tagInterracial LoveBathroom Encounter

Bathroom Encounter


My name is Stacy and I am twenty two years old. I had met my husband Clay after high school. I dated Clay for five years before we married just last year. I was a virgin before I had met him. I was raised in a strict conservative family. I didn't have any sexual experience before I had met Clay. My parents sent me to an all girls school. Guys have always found me attractive. From an early age I started to notice boys staring at me. Clay says its because I have such a nice ass and the worlds cutest face. I always thought it was my long blond hair.

So here I was going on a small vacation for a week down in Florida. I was driving by myself to visit my sister at her home near Daytona. My husband Clay wasn't able to get the time off work, so he had to stay back. I had been driving for a while and I was horny as hell. Clay and I decided that we wanted to have children. We have been trying for over five months to get me pregnant. I wanted to get pregnant so bad, but we weren't having much luck. Every time I thought about sex would make me so hot and horny. I unbuttoned my shorts and started rubbing my pussy and caressing my breast. The windows on my car were tinted, so nobody could see in. I was really getting into it and didn't realize that my gas light went off. I had to exit the interstate right away, I was on fumes. Plus I had just drank a big bottle of iced tea and out of nowhere I really had to use the restroom bad.

There was only one gas station on the exit I took. It was really run down looking and there wasn't any other cars there. I had no choice I had to get gas. My car was about to run out and I didn't know how far the next exit was from here.

After pumping gas I walked into the store, it was empty. I walked over to the front counter. "HELLO is there anyone here," I said. I was about to leave when out came the clerk from the back room. He was a big black man, about mid forties. He had a ugly but strong looking face, the kind of face that strikes fear in a person. I asked him were the bathroom was. He just stood there starring at me. I was starting to get really nervous. This guy was over a foot and a half taller than me. He had an evil grin as he looked me over and handed me the key and told me it was located outside at the back of the store.

I walked over to the bathroom unlocked the door and went inside. It was a single person restroom and I was surprised at the cleanliness for such an old place. There was a door connecting to the men's room but it seemed to be a locked. I started going pee and noticed a large hole in the wall about three feet from the ground and another hole about eye level. I was shocked and tried to finish as fast as I could and get out of there. What were those holes for? Could this guy see me pee?

Out of nowhere a large black cock came through the bottom hole. It scarred the living shit out of me. I screamed and went for the door. I tried to open it but the handle just spun and I could not get the door open. I was banging on the door trying to get the door open but it just wouldn't work. "LET ME OUT OF HERE," I screamed.

Then I heard a voice, it was the clerk who gave me the bathroom key. "You know you want to touch it," He said. "Fuck you asshole let me the fuck out of here." He started laughing and said, "If you want to see daylight again you will do what I say."

I stood there frozen not knowing what to do, scared shitless. I found myself starting to look at the monster cock. I was mesmerized at how fat and long it was. I never knew a penis could be that big, it had to be 10 plus inches. I looked up at the top hole, it was dark inside and I couldn't see his face. But I knew he could see me perfectly. I didn't want him to see me looking at it.

"Now touch it," He said in a tone so demanding.

"No, I'm not touching that thing, who do you think you are, let me go, GET ME OUT OF HERE," I screamed.

I stood as far away from that monster cock coming through the wall. I didn't know what to do. I tried pounding on the door again, but it was useless. The gas station was off the road far enough away from any other place and I know the clerk probably closed down his store. What did this guy want me to do?

"Let me go you creep."

He started laughing an evil laugh.

"If you knew what was good for you, you'll do what I say," He said.

I was so scared, my whole body was shaking.

"WALK OVER TO MY DICK AND TOUCH IT NOW," He commanded. "Do as I say and you wont get hurt."

This guy meant business, he left me with no choice. Slowly I walked over to his dick. I was so nervous. I was shaking so badly. I was scared that he would hurt me if I didn't listen to him. I reached out slowly and touched his cock with my fingers. I still couldn't get over how massive it was. It was way bigger than my husband tiny little dick. This was the first penis other than my husbands that I ever touched before. It had big veins running up and down the shaft and it was so hot. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. The more I touched it the hotter my pussy was getting, my body was betraying me. I wasn't supposed to be enjoying this, but I kept stroking it more pulling at the huge head. My body was getting real hot and I started to sweat badly.

"Now suck it," he said.

"WHAT," I screamed in fear.

I snapped out of my trance and stepped back from the hole. I was telling myself no you can't suck a strangers dick. I shouldn't have even touched it. I am a married woman what was I thinking. But my mouth was getting wet. I couldn't stop looking at it, maybe I really did want to suck this mans cock. Why was my pussy getting so wet?

"SUCK MY FUCKING COCK YOU SLUT BITCH." His voice struck fear through my veins. This guy was serious.

"Only if you promise not to hurt me and let me go," I said.

"Don't worry babe you'll be just fine, now start sucking."

Why was I starting to get so turned on about the thought of being a whore for this disgusting stranger that I didn't even know. Uncontrollably my hand started rubbing my pussy through my shorts. I thought if I could just give this guy a blow job he would let me on my way and I could get out of this whole situation. Plus I was horny as hell before I even came here.

So I got down on my knees right there and moved my head closer to the massive meat right before my face. I could smell the musky scent of his penis as I reached out to grab it. I starred at his penis hole looking back at me. This guy had me right were he wanted. My tongue made contact with his dick. I slowly started sucking the head of his cock. Then he jammed his cock all the way in chocking me. I started sucking faster, I was really getting turned on. I was giving his cock an awesome blowjob. My tongue was playing with his dickhole and I could taste his precum. I was getting so turned on by being such a slut. I unbuttoned my shorts and started rubbing my soaking wet pussy. My panties were drenched. I could feel an orgasm start to come over me. Then I felt his dick stiffen and I knew he was about to blow his load.

"That's it girl, drink my cum," he said. He must of came a gallon. I started to choke as his cum slurped down my throat as I tried my best to swallow it. I never even swallowed my husbands cum before. After he finished I stood up and tried to regain my senses. Why was I so fucking horny. What has just happened? Did I really just give that asshole a blowjob in a bathroom?

As I was standing there in my panties I realized my shorts must of fell to the ground. From a standing position I bent down to pick them back up.

"Why don't you back that ass up on my cock," He said.

I stood frozen with my butt high in the air exposing my ass to this pervert. I forgot that he could see me from his top hole.

"I can see that big wet spot on your panties girl, I know that pussy wants my dick," He said.

From my bent over position I looked back to see that his cock was still rock hard. My pussy was soaked and he knew it. I don't know what came over me. I slowly peeled down my panties exposing my ass to this strange man like a stripper in a club. I was getting so turned on by teasing this man. It was like I had no control over my body. I started playing with my pussy. It felt so naughty, I loved being a slut.

With my ass high in the air I looked up at the top hole and said, "I bet you want to fuck this hot young white wife."

All I heard was him moan. I can't believe I just said that. I tried to keep telling myself that I am a married woman, but it was like his dick had me in a trance. I just had to feel it on my pussy.

I slowly backed my ass up to his cock. My pussy was on fire. My juices were dripping down my leg in anticipation. I reached behind and grabbed his cock. When his dick made contact with my pussy I let out a long moan and slowly moved his penis up and down my wet slit. I so badly wanted to let him fuck me.

"Stop teasin me bitch," He said with a loud roar.

I was losing all control, I couldn't take it anymore. "Do you have a condom," I said.

"No I don't use condoms, But don't worry I don't have any disease."

I was more worried about getting pregnant. This was my most fertile time of the month. I figured a little fuck and I would stop. I didn't care anymore, I just had to feel him inside me. I slowly pushed back, he was huge. I rocked back and fourth, slowly trying to get his massive member inside me. I didn't think his cock would fit into my tight pussy. I was getting stretched opened wider than I ever felt in my life. I was moaning so loud. I removed my shirt and bra, setting free my titties and started rubbing my nipples. His paced picked up, his cock was hitting areas that never been touched before. I was having my first orgasm. My husband never made me cum like this. I exploded all over his cock.


I never knew anything could feel this good. I pushed back hard at his cock. I was getting fucked so good. His cock felt wonderful, he was giving me another mind blowing orgasm. My knees were getting weak from standing so long. I was also worried he would shoot his cum in me. So I forced myself to step away from his cock. I leaned against the bathroom wall trying to regain my senses. My hand immediately went down and started rubbing my clit. I was like a women possessed and I needed more of his cock. I never been so fucking horny in my life.

I looked over at the hole and his cock was gone. All of a sudden I heard the door adjoining the other bathroom start to unlock. It opened, my heart was racing, what was he going to do to me? I stood there frozen as he walked through the door completely naked. What a beast of a man he was, about 6 foot 4, 290 pounds. He was really strong, with massive arms but also had a large pot belly. He had a mean scowl on his face as he stood in the doorway. Then I looked down at his cock. I guess the wall was not letting the full length show. It was even bigger than I thought. He slowly walked towards me and he could see the fear in my eyes. He abruptly reaches out and grabs the back of my head and makes me look him in the eye.

"You are one fine piece of ass. Look at you with your long blond hair and pretty blue eyes. You have a nice big ass for such a little white girl. Girls like you are too good for an old black man like me. Won't even give me a smile when they walk in my store. How old are you."

"Twenty two." I said with much fear in my voice.

"How long you been married."

"Only eight months."

"Already a fucking slut for black cock," He said as he picked me up lifts me and set me down on the sink.

"What are you going to do to me," I said.

"I'm going to taste me that fine pussy you got there."

He bent down and started licking my pussy and clit. I felt so good, I started moaning uncontrollably. I've always wanted my husband to do this, but he wouldn't. Then he stuck his huge fingers in my pussy as he was licking my clit. I was losing control and he knew this. I was having another orgasm when he stopped. He stepped back, leaving my legs hanging over the edge of the sink. My pussy was spread wide open for him to see.

"Tell me how much you want my cock in you girl," He said.


He stepped closer to my pussy. I was pulling at his dick to get him to put it in me. I didn't care about a condom I needed that cock in me so bad. But he was teasing me and wouldn't put it in. He started licking my tits as the tip of his cock was touching the entrance of my cunt. He was sucking my sensitive nipples. Then he moved his lips up my neck and was kissing my ears. He paused for a moment and looked me straight in the eyes. Our lips met and our tongues collided. We were kissing so passionately like two lovers in love. I never wanted something more in my life. I came before his cock even went in. Then he pushed his dick in and started fucking slow and steady as I could not stop kissing him.

"Give it to me, fuck me hard," I said.

His dick was deep in my womb. I was screaming as loud as I could as I reaching another mind blowing orgasm.


He was fucking me so hard. He was so deep, his balls were slapping my ass. We fucked hard for over twenty minutes straight as I lost control of how many orgasms I had. I never knew anything in the world could feel this good.

I could see by the look in his eye that he was getting close to cumming. I knew that if he shot his load in me I would get pregnant. But I just couldn't stop fucking him, I never wanted it to stop. He bent down and started kissing me again.

Then he pulled out of me, he took a step back and said, "Tell me who you belong to whore."

"You" I said.


I lost all control I belonged to his cock, "YES IM YOUR LITTLE FUCKIN WHORE".... "USE ME MASTER". I NEED YOUR COCK IN ME NOW," I begged.

"I'M NOT GONNA PULL OUT... IM GOING TO CUM ALL INSIDE YOU," He said as a final warning.

I knew he was giving me a choice. I couldn't say no to his cock. I had made my decision, I wanted him to give me a baby right there in that bathroom. There was nothing more that I wanted in the world. It was my primal urge to mate with this superior male. I looked him straight in the eye, grabbed the back of his head, pulled him closer and said. "I want you to knock me up, I want to have your baby".

He stood me up and lifted me off the sink. He pinned me up against the bathroom wall. He started fucking me standing up. I locked my legs around his back, my arms were wrapped around his head. He was pounding me so hard against the wall. I could feel his cock deep within my cervix. I stuck my tongue down his throat, our tongues were wrestling, we were exchanging so much spit. My orgasm was so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. My body was shaking uncontrollable, tears were running down my face. I could feel his dick getting larger. I knew he was about to cum. I locked him in as tight as I could with my legs. I didn't want him to pull out.




He started roaring, "AHHHHHH."

It was like a fire hose had just went off inside me. Jet after jet of hot potent black sperm was shooting deep inside my womb.


His sweat was dripping down on my face. We stayed bonded together kissing and exploring each others body with are hands and tongues. His cock stayed corked inside my body, not letting the gallon of cum still trapped inside my fertile womb, impregnating its egg. It was such a magical moment. I knew right then and there I was pregnant.

Cum gushed out and dripped down my legs as he pulled his massive cock out of my pussy. Without any instruction I got down to my knees and started to suck his cock clean. "Damn bitch you are a fuckin whore," he said. I sucked his cock clean and swallowed the remaining drops of cum out of his dick.

He walked out of the bathroom and that was the last I ever seen of him. He had let me go on my way. I didn't even get his name. I continued on my way down the interstate thinking about what just took place. I couldn't believe just an hour ago I was a faithful wife. Now I was transformed into a black cock loving slut. Instead of feeling regret, I felt excited. My pussy was still leaking his hot potent sperm. The thought of my belly growing bigger with his black baby was starting to turn me on. I knew I would never be the same, I wanted more.

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Why is every man tall and handsome?

I keep noticing in all literotica the guy who fucks the chick is always tall and handsome. I am a short and plain-looking guy, but I do get fucks. Someone should write literotica for short and plain-lookingmore...

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The proper use of question marks seems to elude you

They go on the end of a sentence which asks a question, instead of the periods you used. Some say, "Who cares?" (note the question mark) but it distracts from your story.

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