tagNonHumanCadifor and Makeda - On the Hunt

Cadifor and Makeda - On the Hunt


The following story is a standalone short featuring the characters from the Leader of the Pack series. It is intended to be a snippet of an important event that occurred between the storyline in the first series and what will be the second.

It is intended that each story be capable of being read without having read the rest of the series. But if you haven't read the rest because you think it's too long, don't blame me if this encourages you to try the rest.


Warning for those of you who wanted warning: This chapter contains a long f/f/m scene.

You may want the beginning and ending of the story, if you don't want the middle. But I think there's a point to it. Call it getting to know Cadifor...

*Cadifor and Makeda*

On the Hunt

Cadifor came into the shithole motel room and slammed the door behind him. It wasn't as if his night hadn't been bad enough, but they were stuck in this nowhere town, with an incompetent federal agent tagging along, his target had gotten away again, and the lousy motel they ended up in stunk of mildew, cigars, and human filth. His foggy yellow eyes were on fire. He ran his hand through his short white blonde hair and paced back and forth. His usually perfectly pressed white shirt was untucked and disheveled. His black suit jacket had a torn pocket, and there was mud on his shoes and the ankles of his jeans.

"Problems?" Makeda looked up from her book at the pissed off lycan. She was already dressed for bed in one of the never ending supply of teddies that she seemed to have. Cadifor had stopped trying to figure out where she produced them all from a long time ago. This one was dark blue, silk, lace and allowed for glimpses of her chocolate skin though the panels. The beautiful dark woman smiled at him. Her nearly solid black eyes sparkled no matter what her mood was. She had braided her hair in his absence. She loved the fact that he always noticed even the little changes in her appearance. She would do things like change her hair often and wait for him to comment on how it suited her. He wasn't in the mood to play those kind of games tonight though.

Cadifor didn't answer. He just growled at the beautiful woman lying on her stomach and propped up on her elbows on his rented bed and he started to undress. It looked as though she had paid a trip to the local discount store, acquired some clean sheets and blankets and changed the disgusting ones that had been on the bed on the bed. Makeda never complained about their accommodations, but preferred the best when it could be arranged. If he couldn't provide it for her, she would deal with it herself.

The two ancient lycans had a nondescript relationship. No one had ever said what it was. One night they had started sleeping together and had just never stopped. They didn't count themselves as a couple, but Makeda followed Cadifor pretty much everywhere he went. She was capable of taking care of herself whether it was monetarily, independently, or defensively. It suited him well. He didn't have to worry about protecting her or watching her. While Makeda was capable, she tended to prefer to not get her hands dirty. She'd go with him, fight if she had no choice, but mostly she stayed in the hotels, went shopping, and waited for Cadifor to come back so she could fuck his brains out. That was the best part of having her around all the time. The woman had some definite talents in that area.

Cadifor tossed the last of his clothes off to the side of the room. The pale blonde man headed for the beautiful dark woman on the bed with obvious intent. "On your hands and knees woman," Cadifor growled at her.

"Not tonight," she said off hand and picked up her book again, ignoring him.

Cadifor growled again. "I don't want to play games tonight, Keda." He reached down to her bare legs as he came up behind her and tried to push them apart as he knelt on the bed.

"Hey, whatever aggression you have will have to be worked out on someone else's body tonight. Sorry." She kicked him back from her and turned to look at him. "You're all worked up and I'm going into heat. Do you really want to mess with that?" She raised her eyebrows as she looked at him.

Cadifor growled and got off the bed. "You should have gotten your own room if you were going into heat," he said angrily.

Makeda smiled at him. "I tried. There are too many of us. The others are doubling up as well." She stretched out on the bed and looked his naked body over. He had a number of new scratches and bruises on his pale flesh. "If you want I could go next door and have Ray come in here with you. I'll bunk up with Leah." Makeda's eyes began to shine. "I can play with Leah, she won't get me pregnant."

Cadifor stomped toward the bathroom. "No chance. Ray snores."

Makeda went back to her book when she heard the shower turn on.

"This place is disgusting," she heard Cadifor call through the open door.

"Yeah, I know," she replied softly, even though she knew he couldn't hear her over the streaming water.

Cadifor came out of the bathroom with water dripping off of him. "I can't bring myself to use those towels," he complained.

"At least you sound a bit calmed down." Makeda put her book down again.

Cadifor stared at her as she lay temptingly before him. "The least you could have done was wear something less enticing."

She smiled. "But what fun would that be? Do you want to tell me what happened?"

Cadifor slumped down on the edge of the bed and laid back, throwing one hand behind his head and staring up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes and took in Makeda's scent. She was rose petals, sex, and something exotic he could never put his finger on, but it tasted incredible. Few women caught his attention the way she did. He breathed deeply, trying to relax. "The bitch was holed up in the other shitty motel in this town. We went in the front, she went out the back. We managed to track her into the local swamp, before we lost her again. Hense the mud. She's doing something to fuck with her scent. She's impossible to track."

"What was she doing here," Makeda asked with concern.

Cadifor turned his head to face her. "I like the braids," he said, letting the foul mood drop and giving her have the little compliment she'd set herself up for. He reached out and pushed one of the carefully groomed locks back behind her ear. Her eyes sparkled some more. Cadifor stopped himself from leaning over to kiss her and answered her question. "Recruiting."


"She's systematically making contacts with some easily bought, but currently disorganized lycan groups. Then there's the fact that our lovely fed contact has informed me that they've 'lost track' of some of the mix-n-match weres who were handed over to them. They were supposedly in this area as well. We don't have any proof that there's anything going on between Jenna and the others, but you never know." He sighed. "How close to being in heat are you anyway?"

"Close enough," she grinned. "Go get one of the other girls, if you're so interested this evening."

Cadifor stared at her as she spoke. She was propped on her elbows and he had a wonderful view of cleavage, with just a hint of her dark brown nipples peeking over the low neckline of the dark blue teddy. He really didn't want to invite anyone else over. Cadifor growled and laid his head back on the pillow, closing his eyes. "So what if you ended up with a litter? Big deal. We've both had kids before."

Disbelief creased her face as Makeda stared at Cadifor. He could feel the long pause before her response. "Did you hear what you just said?" Makeda didn't know how to take it. They had never discussed anything beyond the next day. She really liked Cadifor, but she'd already been through the misery of losing a mate. It wasn't something she cared to revisit, and Cadifor had a very dangerous life.

At the same time... She really liked Cadifor.

"Yeah, I heard it," he sighed. He could tell from her tone that it wasn't something she was interested in. He was surprised to find that he was a bit disappointed.

Makeda watched Cadifor lying there naked, with his eyes closed, and his hand behind his head. He was an exceedingly attractive man, hard muscled, intelligent. He had been around for longer than even Makeda had been. Maybe he wasn't such a dangerous match for her after all.

She scooted across the bed and kissed him on the shoulder. "You want me to call someone to take care of you?" Makeda reached down to toy with his limp cock. It immediately started to respond to her talented fingers.

"Mmm," he groaned and a smile spread across his lips. "No." He kept his eyes closed and lay there feeling her hand play with him. She stroked the foreskin down from the head and traced delicate patterns along the ridge.

"You don't know what you really want, Cad." She bit him on his shoulder hard enough to leave a distinct mark.

Cadifor smiled, opened his eyes and looked over at her. "I have never had a problem knowing what I want," he answered.

Between the tone and the look in his eyes when he spoke Makeda was suddenly very nervous.

When the sparkle in her eyes faltered, Cadifor pushed her over and pinned her down on the bed. "Don't," he said forcefully.

"Don't what?" Makeda tried to push him off.

"Don't look at me as if I'm someone else." He let her go and picked up his pants from the floor. Growling to himself, Cadifor pulled them on.

"What are you doing?" Makeda had never seen him like this.

"Going to find someone to fuck. Forget what I said. It's been a long night." Cadifor put his suit jacket on without a shirt and his shoes on his bare feet and took off out the door.

Makeda watched him go with a sinking feeling in her stomach. "Maybe it's time I moved on again," she said softly to herself.


Cadifor walked the sidewalk in front of the motel doors. He could tell by scent, which of his men had gone into each room. When he came to the door that smelled of Jill and Betsy, he stopped and pounded. The door swung wide almost immediately.

The pretty little red head standing there smiled up at him, confusion swirled in her hazel eyes. "Something wrong?" She backed up so that Cadifor could walk in.

"No," he said shortly. "I'm looking for company. Keda's in heat."

Jill's freckled face lit up. She'd had her eyes on the alpha since the team of hunters had been put together. She was tiny compared to most lycans, but the reds usually were. She was often underestimated and used it to her advantage. Cadifor had met few lycans who were as clever as Jill. She may not win every physical confrontation on brute strength, but if you gave her too much time the odds would slowly shift in her favor. She didn't belong to any pack in particular and that lent to her being an excellent bounty hunter. She was always available for a hunt. She was wearing a large t-shirt and a pair of boxer. She didn't really know what was going on between Cadifor and Makeda. But two alphas could do as they wanted. If Cadifor wanted to play somewhere else tonight, Jill was more than happy to oblige.

"Take your jacket off and stay a while then," she smiled.

Betsy stood up nervously. "Maybe I should leave you two alone then," she said and made her way toward the door. Betsy was already dressed for bed as well. She was in sweats and a t-shirt that were much too big for her. She had creamy brown eyes and long brown curls. She was much taller than Jill and was a bit on the curvy side.

Cadifor growled and got in her way. He raised his eyebrows at her. "Did I do something wrong?"

Betsy was shocked to say the least. Most lycans didn't look at her twice. She was half human. There were some prejudices there for most of their species. She could turn, but she didn't heal quite as quickly as the others and she wasn't as good with telepathy as the others. She had a hard time singling out one person to talk with when she was in her other forms. She was also the youngest on the team. She was only about 20 by Cadifor's guess. Betsy was on the team because she was a hacker. If the team needed into a computer or a building with an alarm, Betsy was the one they turned to. "You want me to stay too," she questioned as if she needed specific clarification.

Cadifor smiled and nodded his head. The girl always needed instructions spelled out for her. It appeared as though sex would be no exception. He chuckled at the look on her face. "You don't have to Betsy. I'm not like that. But I do have enough of an ego to say that it'll be your loss if you leave."

Betsy looked at Jill quizzically. Jull laughed out loud. "You don't have to ask my permission. If the alpha wants fifty women at once that's his call."

Betsy bit her lip and looked at Cadifor again. "I'm not exactly your type am I?"

Cadifor was getting bored with this. "Betsy," he said trying to sound reassuring. "I have no type in particular. Haven't had a type in a very long time." He walked up to her and took her hand, then placed it on the erection that Makeda had given him. "If you're capable of dealing with that, then you're my type tonight."

Betsy flinched when he put her hand on his cock. Cadifor watched as the girl trembled a bit. There were occasions that he had fun playing teacher with girls who didn't know what they were doing. But he wasn't interested in that kind of thing right now. He growled and looked over at Jill. She seemed relatively enthusiastic and appeared to be seething with jealousy that Betsy was getting to touch him first. He stepped away from Betsy and her hand fell away. She gave Jill a long suffering look.

Cadifor dropped his suit jacket on the floor. "Stay or go. Play or not," he said with some frustration that he couldn't hide. "What about you Jill?"

Jill threw an extra swing in her hips as she approached Cadifor. "Play," she responded emphatically. She pulled her t-shirt off and dropped it on the floor.

Cadifor looked appreciatively at her large breasts. The freckles from her face traveled all the way down her chest and scattered across the tops of her breasts. They were almost too big for her body. She had wide pink areolas and her nipples were already hard in anticipation of his touch. Cadifor was virtually salivating as he looked at the tiny girl's tits. She pushed the boxers down off her hips and stepped out of them as she approached Cadifor. He growled his approval and allowed her to begin pealing his pants back off. He stepped out of his pants and shoes at the same time.

Jill was on her knees in front of him. Her eyes were locked on his large erection. She licked her lips and reached out for it. Her little pink tongue snaked out to lick the drop of pre-cum from the tip. She drew her tongue back into her mouth as she leaned forward and nuzzled the length of his cock, taking in his scent as she tasted the bitter salty cum on her tongue. She felt a tingling heat begin between her legs. She wiggled a bit, causing Cadifor to smile down at her.

She was very pretty to look at as she licked and fondled his cock. Cadifor watched her wrap her lips around the head of his cock. He drew in a sharp breath as the small girl trying to suck his entire cock into her warm wet mouth. One of her small hands was wrapped around the base of his cock, squeezing. Her other hand came up to play with his balls. She moaned her enjoyment of what she was doing and Cadifor growled again, feeling the vibrations from her moan tingling up the length of his member.

Cadifor looked over at Betsy. She was watching Jill with wide-eyed fascination and Cadifor got the impression that she wanted to pull out a pad and paper and take notes. The feel of Jill's sweet soft mouth wrapped around his cock was making him more amiable to putting up with Betsy's fears. He motioned for the girl to come over to them. He wasn't positive if her reluctance was because she didn't want to play or because she didn't think she was capable.

Betsy walked over slowly. There was a blush on her face that Cadifor knew much reach all the way down to her breasts. "You've never done this before," he said, reading the look on her face as she watched Jill's head bobbing up and down on Cadifor's erection.

Betsy looked at him as if she might be in trouble and shook her head. Cadifor grinned. He couldn't remember the last time he'd gotten to play with a virgin. When Jill gagged a bit on his cock it drew his attention down again. He reached out and stroked her hair gently, encouraging her not to stop with one firey look. He closed his eyes and growled again as she went back to sucking him and fondling his sack gently with her fingers.

Cadifor finally opened his eyes again and noticed that Betsy was still standing there. "You should help her," he grinned.

Betsy shook her head. "But I don't, I mean I never."

"It's not real complex. You're looking at it." He stroked Jill's head again and drew her attention. "Show Betsy how," he said.

Jill pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop and she licked her lips. Her jaw could use a break anyway. She pulled on Betsy's hand until the other girl knelt down in front of Cadifor next to her. She smiled at Betsy. "It's the same as sucking on a lollipop." She angled Cadifor's cock toward Betsy's mouth.

Betsy was reluctant at first. But it didn't take much encouragement to get her to try it. The two girls took turns licking and sucking on his cock. Betsy imitated everything Jill did. Cadifor couldn't have asked for a better show. He kept stroking the hair out of the girl's faced, so that he could look at them. They're hands stroked his thighs and his sack and once in a while little fingers traveled round to his ass and squeezed.

Cadifor seemed to have infinite patience as he waited for Betsy to become comfortable and more confident in what she was doing. But eventually he couldn't handle holding back from the onslaught of tonguing and sucking. He grunted a warning to the women in front of him.

Betsy's eyes took on an uncertain, almost frightened look and she started to pull away. Jill caught her with an excited look and shook her head saying, you don't want to miss this. But Betsy was too new to the experience and wasn't ready for what Jill was suggesting. Jill wrapped her mouth around the end of Cadifor's cock and sucked hard on the head. Her tongue lapped at the tip encouraging him to come in her mouth. Cadifor growled and tensed as he climaxed. Betsy stared feeling heat pool between her legs as Jill sucked and swallowed down what Cadifor had to give.

Cadifor groaned with pleasure. He collapsed down on the edge of the nearest bed, when it became apparent that his legs weren't going to hold him any longer. He smiled over at the two girls. His foggy yellow eyes met Betsy's creamy brown, "See now, you learn quick."

Betsy blushed again, but now that she felt the rolling excitement building in her lower stomach and between her legs she knew she couldn't stop. After all, how many girls out there could say they'd lost their virginity to Cadifor. Betsy looked over at Jill, who was still licking her lips. Betsy couldn't help her curiosity. She moved up to Jill and kissed her deeply. Jill parted her lips for Betsy's probing tongue. Betsy could taste the last remnants of the chocolate bar that Jill had been eating just before Cadifor had arrived mixed with a salty bitter something.

Cadifor felt his excitement starting to build again as he watched the girls together. "Take her clothes off Jill," he suggested. Betsy's t-shirt was pulled up over her head before she had a chance to even think about what was happening. Jill stood up and reached for Betsy. Self-conscious didn't even begin to describe how Betsy felt when her sweat pants were pushed down over her hips to the ground.

Betsy was built much larger than Jill. She was attractive and proportioned. But in a society that saw skinny petite as perfect, Betsy's curvy medium build had her believing herself to be fat. She was blushing again.

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