tagBDSMCabin Trip Ch. 04

Cabin Trip Ch. 04


I dove my face right into the water bowl. If I was going to need to drink 3 bowlfuls before I could get any relief, I was certainly going to get started now. With this much in the bowl, I could drink it much faster by getting my whole mouth in it and sucking as if there'd been a straw than by licking. I got through about two-thirds of the bowl in short order, and paused to take a few breaths.

That might have been a mistake. When I tried to lift my head from the bowl, I realized that my arms had fallen asleep from being bound to my ankles and therefore stuck between my knees. They wouldn't take any of my weight, and I toppled to the side. Only by the narrowest of margins did I miss hitting the water bowl, but I did fall halfway onto the bowl Sir had put my breakfast in, and a little dribble of leftover milk escaped onto the newspaper spread out over the entire area.

Sir must have been watching, because the instant that happened, I felt the spatula begin to land on my ass. "Already making a mess again? Lick that up, you dirty pig!"

I barely finished the words "Yes, Sir," before my face was pressed against the newspaper and licking up the dribble of milk. Sir continued his assault with the spatula the entire time. I started to whimper a bit from helplessness as I accepted the unavoidable ordeal.

After a few more smacks, Sir relented. "Show me how your water bowl is doing, slut." I moved to the side so that Sir could see the bowl. "What, do you expect me to lean over to see in it? Useless cunt. Move it over here where I can see better." I pondered this task for a second. I could get my teeth around the edge of the bowl, but there wasn't anything to get purchase on, and I'd probably drop it. On the other hand, if I pushed it, it was likely to slosh, and could possibly tip if it caught on something. I ended up deciding that it was safer to push it and I scuttled around to the other side and began carefully nudging the bowl with my nose. "When am I going to be able to see this, tomorrow? Faster, bitch." I picked up the speed, and, as I'd been worried about, it sloshed a little bit.

Sir shook his head at me. "You'll need to replace that lost liquid. Come here and get some extra." He motioned to his cock, and I hobbled over to it. Bound as I was, it was pretty hard to get my head up high enough to reach it, but I tried. Sir slapped my cheek. "Your teeth will scrape my cock if you try to suck it from there. Squat."

I had to do this very carefully, but I did manage to get up into a squatting position. Since my hands could come a foot or so above my ankles, that let me get enough height to suck Sir's cock more easily, but have you ever stayed in a squat for several minutes at a time? It would wear out my legs pretty quickly. It would be a challenge to finish before my legs gave out on me. I started licking and sucking as best I knew how. I was up against the clock, and the timer was my own legs.

Sir was bent on seeing me squirm, and kept grabbing my nipples or smacking various parts of me. Twice, he was close to cumming and grabbed my hair to hold my head just away from his cock, prolonging the episode. Eventually, my legs were so shaky that I was wobbling all over the place. Sir then grabbed my hair and shoved my face deep onto his cock. He came deep in my throat and held me in place as his cock throbbed out his pleasure. Without releasing me, he looked at me and said "did you enjoy your bonus?"

I couldn't really speak with his cock all the way in my throat, but I made some sounds that might have been "yes, Sir" if I'd been able to use my mouth.

Sir assumed that I'd agreed with him. "That's because you're my little fuckpig, isn't it?" I made another couple of generic sounds. "I know you are. See how you won't even let go of my cock to speak to me? What a dirty little whore." Still, Sir held me in place. I was starting to get a bit lightheaded, as I could only breathe a tiny amount around the pressure he was putting on my throat. "You need to drink the rest of this water, cunt. Sit back on your heels."

Finally, Sir released me, and I sat back. He picked up the dish and brought it up to my face, but hesitated. "I don't want this getting all over the floor, do you understand? I'm going to pour it from above you head and I want every drop to end up in your mouth."

"Yes, Sir," I said quietly. He did exactly as he'd explained, and a little of it missed my mouth but I did my best to lick it up before it could run away from me. Sir said nothing, so I didn't know if I'd passed or not. He simply stood up, refilled the water dish, and returned it. He stretched out on the couch and started looking at his phone. "Finish that dish before I get bored, you little cunt."

"Yes, Sir," I said quickly, as I adjusted myself again to start drinking from the bowl as fast as I could manage.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/07/18

I've caught up on all four chapters. I'll be stopping here. The unrelenting downhill match of ugliness has me tapping out. The only positive thing I can say is that it is consensual. Why she is consentingmore...

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