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Calendar Shoot March


NOTE: For those of you who have not been following this series, it's about 24 main characters that are all news anchors. They are doing video shoots and using select pictures in the shoot for two calendars. One calendar is of single and married anchors. The second calendar is of MILFS. The proceeds are going to their selected charities and each anchor gets to act out one of their fantasies. Some anchors will be in multiple fantasies, but will be a main character only once. Hope you enjoy and would like any feedback on the series, thank you.

After spending the entire day fucking Uma & Gerri I knew there was no way I was going to be able to have the photo shoot that Carol Lin was expecting. Calling her I let her know I was postponing her shoot for a couple of days and would be in contact with her very soon.

I called Kristina Abernathy and when her husband answered I felt a little uncomfortable. He put me at ease quickly saying he knew about her upcoming calendar shoot and was very excited about viewing the finished product. He told me to hold on and he would put her on.

"Hello John, tell me you're calling to set up the shoot with Kevin and me."

I could sense the excitement in her voice and said; "You got it Kristina, when are you and Kevin Robinson available to do the shoot? Do you have any preference where you want to do the shoot?"

She was very happy and couldn't stop talking. "I would love to set the mood in a very exclusive restaurant and progress to an elegant suite in one of Atlanta's ritzy hotels. I'll give Kevin a call and see if he is available tomorrow, is that soon enough?"

"Sound great Kristina, if he says it's a go, give me a call back and I would love to meet tonight and talk about wardrobe and reservations,"

"Oh fuck, I can't believe it's really happening, I'll call you right back, bye!"

Within minutes she was calling back; "Hi, it's all set, he'll be ready tomorrow all we have to do is tell him when and where, okay?"

"Kristina, I'll be over in an hour to discuss the specifics."

"Great see you soon."

I laughed to myself, none of the women so far have had this much excitement in anticipation of doing the video. I knew this one was going to be special.

I arrived at her place and her husband Greg answered the door and was excited as Kristina was about the shoot.

"I know it may sound crazy but I have had a fantasy about watching Kristina get fucked by a black man ever since we met. Her father is a Baptist minister and being from the old south he would have a heart attack knowing his lily white prim and proper daughter was fucking a black man,"

"Don't worry Greg; you would be surprised on just how many men want to watch their wives get fucked. Do you want to be there or is watching it on film enough?"

"I'm not that brave, seeing her on video would be enough."

Just then Kristina came into the room dressed in sweats and no make-up and even this way she looked gorgeous. She was a lot shorter then I imagined a mere five foot one or two.

We talked about her choice of clothes and decided on a cocktail dress. I told her about the positioning of the mini cams in the restaurant so she could be discreet and not draw attention and at the same time live out her fantasy in the restaurant.

She was excited as can be and we called it a night and she gave me a deep tongue kiss as a left her home.

All the way back to my hotel all I could thing about was that kiss from Kristina and wondered if there was a way I could worm my way into her fantasy, if not at the restaurant, at least the hotel suite afterwards.

I arrived at the restaurant about five and with the cameraman made sure all of the camera were working and positioned properly. We had two under the table, three overhead and two more on tops of the opposite chairs making sure all the action would be caught on film.

I sat at the table across from them making sure I could see all of the action about to take place. I paid a pretty penny to insure the tables in the immediate vicinity of Kristina and Kevin would be empty.

Kevin and Kristina entered just around five thirty and Kevin was dressed in a tailored grey suit. Kristina was a knockout; she was dressed in a short black cocktail dress that ended at mid thigh. She had sheer black stocking and matching high heeled shoes. The top of the dress had spaghetti straps and the neckline plunged showing off her huge tits. As she walked they rolled from side to side unencumbered by a bra for sure.

They took their place in the secluded booth and ordered drinks and the action started right away. I could see Kevin's large hands sliding up and down Kristina's full thighs. She spread her legs giving him better access to her upper thighs. Her lips were parted as she let out tiny moans as he worked on her legs. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as he made contact with her thong panties.

Their drinks came and they ordered dinner, as soon as the waitress left they were back at it. Kristina's hands were under the table and the camera picked up her opening the button on his pants and tugging down his zipper.

Just then my cell phone rang and I quickly answered it. I barely heard the voice on the other end as I was concentrating on the action at the table across from me,

"Excuse me, who is this again?"

"My name is Jamie Colby; I work at Fox News on the weekend."

"Yes I know who you are the cute short haired blonde with the full lush figure, right?"

"Well I guess you could describe me that way, I would rather describe myself as made for loving, not for speed."

She got my attention; "Well Jamie, I'm in the middle of a shoot right now, what can I do for you?"

"I got your number from Kerin Chetry, she said she is going a shoot with you in a few months and I was wondering if there was an opening for me in your video calendar layouts? I'm here in Atlanta now on business and was wondering if we could meet and discuss this further?"

Looking over at Kevin and Kristina I got an instant hard-on. Kevin was kissing her neck and slowly sliding one of the thin straps off her shoulder. As this happened one of her large tits slipped out of the dress. She skin was extremely white and her aureole was large and almost red. The large nipple was thick as a pencil eraser and deep red. Kevin moved his head and sucked the large red nipple between his black lips. Kristina threw her head back and rubbed her lily white fingers around his bald black head.

"John, are you there?"

Jamie was still on the line, but I didn't hear a word she said.

"Listen Jamie, I'm at the Blue Flamingo on 12th street, do you know where that is at?"

"Yes I do, I'm only a few blocks from there right now."

"If you want you can join me for dinner and watch the shoot, we can discuss any openings and I can see first hand if you fit the mold for our calendar."

"Great I will see you in a couple of minutes, bye!"

I didn't even hear the phone go dead as I watched Kevin bare Kristina's other tit and begin sucking on that one and pinching on the other one. As the waitress approached the table Kristina pulled her dress back up and covered her huge tits up.

As they ate their meal, or at least attempted to do so they played with each other under the table. Kristina now had Kevin's pants down around his knees and was stroking his cock with one hand as she ate her meal wit the other.

I was locked on watching what was going on at the table across from me when all of a sudden a tall blonde woman stood over me.

"Hi, are you John? I'm Jamie Colby."

I stood to greet her and as I did my hard on was very evident and her eyes shot to the bulge in my pants. As I took her hand in mine I could feel sparks coming from her. Her eyes were mesmerizing and as slowly licked her lips and her pink lipstick shined on her full wet lips. She was dressed in a two piece pink skirt suit that ended at mid-thigh and what a pair of legs she had, fantastic.

I motioned for her to take a seat next to me and in direct line of Kevin and Kristina. She let out a gasp as she watched Kristina stroke his large black cock under the table.

"Oh my I didn't realize that this was taking place when you said you were in the middle of a shoot. I thought it was just some preliminary photos or something like that, not an X-rated video right here in the restaurant."

Didn't Kerin tell you that the entire calendar shoot was more or less a fantasy shoot of all of the anchors doing what they always wanted to try but were too afraid to come right out and do?"

"Yes she did, but what about the calendar?"

"Well after the first set of pictures we all decided just to do the videos and from the videos find a good shot to take and use that still picture on the calendars, make sense?"

She just shook her head in agreement as she watched Kevin and Kristina who had now finished eating, very little was touched on their plates.

As the waitress cleared their table Kevin went back to kissing Kristina. His black lips covered her small mouth and we both watched as his large black fingers combed through her platinum blonde locks. His tongue invaded her mouth as her tiny white fingers rubbed his bald black head.

Once again his head dropped to her chest and freed one of her large tits from their confinement. Both women let out groans as Kevin did this.

I looked over at Jamie and her eyes were glued on the table across from us. Seeing my opening I snuck my hand under the table and placed my hand on her bare knee. She jumped a foot and looked at me and licked her shiny pink lips and returned to looking at Kevin and Kristina.

I slowly ran my hand up and down her bare thighs and she parted her legs for me. She let out tiny moans as I crept closer and closer to her panties.

We both let out groans when all of a sudden Kristina slid down off the booth and crawled under the table between Kevin's naked thighs. I had a small remote monitor of the cameras on my table and I switched it to one of the overhead cameras and I could watch as Kristina lovingly kissed the head of Kevin's huge black cock. Her tongue ran around and around the head and I nudged Jamie and pointed to the screen.

She let out a gasp as she watched Kevin's mushroom sized head slip into Kristina's mouth.

My fingers increased the pressure on Jamie's sleek thighs as she slipped lower in her chair causing her skirt to ride up higher on her legs.

My thumb now grazed her lacy panties and they were dripping with her juices. I pushed the material to one side and covered her bare pussy with the palm of my hand. Jamie arched her back as I rubbed up and down her slit. Pausing for a second I slipped one finger into her wet hole and it nearly sucked me in. She let out a long groan and came all over my finger drenching my palm with her juiced.

She protested when I withdrew my hand and I looked into her smoldering eyes and slowly licked the clinging cum juices from my fingers and hand.

Over at the other table Kristina was bobbing up and down on Kevin's twelve inch cock. Kristina had progressed to getting all but an inch or two down her throat. She came off of it with a pop and her saliva was dripping down the shaft to his cum filled balls. She scooped up a gob of the juices and spread them all over the cleavage of her tits. Slipping the juice covered stiff cock between her tits she began riding up and down his cock. What a sight to see, that huge black pillar with it's large veins popping out sliding up and down between those two large pillows of white flesh was incredible to see. With every upward stroke Kristina popped the head of his cock between those sweet red shiny lips. She looked up at him with those dark deep pools of lust filled eyes and drove his cock deep down her throat.

Kristina continued this for over five minutes. Her tits were covered in her saliva and it began dripping down to her belly.

Kevin squeezed and twisted at her erect nipples and whenever he let go she moaned in protest. He combed his large black hands through her platinum blonde hair and she smiled up at him as she swallowed him again.

Back at our table Jamie was running her hand up and down my thigh and cupping my balls and cock through my pants. I thought I was going to burst right through my zipper.

I continued to slowly caress Jamie's fantastic legs and she was getting excited again.

We both watched in eager anticipation as Kevin began moaning louder and louder. He arched his back and let go a load that hit Kristina on the chin. It dripped off onto her tits as Kevin continued to fuck her tits. The second shot, Kristina caught in her mouth and she sucked it in. Grabbing his cock she bobbed up and down furiously and you could see her cheeks concaved as she sucked the nectar from his huge cock.

Finally she let go of his cock and opening her mouth she ran her tongue around his cockhead. Cum filled her mouth and covered her lips and tongue. She slowly let some of the man juice slip from her mouth and drop down to her tits. She worked the juices into her flesh and Kevin grabbed Kristina by the arms and pulled her out from under the table.

A few of the other patrons were now watching the erotic scene in the dark corner. Kevin gave Kristina a deep kiss tasting his cum on her lips. He roughly pulled the tight skirt up to her waist and pulling the black panties to one side positioned his monster cock at her blossoming pussy. Running the head back and forth across her dripping lips she slowly lowered her hips.

The head popped in and as he started slipping inch by inch into her gripping cunt, two cell phones went off at the same time.

Both Kevin and Kristina let out moans as they froze with his cock half buried in her cunt.

They reached for their cell phones and as each spoke, Kristina wiggled her hips sliding another inch into her cunt.

They both hung up at the same time and Kevin kissed Kristina and with a groan she pulled off of his cock. His cock was drenched with her juices and there were even a few clumps of white fluids dripping down his cock.

He reached for his table napkin and cleaned off his cock. Kristina lowered her skirt and slipped her huge tits back into her dress and pulled the straps back up.

I was in no condition to stand with Jamie playing with my cock it was like a tent pole in my pants. Reluctantly I stood and went over to the table.

"What's going on, why the sudden stoppage?"

Kristina looked up at me with lust still in her eyes, "There's a fucking Hurricane on the way in the Gulf and Kevin and I have to cover for the next few hours the other have to get to the hurricane area. Fuck, I was so much enjoying feeling that huge cock of Kevin's splitting my cunt apart. I don't know how I'm going to last the next couple of hours."

Kevin spoke up; "Just imagine what a great time we will have afterwards in a nice large bed where we can fuck and suck the entire night."

With that he gave her a long deep kiss and then said; "Well John, I guess we'll see you at the hotel after our shift is over, shouldn't be more then three or four hours, okay?"

What could I say; I just nodded and watched as they left the restaurant. I walked back over to Jamie and told what had happened and we ordered a couple of drinks.

"So tell me Jamie, through all of this action, you never told me what you were here for exactly and if it's what I think it's about, what is your fantasy and what you are willing to do."

"Well John to tell you the truth, I wasn't sure what I wanted until just a few minutes ago. Sure I wanted to fuck and be fucked, but now after seeing Kevin & Kristina it's become clearer."

She took a sip of her drink and played with the rim of the glass. Looking at me with those dark eyes I saw a twinkle in them and I could tell she was sure of what she was about to say.

"Basically I believe I'm a voyeur. I get turned on by watching others make love, fuck I believe is a better way of putting it. I can't believe how turned on I got just watching Kristina and Kevin, but taking it one step further I loved it when you began playing with me. I was lost in the moment and I became Kristina and I was sucking Kevin's cock. Don't get me wrong I love my husband, but it's become old. We get into bed, he kisses me, plays with my tits for a moment or two and then we make love."

"So tell me Jamie, what in your fantasy would make you happy?"

"It's simple I wanted to be treated like a sexual animal. Just the way you played with my pussy. You took your time and looked out for my needs. I guess what the bottom line is I love foreplay. Hell I think I love foreplay more then fucking. I could be satisfied with hours of touching, playing, sucking and then when I think I'm going to explode, being fucked real hard. When you made me cum with your hand that was the best orgasm I've had in months. Before that my husband was drunk one night and couldn't get off. Just the extended time of his cock in my pussy made me cum, not with any finesse, just the sure time it took him to cum gave me a tiny orgasm."

I looked into her pleading eyes and I smiled; "Jamie, lets get out of here and head back to the suite and wait for Kevin and Kristina to finish their shift. Maybe while we wait I can hopefully show you some pleasure."

A wide smile crossed her face and she nodded vigorously, her golden locks bouncing around her shoulders looked mighty inviting.

When we got back to the suite I had Jamie get comfortable, kicking off her shoes she sat on the large plush sofa.

I made us a couple of drinks and I turned on the television.

"Hey Jamie I have an idea, would you like to watch a video of one of the calendar shoots?"

"I would love to, which one do you have?"

"I have the one from yesterday it's with me, Gerri Willis and Uma Perraraju. We did a real estate selling fantasy for Gerri."

"You have got to be kidding, I work with Uma and I would never have thought she would ever do anything like that."

I chuckled; "Listen Jamie, would you have ever thought you would be here right now contemplating the same thing?"

"Good point, pop the tape in and let's see what I might have in store for myself."

I slipped in the tape and turned off a couple of lights and took a seat next to Jamie. I started the tape and there I was on the bed with Uma. Jamie couldn't take her eyes off the screen.

I lifted her legs off the couch and had her lay them across mine. She did this without hesitation. Very casually I played with her gorgeous legs sliding my fingertips very gently across her knees and around her calves. I moved along to her ankles and feet and rubbed them and she let out tiny moans of approval and she slid lower on the couch. Her head was resting on the arm of the sofa as she kept her eyes glued to the screen. I caressed her fine looking legs for over fifteen minutes and now Jamie began squirming as I crept higher and higher up her thighs.

I could smell her sex as it emanated from under her skirt which had now ridden nearly to her hips.

As she watched the screen her lips parted and she wet her full lush lips and she was now breathing through her mouth.

On the screen Uma was sucking on my cock and Gerri was eating away at Uma's pussy.

My thumb grazed her wet panties and she moaned and arched her back. She ran one of her fingers along her bottom lip, imagining she was Uma sucking on my cock. Her other hand was running up and down the bulge in my pants.

After the wild night I had yesterday with Gerri and Uma, I was still sore from all of their sucking and fucking. I slipped out from under Jamie's legs and gently nudged her over onto her side. Reaching for the button and zipper on the back of her skirt I tugged at it and it slid down. Grabbing the skirt by the hem I slipped it from her legs and tossed it to the floor.

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