tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCabin Encounter

Cabin Encounter


My wife and I were staying at a cabin owned by one of my old high school friends. The cabin was located a couple of hours away in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. My wife’s friend Karen met us at the cabin. She weighed about 110 pounds, had short blonde hair, a slim figure, small firm tits, and the most perfect ass I’d ever seen.

Karen and my wife were very close friends since childhood. Karen had recently divorced from her husband and was very depressed. Although, I’d like to say she was vulnerable. Karen had taken this opportunity to spend some time with my wife and forget about her ex.

After two days the thoughts running through my mind about Karen became unbearable. At night she would walk around the cabin in nothing but a thin nightshirt. It drove me crazy to see her like this. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I finally resolved to have her one way or another.

The next day an opportunity arose. We were swimming at a small pond about a mile from the cabin. Karen was wearing a small string bikini that gave me a hard-on all morning long. She said she needed to go back to the cabin to get something. My wife and I were sunbathing next to the pond. I watched Karen's ass dance in that little bikini as she walked up the trail towards the cabin.

After a couple of minutes, I told my wife I needed to go back to the cabin to call work about a project I was concerned about. She just finished her third drink and was beginning to nod off.

I quickly climbed the hill and entered the cabin. I could hear Karen in the bathroom. I waited outside of the door until she was finished. The door opened and I blocked the way. Karen was startled at first and then smiled.
“You scared me half to death. I didn’t know you were there.”
“I just thought I’d check on you and see how you were.”
“Well, thanks I’m ok, I just needed to freshen up a bit.”
Karen tried to move past me. I blocked her way and openly looked her over now.
“You really look nice, you know that?”
“Stop playing around and let me by.”
“I think you need to let me get a better look.”

I pushed my way into the bathroom and closed the door. The bathroom was incredibly small. It barely had enough room for one person let alone two. Karen was now scared. She backed into the small shower stall right up against the wall. I forced my way in next to her.

“This isn’t funny. If you don’t stop I’m going to tell Jen.”
“I don’t think so. How are you going to tell your best friend that you seduced her loyal and faithful husband?”
“You bastard.”

I touched her face and slowly moved my hand across her shoulders. She tried to pull my hand away. I grabbed the bikini string on her left shoulder and roughly pulled it down exposing her left breast. She tried to move past me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her back into the stall. She faced the wall now. I pushed my body against hers pinning her to the wall. My cock was rock hard against her ass. I squeezed her small tits roughly from behind.
“Stop or I’ll scream you asshole.”
“Jen is a mile away and sound asleep. There’s no one but the two of us honey.”
I ripped off her bikini top then kissed her neck as I massaged each breast. Her nipples were hard now as I pinched them mercilessly.

“You’re hurting me. Please don’t do this.”
“What do you expect teasing me in that bikini and those little nightshirts. How long has it been? I’d think you’d welcome a good fuck about now.”
She began to cry as I pealed off her bikini bottom. I kept her pinned against the wall as I removed my swimming trunks. I turned her around and grabbed her wrists. I held them over her head against the wall as I kissed her tits. They were barely a mouthful, but nice and firm. I then slid my hands around her smooth ass. I kneaded each mound as she tried to push me away. It was useless as I was too strong and far too horny to let her get away. I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and forced her mouth to mine. She whimpered as I found her tongue.

“Let’s get a better look at that ass.”
I turned her around and placed her hands against the wall. I pulled out on her waist until she was almost bending over. She tried to struggle her way out of the shower stall. I pulled her back and slapped her ass leaving a bright red handprint. She yelped and began to sob openly. I pushed her hands against the wall again.

“Leave your fucking hands there or I’ll slap your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week. Now hold still bitch.”

I pulled her back and slid my hands between her ass cheeks. I fondled her cunt lips with my fingers as my thumb rubbed her asshole. My cock was so hard I couldn’t wait any longer. I rubbed the knob of my cock against her cunt lips.

“Please no.”

That’s all I needed to hear. I slowly pushed in about three inches.

She was so dry and tight I couldn’t get it in any further. I pulled it out and pushed it in until her cunt juices began to flow. Karen sobbed heavily as I began to thrust in earnest. After a minute or so I could tell she was ready. I pushed my cock with purpose deep inside of her. I could hear Karen catch her breath as my cock filled her cunt completely. I held this position with my balls pressed against her ass for a little while enjoying every second of it. She was so tight. Her cunt was gripping my cock like a vise. I grabbed both ass cheeks and started ramming her with all of my bottled up frustration. I let go of her ass and placed my hands on her waist. Each thrust gave a resounding slap against her ass as I punished Karen’s tight cunt. I watched with delight as her soft ass cheeks jiggled playfully.

My balls began to tighten. I pulled her hands down, then used my entire body to press her against the shower wall. I massaged her tits and licked the back of her neck as I enjoyed the good fucking I was giving her. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I exploded into her in one strong orgasm. It was so strong my knees almost buckled. I slowly moved in and out of her as I filled her cunt fully. Just as I finished, Karen let out a faint gasp. Her orgasm gripped my cock tightly as it released in waves. She faintly whispered, “Oh God no”, as shudders racked her body. I roughly squeezed her tits and pressed into her as her orgasm subsided.

“You really are a nice little fuck Karen,” I whispered into her ear.
“You fucking bastard I hate you.”

I pulled out of her and turned her around. I grabbed her hair and forced her to her knees.
“Clean me off bitch,” I spat at her.

Her lips were red and full even more now since she had been crying. The sight of her on her knees was wonderful. I placed my cock next to her face. She reluctantly opened her mouth and took in my cock. I held her head and slowly fucked her mouth. I noticed after a time that she didn’t need to be forced onto my cock anymore. She instinctively began to use her tongue in a very experienced manner, which surprised me.

“You like sucking cock don’t you whore?”

I quickly became hard again. My enlarging cock was like a drug to her. As I became harder she became more passionate. I leaned back against the wall. Karen’s tongue and mouth were all over every inch of my cock. I had discovered a little secret about sweet, innocent Karen. I could feel my cock slam against the back of her throat. She began to moan as my balls tightened up. Watching her perform on my cock was too much for me. I quickly shot into her mouth. Karen sucked and swallowed in perfect rhythm with my orgasm. Her body began to shudder again as she drained every last drop out of me. She kept my cock in her mouth as her orgasm subsided.

When she was finished, she casually stood up and dressed. She didn’t say a word, but I knew that I could have her anytime I wanted after this. She never mentioned our tryst to my wife and we have had several encounters since then.

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