Cable Man


Sylvia answered the door wearing a white short sleeved blouse tucked into a short black skirt. Her legs shimmered in the sunlight wrapped in very sheer hosiery. The fabric was so fine that it almost wasn't there. She wore black pumps and my eyes stopped on the golden anklet on her left ankle as it caught the sun and gleamed at me. "May I help you?" she asked. I still had not looked her in the eye and I ogled her legs a bit more. Her hands tugged at the hem of her skirt and I could tell my stare was making her uncomfortable.

"I'm John Snow, I'm with Federal Cable." I looked up into her blue eyes as the wind tossed her dark hair. She had full lips and a slender neck. My eyes drifted back down to her bust as it stretched barely contained by her blouse. "You called for a tech?" "Oh please come in!" She stepped back and opened the door wide. I stepped in and she closed the door behind me. She didn't lock it. I looked at my clipboard and found her name.

"You are Sylvia Quinn?"


"You have very lovely legs, Ms. Quinn." She tried to hide the look of shock on her face and laughed nervously. The laugh seemed more like she was hiding a scream. She started to say something but I cut her off. "What seems to be wrong with you cable?" "Oh, all my channels are snow."

"You have me on all your channels?"

Sylvia looked puzzled then remembered my name. She laughed nervously but some of the tension from my first comment slipped away.

"Shall we have a look?" I said.

Sylvia nodded and led me down the hall to her living room. She was babbling something about entertaining for some party, but I wasn't listening. I was staring at her ass as she walked. when we got to the living room she bent over at the waist to pick up the remote from the coffee table. I had an excellent view of her firm butt. I figured she had pantyhose on. No garters on that smooth set of thighs.

Sylvia looked behind her. I was caught gawking at her but she didn't straighten up right away. It was almost as if she was teasing me. If she was or wasn't I couldn't help myself as I looked her over. My next statement just came out of my mouth.

"Damn, look at dat ass." I said as I stepped toward her. I'd slipped out of my 'professional' voice and was myself. "You a'right Ms. Quinn?" I asked standing right behind her. I figured I was in the house, no one else seemed to be around and Sylvia needed a good fucking.

"I'm fine. Why?" She said puzzled and straightened up. She turned to face me. I was very close to her and I could smell her flowery perfume. My proximity to her was clearly making her uncomfortable.

"You look like you twisted your ankle." I lied and squatted down. I reached and got a hold of her left ankle before she could hop away.

"Oooh!" Sylvia squeaked. She'd tried to get away but I had her leg. Off balance she was forced to put her hands on my shoulders to keep from toppling over. She stood there pigeon toed looking down at me as I pretended to feel for a sprang in her ankle. "I was a sports trainer at the college" I said, "so I can see if you've hurt yourself."

Her nylon covered ankle felt like silk as I caressed it with my fingers. My excitement overcame me and my shaft filled with blood. It became stiff and pitched a huge tent in my coveralls. I slid my hand up the back of her calf and then back over her shin. I wasn't even trying to pretend anymore. I just flat out was groping her leg. "That one seems fine." I said, "Maybe it was the other ankle."

"Mr. Snow I'm fine." She said sternly "Please let go of my leg." I could hear a catch in her voice.

"You are very fine Ms. Quinn. Now hold still while I finish checking you out."

I switched to her other leg, running my hands up and down her sheer nylons. I didn't stop at her knee and when my hand reached the hem of her skirt she squeaked.

"Mr. Snow! That is quite enough." I could tell she was scared out of her wits and didn't know what to do.

"You do have some of the best legs I've ever seen." I said as my right hand fingered her anklet while my left hand slid down the back of her calf and up her thigh. I stopped and stood up. It was obvious that I had been stimulated. She didn't look at my face when I stood up. She was staring at my crotch, her mouth formed a silent "oh." I stood there waiting while she gawked and finally she looked up at me through her long dark lashes.

"Mr. Snow, I think you should leave."

"You want to go upstairs?." I said and reached for the buttons on her blouse. "The couch looks comfortable." Sylvia looked up at me in shock as I opened the top button of her blouse. "Or if you just can't wait, we can fuck right here on the floor." "Mr. Snow! Let go of me!" she shrieked. "I'll call the police!" "Oh really?" I said, and continued to undo the buttons of her blouse. "When they get here you can call them Mister and Sir, but you call me Master. Let me hear you say it." I was fed up with buttons and I just grabbed the ends of the blouse and tore it open. Buttons clattered to the floor as I exposed her lacy white bra. I cupped her breast squeezing her. Her eyes were wide open along with her mouth.

"Mr. Snow!" She gasped.

"Call me Master." I said with a warning.

"What are you going to do to me?" she said with a quivering voice.

I looked at her hard and with an angry glare that made her try to step away from me. The coffee table clinked against the back of her heels. Then she realized her error.

"Master? What are you going to do to me, Master?"

"That's better. I'm going to fuck you." I unzipped my coveralls and my dick shot out like a black spear. "You ever been fucked by a black man, bitch?" She shook her head slowly as she gazed at my giant cock. "It gets rough. I'm gunna fuck you on this coffee table unless you find us a bed."

Sylvia looked at me a moment in disbelief and then started walking down the hall way to go up the stairs. She was moving quickly and I followed right behind her. I saw the zipper on her skirt and midway to the stairs I grabbed her around the waist. Her smooth ass was right where I could get at it. She had to lift a leg to keep balance and again I ogled that silky calf that looked like a honey glaze on a doughnut. I got a hold of the zipper on the skirt and started to peel it down slowly. "No!" she yelped. "No? What do you call me?" I said and smacked her ass, hard. "No, Master, not here." She squeaked. "Also, you don't get to say NO." I said and smacked her ass again. Then I finished unzipping her her skirt, letting it slide down over her hips and thighs. Her ass was covered in the same ultra sheer honey glaze as her legs. She wore nothing under the pantyhose.

"Damn!" I said and slapped her ass again, causing it to turn pink this time. "You always go commando when the cable man comes over? You wanted to fuck today didn't you, bitch?" I slapped her again, but this time my hand stopped on her ass and I groped and squeezed her. "Oh my God!" Sylvia gasped, covering her mouth. "Not quite. Master is fine." I said. "Lets get to that bed."

With a bit of manhandling I drug her the rest of the way up the stairs. She squirmed as I half carried her and she lost one of her shoes. When we got to the top of the stairs I took her by the neck and pushed her face against the near wall. She managed to half turn her face and her cheek was against the wall flat. So were her breasts and her hands. On her left hand I saw the large diamond ring her small dick husband had given her. Taking my hand off her neck I leaned in close so that my lips were against her hear. My hands slid down to the front of her pussy and I started to grip the pantyhose there, Slowly stretching them and making them tear. "Mmmmm, look at that diamond ring." I said. "Your poor husband hasn't fucked you in months has he?" There was a pop as her nylons gave way. "Oh no. You're a haughty bitch, ain't ya." there was a soft tearing as I made a large hole in front of her cunt. Then my hands found the lips of her smooth pussy and I started to finger her. Sylvia was breathing hard. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open just a little, making that soft 'oh' shape bitches do when you're about to make 'em squeal. My right hand found her clit and I started rubbing it in a circle, hard. My left hand pressed two fingers into her slit and she was getting wet fast. "Yeah, your poor man has to beg and plead, just hoping for a fuck, but all he gets is a tease. I'm going to fuck you cauz, honey, your sweet ass is mine." I let go of her, just before she was about to vocalize the sex I was giving her with my fingers. I grabbed her by the bra and yanked it hard, tearing it half off her and snapping one of the straps. Her large jugs fell free and I pulled her toward me burying my face between her giant breasts.. When I yanked on her toward me, Sylvia half fell. She tried to catch her self, but having one four inch heel on, and the other off, tripped her up and she stumbled into me. Her arms were wrapped around my neck as I licked and kissed her tits.

"Get on your knees." I ordered when I was done with her breasts. Her lovelies bounced as she dropped quickly to obey. Her thighs had a silky sheen in the pale light of the hall. I peeled off my work shirt and soon stood fully naked in front of her. I watched as Sylvia's eyes darted over my muscled chest and ripped abs, then they stopped on my cock. Sylvia was kneeling in front of me and I reached down and took a hold of her hair, pulling her head toward my cock. Forcing her mouth over my shaft I thrust into her a couple times and watched her try not to gag. I pulled my cock out.

"Who am I?" I asked. She hesitated and I slapped my cock against her cheek then thrust it back into her mouth. Her hands came up and she pressed on my thighs trying to pull away. "Who am I?" I said, pulling out again. "My Master." she said. "When can I fuck you?" Again she hesitated to answer. I cock slapped her to prompt an answer.

"When..." She trailed off and I shoved my cock into her mouth again. She tried to say something and the vibrations of her voice teased my dick as she tried to speak around it. I pulled out again. "When can I fuck you?" "Anytime, Master." I smiled at her. "Good. Now you're learning." I kept a hold of her hair and drug her down the hallway to her bedroom. She kicked and whined, her hands grabbing my wrist to keep the stress off her hair. The soft zipping and gasping as her nylons slid on the carpet amused me. Once in the bedroom I pulled her to her feet. The moment she had her balance I pushed her onto the bed, then jumped up after her. On her back she looked up at me, still wide eyed and afraid. Scooting myself closer, I took her by the legs and held them wide apart. I aligned my cock with Sylvia's slick slit and drove my shaft into her cunt with one swift thrust.

Sylvia arched her back and her hands clutched the sheets. I let go of her legs and bent forward, wrapping my arms around her. Her breasts bulged as I pressed into her. Slowly I began to pump my cock into her as I bit down on her slender neck sucking hard to leave a love bite. With each thrust, Sylvia let out a "ooh!' After each "ooh" she sucked in a quick breath of air. I started thrusting in time with her rapid breaths. I held her tight keeping her breasts squeezed against my chest. Her arms were pinned under mine and to hold on she wrapped her silky legs around me.

I stopped sucking her neck and then looked down to admire the purple bruise I'd left there. Now I started to fuck her harder, driving my shaft in as far as I could then pulling it almost all the way out. "You ain't never been fucked like this, have you?" I said in a low growl. "You still feel tight, like your pussy ain't never had a real cock in it. That husband of yours has a tiny dick don't he?" I shoved my shaft in hard, then pressed to go deeper than I had before. Sylvia let out a squeal. "Never been deep dicked like this, have ya?"

Sylvia couldn't answer. Her eyes were wide open and she was gasping for breath. I could see the play of emotions on her face. Clearly she was starting to give into the sensations of her body. She was no longer fighting me. I could tell that she was still almost in shock that she was now fucking a stranger in her own bed. She hadn't given in fully to me and I could tell that guilt was still holding her back.

Still thrusting deeply into her I covered her open mouth with mine and thrust my tongue into her mouth. "Mmmumph!" was Sylvia's protest but she allowed me to kiss her as I drove my shaft into her. Abruptly I stopped kissing her and pulled out, getting off her. Sylvia looked up at me, hesitant to move but, clearly she wanted to be done with the ordeal.

With my left hand I reached across her to grab her left leg, behind the knee. With a quick yank I flipped Sylvia over. I put my hands on her hips and pulled on her, encouraging her to get on her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder, much like she had done down stairs and again I took a moment to admire her smooth ass.

I ran my hand over Sylvia's nylon ass feeling the slippery nylon stretched across her butt. I gave her ass a hard slap then took her by the hips, angling my eager cock to align with the hole in her pantyhose and her pussy. The head of my shaft found the lips of her slit and I pressed in hard until my flanks were flush with her round butt.

I reached down and took a fist full of her hair, yanking her head back and adding pressure on my cock that was buried deep into her slick pussy. I propped myself up, one knee down, the other up, giving me the most driving power and tore into Sylvia with everything I had. Her body rocked, her melons gyrated, and she let out a long scream that conveyed pleasure and pain all at once. She gripped the sheets fiercely, trying to ride out my storm.

I felt my climax and just before I came I pulled out of her, yanking her around by her hair. I knew that the next sensation on my cock would trigger an explosion and I forced Sylvia, now spun to face me, to take my dick into her mouth. As soon as her lips touched my shaft my cock convulsed and a pulse of cum shot into her mouth. Holding her head on my cock I forced her to eat my dick as each consecutive pulse shot more creamy sperm into her mouth.

Sylvia fought back her reflex to gag and soon cum was oozing out of her mouth. Once I was spent I let go of her and got of the bed. Sylvia spit her mouthful of cum onto her bed and coughed, trying to catch her breath. Impassively I started to get dressed. When Sylvia caught her breath she looked up at me, trying to say something, but all that came out was another cough.

"What?" I said.

"Master," she said with a sputter "are you still going to fix my cable?"

I thought about it for a moment.


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