tagGroup SexCabin In the Woods Ch. 03

Cabin In the Woods Ch. 03


That evening, spent and glowing, they sat side by side in the unheated hot tub holding hands and looking up at the night sky.

"I could get used to this," she said. "Thank you for a very special day."

"You're welcome Sweetheart," he said, kissing her cheek.

"I've never cum so many times in one day in my life. Was there anything we didn't try?"

"If there is we'll have to wait to try it until tomorrow, or the day after," he said. "My cock's rubbed a little raw."

"I'm sore too, Hon. But it feels good in a funny kind of way."

"Yeah, for me too."

Sitting back in a companionable silence they each looked into the sky and followed their private thoughts. Occasionally they'd glance at each other, smile, and share gentle hand squeezes.

He stood up and stepped out of the hot tub. "I think it's about time for that massage," he said, beginning to dry himself off with one of the big towels she'd set out.

"Oh, that sounds good." She rose dripping and joined him.

While she went around the bedroom lighting candles he brought the olive oil and a small bowl from the kitchen and spread a towel on the bed. She lay face down on the towel, giggling. She wiggled her butt. He chuckled as he held the bowl of oil over a candle to warm it up. Then, putting the bowl within reach on the nightstand, he straddled her full ass, dipped his fingers into the bowl, and began to massage her shoulders. She rewarded his efforts with small grunts, moans, and sighs.

"Can you believe I'm getting hard again?"

"Mmmmm," she responded, moving her bottom.

"Feeling your soft sweet butt between my thighs is so stimulating." He continued to massage her, moving down her body until he'd done each of her feet. "Roll over," he said when he'd finished.

She rolled over and spread her legs so he could kneel between them. He massaged her front as carefully as he'd done her back. He was almost finished before he realized she'd fallen asleep. It made him smile. He looked down at her in the flickering candlelight, touched by how open and vulnerable she looked. He gazed at her pussy, seeing the faint glimmer of pink in the dim light, and thought of the day they'd shared. At times it had been passionate, like their first encounter, with raw rough sounds and words. And at other times they'd lain together barely moving, exchanging delicate caresses and gentle observations. Leaning over he kissed her clitoris. He moved out from between her legs and she muttered something, turning over on her side without waking. After extinguishing the candles he lay beside her for a long time with his hand resting on her hip before he too fell asleep.

The next morning, after a brief cuddle, they got up to take care of some of the errands that had been neglected the day before. She went into El Dorado Springs to buy groceries and he made the trek to his house to feed his cats and do some other chores. It wasn't until almost sundown that he returned and they sat down to the meal she'd prepared. They exchanged accounts of the things they'd done that day, washed the dishes, spent some time in the hot tub, and then retired to the bedroom.

They were both still rather sore but as soon as they began touching each other the passion flared to life and soon they were joined. They were in the missionary position, talking softly and looking into each others' eyes in the candlelight when something hit the floor behind them. Then a woman said, "Oh shit." Their heads swiveled at the same instant. An attractive red haired woman stood half hidden in the shadows of the doorway with her hand down her jeans.

"God Linda, I'm so sorry. I guess I got caught wet handed," the woman said, pulling her hand out of her jeans. "You guys'd never have known I was here if I hadn't hit this goddamned broom. Sorry. I'll just leave now. Shit I feel stupid." She began to turn away.

"Wait Debbie." Linda said. He realized that this must be the owner of the cabin and felt himself relax a bit.

Debbie stopped, half turned away.

Linda looked up at him. "Would you like to be with two women?"

"It wouldn't be the first time," he said. "I'm game if she is." They both turned to look at Debbie.

"Do you remember those fantasies we used to talk about? About picking up a guy?" Linda asked.

Debbie turned and looked at her for a long moment. "Yeah, I remember we used to talk about some things. Things we never did."

"Debbie, this is Ben, by the way. And Ben, as you've probably figured out, this is Debbie." Ben and Debbie glanced at each other, almost shyly, and nodded. "Well, what do you think?"

"I think my husband will shit," Debbie said with a laugh. "But what the fuck." Her hands had already begun to undo the buttons of her shirt. "Watching you guys got me hot."

Ben withdrew his cock and lay down next to Linda to observe the unveiling. Debbie gave him a humorous smirk. She pulled off her shirt, dropped it in a chair, and reached behind her back with both hands to undo her bra. He saw that she was smaller than Linda with creamy white skin and many freckles. Her breasts, when revealed, were tipped with pale pink nipples and areolas.

"You like?" Debbie said challengingly.

He turned to Linda.

"Don't look at me," Linda said, unperturbed by her friend's nakedness.

By the time he turned back to Debbie she'd kicked off her shoes and pushed her jeans and thong to the floor. She was freckled all over and her bush was a carrot colored puffball of hair.

"Yeah," he said. "I like what I see a lot."

"And I liked watching you fuck my friend Linda," Debbie said, climbing onto the bed on her knees and reaching for his cock. She was surprised to see him wince when she grabbed him.

"We're sore," Linda said. "We spent the whole day yesterday fucking. Well, off and on."

"Jeez," Debbie said. "You didn't waste any time. I didn't expect to find you in the sack with somebody."

Ben and Linda exchanged smiling glances. "It just kind of happened," Linda said.

Ben had begun rubbing his hand down over Debbie's back and bottom, enjoying the smoothness of her skin. Linda reached up and playfully tugged Debbie's right nipple. She and Debbie looked into each others' eyes.

"Yeah, that was something else we talked about and never did," Debbie whispered. Ben's fingers found Debbie's pussy, marveling at its juiciness, and she leaned over and met Linda's lips. Ben watched the two women kiss, their passion obviously growing, with bemused wonderment. These last few days had been so full of surprises he was a little afraid to think what might happen next. Debbie's hand crept up his thigh and found his cock again, taking it gently this time.

Things seemed to flow in a dreamlike progression without any of them saying a word. Debbie was fingering Linda's pussy as well as holding his cock. And then she was licking Linda where her fingers had been, raising her butt in the air. An open invitation like this could only be answered with a readjustment of bodies and a slow insertion. Linda had her eyes closed but as he moved inside Debbie's drenched pussy he could see almost every sign of pleasure sweep across her face. He put his hands on Debbie's hips to pull her to him and she shook her ass as if to say, yes, I know you're there and I like what you're doing.

Linda went over first. He could sense Debbie's awareness of Linda's imminent orgasm and her intensified efforts to make it happen. Linda's hips bucked and she cried out as it hit her. He was second. Seeing and hearing Linda's pleasure was too much and he pulsed inside Debbie's cunt. He kept moving inside her although his enthusiasm had waned and was relieved to feel her fingers moving rapidly near his cock. Her head was resting on Linda's belly and her red hair blazed in the candlelight.

"Oh," she said. "Oh." Linda had recovered enough to begin fondling her breasts and that seemed to be enough to put her over. "Oh God yes. Oh yes. Jesus yes. I'm cumming boys and girls. Oh shit yes." He could feel her cunt tightening around him. And then there was stillness.

After a couple of long minutes he pulled out of her and, slowly drawing his right hand across her hip and back, collapsed beside Linda. Debbie, her head still resting on Linda's tummy, opened her eyes.

"Thanks," she said.

"You're welcome," he said. And fell asleep.

Sometime in the night he became dimly aware that Linda was returning the favor and slid back into sleep to the sound of Debbie's moans and sighs.

When he woke up in the morning he found his bare back pressed against Debbie's. He turned to look over Debbie's shoulder and could see that Linda was also lying on her side with her butt against Debbie's tummy. Debbie's arm was draped across Linda's belly. It was a sight that warmed the cockles of his woman loving heart. He eased out of bed and went to urinate. By the time Linda and Debbie woke up he'd made coffee and was working on breakfast.

"Oh shit," Debbie said. She wandered into the kitchen blinking. "I hope Ron doesn't shoot me."

"You have to tell him?" Linda asked, two steps behind her.

"Yep. Those're the rules. We've both been with other people a few times over the years but we always talked about it first."

"I'm impressed," Ben said. "A lot of people would figure what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"But it would hurt me. And, eventually, it would hurt our relationship," Debbie said. "So it's the only way to go. Can we talk about something else?"

And so they did. After they'd eaten a leisurely breakfast on the patio Debbie said she had to be getting back home. Before she left she kissed them both.

"I'd love to do this again," she said. "If I survive."

"I don't know about Ben but I would. I seem to have acquired a new taste," Linda said, and she and Debbie exchanged a meaningful glance.

"Does a bear excrete in wooded areas?" Ben said.

In the laughter following this pungent phrase, Debbie drove away.

"I got the definite impression that you enjoyed yourself," Linda said as they walked back to the cabin.

Ben hesitated before replying. "Yes, I did."

"Honey, I wasn't the least bit jealous if that's what you're worried about. Debbie and I used to fantasize about doing what we did last night. That was before she met Ron."

"You only talked?"

"Yeah. I think Debbie was ready to do more but I was too shy."

"So how did reality compare with your fantasies?"

They'd returned to the kitchen by this time. Ben poured himself another cup of coffee and sat next to Linda at the table.

"It was different," Linda said after a moment. "Felt more natural than I expected. But then I've known Debbie for a long time and I feel comfortable with you even though we met only a week ago."

"And you'd like to do it again?"

Linda's eyes met his with an unequivocal intensity. "Yes, I would."

Ben slipped his hand under her robe and squeezed her bare knee. "What did you like best about last night?" The look on her face told him she was becoming aroused.

"Living my fantasies," she said. "Living my fantasies with two people I like so much."

Ben's hand slid up her thigh. Her legs opened to accomodate him. His fingertips burrowed into the soft folds until they found the mouth of her cunt. "You're wet already," he said.

"I loved knowing you were fucking her when she was going down on me. You kept pushing her into me." Linda squirmed as Ben's fingers began rubbing her clit. Reaching out she felt the length of his erection through his jeans.

"And I loved watching you as I fucked her," he said. "Seeing how excited you were."

"I was thinking that I knew exactly how she felt, having your cock inside her."

"Did you like being with a woman for the first time?"

"Yeah, I did. It really wasn't the same as with a man. She was more gentle, teasing."

"Did you like going down on her?"

Linda's expression softened. "Oh yes."

"I'll have to taste her myself next time," Ben said. "We could do it together. Take turns."

"Damn," Linda said, "talking about last night is almost more exciting than being there."

"Yeah," Ben said, "sometimes the sharing afterward is the best part."

"I need you to fuck me, lover. Even if I am still kind of sore."

"That'll make two of us."

A short time later they were in bed, their bodies joined.

"Do you have any fantasies about what you'd like to do the next time?" He asked, looking into her eyes as he moved his cock inside her.

"Mmmmm," she said. "Lots of them. I want to lick her while you're fucking her. I want to watch. I want to kiss her while you're fucking me. Oh God! This is making me come."

He responded by wrapping his arms around her shoulders and thrusting powerfully.

"Oh yes. Fuck me lover," she moaned, lifting her hips to meet him. "Oh. Oh."

He could tell she was very close. He clutched her tighter and ground his belly against hers. It delighted him to feel the convulsive quivers as her body was overcome. The hot clenching of her cunt caused the deep thrilling pulsing of his own orgasm. They cried out in unison.

"Wow," she said after they'd held each other in silence for several minutes, "thinking about Debbie got me all fired up."

"What turned me on was feeling your excitement," he said.

"It amazes me how much at ease I am with you."

He pushed himself up with his arms, smiling down at her, and then shifted his body until he was lying on his back beside her. She cuddled close, resting her head on his chest. He put his arm around her shoulders. They lay together in a cozy silence.

"Well Babe," he said finally, "I need to head over to my place. I've got a bunch of things I have to do."

"I guess I kinda made a mess of your regular schedule."

"Yeah. But I'm not complaining."

"When will you be back?"

"In a day or two."

"I'm leaving Saturday to go back to Springfield."

"Okay. I'll be back before then. I promise."

After cuddling for awhile longer they got out of bed and he got dressed. They hugged and kissed on the patio and then she watched him walk down the path; just before he disappeared into the trees he turned and waved. She waved back. And then he was gone.

It felt strange knowing he wouldn't be back for a couple of days. Once again she marveled at how much had changed in the last week. She was well aware that in many ways they were still essentially strangers but somehow, on an underlying emotional level, there was a real connection. She realized that even as she hoped that this would develop into an ongoing relationship her fears cautioned her not to let her expectations get too high.

As she entered the cabin she remembered the book she'd packed but hadn't had time for. This was a good time to get some reading done.

Linda awoke early on Friday, her last full day of freedom. The sun had already warmed the air and she'd kicked off the sheet sometime in her sleep. She lay in a half doze with the memories of the past ten days tumbling through her consciousness. It had exceeded her expectations a hundredfold. Her only regret was that her vacation was almost over, leaving a bittersweet feeling of uncertainty. Would Ben want to continue seeing her or would these wonderful memories turn out to be the only thing left to sustain her? She also felt some uneasiness about how this would effect her friendship with Debbie.

Opening her legs she touched herself. Most of the soreness was gone. She started to play with herself and then, smiling, stopped; it wasn't over yet. Ben had promised he'd be back and it was even possible that Debbie would return. She was aware of an increased flow of her juices at the mere thought of them.

Climbing out of bed she decided, with only a moment of hesitation, to remain naked. Something else she was going to miss. She wouldn't have much chance to indulge in the delightful feeling of being unencumbered by clothing with an inquisitive eleven year old boy popping in and out of the house without warning. Slipping a Bon Jovi CD into the player she went into the kitchen and began making her breakfast.

It was in the middle of the afternoon when she heard the crunch of tires on the gravel in the driveway. Still naked she peeked out the window and was thrilled to see Debbie's light blue Honda approaching. She opened the door and walked out on the porch.

"Well, I don't see any bullet holes in your forehead," Linda said as Debbie emerged from the car.

"Ron's cool," Debbie said. "He almost laughed his ass off when I told him I got caught peeking." She turned and snagged a bulging gym bag off the front seat. "He stopped laughing when I went on to say that I'd joined in. But after I finished telling him all the juicy details we had the best fuck we've had for a good long time."

"I was hoping it would work out."

"Yeah, me too." Their eyes met for a long moment. "Hey, I like your outfit. I think I'll go put mine on."

Linda stood in the bedroom doorway as Debbie undressed. "Ben left on Wednesday. He said he'd be back before I left," she said.

Debbie gave her an intent look. "You sound like you don't think he will."

"It's not that. But I really like him and I'm not sure what's going to happen after I leave here."

"Ah," Debbie said. "I hear you. He seems like a really nice guy."

"Nothing like the guys I usually get hooked up with. Is that what you're saying?"

Debbie laughed. "You've picked some doozies, it's true. But what makes you think Ben won't want to keep seeing you?"

"No reason, I'm just afraid he won't."

"I can understand that," Debbie said. "But there's only one way to find out. Time will tell."

"I know. I just hate being in suspense."

Debbie had gotten out of her clothes. "What do we do now?" She asked.

There was an awkward silence as they both thought the same thing but neither had the courage to say it out loud.

"We could listen to music," Linda said. "Go for a walk. You know the list as well as I do."

"A walk would be nice. It's been awhile since I've spent time out here."

After putting on their shoes they started down the path into the woods. Both were hoping that they'd run into Ben along the way but he never appeared. Linda showed Debbie the pool where she and Ben had met and told her the whole story. They enjoyed the cool water for awhile, and talked. They were both relieved to discover that their friendship hadn't been affected by the sudden inclusion of open sex. It was almost evening when they got back to the cabin.

"You have a visitor," Debbie said, pointing out the red Nissan pickup truck parked next to her Honda.

"Oh shit!" Linda said.

"Maybe it's Ben."

Linda was surprised to realize that she'd never thought of Ben as owning a vehicle. To her he was the man who'd materialized out of the woods.

"Oh my, naked wood nymphs," said a voice from the shadows of the patio. "This must be my luck day." Linda recognized Ben's voice.

"Kinda overdressed, aren't you?" Debbie said as they got close enough to see him wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

"That's easily remedied," Ben said, standing up and pulling his t-shirt over his head. Then his shorts fell. They saw that he was half erect.

"I've missed you Babe," he said, drawing Linda into a tight embrace.

"I'll let you lovebirds get reacquainted," Debbie said with a laugh. "I'll go see what there is to eat."

When they entered the kitchen several minutes later she was laying out the ingredients for sandwiches.

"I take it Don didn't get too upset about our little adventure," Ben said.

"Ron," the two women said, almost simultaneously.

"Ron. Sorry."

"He was a little freaked at first," Debbie said. "But in the end it turned him on. I think he's hoping for another hot story when I get back."

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