tagLoving WivesCaddyshack Jenny Ch. 7

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 7


The group broke up, starting down the fairway. Jenny handed the bag back to her husband with a sneer. "I hope I brought enough lipstick," she said, quickly turning to chase after them. As she caught up with Bill, he turned back to the group. "I'm going to look for my first ball guys, don't wait for me! Come with me dear, and give me a hand!" They veered off from the green, plunging into the bordering pines.

After surveying their shots, Jack was first to hit. He choked down on a seven iron, hitting a running shot into the uphill green. The ball broke away at the last instant, but settling within a very makeable range. He marked the ball, and got out of the way for Dr. Stevens. Facing a downhill chip, he selected his sand iron, opening his stance and shoulders to the pin. Releasing a smooth pop shot, the ball landed softly, and continued trickling right down to the cup. With perfect speed and direction, it jumped into the hole, making that wonderful clatter that every golfer loves. They all let out a cheer, and Dr. Stevens looked over to the side of the green. "Now where's that girl when we need her! Hey Jenny! I've got something for you!" he said, yelling through cupped hands.

Now curious himself, Jack moved to the far edge, and debated whether to go in looking for them. Just then, he saw the two of them working their way back through the trees, hand in hand! He turned away in disgust, strolling back to the front of the green. "Any Luck!" shouted Rich, as they climbed up the short slope. Bill laughed. "Oh yes, I got lucky, but I never found the ball!" He stopped as Jenny whispered something in his ear. "Richards! She needs her make-up!"

Jack pulled the pouch out of his back pocket, casually holding it out as she approached, breasts still swinging free. Her swollen globes were covered with red hand marks! Apparently Bill was looking for something other then golf balls in the woods. "Thanks" she said as she took the pouch. He looked up to her face, and felt the color draining away. Her dark red lipstick was now smeared all over her chin, and thick streams of goo crisscrossed haphazardly all over! The fresh metallic smell of cum wafted over him, and he realized how far she was willing to take this humiliation!

Again gripping the small mirror, she checked her reflection, still standing directly in front of Jack. She grasped the top of her sweater from underneath her swollen breasts, and stretched it up to her face. Careful not to disturb the streams of cum, she wiped the smeared lipstick off as best she could. Finally satisfied, she let the sweater fall back down. It was now a real mess, hopelessly stretched out and falling off her shoulders. Looking back in the mirror, she re-applied the lipstick thickly from the same tube, pursing her lips. "There, now how do I look?" she asked him innocently, batting her eyelashes. Not waiting for an answer, she dropped the bag into his hand, and re-joined the other golfers.

"Hey Jenny, over here!" said Dr. Stevens, waving her over. "You missed a great shot while you were away!" She shook her head daintily, and stuck her face out towards him. "That's what you think, silly! Does it look like I missed any "shots" today, Doctor?" Everybody (except Jack) laughed out loud. "I stand corrected!" he said, as she turned her back to him. Making sure she had Jack's attention on the other side of the green, she started to bend forward to "assume the position". This time however, she reached back and flipped the back of her skirt up over her waist, completely exposing her round globes to the good Doctor. She gave Jack a sly wink, as she eagerly awaited her "good luck" smack. "I did better than those guys," said the doctor, as he rubbed and patted her upturned ass. The rest of the group, including Jack, was in front of them, being treated to a wonderful view of her pendulous breasts swaying freely. "I put my shot right in the hole!" he said, plunging two fingers deeply in her moist vagina! Her eyes popped wide open with surprise, as he started to rotate the finger deep within. Her lips puckered into a tight circle, as she arched her back deeply, allowing him easier access. Pulling out suddenly, he gave her a sharp smack. She squealed as she straightened, her breasts slapping up against her chin. Everyone chuckled as Dr. Stevens turned, heading off the green. "I'm going to take a potty break gentlemen, see you on the next tee! Jenny trotted off after him, waving back to the rest of the group. "Me too guys", she said over her shoulder, as she also trotted off towards the rest rooms situated between the two holes.

Bill laughed out loud, shaking his head in wonder. "That's quite a girl! I wonder where she came from?" He settled over his provisional ball, missing the putt by only a foot. He finished out, clearing the way for Rich, who quickly cleaned up his short putt for birdie. The group walked off, headed for the ninth tee. As they passed the restroom building, Jack considered heading over, but decided against it, afraid of what he might discover! Dr. Stevens caddy headed over to the structure though, leaning his bag against a rack.

When reaching the ninth tee, they decided to tee-off without Dr. Stevens. After Rich's tee shot, Dr. Stevens showed up, carrying his own bags. "Sorry for the wait guys! I really had to go!" He set the bag down, pulling out his driver. "No problem, you had perfect timing. You're up now," said Bill, as he took some practice swings at the back of the tee. The remaining golfers hit away, all four shots spread out down the center of the fairway on the finishing par five.

Up the path trotted Dr. Stevens caddy, quietly picking up his bag. When Dr. Stevens handed him his driver, he ruffled the hair of the teenager, who looked down with a big grin. Up the path now walked Jenny, with a wide, close-mouthed grin on her face. Walking directly over to Jack, she held out her hand for the make-up, hip cocked outwards. New streamers of cum covered her face, dangling from her nose and chin! One large spurt was pooled between her pursed lips. She was blinking her eyes rapidly, as one forceful stream had obviously made a direct hit across her closed right eye, leaving a large globule clinging to the eyelid and long lashes, the rest slowly slipping down the side of her pert nose. Tears and running mascara from the eye were adding to the mess, and overall effect!

As she examined her face in the mirror, her smile increased, and she looked back at Jack. Opening her lips with a broad open mouth grin, cum slipped inside, sticking to her pearly white teeth. She puckered her lips and noisily sucked in, drawing in a lot of the remaining goo. Then she made a show of running her long tongue around her lips, finally making an exaggerated swallow, all for his benefit. Once again applying more lipstick, she appraised her face. The stream of cum dangling off her chin broke free, plopping down the side of her breast. She scooped it up with her index finger, and staring deeply into Jack's eyes, plunged it into her mouth, sucking it clean with a soft moan.

Closing up the bag, she casually tossed it to Jack as she turned and started off down the fairway.

Notes from the author.....

Any "Volunteer Jenny's out there?

This story is a work in progress, More chapters will follow.

As always, I hope you enjoy!


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