tagLesbian SexCafe Cravings Ch. 01

Cafe Cravings Ch. 01

byindigo sky©

Michelle scurried into the coffee shop, pulling her apron over her head and tying it as she walked. Sarah watched her from behind the register as Michelle made her way towards her. Thankful that she had finally arrived, yet slightly perturbed by her habitual tardiness, Sarah was cut off as she began to speak.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry Sarah, really, I tried to get here on time, it’s just,” Michelle’s voice trailed off as she searched for an excuse she hadn’t used in the past week or so.

“Don’t bother making up a story on my account,” Sarah teased, in a mockingly, raising her eyebrows for emphasis.

“Aw, come on, you know I try,” Michelle countered, typing her identification number into the cash register beside Sarah’s. “Besides, I’m the best help you have!”

Sarah let out a sigh of frustration and amusement as she silently conceded Michelle’s point. The girl certainly did have her finer points. Her eyes meandered over Michelle’s profile, admiring her long sleek black hair as it crawled over her shoulder and silhouetted her ample breasts. She knew as her manager she should remind her to tie it back, but Michelle would remember soon enough on her own, why should she ruin such a lovely site prematurely.

The line of customer’s began to grow longer, and she centered her attention back on taking latte orders and getting through the morning rush. Still, she was drawn to her. Smiling widely, joking with the regulars, men and women alike, you would have never known it was 6:22 AM, and that she had probably only pulled herself out of bed 16 minutes ago.

As it neared 9 o’clock, Sarah logged out of her register, turning to Brian at the coffee bar and said “I’m going to go in the back and work on next weeks schedule, have Michelle page me if you need any help up here.’

“Ok,” he answered, looking up from the containers of steamed milk that surrounded him.

Walking deliberately over to Michelle, she innocently put a hand on her shoulder and leaned in just close enough to appear professional, while managing to deeply inhale Michelle’s perfume. Nearly intoxicated by the girls scent, she spoke succinctly to cover her growing infatuation.

“I’ll be in the back for awhile. I told Brian to have you get me if it gets hairy out here. Keep an eye on him for me, ok? I don’t want him to get burned out his second week here.”

“Sure thing boss,” Michelle responded in a serious tone, as her beautiful lips spread into a guileful smirk.

Shaking her head, Sarah turned and walked away, allowing her hand to lightly touch Michelle’s soft hair as she removed it from her shoulder.

Sitting back in her office, Sarah busied herself with paperwork and other administrative tasks, as attempted to keep her mind from wandering to the thought of Michelle. She had worked with her for a little over eight months now, and while she had annoyed her when she first started. The last four months, she had really come to grow on her, in more ways than one.

Her girlfriend had dumped her about 5 months earlier, to run off with some guy she had dated in college. She had been a mess at the time, and Michelle’s cavalier attitude and effervescent charm had kept her spirits afloat.

In the last month or so, as the breakup became a distant memory, her attraction to Michelle had increased exponentially, and she often wondered if she succeeded at all in hiding it.

“The other employees must know,” she thought to herself. She was their manager for god’s sake, and she never disciplined Michelle for being late. Granted, she was an exemplary employee in every other respect, still, she feared her façade was fading.

“Hey, Sarah?” shaken from her contemplation, Sarah looked up to see Michelle’s petite frame filling the doorway to her office.

“Hey, you guys need help up there?” Sarah responded with as much concern as she could muster.

“Oh, no. We’re fine,” Michelle answered. “But I was wondering, there’s this film I have to watch for class tonight, and we’re supposed to get someone to watch it with us, and then write a paper on our reactions and points of view and such. And well, I don’t have anyone to watch it with me, and I was wondering, if you weren’t doing anything later, if maybe, you wouldn’t mind helping me out with it.”

Sarah’s heart leapt in her throat at the invitation. She and Michelle had hung out several times. Michelle’s apartment was only two blocks from the café, so after a long day, it was an obvious choice. But recently, with the start of the new semester, they hadn’t spent much time together outside of work.

“Um, sure, I’d be happy to help,” Sarah said nonchalantly.

“Great, you can come home with me when we get off, and I’ll order a pizza or something.”

Michelle smiled appreciatively at Sarah and continued, “Oh, there’s just one thing, the film is a little, adult, in nature. It’s for my Psychology of Sex class.”

“Sure, ok,” Sarah agreed, nodding her head in rhythm to the rockets that were exploding between her ears.

Leaving Sarah to her paperwork, a noticeable bounce in her gait, Michelle turned and walked away.

“How am I ever going to get through this?’ Sarah thought to herself. “Ok, maybe I’m overreacting, adult, could mean anything. Well there’s no use worrying about it, it’s too late for that now,” she reasoned. As she tried desperately to convince herself, that part of her wasn’t ecstatic with the idea of watching anything with Michelle, let alone the possibility of something erotic.

At 3:45 PM, Dave, the night manager walked into Sarah’s office. “How’d everything go today,” he asked as he hung up his jacket in the closet.

“Pretty well, I finished next week’s schedule and the inventory reports. It should be an easy night for you.”

“Thanks,” Dave replied gratefully. “Why don’t you get out of here, you’ve been up since the crack of dawn.”

With that sentiment, Sarah gathered her things and turned to go find Michelle.

“Have a good night,” she called back to Dave.

“You, too,” he said.

“Oh, I’m gonna try,” Sarah mused to herself, half joking, half wishing.

Meeting Michelle out front, she found her waiting for her, smiling as she approached.

“Ready?” Michelle asked eagerly.

“Yep, all set,” Sarah replied, as she struggled to contain the emotions that boiled within her.

Upon entering Michelle’s apartment, Sarah quickly seated herself on the couch. Hoping that anchoring herself somewhere would ease the tension within her.

“Hey, do you mind if I take a quick shower?” Michelle called, as she retreated towards her bedroom. “I was a little rushed this morning, and I feel kinda gross. You can call for pizza in the meantime, the number is on the fridge. My treat!”

Before Sarah had a chance to answer, Michelle had disappeared behind her bedroom door.

Hearing the running of water, Sarah decided it was safe to move from her post, as she went in search of the info for the pizza place. Her curiosity piqued about what they would be watching, she decided to scout out the living room for signs of any unusual movies hanging about. Much to her chagrin, she found none. Disappointed she seated herself back on the couch, and fell into a whirlpool of thoughts running wild in her mind at the idea of Michelle naked in the other room.

Emerging from her room, after what seemed like an eternity, Michelle walked over and joined Sarah on the couch. Dressed in petite grey shorts and a white tank top with spaghetti straps, Sarah nearly fainted as the smell of Michelle’s clean skin assaulted her senses.

Michelle stared at her intently. Her sparkling blue eyes holding Sarah’s gaze, pulling her in, melting her resistance. Suddenly, the two were broken from their speechless communion by the imploring ring of the doorbell.

“Ooh good, food, I’m starving,” Michelle said, jumping to retrieve her money to pay for the pie.

Sarah ate her slice in silent captivation, as she listened to Michelle ramble on, telling story after story between bites. She seemed almost nervous, Sarah observed. But she didn’t understand why. She had never seen her unnerved about anything. “Perhaps it’s the movie,” she thought to herself. “Maybe this is awkward for her, too.”

Pushing the half empty pizza box aside, Sarah decided to seize her inevitable fate and get the viewing underway. Steeling herself up, she spoke quickly, her eyes unable to look directly into Michelle’s, “So how ‘bout that film, eh? We better work on your project. I don’t want to hold you up.”

“Um, yeah,” Michelle said, an obvious nervous waver in her voice. “About the movie. Well, you see…”

Taking a deep breath, she looked directly into Sarah’s eyes.

“To tell you the truth, there is no movie. I just said that so you would come over.”

“But, I don’t understand, why wouldn’t I come over and what about the whole thing with your Psychology of Sex class?” Sarah asked, truly perplexed by the turn of events.

“Well, I didn’t want to lie to you, and I do have to watch one for my Psychology of Sex class. I just embellished that part about needing someone to watch it with me.”

“I just don’t…” Sarah’s voice trailed off, in complete ignorance.

Reaching her hand out, to brush blonde strands of hair from Sarah’s face, Michelle leaned in slowly and kissed Sarah’s full lips. Kissing her only lightly at first, then, sensing no resistance, she moved her other hand to Sarah’s face and began kissing her more passionately.

Totally shocked by Michelle’s advance, Sarah could feel nothing but spasms of warmth as her body gave into the desire that had been biting at her for weeks. Sliding her tongue into Michelle’s mouth she pulled her towards her running her hands over her warm thighs, moving them higher in search of the precious skin that lie beneath her shirt.

Pushing Sarah back till she lay horizontally on the couch and looked her square in the face, Michelle spoke bluntly. “I’ve been trying to get your attention for months, and you’ve been totally oblivious. I’m sorry I lied, but I wanted to at least spark your imagination.”

Sarah responded by pulling Michelle’s shirt over her head and turning her body, so that she lay beneath her. Gliding a finger down the nape of her neck to her right breast, she tenderly rubbed Michelle’s nipple, as she began to follow the path her finger had made with her mouth. Wrapping her lips over the erect nipple she sucked hungrily, rubbing it gingerly with her teeth, and bathing it with her tongue.

Michelle moaned softly as Sarah began to work on the other breast, her pussy growing hotter as she felt Michelle reach down and remove her shirt and massage her back. Rising to look in Michelle’s eyes once again, her pulse quickened as the other girl placed her hands on her pants, unbuttoning them and slowly sliding the zipper down.

Sarah mirrored her action, as both girls helped each other out of the remainder of their clothing. Standing naked in the middle of the room, Michelle reached between Sarah’s legs, gently rubbing her hard clit, sliding a finger into her hot cunt, pumping it a bit, then removing it, and licking it clean, while Sarah watched transfixed.

Laying down on the floor, Michelle pulled Sarah’s hip toward her face, as Sarah fell to her knees, and turned herself, so she could delight in Michelle’s pussy as the other girl savored her own.

Slipping her tongue into the folds of her nether lips, Sarah kissed and licked Michelle’s sex enthusiastically, taking her time to enjoy as each movement of her tongue sent shudders through Michelle’s heavenly body. Aching from the pleasure Michelle was bestowing upon her. Sarah began breathing heavily, moaning into the endless wetness and flesh of Michelle’s thirsty hole.

Egged on by Sarah’s reaction, Michelle took tight hold of the other girl’s ass, and pulled her pussy directly into her face, devouring it eagerly. Moving her tongue swiftly over Sarah’s tight nub, forcing Michelle to hold tighter to Sarah’s body as she convulsed with desire.

Not to be outdone, Sarah sucked on Michelle’s clit feverishly, sliding two fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy. The velvety hole devouring them as Sarah ever increased her speed and pressure. Unable to contain her orgasm any longer, Sarah screamed ecstatically, as she pumped Michelle harder, licking her nub artfully as felt Michelle’s pussy throbbing against her finger, as she joined her in orgasmic bliss.

Moving to face Michelle, Sarah kissed her deeply, as she tasted her own juices on the other girl’s lips.

“Thank you baby,” Sarah cooed. “How about tomorrow we actually watch that movie, hmmm? Even if you don’t need my opinion on it, I’d hate to think of you having to watch it alone, with no one to share your feelings about it with.”

“Good idea,” Michelle smiled wickedly. “I wouldn’t want to be here all by myself horny out of my mind. However would I manage without you.”

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