tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalista Does the NBA

Calista Does the NBA

byGreg Lee Hunt©

The Misadventures of a Celebrity Slut: Calista Does the NBA

Ally McBeal as told to
Greg Lee Hunt


This story is a work of fiction written in the first person. It contains adult material of a graphic and erotic nature for the enjoyment of adult readers. You must be 18 or older to read this story; you must be able to read erotica in your own community and not be offended by the contents. The author has agreed to allow this story to be read online by adult readers on selected and approved websites. Any questions including requests for permission to use this story on other websites or media should be directed to Greg Lee Hunt. The story is copyrighted and any use should be attributed to the author. Any resemblance to real life activities or events by celebrity characters is unintended and purely coincidental.

© Greg Lee Hunt – May 2001


"Suck It Bitch!" Improbable as it may seem, those three little words started a very unusual sexual relationship and changed my life forever. For the first time I am doing exactly what I want to do professionally and I'm happy and satisfied with my personal life. My sex life is the best it's ever been! Though I've been a professional actress for many years, you might say that I've found my ideal role and that I now understand my purpose in life. Let me explain.

At first I was shocked and flabbergasted by the remark. I was also angry that anyone would dare talk to me that way. Don't get me wrong! I am not a prude, and I have sucked more than a few cocks in my life but I'm not used to being spoken to like that either. The very tone of his voice as he spoke those three words changed the nature of our relationship forever. Up until the minute he said them, he had always been a perfect gentleman. He had been from the moment we'd met three months earlier. He never gave me a clue that his interest in me was anything more than friendship. Suddenly I found myself being treated as a sexual object and being talked to like a slut. What an unexpected turn of events!

Don't misunderstand my saying that he was a gentleman. He still is of course. But he is also a lot of fun, and he has the well-deserved reputation of being an impish clown. He is many other things too. He is rich, famous, has extraordinary size and immense basketball talent --, but no one including myself would have considered him as a candidate to be my lover. We met because we were working together for a common charity. We were the honorary celebrity co-chairmen of its major fundraiser of the year. Our goal was to raise $15 million to build a children's center in one of L.A.'s worst neighborhoods. We were the two celebrities names heading the list of those spearheading the fund raising efforts. My agent said that this kind of project would do lots to expose me to a wider audience. As you will soon see, he was right, but not in the way we thought.

The friendship seemed an unlikely one from the beginning. At first blush, we're so different. He is the giant multi-millionaire black basketball superstar. He's also a sometime actor and rap star with the personality of a clown. He has been able to garner countless commercial endorsements. The people at the Drew Children's project paired him with me, a full lipped, pouty, skinny white actress from a small town in Illinois. I'm not a sports fan. I'm nearly eight years older than he is. I'm 5-5 1/2, and I weigh barely 105 pounds soaking wet. The tabloids keep writing stories about my being anorexic – but I'm not! They also say that I'm very pretty. I'm not so sure about that-- though I admit do have a sensual mouth. They say that the camera loves my face. Who knows? I've been acting for many years and before moving to Hollywood, I had a successful stage career in New York and a few movie and television credits to my name, but I was never a big name celebrity. That all changed five years ago when I landed a supporting role in a very successful movie, starring several of Hollywood and Broadway's major comic talents and a year later when I got the title role in a quirky off-beat TV series. Since then I have been fortunate enough to win the Golden Globe, the SAG Award and to be nominated for an EMMY in our first year on the air, and the series has won critical acclaim and has a growing audience.

Gosh I hope my mom doesn't read this. I admit that I'm not a virgin though I've never been married. I'm certainly not a prude. Far from it! In fact I lost my virginity at fifteen and that I have been sexually active from that time on. Until very recently my sex life has been what he calls 'vanilla' My relationships have been monogamous and pretty tame. I've slept with a few men and the men that I have slept with have been normal sized human beings with normal sized penises. All that being said, when this happened I really didn't have a regular boy friend or a steady squeeze.

I am not exactly sure how I got myself into this situation. Though we had been spending a lot of time together at public appearances, meetings and we genuinely enjoyed each other's company; we are, to say the least, a very odd couple. Even our names are strange -- Shaquille O'Neal and Calista Flockheart. He has a great sense of humor and despite his size; he is a childlike gentle even docile man. Actually, Shaquille is very bright and extremely well read. I suppose my fans consider me confused, hard working and subject to hallucinations like the ditzy character I play on television, but I am actually a very bright, sensitive, and compassionate woman. What we – Shaq and I – have in common is our love of kids, especially those who have been abused and/or molested, and our desire to help them.

Anyway, back to my story. The charity event at the Drew Center was less than a week away. Though Shaq and I had gone out to eat together many times since our first meeting, we usually went with the Executives or Board members of the Drew Foundation. On this particular night, however Shaq and I went to dinner at Spago. Just the two of us, alone. That in itself must have sparked curiosity from the other celebrities, gossip mongers, and celebrity watchers who frequent Wolfgang Puck's signature restaurant. Neither one of us typically drinks much, but the evening was so laid-back and so much fun, that we decided to celebrate with some wine. Shaq ordered, and the two of us polished off several bottles of Wolfgang's best Chateau Lafitte Rothschild with dinner. I drank the lion's share. I drank so much that I was a more than little tipsy when we were getting ready to leave. Wine makes me feel romantic and sexy.

I guess you could say that I came on to Shaq a little – though not in a major way. What I do remember is that during dinner I brushed my foot against his leg and ran it up along the inside of his pant leg suggestively. OK, so I was pretty touchy-feely too. After dinner, Shaq could tell that I was in no condition to drive. He was right. I wasn't. So he generously offered to drive me home. We informed Wolfgang that we would be leaving my car in the parking lot over night. Wolfgang assured us that he would have his own driver deliver the car to my house in the morning. While we were waiting for the valet to bring Shaq's Bentley, I stood on my tiptoes as he bent at the waist and I kissed him on the lips. It wasn't exactly a French kiss or even a passionate one for that matter. All right, it was! I guess I did open my mouth a little and our tongues did touch but it really was supposed to be just an affectionate kiss between two friends. I just got a little carried away.

Shaq, always a gentleman, asked me where I lived. I told him that I was renting a house off of Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills, but before his car even arrived, I told my gentle giant friend that I wanted him to drive me to his house. I had heard from our mutual friends and colleagues on the executive committee that Shaq owned a fabulous twenty-eight room, 23,000 square foot mansion in Bel Air and I told him that I wanted to see it.

"You sure?" He asked.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I want a personalized private tour!"

Those who had seen Shaq's house said it had everything. The entry way and the downstairs public rooms were supposed to be spectacular. Then there were six full bedroom suites, each with its own dual walk in closets, luxury bathroom and sitting room. Supposedly the house also has a library, a fully equipped private state of the art office and conference room, a recreation room with two full sized pool tables and a battery of virtual reality interactive games, a thirty-seat arena movie theatre, an indoor swimming pool and spa, an indoor basketball court and a completely outfitted gym. Of course there are separate maids, cooks and butler's quarters with their own entrances and two guesthouses. Outdoors there is another Olympic sized swimming pool, two night lighted tennis courts, and a three level terraced patio. The house is gated, of course, and has Shaq's private twenty-four- hour security force to keep away curiosity seekers, stalkers, thieves and other uninvited guests. It also ensures Shaq's absolute privacy when he desires it. Besides the house itself Shaq has lots of toys including sophisticated video equipment and Malibu racing carts that he runs on his own track.

When we got to his house Shaq excused himself. He told me to make myself comfortable while he went upstairs to change into something more comfortable than the elegant custom-made Armani suit he'd been wearing at the restaurant. He came back dressed in a casual loose fitting warm up suit.

"D'you still want me to give you a tour of my crib? I mean house…"

I laughed and nodded my head. "You're too big for a crib, Shaq!" I understood that the word "crib" is a black slang term for 'home'

Shaq would make a great tour guide; he toured me through the lower level of his fabulous home and then we went upstairs. He led me into his bedroom suite. That's when everything happened and he said his magic words. An instant after he uttered his sexual request, or was it an order', he dropped his loose fitting warm-up pants and confronted me with his huge penis.

For a moment while I took in the size of his monstrous tool, I was paralyzed, awestruck, and uncertain of how to respond. I suppose that the size of his organ should not have surprised me. After all, he stands almost 7-2" tall, weighs more than 300 pounds, and wears a size twenty-two shoe. You know I've heard it said that when a man has big feet he's also got a big ----- ha' ha' ha'…well I can tell you that in Shaq's case its true. His organ is so big that it defies imagination!! The view from where I was sitting gave me an idea of its real size. His cock was at my eye level and less than a foot away from my face. It was gigantic! Though it was only partially erect, it already extended to its full length and ran half way down the inside of his huge muscular thighs. Even if I wanted to suck him off, I wondered how would I ever get my mouth wrapped around that huge black rod. When he achieved his erection, it reminded me of a hooded black king cobra poised to strike at the slightest movement on my part.

So there I was, confronted by a half naked muscular giant who was demanding that I suck his penis. Confused, hurt, and a little scared, I tried to protest. "Shaq, how dare you ask me to do something as disgusting as that? We're friends, very good friends but just friends!" I said, trying to convince him and hoping that he believed me. To tell the truth I wasn't sure that I believed me. Though monstrous, his cock looked very tasty.

"Quit the jivin' Ally. I mean Calista. Why don't you admit that you've wanted my big black cock from the first minute we met … isn't that why you wanted me to bring you here tonight?"

I sputtered and tried to deny it, but I had to admit, that he was right. The idea of having sex with Shaq had crossed my mind many times over the past three months. I had even dreamed about it.

Still I was reluctant and continued to protest. "N..N…No, th-that's not why I wanted to come here!"

My eyes were riveted on his penis, drawn there like iron to a magnet. "God it's huge … your house I mean!"

Without any warning, Shaq grabbed my hand, placed it on his cock and held it there. Then he guided my hand along the shaft so that I was stroking it with my fingertips. I could feel it throbbing, growing and getting stiffer by the second. The feeling was awesome. So was its size. I felt myself getting wet. Shaq was right. I did want to suck his beautiful, big, black cock. I closed my eyes, tried to visualize myself sucking that long thick rod, and sighed audibly.

Shaq let my hand drop and moved a large chair over and he sat in it. As tall as he is, it would have been impossible for him to stand and for me on to be on my knees trying to suck him. Shaq told me he wanted me to be naked when I sucked him. He helped me to undress and I paraded my body in front of him seductively. He smiled his approval. Then I got down on my knees directly in front of him and brought my head forward. I was face-to-face and staring in awe at the colossal head of his erect penis with a big Cyclops eye.

He gazed at me in lust through half-closed eyes.

"Is this what you want?" I said in a very seductive voice. Then I bent forward and began to kiss his dick. I rubbed my finger on his cockhole, pinching it lightly as a drop of clear sticky fluid formed. I used my fingers to moisten the swollen glans. Shaq stroked my hair. I teased his cock unrelentingly with my kisses until he howled in agony. After more than half an hour of teasing him in this way, my lips parted. I opened my mouth and pulled his cock into my hot and tight mouth. Placing my right hand at the base of his penis for support, I guided the monstrous head in and out of my mouth. I thrust it in fast and then slowly pulled it out. I sucked the top half of his shaft while jerking off the lower half. With every beat I would suck down quickly and then gradually withdrew my lips so that he could see the saliva coated shaft slide out of my mouth.

Then I changed pace, roughly grabbing the base of his pole and jacking it off rapidly. As the same time I bore down hard on the top half of the shaft and collapsed my cheeks responding to every piston-like stroke. Seeing my cheeks change shape from convex to concave, as I was being mouth fucked like that was almost too much for him to bear. My hand slathered my saliva over the area I was jerking causing him to vibrate and twitch. He said that it felt like electricity was shooting through his balls. He sensed he was close but he told me that he wanted to make it last.

"You'll have to work harder than that to taste my cum, bitch! By the way, do you want me to cum in your mouth? No, on second thought, maybe I should cum on your face!"

I said nothing. I really couldn't with my mouth stuffed like it was. I continued sucking and licking him, I rubbed my breasts against his thighs every chance I got. I leaned my head to one side so he could see my mouth filled with his cock before I pulled it slowly out and showed him the slick wet shaft. He watched as I tried unsuccessfully to take the entire length into my mouth. "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssss, you keep doing THAT and I WILL cum'." he whimpered as I smiled before repeating the procedure, and taking as much of him as I could possibly get into my deep throat. I had to pause a couple of times and let his monster slip out of my mouth to slow him down.

"Please fuck my mouth more, I want you to fuck it until you cum!!" I whispered in my throatiest and sexiest voice. My eyes must have been wild with lust. "I want to taste all of your delicious fuck juice and feel it dribbling down my throat. Do you understand? I'll hold my mouth still and I want you to fuck it as hard as you can." I wanted him to know that I really was a dirty slut at heart. I grabbed his cock and guided it into my mouth again. Then I became passive wanting him to do all the work. My cheeks collapsed tightly around his jackhammer as he began working it in and out of my hot wet mouth. I felt like an expert trombonist. I felt pressure building in his balls quickly in his ball sac and his body tingling with excitement as he watched his huge rod slide easily into and out of my mouth like a well-lubricated piston. He grabbed my hair and used the leverage to accelerate the motion and pound my face even harder.

"Are you sure you can handle this kind of rough treatment, my little white sex bitch?"

I nodded as best I could and didn't move a muscle as his huge cock slammed in and out of my mouth, inching a little deeper with each thrust. His huge balls were slapping against my wet chin. He allowed himself to get into the mood I seemed to want. Shaq spat out his words "You really like this, don't you slut?" I nodded my head excitedly, looking up at him my mouth full of his cock. I wanted him to see the pure pleasure and lust reflected in my eyes. I wanted to please him so I sucked even harder responding to each successive blow of his powerful rod shoving against my mouth.

Shaq was at the brink of his orgasm. He said that his balls felt like they were on fire. He was ready to burst. I quickly moved my hands toward my face and began fondling and gently squeezing his ball sac. My fingers were soaked with a mixture of my saliva and his pre-cum. Sucking him seemed so natural and easy. "Oooh, aaahhh, I am close to cumming" he warned. My hands fell back submissively. My body tensed up and I looked up at him, I wanted him to see my eyes pleading for him to bestow the gift of his ambrosia that I so much wanted to taste. I was paralyzed, not wanting to move for fear I might miss catching a drop of his precious nectar. I watched admiringly as the last few strokes pounded against my tonsils. "You like sucking cock - especially my cock – don't you Calista? Your mouth is my bitch isn't it?" He taunted me with his comments because he understood that was exactly what I wanted to hear. Again, I nodded enthusiastically. Yes I did love the feeling of his long, thick cock filling my mouth.

My thoughts were interrupted by Shaq's words "C'mon. Make like a good 'ho' and drink my cum. Swallow all of it!" Then he grunted loudly and slammed his hard bone into my waiting mouth one last time, burying it in my throat just before he came. Shot after shot of Shaq's thick hot jism sprayed the inside of my mouth. "Ohhhh mmmmmm oh gawd yesssss, give me more…" I thought, sighing aloud. I felt his high-pressure hose pulsating in my throat, spewing its hot liquid contents into my gullet. "Ummmm, yummy….yessss…it tastes delicious" I thought to myself. I was mesmerized by what I was doing and aroused almost to the point of ecstasy. My hands pumped his shaft a few more times, draining the last of his cum into my mouth, I extended my tongue, thirsting for the last drops of his sticky juice. He saw that I was smiling all the while.

"Swallow all of it, slut!!" he ordered as he watched me gulp enthusiastically. It was far more than I had ever taken, but I somehow managed to get it all down. Shaq's load of sex juice was now deposited inside my tummy. It was nourishment that would have to sustain me until the next go round. His cock was deflating rapidly, I wanted more but I finally loosened my mouth lock. His huge body spasmed a few more times as I licked his semi hard meat. He slid out of my mouth and down my chest, his seeping cock leaving a rivulet of cum on my chin, neck, breasts and belly. Staring into his eyes I panted, "Oh God was that intense!" My skin was flushed and I was perspiring profusely. A strand of milky cum dribbled off of my lower lip and flowed onto my neck and breasts. My nipples were erect and taut. I was dripping wet down below too. Shaq smiled and looked satisfied as he watched my tongue flit across my chin trying to slurp in more of his cock milk.

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