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Calendar Shoot February


It was Saturday morning and I knew that this was a day that both Betty Nguyen and Bonnie Schneider worked at CNN. Betty was the anchor there with Tony Harris, Bonnie was the weather forecaster. Near the end of each segment they sat around in a makeshift living room to introduce the upcoming highlights of the day before signing off.

I figured this would be a perfect spot to do their calendar shoot and sex scene. The only problem was that we only had a half an hour because they would be coming back to anchor another hour of news after House Calls or Open House.

I spoke with the three of them and all agreed to do this right after going to break for Open House. Betty was wearing a pale yellow skirt suit and the skirt was loose and ended just above her knees. Her hair was done to perfection framing her face and flowing to the tops of her breasts. The dark black hair shined in the spotlights of the studio and her dark eyes sparkled as she anticipated fucking Tony and eating Bonnie.

Bonnie was wearing a tight two piece black skirt suit that hugged her ample ass and ended a good six inches above her knees. The jacket was outlined in white piping and had four large white buttons and it was very tight showing off her large tits. Tony was dressed in a dark blue pinstriped suit and red tie.

As the hour segment drew to a close Betty sat in an overstuffed chair with her legs crossed showing off a large expanse if bare thighs. Tony sat down from her on the couch and Bonnie sat across from her with her legs slightly parted, her tight black skirt had ridden up halfway to her pussy. Betty licked her lips as she saw a dark patch of lacy panties covering Bonnie's pussy.

"So that will do it this hour from CNN headquarters, we'll be back in thirty minutes with all of the hot breaking headlines. Stay tuned now for Open House with Gerri Willis, have a great Saturday morning."

"And clear", shouted the production manager, "Would you like us here for your taping, you know we can do a great job filming it for you?"

Tony looked at the ladies and they all agreed it would be fine.

Betty started off by kicking off her shoes and placing the heels of her feet on the cushion slowly spread her legs. Bonnie smiled and pushed the coffee table aside and slid to her knees and crawled across the room to Betty's spread thighs. Bonnie slid her hands from Betty's knees downwards towards her panty clad pussy. She hooked her fingers in Betty's panties and tugged them from her hips and down and off her legs. Bonnie kissed her way down Betty's shapely legs to the large growth of black hair covering Betty's pussy and lower belly. Taking her thumbs she parted Betty's pussy lips and her juices began flowing out matting down the large patch of hair surrounding her pussy.

Bonnie sat up and told Betty to remove her skirt seeing she wouldn't have time after this to change and she didn't want to stain her skirt with anyone's body fluids. Betty arched her back and Bonnie tugged her skirt off. Betty's legs were amazing, not overly long, but very shapely and trim. Betty fell back to the chair as Bonnie once again dove down to begin eating Betty's pussy. Betty dug her fingers in Bonnie's shoulder length blonde and closed her eyes and moaned loudly. Betty opened her eyes wide when Bonnie found her clit and began sucking on it. The slurping sounds filled the studio as Betty arched her back driving her cunt harder against Bonnie's ever moving tongue.

Betty looked over at Tony who was now in the final stages of undressing. Betty let out a groan as Tony dropped his shorts and his ten inch stiff cock popped into view. She wiggled her finger at him, motioning him to come over to her. As Tony hovered over the side if the chair Betty wrapped her tiny slim fingers around his cock and pulled him forward to her waiting open mouth. She wrapped her red wet lips around the head of his cockhead and you could see and hear her tongue work around and down the length of his huge cock. Even the cameramen let out a gasp as they watched Tony's entire cock disappear down Betty's throat.

Tony dug his big black fingers into Betty's long black hair and pulled her harder against his belly. His cock was buried in her mouth and you could see her struggle for air as she slipped back off his cock. Spit drooled out of her mouth and dripped down onto her chest. Tony quickly unbuttoned coat and pulled it off her shoulders. He reached behind her and unhooked her lacy white bra. He let out a moan as her medium sized tits came into view. She had very little nipples to speak of but her aureoles were large covering the entire crown of each tit.

As she was about to slip Tony's cock back into her mouth she dropped his cock and arched her back as Bonnie drove two fingers into her pussy and one into her tiny puckered asshole. She fell back to the couch as she shook and came all over Bonnie's tongue.

Bonnie stood up, her mouth and chin covered in Betty's juices. She wiped her mouth with the back of one hand and with smoking eyes watched as Betty moved to the couch and knelt on the cushions as she pulled Tony over to her. "Fuck me Tony; drive that bog black cock up my juicy cunt."

Tony hovered over Betty's tiny body, grasping Betty by the hips pulled her heart shaped tiny ass to Tony's precum dripping cock. He rubbed his cock back and forth across her forest of cum matted hair and slowly entered her tight hot cunt.

Betty let out a groan and tried to pull away. His cock was huge, but he pulled her to him and sank another two inches into her quaking pussy.

Bonnie slowly dropped her tight skirt and lace panties and moved over to the back of the couch. She crawled up onto the back cushions and presented Betty with her totally shaven pussy. With Betty still trying to get accustomed to Tony's huge cock tearing her in two she had her eyes closed. When she opened them she was looking directly into Bonnie's dripping slit. Without even thinking her pulled Bonnie's hips forward and she buried her head between Bonnie's thighs and lapped at her pussy like a starved kitty licking up a bowl of warm cream.

Bonnie dug her fingers in Betty's once gorgeous hairdo and pulled viciously at her locks. Betty let out a moan and sucked harder on Bonnie's cunt. Bonnie was nearing orgasm as Betty did wonders on her cunt. Bonnie nearly lost her balance on the back of the couch as she started cuming in waves against Betty's mouth. She looked down at the gorgeous brunette and came again as she looked deep into Betty's gorgeous eyes.

Betty let out a loud scream as Tony drove deeper and deeper into her foaming pussy. She dug her fingers into Bonnie's thighs as she began cumming around Tony's cock. Betty collapsed against Bonnie as Tony continued his assault on Betty's pussy. Betty was in a constant loop of orgasms as Tony drove deep into Betty.

Bonnie yelled out to Tony; "Don't kill the lady, she's had enough. Save some of that cock for me."

Tony looked down at Betty's sweaty body; "Betty, have you had enough?"

All she could do was nod.

Tony pulled out of Betty's still tight cunt with a pop and she collapsed onto the couch.

Bonnie slid down on the couch and Tony quickly unbuttoned her coat. She was naked under it and her grapefruit sized tits popped into view. Tony sucked one large nipple into his mouth and squeezed the other one.

Bonnie reached down and pulled his cock to her waiting pussy. With one quick forward motion Tony was buried balls deep in Bonnie's pussy. She wrapped her strong muscled calves around his waist and matched him stroke for stroke as they both headed for heaven.

Betty now recovered rubbed her pussy. She watched as Bonnie's deep blue eyes sparkled as Tony drove his black hose deep into her bare pussy. The slurping sounds that her pussy made as Tony fucked away at her turned Betty on once again. She bent down and sucked on one of Bonnie's large nipples.

Bonnie stroked her hair as she suckled on her tit. Betty moved up and looking deep into Bonnie's eyes slowly lowered her mouth to hers and they both lot out a groan deep in their throats. Their tongues dueled with each other's as they tried to crawl up inside each other's mouth.

Betty broke the kiss panting for her breath. With lust in her eyes she sat up and straddled Bonnie's face and lowered her cum matted forest to Bonnie's mouth. Bonnie was waiting for it and drove her tongue deep into Betty's cunt. Betty reached back with one hand to play with Bonnie's large tits and with the other pulled on Bonnie's blonde locks pressing her cunt harder against Bonnie's lizard like tongue.

Betty once again let out a loud scream as Bonnie sent her over the top. Rolling off of Bonnie Betty laid there watching Tony's large black pipe drive faster and faster into Bonnie's frothing cunt. Bonnie gripped Tony's ass as she screamed out that she was cumming.

This sent Tony over the top and he pulled out of Bonnie and positioned himself over the faces of both women. The first red hot stream of cum hit Betty on the chin and shot across her face into her hair. Tony moved over to Bonnie and the second shot hit her in the lips and she opened her mouth to suck it in the third shot hit her mouth and shot across her face and into her blonde locks.

Betty and Bonnie sucked Tony dry and then proceeded to lick each other clean. Betty's hair was a mess and she knew she was going to have to put her hair up for the next hour report on air.

The production crew let out a round of applause and threw them all a bunch of towels to clean up and dry off.

They had three minutes to clean up, dress and look presentable for the viewing public. I think the public would love to have watched them instead of Open House even though in an upcoming episode Gerri Willis from Open House entertain us all.

As they came back on air they looked nothing had happened, except the occasional stray hand that Tony had buried in Betty's bare pussy, or the stray hand that was inside of Tony's pants stroking his hard cock.

As Bonnie spoke about the weather she had a hard time concentrating on the forecast as for behind the scenes Betty had her head buried in Tony's lap sucking viciously on his cock.

After the show all three of them hurried to Bonnie's place where this time they took their time fucking and sucking each other till the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Next up, March comes in like a lion with the petite and insatiable Carol Lin.

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