to make out from the ball gag but it sounded like:

"What the fuck! Ow -- shit! Jerry! What the fuck!"

I turned to see Mike moving around. He almost pull his dick and balls off as well as Kent's. Mike was mad. Kent was still out of it. I knew Mike couldn't escape anytime soon but I was too scared to take any chances. I sprinted into our room and grabbed my wallet off of our bureau, ran out to the SUV and took off. I punched home in on the GPS. It was Mike or Kent's home but that was a start. I told Sam to program her address in.

We didn't talk for the first part of the drive off of the mountain. I heard more noises from Mike through the cellphone that became garbled as we went in and out of coverage. He was such a big guy the drugs must not have affected him as much. It became quiet again. I muted the sound from his direction too. I had to concentrate on navigating as well as process everything that had happened and make a plan.

I assumed Tracy was just overpowered by the drugs and would recover. I wasn't sure if I cared if I was wrong.

I figured we would probably have at the minimum four hours lead on Jerry before he could get himself loose and find a way down the mountain. It would have been longer if I hadn't put out that e-mail but I didn't want them to die of starvation.

I was hoping to find enough 'insurance' on Jerry's computer to prevent retaliation by him, Mike, or Kent. But first I had to get Tracy home. It was then that I realized I had left my keys at the cabin and Tracy had left hers at home. Our neighbor's, the Rafelsons, had an extra key but I couldn't go over there naked.

As we came off of the mountain and out onto the highway I pulled back my speed. I had no idea how I would explain why I was naked with a drugged out naked woman in the back if I got pulled over. Somehow thinking about that I got an idea for the key. I picked up my cell phone.

"Ms. Rafelson? This is Rich from next door. How are you?...That's great. Listen, we have a little problem. Tracy and I went up to the mountains with a friend this weekend and forgot out house key. We aren't getting back until very late tonight. Could I get you to put our spare key under the door mat for us please?...Great, thanks so much. Bye."

Our mutual silence was finally broken by Samantha.

"Rich, I'm really sorry about what happened this weekend. Jerry has done some weird stuff in the past, but nothing like this morning. I thought this time would be different. I thought we were going to have a normal relationship with another couple for once. But he had to have Tracy and that meant dominating you.

I don't expect you to forgive me for my part in all of this so I won't bother to ask, but if there is anything I can do to help make some of it up to you just say so."

I thought about all this for a moment.

"Sam, I really haven't sorted all this out. I haven't figured out how much blame you deserve or how much Tracy deserves. I don't even have any idea what is going to happen after today. I do know that Jerry and his friends are fuckwads and I am going to do everything I can to bring them down."

Sam took her time now.

"All right Rich. I will help you with that.

"But I know myself well enough that when I stop hating Jerry I may go back to him. This is hard to explain to you but he has a magic dick. Tracy can testify to that. And if you do decide not to kick her out don't be shocked if she wants to go back to Jerry at some point too.

"I know it doesn't excuse any of it but it might explain some of it if you know that Jerry was giving Tracy all kinds of drugs, both ones she agreed to and others he slipped into her drink. He has perfected a combination that increases your sex drive and loosens all your inhibition which he can use in upper or downer mode."

Maybe somewhere in my brain I suspected this but if I did it was hidden behind a curtain that had been thrown wide open. I should have cut his dick off. We drove in silence the rest of the way.

I pulled into our driveway. I hoped the Rafelson's weren't watching. I sent Sam out to get the key from under the doormat and open the garage door. We got Tracy inside and under the covers in the bedroom. She was still well out of it.

"Trace -- Sam and I have to go take care of some stuff. I will be back."

She moaned some words and went back to sleep. I watched her as I put some clothes on. I worried about leaving her but not enough to stay. I brought Jerry's desktop case and laptop into the house and then went out to the garage. Sam drove the SUV while I started up our car and followed her over to her house. I made a phone call before I even pulled out of the driveway.

"Jon, Rich...how are you?...I need some computer help. It's urgent. I'll double your usual fee. Are you available?...Great. Meet me at -- hang on."

I had been over to Jerry and Sam's house many times but didn't know the exact address. I put Jon on hold and got it from Sam and relayed it to Jon. He pulled into the driveway five minutes after we did. Sam and I were already in the house firing up Jerry's desktop.

I could have tried to lie to Jon but he would have figured things out and I would have wasted time, so I gave him the basics.

"The guy that owns this computer has hidden cameras which he used to spy on Tracy and me as well as many other couples. We want to find all those files and copy them over to an external source and permanently delete them for his computer."

Jerry's home desktop was password protected. It took Jon 8 minutes to break into the XP account. I didn't ask how he did it. I probably didn't want to know.

He began downloading files while scouring the computer for any hidden files. Sam and I went through the rest of Jerry's office and through any possible storage units including CDs, DVDs, flash drives, portable hard drives, and the like. Jon had brought a couple external HDs of his own which he hooked up. He began downloading everything off of Jerry's computer and removing the files as he went. When he saw what he was dealing with he looked at me with a combination of shock, surprise and bemusement on his face before his professional demeanor returned.

It would have been great if I could have found a way to leave the security system hooked into the computer back at the cabin so we could monitor what was going on there, but I didn't have the time or the know how. It was then that I remembered my cell. I pulled it out and turned up the volume.

It was bedlam. The sound quality was not good at all but I could make out swearing, grunting, It almost sounded if a fight was going on. I couldn't make out any snippets of conversation although I thought I heard someone say Jerry's name. I couldn't identify any of the voices. But at least I was pretty sure they were still up there which meant we had some time.

"How much longer Jon?"

"About 25 more minutes of downloading and then about 45 minutes to make sure all the hard drives are wiped. We'll take them with us just in case. I've already verified there aren't any other computers on the network. Now I'm checking to make sure he doesn't have any of his data backed up on-line somewhere."

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