tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 01

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 01


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Prologue: "Mistress Calista's Dungeon" is a new series of stories, by James Lacy, about a rich young Mistress, Calista, that conducts S & M sessions in the Tower Dungeon at her remote estate. Calista inherited a huge fortune and a large gated estate, from her parents, who perished. Calista is an equal opportunity Domina. She dominates both males and females and often conducts mixed gender sessions. Her perversions are many and she utterly enjoys indulging in all of them. Calista provides all who enter her Dungeon, equal measures of pleasure, humiliation and pain. Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, a long clit and a tight firm ass. These are her sessions, transcribed and collected for your enjoyment.

* * * * *

Chapter 1; Sarah's Session

"Good Morning, Mistress," Sarah greeted Calista as she entered the Domina's home.

"Hello my sweet. I have missed you," Calista replied, smiling at her submissive female slave.

"I have also missed you, M' Lady," Sarah said, returning her Mistress's smile.

"Where have you been, little one?" Mistress Calista asks, motioning her to come closer. "I haven't seen you for some time now, Sarah. May I ask why?"

"I've been working long hours everyday lately, Mistress."

Mistress Calista grins and tells Sarah, "Work is a four letter word, you know."

"I know, Ma'am. I learned that lesson well these last few weeks."

"Strip naked and kneel down before me, slave Sarah," Calista commanded her. Slave Sarah gladly complied, hurrying to do as she's told. She removes her silk blouse revealing her beautiful breasts tucked inside a white lacy bra. She reaches behind her to unhook her bra, exposing her lovely ample breasts and large firm erect nipples. Her tits seem to defy gravity, as they remain firm and upright, causing her Mistress to feel moisture in her pussy. Sarah hooks her thumbs in her skirt and quickly pulls it down uncovering her white lacy bikini panties. Calista notices the expanding wet spot at Sarah's crotch and feels a warm glow come over her. The slave draws her panties down exposing a soft curly brown bush, neatly trimmed in a little V over her shaved labia. Calista inhales deeply in anticipation of dominating this lovely creature again. She casts her eyes lustfully over the naked beauty standing before her.

"On your hands and knees, in submission position with your ass high!" Mistress Calista commands Sarah. Slave Sarah gladly complies, getting down on all fours, thrusting her lovely ass high. Calista selects a large dildo butt plug, eight inches long, three inches wide, with a built in vibrator and fucking motion mechanism. She reaches under Sarah's ass, between her legs, to fondle the slaves' wet and sudsy cunt. Slave Sarah moans loudly, wiggling her hips seductively, pumping them back and forth towards her Mistress. Calista rubs the dildo between Sarah's cuntlips, lubricating it with her juices. Again, Sarah sighs with pleasure as Calista rubs the dildo in her cunt. Her Mistress kneels down to lick her asshole, lubing it with her saliva. Placing the fake cockhead on Sarah's asshole she begins to push it into the slaves' ass. Sarah groans and whimpers, instinctively tightening her asshole. She tries to loosen her asscheeks as she feels the fake cockhead sliding into her ass.

Sarah's sphincter bravely, but futilely, resists briefly. Calista increases the pressure until the dildo slides in, parting her sphincter. Sarah groans at the thick intrusion into her ass. Sobbing, she feels Mistress Calista push the dildo until it is deeply seated. Sarah's sphincter closes around the butt plug depression at the base of the dildo, to hold it fast. Calista's slave groans loudly in pain, feeling the thick plug slip all the way inside. Sarah's pain slowly transforms to pleasure and she sighs gratefully. Mistress Calista selects a pair of elastic cords with hooks on one end and a nipple clamp on the other. She hooks the ends to a ring in the base of the dildo. Mistress commands her slave to kneel with her back straight, head back and tits thrust out in presentation. Sarah groans again softly, does as she's told quickly kneeling, back straight, feeling her breasts thrusting out and vulnerable to her Mistress's whims.

Calista grasps her slaves' nipples with her thumbs and forefingers, to pull pinch and twist them while kneading the flesh of her breasts. She squeezes the nipples hard, pulling them out as far as they will go, as Sarah grimaces and moans in 'delight'. "Oh, Ma'am, please stop, please!" Sarah uselessly pleads with her Mistress. Calista releases one nipple and begins to lick, suck and nibble it, while tormenting the other. She reaches down to fondle Sarah's pussy and clit, while continuing to twist one nipple as she sucks the other one. Sarah moans loudly, pumping her hips and squeezing her ass muscles around the dildo, feeling her nipples throb and her pussy ache with desire. Calista begins to bite Sarah's fleshy breasts, leaving her teethmarks all over them. Her slave screams and sobs from the bites on her sensitive tits.

Biting Sarah's nipple hard, Calista pulls it out as far as it will go with her teeth. She reaches under her slaves' ass to grab the elastic cord with the nipple clamp attached. She pulls it into the fold between Sarah's cunt and thigh and attaches the clamp to her nipple. Calista leaves the nipple tip exposed so she can lick or torment it whenever she chooses. The slave yelps and groans, feeling her nipple ache from the clamps pressure. Sobbing, she closes her eyes to endure the pain. Mistress Calista does the same to the other nipple. Each time Sarah moves, the cords pull harshly at her nipple clamps. The slave whimpers and sobs again, trying not to wiggle or move about too much, as her other nipple is clamped and secured. Her Mistress reaches into her bag and selects another set of elastic cords. These shorter cords have loops at one end and alligator clips on the other end. Sarah groans and winces when she sees the cords and the horrible clips on their ends. She closes her eyes and moans, trying to prepare herself for the terrible alligator clips and their sharp teeth.

Her Mistress moves behind Sarah to place the loop over her big toe, stretches the elastic cord and attaches the alligator clip to the slaves' cuntlip. Sarah screams as the elastic pulls at her cuntlip savagely, forcing the alligator clips metal teeth to bite deeply into her cuntlip flesh. Calista does the same to her other toe and cuntlip. "Now, sweet slave, when you move, you will pull your nipples, or your cuntlips, or both," Calista whispers into her slaves' ear. She pulls Sarah's head back, putting pressure on her nipples and cuntlips, to kiss her passionately, seeking her tongue.

Calista moves in front of her slave and commands Sarah to lift her own tits and suck and lick her nipples for her Mistress's amusement. Slave Sarah groans, but sullenly complies, reaching to cup her ample tits, lifting them up and begins to lick and suck them. Mistress Calista smiles wickedly as the clamps pull at Sarah's nipples as she sucks them. Sarah sucks earnestly, feeling the jolts of pain shoot down between her legs. "Push your tits and nipples together to suck both of them at the same time, slut," her Mistress commands her. Sarah reluctantly obeys, squeezing her tits together and greedily sucking both nipples at once.

"I take great delight watching you 'enjoy' sucking your own tits, even if hurts, slut bitch."

"I'm happy to please you, Ma'am. Anything you desire, Mistress," slave Sarah tells her.

"Bite them hard, hold both of your nipples with your teeth and masturbate for me," Mistress orders. Sarah groans, but quickly complies, reaching down to finger her cunt and clit. Her cunt juices flow heavily, spreading their creamy nectar all over her inner thighs and dripping on the floor. She groans and moans, feeling an orgasm begin to rise. Pumping her hips, masturbating herself, and biting on her nipples, she pulls and stretches her breasts. The nipple clamps claw at her nipples as the alligator clips ravage her cuntlips. Calista puts a finger in her slaves' cunt to drench it in the sudsy cream and slowly licks it, savoring the flavor of Sarah's cunt. Sarah moans with delight at the touch of her Mistress's finger to her cunt. "Keep masturbating, but you may not cum yet," Calista orders her slave. Sarah groans at her Mistress, seeking release, but finding none she continues to pleasure herself. Calista reaches under Sarah's ass and turns the dildo vibrator to full. The slave painfully writhes, wails and cries out, feeling the sharp pains shoot through her body, with her orgasm threatening to erupt at any moment.

Mistress Calista smiles as she watches her slave writhe and gyrate from the caresses of the vibrator and the intensity of the pain in her cuntlips and nipples. Reaching out, Calista activates the fucking motion mechanism in the dildo. She looks at Sarah's pussy to see her clit fully extended from its hood. It sticks out nearly three quarters of an inch and throbbing with a need for release. Her slave groans, sobs, and moans, pumping her hips, continuing too play with herself with her fingers as her teeth hold her nipples in her mouth. Feeling the dildo fuck her ass deeply, her fingers slide in and out of her wet pussy, while she sucks her nipples. Releasing her nipples from her mouth, Sarah cries out, "Ooohhh, please, Ma'am, I need to cum, please, please Mistress!" Calista ignores her pleas and reaches to clamp her clit with a leash chain and orders Sarah to follow her up the stone steps leading to the Tower Dungeon.

"Keep biting and sucking both your nipples, masturbate and crawl on your hands and knees as I lead you by your clit, slave," Calista tells her while Sarah wails and groans. Whimpering painfully she follows her Mistress up the stairs on hands and knees. Her Mistress jerks the leash to heighten Sarah's 'joy' as they ascend the stone steps. "You may have a pain orgasm, sweet Sarah, as I jerk on your clit leash," Calista mocks her slave. Sarah screams plunging her finger deep into her cunt, cries out and cums explosively from the sweet arousal of the pain. "Oh how lovely. What a wonderful pain cum," Mistress Calista says, "I love to see you cum when you are inspired to do so with clamps, teeth and a leash." Slave Sarah, gasping for air, sighs deeply and thanks her Mistress for permitting her to cum.

"Just because you've had an orgasm, doesn't mean that you can stop climbing the steps, slut," Calista jerks the leash and smiles as Sarah screams in sweet agony. Another climax claims Sarah's sweaty body as she climbs the stairs, feeling tremors of joy and pain shoot through her body. Calista brings her into the Dungeon and shuts the door. She pulls Sarah to the center of the room, under a spotlight, and drops the leash to the floor, still clamped to her clit. Tears flow from Sarah's eyes as her orgasm subsides. Kneeling on the floor in front of Calista, she clasps her hands to her breasts, holding them out, squeezing them together and holds her nipples with her teeth.

"You may stop masturbating and holding your nipples with your teeth," her Mistress says. Groaning deeply, Sarah quickly lets go of her breasts, dropping her hands down onto her thighs, keeping them spread, just kneeling and panting softly. Calista kneels in front of Sarah and embraces her, kissing her sweet lips. She reaches under Sarah's pussy, gathers her cream to wipe it heavily over her nipples and lets Sarah lick it off. Slave Sarah manages to smile and greedily lowers her head to lap her own cream coating her Mistress's nipples. As Sarah licks her cunt cream from Calista's nipples, her Mistress fastens restraints to both her wrists and locks them together. Lowering an overhead chain, Calista securely fastens Sarah's wrists to the chain. The slave groans softly, but continues lapping the cunt cream from her Mistress's nipples. Calista activates the chains motor to pull Sarah upright on her feet until her arms are securely over her head. The toe loops pull savagely at Sarah's sweet cuntlips as she is forced to stand. Sarah screams, her cuntlips lips stretching painfully. Spreading Sarah's legs wide, Calista pulls the toe cords harshly to restrain her ankles to shackles bolted to the floor. Sarah sobs in pain as she hangs limply from her chains. Her Mistress moves to her Implements and Toys table, to select a plastic squeeze bottle of honey. Groaning, Sarah tries not to move her toes, feeling the pressure building as her cuntlips are stretched.

Returning, Calista kisses her slave again, licking some of her cream from Sarah's lips and chin. Slave Sarah passionately returns the kiss probing her Mistress's mouth to suck at her tongue. Calista squeezes honey all over Sarah's clit, cuntlips, and deep into her cunt. Finally, she squeezes the last of the honey on Sarah's tits and nipples. Calista opens the rear door of the Dungeon and calls out to Cathy to come in. The female slave girl quickly moves into the Dungeon and kneels at Calista's feet, waiting for a command. Sarah sees Cathy, and closes her eyes to suffer the humiliation of another person seeing her situation.

Calista sets up a video camera and turns it on. Sarah looks at a huge TV projection screen light up, showing her chained securely and Cathy eagerly waiting to lick up the honey. Mistress nods, giving Cathy permission to lick up the honey. Seeing the slave girl come closer, Sarah groans and moans loudly anticipating the shame of a strangers tongue. The slave girl bends over Sarah's belly and begins to lick the honey from her tits. Sarah moans delightfully as this new tongue licks her nipples. In just a few moments, Cathy cleans her tits and nipples of honey then, licks up the drops and rivulets from her belly and abdomen. Slave Sarah moans loudly, wiggling her hips as the girl's tongue moves, feeling her nether lips stretch, quiver and hurt from every movement she makes. Finally, Cathy flicks her tongue on Sarah's clit, still clamped, and licks it for a bit, then starts to lick her cuntlips, the inner folds of her cunt, and probes deep inside to gather the honey and creamy cunt nectar.

"You may cum as you wish, sweet bitch, Sarah," Mistress Calista tells her. Groaning and smiling she thanks her Mistress, and shudders through another orgasm, yelping and crying as the slave brings her to this welcomed state of pleasure. Sarah, reveling in the wonderful tongue pleasuring, her sees a male slave enter the Dungeon displaying a massive hard-on. He stops behind Cathy and slowly slides his lubed cock into Cathy's cunt and begins to fuck her from behind as she eats Sarah. The bound slave groans in pleasure, cumming several times, as her juices pouring out endlessly into Cathy's mouth. The slave girl moans welcoming the huge dick in her cunt and happily licks Sarah's creamy sudsy juices. Mistress Calista pours herself a cool glass of wine and sits down to watch Sarah, Cathy and the male slave. After a few minutes, the male slave stiffens and cries out as he empties his balls of cum deep within Cathy's cunt. She whines with pleasure pushing her tongue even deeper into the Sarah's cunt. Sarah writhes and wriggles about, feeling her lips throb as they stretch, looking at her Mistress with eyes glazed over, the pleasure and pain nearly too much for her to take.

"Enough," Mistress Calista commands Cathy and she reluctantly steps away to stand, whimpering and watching Sarah. Calista nods to the male slave and he places a step stool in front of Sarah. He steps upon it until his cum covered cock is level with Sarah's face. "Clean his cock, Sarah," Calista commands. Hanging limp in her bondage, moaning as the dildo keeps fucking her ass, her body is numb, sore and throbbing. She groans, but opens her mouth, letting the cock slip inside, using her tongue to clean it thoroughly. " Swallow that thick salty cum from his cock, bitch," Calista commands her. Slave Sarah grudgingly complies, swallowing all of it. "That's a good little slave bitch. How do you like it, slut?"

Sarah enthusiastically says, "It's yummy, Mistress."

Mistress Calista selects a braided leather buggy whip and places it nearby as she lowers Sarah's upper body until her head is nearly three feet from the floor. "What do you think your Mistress has in store for you now, sweet Sarah?" Sarah moans and softly whimpers expecting a thrashing from the buggy whip.

"You're slave needs to be thrashed, Mistress," Sarah responds softly.

The male slaves cock has hardened again after watching Sarah lick and clean his cum from his cock. Groaning, Sarah hangs limply from her restraints, looking up at her Mistress with cum splattered on her face, coating her lips. The male slave places his cock in Sarah's mouth. "Suck him off, Sarah," Mistress Calista orders her.

"Ooo, yes, Ma'am," she opens to take the cock into her mouth and suck it. As she sucks his cock, Calista releases the clamps from Sarah's nipples and cuntlips. Sarah cries out as the blood painfully returns to her nipples and cuntlips. She sucks hungrily on the male slaves' cock, feeling another orgasm sweep through her body. Mistress Calista moves behind Sarah, grabs the butt plug and rips it out of her ass. Sarah screams with pain and relief as the butt plug plops out. The male slave has remarkable control over his cock and he keeps fucking her mouth without any indication of cumming. As Sarah sucks his cock, another male slave enters from the back door. He is huge, black and sporting a massive hard-on. The black slave lies down under Sarah. Calista lowers her body down so that Sarah's cunt is touching his cockhead. Sarah groans again, feeling the new cock touch her cunt, while the other is still deep in her throat. The slave beneath her places his cockhead between Sarah's sweet, sore and aching cuntlips. In a single upward thrust his massive cock enters deep into her pussy as the slave girl sighs with delight.

Calista lowers Sarah until her knees rest on the floor, and she can raise and lower her cunt to fuck the huge cock. She groans, but lays limp in her bonds, without enough energy to move as she continues to suck one cock while feeling another cock slide into her, thrusting deep inside her cunt. Sarah looks at the large rear projection TV, to watch herself, sucking cock and being fucked in her cunt. Her eyes open wide watching herself on the TV, but she is too entrenched in her situation to care anymore, her humiliation is complete. Sarah sees another male slave walk into the Dungeon. "Come here," Calista calls to him. He kneels at Calista's wet pussy and she allows him lick her until she shudders in orgasm. Calista leads him by his collar, to Sarah's ass. Sarah moans with anticipation while Calista holds the new slave's massive cock to guide it into Sarah's asshole. The male slave has little difficulty shoving his long cock deep into her asshole in its already loosened state. Slave Sarah moans as Brutus's cock buries itself within her. Feeling the three cocks plunging into her, relentlessly, brings on another wave of delightful orgasms to her sore and battered body. With all of Sarah's holes filled with cocks, Calista sits down to enjoy the show. She picks up her cell phone to call to some guests to come and watch.

In a few minutes a group of twelve couples enter the Dungeon. They are dressed in evening gowns and tuxedos, attending a party in another part of Calista's estate. They eagerly pull up chairs to watch Sarah getting fucked in her mouth, cunt and ass. Sarah revels in the wonderful sensations in her cunt and pussy. Several of the guests snap photos of Sarah and her 'lovers'.

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