tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 11

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 11


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Calista waited for her next appointment sitting by the window sipping her glass of Chablis. This was another new client recommended by a male Dominant friend that discovered that she coveted serving a Mistress. Calista had agreed to provide at least one session and if it proved fruitful, more could follow. Her name was Josie and she was very much in to submission. Mistress saw a car approaching the house from the long entrance road to her estate. The car stopped at the side entrance, which was the entrance to the Tower Dungeon entryway. Calista noted that Josie followed instructions well, having been told to park near the side entrance.

A lovely girl, well built and tall exited the car and walked cautiously toward the side entrance. She wore mid-thigh shorts and a tee shirt without a bra. Her breasts swayed rhythmically as she walked and her nipples formed little mounds on the tee shirt, pushing the cloth out dramatically. The doorbell rang and Calista put her wine glass down and moved to the side entrance door, opening it. "Mistress Calista?" the girl asked timidly.

"Yes, I'm Mistress Calista."

"I'm Josie, Ma'am," she said nervously.

Calista smiled warmly at her and said, "Welcome to my Dungeon, slave Josie."

"Thank you Ma'am. Permission to enter, please?" Josie asked with an uneasy smile.

"Yes, Josie, you may enter, but first strip naked out there and crawl in to kneel before me," Mistress Calista instructed her.

Josie pulled off the tightly fitting white baby tee over her head and shook out her hair. She hooked her thumbs in her shorts and thong, pushed them over her hips to let them fall to the stone steps, around her ankles. The girl steeped out of her skirt and panties, dropped to her hands and knees and crawled into the entryway. She sat on her haunches, spread her thighs wide and placed her hands behind her head. Mistress Calista sat in her chair and looked over her new client. Her shoulder length brown hair lay softly on her smooth shoulders. She had deep brown eyes, was taller and slimmer than Calista with well developed breasts, shaped as soft cones with no hint of sagging and topped with hard erect nipples. Calista judged her lovely breasts to be in the C cup category. Josie's pussy was shaved smooth, and her body firm with an ass to match.

Mistress Calista removed her silk cloak to reveal her nakedness. Josie was immediately captivated by Mistress's beauty and breathed deeply. Mistress Calista smiled and licked her lips, "Ummm, you look simply delicious, sweet Josie," she told her. Josie blushed and cast her gaze at the floor. Mistress Calista walked around Josie's kneeling body to examine her carefully. Calista dropped to her knees behind Josie and rubbed her nipples against her slave girls' naked back. Josie moaned softly and pressed back slightly against Calista's hard nipples. Mistress Calista pushed her hair to one side and kissed her soft shoulders, licked her neck and suckled her earlobe. Josie tilted her head, moaned and whimpered as she felt Calista kiss and lick her neck, shoulder and earlobe.

Gently, Calista tilted Josie's head back, turned her face toward her and kissed her passionately on her mouth. Josie felt Calista's lips, opened her mouth to receive her tongue, and began to suck eagerly on Calista's tongue. Calista's hands cupped Josie's breasts to knead them tenderly as her thumbs rubbed her hard nipples. Mistress gently pulled Josie's nipples out with her thumbs and forefingers, rolling them. Josie arched her back and writhed in response to Mistress's touch. Calista kissed her mouth again, sought out Josie's tongue and pulled harshly on her nipples pinching, pulling and twisting them. Josie's breathing quickened, almost panting, and she whimpered softly into her Mistress's kiss.

Mistress Calista stood up behind Josie, spread her legs and straddled the slave's face, pulling her mouth to her sopping wet cunt. Josie began to lick Mistress's juices oozing from between her swollen cuntlips. As Josie licked and sucked her cunt, Calista buckled a collar around Josie's neck securely, while moaning from the delicious movement of Josie's tongue. Josie plunged her tongue into Mistress's wet treasure, comforted by the wide collar just placed around her neck. Calista gently raised Josie's arms up to place restraints on her wrists, locked them together and fastened her wrists to a ring on her collar. Mistress Calista breathing became labored and her body quivered from Josie's expert tonguing.

Josie groaned like an animal in heat, feeling herself captured by the intoxicating scent and nectar oozing from Mistress Calista's cunt. Josie plunged her tongue past Mistress's clit, darting to and fro, into every little crevice as Calista felt her orgasm building within her. Suddenly, Calista stiffened, cried out and shuddered through a massive orgasm. Her knees weakened and she grasped Josie's shoulders to keep from falling as she shuddered through another cum. Cunt nectar squirted all over Josie, cascading over her face and mouth, as yet again Calista shuddered in orgasm. Josie lapped up her Mistress's juices, not letting even one drop of her sweetness escape. Capturing Mistress's clit in her lips, she slowly moved her lips back and forth on the sensitive long clit.

"Ohhhh God, that was wonderful, sweet slave girl, a simply splendid cum." Calista trembled again as another orgasm ripped through her body. Josie looked up at her Mistress eyes, begging for more as the slave girl moved her head back and forth faster, pulling and tugging at Calista's swollen clit. Mistress Calista stepped back to move in front of Josie, kneeled and embraced her sweet slave girl, kissed her tenderly and tasted her juices on Josie's tongue. Calista stood up and selected a short silver chain with a clamp on each end. Josie watched Mistress's every movement as Calista looked down at her face, glistening with her cum, and smiled wickedly. Josie cast her eyes to the floor, to look away from Calista's beauty. Mistress Calista kneeled again, to take Josie's nipple in her mouth to lick and suck it. Josie groaned feeling her own juices begin to flow. Calista bit her nipple harshly, pulled it away from her tit as far as it would go and secured a clamp tightly on her nipple. She left the tip of the clamped nipple exposed so her Mistress could lick it if she chose. Calista did the same to the other nipple. Josie felt her back arch, felt her nipples pinched painfully as she groaned a deep guttural groan. Mistress Calista connected a leash to Josie's nipple chain and pulled her to her feet by the nipples. Josie screeched and cried, fearing her nipples would be pulled off.

"Now, sweet one, we shall climb the stone steps to my tower dungeon," Mistress Calista informed her slave. Josie followed Mistress up the steps, not knowing what awaited her there. Pulling her by her nipples Calista led Josie to the staircase and began to ascend the steps, jerking the chain every so often to increase Josie's 'pleasure'. Josie sobbed and whimpered with each pull of the chain as she climbed the cold hard steps. They reached the top and Calista pulled her into the Dungeon. It was dimly lit, except for a spotlight that beamed on a platform in the center of the Dungeon. Calista pulled Josie onto the platform to stand under an overhead chain. Josie looked up and a sudden fear coursed through her body.

Calista fastened the overhead chain to Josie's wrists and pulled her arms up over her head. Josie tried to resist, but her efforts were futile. She felt totally helpless, as her body was exposed and vulnerable. Calista licked each exposed nipple tip and kneeled to place her slave's left ankle in a shackle bolted to the floor. Josie moaned, as her wet nipples cooled in the air. Mistress Calista lowered another chain from the ceiling, with a shackle attached, to shackle Josie's right ankle to the chain and lifted her leg until it was parallel to the floor. "Now you are totally helpless and vulnerable to my whims with your cunt, clit, ass and asshole exposed," Calista told a terrified Josie.

"Oh God," Josie begged, "Mistress, please don't hurt me, Ma'am." Calista ignored her pleas, rubbed her fingers over Josie's smooth pussy and kissed her lips again. Josie felt her juices run down her leg, as she felt Calista's fingers caress her swollen cuntlips. Mistress kneeled to lick Josie's outer cuntlips up one side and down the other. Josie's cunt was very wet and her juices ran down her left thigh. Calista licked Josie's clit, gently bit it, pulled it with her teeth and licked its tip. Josie threw her head back in ecstasy, trying to press her hips forward into Calista's mouth, but could not. Mistress Calista licked her way around to Josie's lovely asscheeks to slather both asscheeks with her saliva, nipping and biting at the lovely asscheeks. Josie's breathing quickened even more, shamelessly she panted like a doggie bitch in heat. Calista spread Josie's asscheeks, revealing her rosy, puckered and tight little asshole. She drew her tongue through the cleft of Josie's asscrack, to pause at her asshole to lick it. Josie groaned deeply, feeling Mistress's tongue ream her asshole. Pushing her tongue hard against Josie's asshole, Calista's tongue gained entrance and she tongue fucked her asshole for a few moments.

Josie twisted her head from side to side, as the wide collar inhibited her movement. Finally, Calista stood up to move to her 'Implements' and 'Toys' table. Josie watched in fear as her Mistress selected a leather strap two inches wide and returned to her bound slave. Josie trembled at the sight of the evil looking leather strap and looked to her Mistress for courage. "Ten harsh strokes to each asscheek and to each of your inner thighs, where the flesh is soft and tender," Calista told her as Josie nearly swooned. Mistress Calista moved behind Josie, paused several seconds to increase her anxiety then, without warning, delivered the first stinging, burning stroke to her asscheeks.

Josie screamed and wailed with each stroke, trying to twist away from the strap, but could not. She felt her flesh burn as the strap punished her sensitive ass flesh. Mistress Calista pummeled her asscheeks relentlessly, taking pleasure and amusement from Josie's screams and wails. Josie moaned loudly between strokes and screamed each time the strap struck her flesh. Calista paused to kiss Josie's mouth again, tasting her salty tears as they rolled down her cheeks. Josie felt as though her body was on the edge of convulsing, with pain and terror. Positioning herself to reward Josie with strokes to her inner thighs, Calista brutally strapped them hard. "Your thighs are turning to the same shade of crimson as your asscheeks, sweet Josie," Calista said, feeling the heat rise from her thighs each time she struck them.

Josie tried harder to twist away, but could not. Her head twisted back and forth as tears streamed down her face. Finally, Calista reached the desired count and she paused. Calista hung the strap on Josie's nipple chain, by a little hook built into the handle of the strap for that purpose. Josie, hung limply from her chains crying, spirit broken, with her flesh seared by her Mistress. Josie, her eyes downcast, whimpered and groaned as the heavy strap pulled on the nipple chain. Mistress Calista smiled at her slave as she poured herself a cool glass of Chablis. Sipping it slowly she moved to stand in front of Josie to watch her sob, moan, and whimper. Josie's body was so close to cumming, so close to convulsive orgasm as she trembled with arousal.

Mistress Calista dipped each of her titties in the wine and offered her tits to Josie to lick clean of wine. Hungrily the slave girl licked each of Mistress's titties, the wine soothing her parched throat. Josie licked Calista's nipples in long slow circles as her Mistress moaned with pleasure. Calista put down the wine glass, as Josie moaned from tonguing her Mistress's nipples and titties, capturing each drop of wine. Mistress Calista took up the strap again and rubbed Josie's sweet little cunnie with the strap. Josie felt the strap on her cunt and tried to rub the strap across her swollen and engorged clit.

Mistress Calista took careful aim at Josie's exposed, vulnerable pussy and delivered a vicious blow to her cunt. Josie's juices splattered from the force of the blow and she screamed unceasingly, feeling the horrible shock rumble throughout her body. Screaming and wailing, Josie pleaded for Mistress to stop, but Calista struck savagely again and again at her slave girl's shaved pussy, turning it as crimson as her asscheeks and thighs. "Please Ma'am, anything…please…I will do anything for you to stop," Josie cried in a low muffled and broken voice.

"You will do anything that I desire anyway, slut! After all, how can you stop me?" Mistress Calista mocked Josie. "There, I have reached the desired count," she informed Josie, putting down the strap as she moved to her table again. Josie's cunt, asscheeks and inner thighs burned like they were on fire. The strap had done its job well, as Josie's wails proved the point. Josie's tears flowed down her face dripping onto her titties. She hung limp from her chains, helpless and vulnerable to Mistress Calista's whims. Calista returns from her table with two strips of duct tape. She placed the tape on Josie's burning asscheeks and pulled her asscheek to spread it then taped it to her thigh. Calista did the same to the other asscheek, exposing her vulnerable rosebud.

Calista selected a strong thick rubber band with a knot on one end. Josie watched her Mistress through her tears, wondering what evil scheme she had for the rubber band. Placing the tip of the rubber band on Josie's asshole, Calista pulled the knotted end and stretched the rubber band. Josie felt pressure on her asshole but didn't understand what Calista had in store for her. When she could no longer stretch the rubber band, Calista released it. The knot viciously and painfully struck Josie's tender asshole! Josie jerked and screamed as hot searing pain ripped through her asshole. As Josie screamed and wailed, Calista pulled the rubber band back again, releasing it to strike her asshole again. Josie pleaded with her Mistress, "Please…please Mistress…I'm so close…please, I'm begging you…please let me cum." Calista ignored Josie's pleas and continued to torment her asshole through several snaps of the rubber band until she hung limp from her chains, sobbing uncontrollably. Josie, her ass on fire, cunt burning, hung pleading, "Please…please…Mistress," she cried to Calista for relief.

"You may not cum, yet, bitch!" Calista reminded her slave. Calista released Josie's leg from the chain, as Josie's salty sweat rolled down her body in torrents. The slave girl quickly closed her legs together to protect the hot sensitive flesh of her pussy and ass from further punishment. Calista unshackled Josie's ankle and removed her nipple clamps. She sucked and licked at Josie's nipples, soothing them as the blood painfully rushed back into them. Josie groaned like an animal from the aches and soreness in her body. Calista unbuckled and removed her collar, released her wrist restraints and placed an arm under her slave to prevent her from falling.

Josie felt her body shake and tremble as she crumbled into her Mistress's loving arms. Mistress Calista helped Josie to a bed in the corner of the Dungeon and laid her down on her back. Josie moaned thankfully as the cool sheets touched her sensitive body. Calista placed pillows under her head and more pillows under her hips. Josie writhed blissfully from the coolness of the sheets on her sore ass. Calista climbed on the bed to straddle Josie's head, facing her and placed her pink, sopping wet cunt to her mouth, "Lick my pussy, slut cunt," she ordered her slave.

Josie plunged her tongue into her Mistress's cunt. She licked, sucked and lapped the ever so puffy lips, driving her tongue deep into Calista again and again. Mistress Calista moaned with pleasure as Josie serviced and worshiped her cunt and clit. Calista pulled at her own nipples, enhancing the pleasure she felt in her cunt. Josie reached behind Mistress and pressed a finger to her asshole. Mistress Calista groaned blissfully, feeling her orgasm begin to gather. She rose up and turned around into a sixty-nine position and drove her face into Josie's burning, stinging and wet cunt. Josie moaned, as she felt Calista's tongue then licked every crevice in her Mistress's cunt and the tip of her clit.

Calista's tongue probed Josie's sweet pussy as her slave captured Mistress's long clit in her lips and sucked it like a miniature cock. Josie flicked the tip back and forth with her tongue then drove deep into Calista's pussy, lapped her nectar and swallowed it. Mistress Calista moaned with pleasure, flicked her tongue over Josie's clit several times sucked it into her mouth to suckle it as though it was a nipple. Mistress Calista felt her orgasm about to explode and she cried out to Josie, "Cum with me, little slave girl, cum with me!" Josie's orgasm was so close that she erupted in orgasm as soon as she heard her Mistress's words. She shook her head from side to side, and screamed as her long denied orgasm consumed her.

Mistress Calista burst into a mind numbing orgasm her body shuddered and writhed with pleasure as she squirted her cunt cum over Josie's face and mouth. Again and again Calista came hard as she felt Josie's orgasm release, her cunt muscles clenching Calista's tongue as she orgasmed. Calista pulled Josie legs up and pushed her cum coated finger in her asshole as both women came hard again. Josie spread Mistress Calista's cunt lips wide and pushed two fingers into her cunt, next to her tongue. Calista, exhausted and spent from a near perpetual orgasm, lay limp on Josie's body as she tried to recover from the intensity of her cumming.

Josie raised her hips off the pillow pushed harder into her Mistress as her body convulsed with her orgasm. As Mistress Calista regained her senses, she rose and turned around to seek Josie's cum covered lips, kissed her deeply and exchanged their cum juices. Josie hungrily returned the kiss passionately. Calista kissed her again and again then licked the salty sweat from Josie's body and tits. Calista climbed out of bed and ran to her table. Josie moaned, almost purring, her body still shaking, whispered, "Oh no, Mistress, please don't go." Calista quickly returned with a double-headed dildo, eighteen inches long and two inches thick.

Josie saw the lovely present Mistress had brought and her eyes lit up as she smiled at her. At the center of the dildo was a device to vibrate their clits as they fucked the dildo. Calista slipped the fake cock into Josie's sweet pussy until the clit device was snuggly positioned on her clit. Josie watched as Calista pushed herself closer and she ground her hips to meet her. Mistress fitted the other end of the dildo into her cunt as their cuntlips touched. "Oh God…just to feel your cuntlips next to mine…" Josie words trailed off as she groaned again, passion building deep within her. Calista lay down as her pussy touched Josie's and slipped the fake cock deep into her own throbbing pussy, clits meeting and the dildo firmly seated.

Josie threw her head back, felt their cuntlips and clits slide over each other. Mistress Calista began to fuck Josie and herself at the same time, encouraging her slave to fuck her back. Calista turned on the clit vibrator and threw her head back in ecstasy, as the dildo fucked them toward another orgasm. Mistress writhed, jerked and fucked Josie, calling out her name and her love for Josie as they fucked. The slave girl's hips jerked up again and again, thrusting the dildo deep into her Mistress's pussy. "Oh God," Josie cried out, "I'm cumming Mistress…I'm cumming," she began to convulse and spasm as she was embraced in the throes of a massive orgasm.

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