tagBDSMCaged Control Ch. 01

Caged Control Ch. 01


I had gotten desperate, I guess that's really the only reasoning I have for what happened. I was desperate for my wife and I to rekindle our relationship, desperate for some excitement in the bedroom, desperate to make her happy again, to truly pleasure her again. Like I said, that's the only reasoning I have. It all started while we ate another boring dinner, after another boring day of work, and it would all end with another boring episode of me pumping in and out of the women I love while she laid there indifferent, but not today, I wasn't going to let her be indifferent today. As we cleaned off the dinner table and set our dishes in the sink, I turned around and rested my hands on the edge of the counter. I looked her up and down. Starting with her long brown hair that flowed down to the middle of her back, then my eyes traveled down past the small of her back on onto the firm youthful ass she still some how had, it came from all the running she did, every day...three! miles. You could see it not only I her ass but her legs they were firm and muscular. she must of felt my stare because she turned around eying me with annoyance.

"Jesus Christ Tommy cant you wait a second before you start eying my like a piece of meet, you will get you chance just like every Tuesday night for the last five years."

"That's the thing Jen, I don't want tonight to be just like every other night, I went to the store and bought something, and hopefully you like it, hopefully it can get some excitement flowing again."

"NO! I told you I don't like that stuff, it makes me feel dirty."

"Well this is different, but either way maybe a little dirty is what we need?"

She rolled her eyes dramatically.

"Fine what the fuck is it?"

"You will see."

She shook her head and they both finished up the kitchen. When they had cleaned up after them selves Jen brought up the mystery Tommy has bought, but still Tommy told her she would have to wait. So she went to the bedroom while he went out to his car and grabbed a little black bag. Disappearing into the bathroom, reemerging naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist. As far as Tommy went, he spent his time in the gym instead of running, but he wasn't a huge man, just fit, just in shape. He went to his bed room door and walked in, his wife Jen was sitting in bed reading his book.

"So? What is it?"

He dropped the towel and there attached to his dick was cock cage, it kept him or any one else from touching it, except for a whole at the end to piss through, his dick was completely cut off from the rest of the world. A key whole on the base of the cage kept him locked in tight.

"Tommy what the hell is that thing?"

"It's our excitement."

He tossed her a key, she caught it with both hands and stared at it.

"Is this to ..." " Yes ma'am I am in your complete control, you now literally control my dick."

"But whats that gonna do? I don't understand the point?"

"The point is you now have all the power, my dick is locked in a cage and the only way to get it unlocked is if you unlock it, I am at you beck and call."

"Beck and call huh?"

"Yes ma'am."

She stood up and walked up grabbing the cage around my cock, inspecting it.

"It really is in there Tommy isn't it? No getting out with out the key?"

"there you go now you got it, So what would you have me do?"

she looked down at the night gown she was wearing, it was there ' sex night ' night gown it barely came down past her pussy. He tight white cotton panties were sure visible from the right angle. She looked at Tommy looking him up and down, the power and control she had just gained turned her own, it made her moist. With a natural sense of dominance she started giving Tommy orders.

"Get on your knees right here in front of me."

He did what he was told, and just as expected he could see her white panties, and could see the growing wet spot on them. He smirked glad that his plan was working.

"something funny slave?"

He was shocked by the word slave but he liked it, and he could tell by her now soaked panties that she liked it too.

"No master."

She shivered with excitement but tried to hide it as best she could.

"Take my panties off."

He did as he was told, but decided to take a chance by rubbing thumb along her bare pussy feeling the wetness. His dick started to strain against the cage. Then she slapped his hand away.

"I didn't say you could touch me."


"don't argue with me, you better learn to follow directions or that thing will never come off."

He grinned inside proud of him self and his idea, but he hid it from her telling her he was sorry for his misbehavior and he wouldn't let it happen again. " This is your last chance, undress me but no funny business."

He took her night gown off and unsnapped her bra from behind, pretending to struggle with the snap so that he had a chance to look at the firm ass again. Finally he unclasped her bra and retook his place on his knees in front of her. He stared up at her pussy glistening with moisture, the he move his eyes to he flat tummy, and finally her firm perky B cup breasts. Even at 23 she still had the beautiful body of her teenage years. She sat on the edge and told him to move closer. She spread her legs open and positioned her husband between them, he was close enough to smell the sweet juices that hadn't flowed so much in a very long time. He licked his lips, but waited for orders. Noticing his desire to taste her Jen spread her pussy apart.

"It looks pretty good today doesn't it? You haven't had me this turned on in a long time. Hows it smell Tommy boy? Go ahead take a good sniff."

and he did taking in as much of it as he could, getting as close as he could before she finally pushed him away.

"That's enough, you haven't earned any more yet."

he whimpered with disappointment but he leaned back to his position looked up into her deep brown eyes, and wondered where this side of her had come from, he hadn't expected such a great response, but he wasn't gonna complain, this was the most fun they had had in years.



"what can I do to earn more?"

She thought for a second, then stretched her arms up towards the ceiling, Tommy couldn't help but stare as her breasts raised with the stretch and returned to the normal position.

"I don't know, I'm getting pretty tired, and we both have work, maybe we should go to bed."

He panicked not ready for the game to be done.

"NO! How bout a massage, you have to be sore from work, and your running?!"

She rubber her hands all over her body, feeling her tight muscles.

"OK you can massage me, but only where I tell you to massage, if you go any where I haven't told you to go then I'm done, I'm going to bed, and ill leave you cage on all night long."

His eyes got wide, he hadn't expected this to go on over night.

"OK mistress can I get the oil? "

"Hurry I'm not feeling very patient."

He got up and hurried to the bath room, making sure to get the oil that said " Make her body tingle with pleasure" on the bottle. He rushed back in the room where his wife was laying face down on the bed with her legs spread apart showing off her pussy. She was getting a real kick out of teasing him with her body, and he was getting a real kick out of her being so happy. He positioned him self beside her on the bed and poured some oil into his hands warming it up.

"Where may I start mistress?"

"My back of course you dumb ass."

He was shocked by the insult but knew It was just a game, he rubbed the oil into her back using all his self control not to massage that perfect ass that was just inches away, and already spread open for him, the whole time he massaged he was staring at the space between her legs. He couldn't see her pussy from the angle he was at but either way he knew it was there and that was enough to send him into a full erection, his average 7 inches strained against the cage, it didn't hurt but it was comfortable by any means.

"Awh that's nice, you should massage me more often. Now do my legs all my running makes them pretty tense, but don't you fucking touch anything but my legs."

He positioned himself between her legs and started to rub them up and down, feeling every muscle, every curve, every inch of her skin, it all seemed to lead him to the wetlands between her legs but he refused to go there, he knew he would lose his chance of getting any further if he acted up. She rolled over and told him to do the front of her legs. She looked at him and could feel the tension inside her husband, she knew how difficult it was for him to be so close to his goal but not aloud to touch it. She decided it was time to give him a little present.

"Now I want you to massage my stomach, and breasts. "

He couldn't have moved any faster pretty much jumping forward instantly massaging her tits, taking them into his hands, grasping them, and rubbing them between his fingers, lightly pinching her nipples, she moaned. Between the oil and how horny she was getting, her moans became more frequent. Finally she couldn't take it any more she needed a release, and she knew if she needed it, then Tommy needed it. She got up to get the key, she started to unlock the cage but stopped, she finally realized exactly how much power she had over him. She didn't need his dick for pleasure. He looked at her wondering why she stopped.

"Why did you stop?! Wasn't I good?"

"Yea but not good enough, that cage isn't coming off till I cum, you wanted to taste it so bad now go ahead taste it all you want, you make me cum, and then maybe ill take it off."


"Fine if you don't think I'm being generous enough them ill just go to bed."

"NO! You're being great mistress its a privilege to taste you golden pussy."

"There you go slave you know how to butter a girl up." She laid back down and spread her legs. Tommy dived between her legs, attacking her clit with his tongue. While he fingered her roughly. She let out a moan. He let his tongue slide across her clit, and then he flicked his tongue along her pussy lips, and finally slide his tongue side her. He moaned, it tasted like heaven to him. He took his hands and let them reach around and grasp her ass squeezing it, using it to shove his tongue deeper into her. He was doing a good job, she was bucking her hips into his face, grinding them into him. His left hand moved to her tits pinching her nipples, massaging her breasts, his right hand fingered her fast and hard, his mouse played with her pussy, biting her clit, licking her pussy lips. She lost it, her body went wild, she screamed out in pleasure.

"Fuck yes! Don't stop."

The four words sent him renewed energy, he did all the right things, hitting all the right buttons, in all the right ways.

"god damn her it comes! I'm cumming!...."

A Raging orgasm, the first she had felt in years, and then she rolled over, exhausted from pleasure. She was half asleep when Tommy shook her, and looked into her eyes like a lost puppy.

"Go to bed Tommy, I'm not taking that cage off tonight, you can sleep with it on. Maybe tomorrow ill let you out."

"But...But... You said."

"Shut the fuck up and go to bed."

And now he realized he might have made a mistake.

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