tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 16

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 16


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Calista opened the letter from Montreal. It was from a couple she had met last year on her vacation. They met at a conference of several BDSM Societies from Canada and The USA. They were seated at the same table as Calista at the opening breakfast and again at the closing banquet. They hit it off right away and had several discussions about the lifestyle and its various subdivisions as practiced by different Dominants and submissives. Their names were Joan and Melvin, he preferred Mel. Both were in their early twenties and had played bondage games, with light spankings some nipple torments at home. They had learned about the BDSM conference and, although novices, decided to attend.

Following their return home they wanted to delve deeper into the lifestyle. They had consulted various Dominants in the Montreal area, but were fearful to submit to someone they didn't know at all. Joan had saved Calista's card and they decided to contact her when they went on their Florida vacation. The letter said that they would be in the vicinity of Calista's home this coming week and wanted to stop and visit. Since they were already on the road, the letter said they would call Calista when they were close for an answer. Closing the letter Calista folded it and put back in the envelope.

She consulted her schedule and saw that she had time to entertain a visit on Sunday next. Calista made a mental note to leave that time period open in case the couple called her. A few days passed and Calista was summoned by Bruno to answer a phone call. "It's a couple from Montreal, Mistress. They said they had written you and you were expecting their call," Bruno reported. Calista nodded and accepted the phone from her butler.

"Hello," Calista spoke into the phone.

"Hello, Mistress Calista it's Mel and Joan…from Montreal," a male voice said.

"Ah, yes, I received your letter. It was nice to hear from you again," Calista replied. Mel told her that they are within fifty miles of her home and could stop by in about an hour, if was convenient for her. "Of course," Calista said, "but I will only have about an hour before I have to attend to a client."

"That's fine, Ma'am, we understand. We would like to talk for a bit on becoming clients of yours, Ma'am," Mel told her. Calista smiled and said she would expect them in an hour, hanging up the phone. Calista told Bruno to expect two for coffee within the hour. She went upstairs to shower and prepare for the couples visit. She decided to wear the white soft leather net Domina outfit she had received for her birthday. For all practical purposes she would still be nearly naked with her breasts, pussy and ass, all totally exposed. She chose white patent leather pumps with heels four inches high and fastened her new flogger to a ring on the outfit's waist. She would dress as a proper Domina for the couples first visit as they probably expected it.

Calista waited in her drawing room, sipping coffee and wearing her cloak over her white Domina outfit. She saw a black Mercedes Benz limousine pull up to the entrance. A chauffer opened the door and helped the young couple out of the limo. Mel and Joan were dressed in jeans and casual tops for traveling and seemed very excited. The doorbell rang and Bruno answered the door, showing the young couple into the drawing room. Calista sat on a high backed upholstered armchair looking much like a queen on her royal throne. She rose to greet them both with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and asked them to sit down in chairs near her.

"Mistress," Mel began, "we know that you are very busy. We don't want to waste your time, so I'll cut to the chase, Ma'am." Mel explained what they encountered in Montreal and how they believed that she was the one that they trusted enough to introduce them into the lifestyle. Calista listened quietly as Mel explained that they were vacationing to Florida, but wished they could stop back here at Calista's home on their way back in three weeks. Joan looked eager to support her husbands' desire to enter the lifestyle as submissives, and nodded to everything Mel was telling Calista.

When Mel finished, Calista purposely let her cloak part enough for her guests to see that she was practically naked. Joan blushed and Mel swallowed hard as their eyes were riveted on Calista's breasts and shaved pussy. "First, Mel and Joan, you should not call me Mistress, because until you both participate in a session, you are not my submissives or slaves," she advised them. "When, and if I accept you as submissives and entertain you with a session, then you may call me Mistress," she continued. "You must understand that I do this not only to satisfy your cravings, but as a vocation for me. There will be a fee, of course and scheduled sessions as decided by me. Of course I try to work within your schedule, if it is possible."

Mel spoke up that the fee was not a problem and neither was the schedule. They would conform to Calista's schedule and accede to her financial terms. Calista smiled, nodded then continued, "Understand that there is only one word that describes your participation. That word is obedience. Absolute obedience at all times and to all commands, orders or demands," Calista told them. "I shall provide you both with equal measures of domination, pleasure, humiliation and sweet pain." She explained the 'safe word' protection that they will have in case that the training was more than they felt they could endure. "Remember, if you use the safe word, everything stops and you will not be trained by me any further. You will be released and no longer be my submissives nor clients."

During the visit, Calista allowed her cloak to open more and more, showing them what further pleasures were in store for them. Both Mel and Joan were visibly aroused by Calista's words and casual display of her nearly nude body. The bulge in Mel's pants was large. Calista was thinking that it would be interesting see it first hand, but all in due time. Joan's breathing was heavier than when she first arrived and Calista would bet a years income that her panties were wet. She would have won handily. All other protocols were discussed and a date scheduled for their return in three weeks. As a Grand Display, Calista stood up and allowed her cloak to fall to the floor. Neither of her guests could take their eyes from Calista's body as she walked them to the door.

After they had left, Bruno came in to collect the coffee service with a wide grin on his face. "And what is that grin for, slave Bruno?" Calista asked, feigning annoyance.

"Naughty, naughty, Mistress," Bruno laughed as he held up her cloak for her to slip into. Calista, joined him in laughter, she knew she had acted like a tart, as her guests were leaving, but the effect was complete, on their eager minds.

Time seemed to fly for Calista when she finally realized that Mel and Joan were due for their first session that afternoon and evening. At the appointed time the black Mercedes Benz limousine pulled up to the Tower Dungeon entrance. Mel and Joan got out and the limo drove away. The young couple removed their clothes and stood naked at the door. They knocked and Bruno opened the door as both kneeled and crawled into the entryway. Joan blushed with shame at being naked in front of Bruno and Mel was uneasy as well. Bruno told them to kneel with thighs spread wide, chests pushed out, eyes looking at the floor and hands behind their heads. Both complied, but Joan had a tear in her eye as she saw Bruno looking at her breasts and pussy.

The two submissives heard high heels clicking on the floor, getting closer, when Calista strode into the room engulfed in her cloak. "Look up at me." She ordered. Both submissives' heads came up and Calista dropped her cloak to stand naked. They both gasped slightly, to see their Mistress totally nude wearing only her high heels. "Welcome to my Dungeon, slaves," Calista said as she walked around examining their naked bodies. Mel was over six feet in height, she judged, tanned all over, and displayed a large uncircumcised hard-on at least seven plus inches long and thick. His balls were large and hung down nearly touching the floor as he knelt on his haunches. He was well built, although not particularly muscular. Mel was blond with trimmed pubic hair.

Joan was solidly built, also full tanned without any tan lines. Her breasts were full and rounded, about a D cup, Calista judged. She had large areolas and hard erect nipples that proudly stood out nearly half an inch. Joan was also blonde with long hair to her shoulders and a neatly trimmed blonde bush. Nestled low underneath her bush was her moist little treasure. Her asscheeks were full and Calista itched to give them the 'pleasure' they deserved. Calista moved in front of them and stood with her legs apart.

"Slave Mel, crawl to me and lick my wet pussy. Slave Joan you may stand and gently rub my nipples," Calista ordered them. Mistress Calista moaned as Mel's tongue touched her pussy. "You do that well, slut," she sighed, "Mmmm, I love your breasts, Joan, rub your nipples against mine, sweet Joanie cunt." Calista placed a collar around Mel's neck and secured it as he ate his Mistress's cunt. Calista turned to place a collar on Joan as she rubbed nipples with her Mistress.

"May I speak, Mistress?" Joan meekly asked. Calista nodded and Joan continued, "I really like… I mean…I love strap-ons, Mistress," she stammered unsure how her words would be received.

"Fear not, sweet Joanie, you shall have much more than just strap ons to concern yourself with, dear slut!" Calista rejoined as she placed wrist restraints on both of them and locked each of their wrists together. Mistress Calista fastened Mel's wrist restraints to an overhead chain and pulled him to his feet with his arms stretched over his head. Mel's face showed obvious concern, as he did not expect to be chained. As Mel stood chained to the overhead chain rail, Calista commanded slave Joan to lick her pussy. Joan happily dropped to her knees to do as she was commanded. Joan licked and nuzzled Calista's sopping wet cunt, while her wrists were fastened to another overhead chain. Calista pulled Joan to her feet with her arms over her head, facing Mel.

Calista activated the chains motor and the chain moved along an overhead rail, lifting and pulling the suspended slaves up the stone steps towards the Tower Dungeon. Calista used a paddle whip to lightly slap at her slaves asses as she walked up the steps behind them. When they reached the top, Calista opened the heavy oak door and they moved along the rail into the Dungeon. They stopped over an elevated platform and Calista lowered their feet to the floor. She secured the overhead chains and walked around them to examine them again. Satisfied she watched as the slave couple looked at one another with great anxiety.

Calista smiled as both slaves trembled with arousal and anticipation. Calista kneeled to fondle Mel's rock hard cock and Joan's pussy, as a live in female slave fastened spreader bars to their ankles. Mel's cock was oozing thick clear pre-cum and Joan's pussy juices were coating her inner thighs. "Now you are both fully chained, legs spread wide open, helpless, exposed and vulnerable to my whims and perversions," Calista wickedly told her trembling slaves. She knelt between the slaves reaching to gently rub Joan's clit, watching it exit its hood, begging for attention. Calista grasped Mel's balls with her other hand to cup them and measure their heft as she fondled them. "Do as you like with us, Mistress Calista," Joan sighed to her Domina.

"Yes, I will…whether you like it or not…I will have my perverted way with both of you," Calista responded haughtily. Mel moaned with pleasure as Calista continued to play with his balls. Joan's clit stood swollen and engorged. Trapping Joan's clit between her cuntlips with her fingers, Calista began to roll it, rubbing her cuntlips up and down on the sensitive nub. As she played with Joan's clit, Calista licked Mel's cockhead all about. Mel's cockhole oozed large wads of thick clear pre-cum. Calista scooped it onto her finger, tasted it and wiped her finger on Mel's lips. The slave eagerly licked his pre-cum into his mouth to swallow it.

Calista drenched her fingers in her slave girl's wet cunt juices and tasted those too, then offered her fingers to Joan to lick clean. Calista moved to her Implements and Toys table, to select two Y chains with alligator clips on both ends of the chains. Mistress began to lick and suck Joan's nipples, licking and sucking one nipple while rolling, pulling, pinching and tweaking the other one with her thumb and forefinger. Calista switched nipples and continued to 'torment' the slave girl's nipples.

Joan, moaning with desire, implored her Mistress to play with her pussy and let her cum. Calista smiled and shook her head while silently mouthing the word 'no'. She placed a Y chain on Joan's neck so the center of the Y was behind her neck. The two ends with the alligator clips hung down toward her nipples. The long end of the Y chain hung behind her, tapping at her lovely asscrack. Mistress Calista pulled an alligator clip on the chain to the nipple she sucked. She bit Joan's nipple hard and pulled it out with her teeth as far as it would go then painfully clamped it securely. Joan screamed in pain as the metal teeth of the alligator clip dug into her nipple flesh.

The other end of the Y chain rested on the top portion of Joan's other breast. Mistress Calista lifted the slave girl's breast up, biting and pulling the nipple out to clamp it too. Joan screamed again as the pain tortured both nipples. The clamps pulled hard at Joan's nipples as they were harshly pulled upward by the clamps on the chain. "Now, sweet slave girl, the weight of your tits and gravity, will give you much 'pleasure' and pain in your nipples and breasts, darling," Calista mocked her. Joan howled from the pain as tears roll down her cheeks to drip onto her tits.

Calista licked the salty tears from the slave girl's tits greedily. Turning to Mel, Calista pulled his nipples out as far as they would go, squeezing and twisting them savagely. She clamped his nipples too, letting the long end of the Y chain hang down to tap on his cockhead. His screams filled the Dungeon when the metal teeth bit down into his nipples. Mistress Calista clasped Joan by her cheeks and kissed her passionately as she played with her sopping wet clit and cunt.

"Now slaves, I want you to 'enjoy' a little more 'pleasure'," she chided them. Both slaves, sobbing and whimpering, begged Calista to stop, but neither used their safe word. Ignoring their pleas, Mistress Calista grabbed the end of the Y chain hanging behind Joan and pulled it through her asscrack and legs then between her cuntlips. The chain links rubbed hard on her asshole and inner cunt. Kneeling, Calista suckled Joan's clit until it was fully erect, brought the alligator clip to her clit and clamped it cruelly. Joan screamed, squirmed and sobbed from the pleasure/pain at her clit and nipples.

Calista turned her attentions to Mel. Kneeling, Mistress Calista licked his cockhead to get it as hard as possible. Mel moaned with pleasure as his Mistress's velvety tongue glided all over his throbbing cockhead. Calista squeezed his cockhead until his cockhole opened and she thrust one jaw of the alligator clip into his cockhole, allowing the other jaw to snap shut. Mel screamed in horrid pain as the metal teeth of the alligator clips dug into his cockhead and urethra giving him extreme pain. Tears welled up in his eyes and rolled down his cheeks as he wailed and cried from the 'pleasure'. Both slaves writhed and sobbed in their chains while their pain gripped them in severe agony.

Joan and Mel cried out that the pain was too much. Mel cursed and shouted that he could take no more, but secretly relished the pain, refusing to use his safe word. The slaves hung limply from their chains, screaming, writhing, twitching and occasionally thrashing about. Mistress Calista placed a short stepladder between her slaves and stood upon it. Holding her slave's overhead chains with her hands to steady herself, she ordered Mel to lick her asshole and tongue fuck it. Joan was commanded to suck and lick her Mistress's sopping wet cunt and clit. Calista felt her orgasm rising as Mel shoved his tongue into her asshole while Joan suckled her clit and cunt.

Calista released her hold on the chains to grab her slaves' heads, pulling them into her ass and pussy as they ate out both of her holes. She moaned as her two slaves tongued both of her fuck holes. Eagerly working hard at pleasing their wonderfully cruel Mistress, Joan and Mel moaned with delight telling Calista that she tasted so very good. Their Mistress laid her head back and closed her eyes while her two slaves quickly drove her toward the edge. Groaning, Calista pulled hard at her nipples, as she approached orgasm. Suddenly, Mistress Calista screamed, convulsed and exploded in a massive orgasm, spewing her cunt nectar all over Joan's face and mouth.

Calista's body shuddered and spasmed as she came hard again. She turned around, drove her pussy into Mel's face and shoved Joan's wet face to her asshole. They responded with delight as they relished the chance to lick both of her fuck holes and taste her creamy cum juices. Mel's tongue swirled about her clit and Calista erupted once more in another powerful orgasm. Her creamy cunt nectar covered Mel's face too, as she spasmed and came again while Joan's tongue reamed her asshole. Mistress Calista's knees wobbled and her legs betrayed her as she fell from the ladder, falling onto her slaves with her armpits over their shoulders.

Mistress Calista's titties rubbed against her slaves' mouths and she gasped as they began to suck them. Joan and Mel each pulled a nipple into their mouth to suck hard on them. Calista could hardly stand from the intensity of her orgasms. She emitted a low guttural sound every time her body would spasm and cum. As her orgasms subsided Calista felt her slave's tongues licking and sucking her nipples. She moaned with pleasure and shuddered through several mini after-cums. Joan's arousal was more than the slave could withstand and she shuddered in a savage orgasm, dripping her ample juices all over her inner thighs and onto the floor.

Calista slowly recovered her senses and stepped down from the stepladder. She released her slaves' restraints to lead them both to the bed in the corner of her Dungeon. Calista laid Mel down on his back and sucked his cock until it became rock hard and leaked huge volumes of pre-cum. She commanded Joan to stroke his cock while she bound his wrists to the bedposts. Calista climbed on the bed, straddled his hips with her back to his face and lowered herself down to slide his cock into her hot cunt. She beckoned Joan to come play with Mel's balls and suck her clit as Calista fucked Mel's brains out. Sitting down hard on his magnificent cock, Calista rose and lowered herself while Joan's tongue drove her toward another orgasm.

Mistress Calista clenched Mel's cock with her cunt muscles as he erupted, spewing his thick white gooey seed deep into her pussy. Calista rose to straddle his head and lowered her cum filled cunt to his mouth to be cleansed of his cum. As Mel ate out his cum, Calista pulled Joan's face to her pussy to let her enjoy some of the blended cum nectar too. Happily the slaves complied.

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