tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 22

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 22


(Fdom, oral, bi sex, with pussy, clit, nipple torment)

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(Mistress Calista is twenty-six, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty five pounds, has barely thirty two B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Mistress Calista was in a joyful mood that morning. Her appointment calendar indicated that her sweet Celeste would be arriving within the hour. She called to her live-in slave girls, Beth and Ella to prepare the Dungeon for Celeste's arrival. It had been several weeks since Celeste had visited the Dungeon and Calista fondly recalled the hot wax treatment she had given her. Calista had dripped hot wax all over Celeste's pussy, clit and asshole. After the wax hardened she used it as a mold to cast a plaster replica of Celeste's genitals. She planned to give the plaster cast to Celeste after the girl's session.

Calista heard the car drive up and park on the side of the house across from the entrance to the Tower Dungeon. She watched her get out of the car and loosen her silk robe to let it fall to the ground to stand naked. Celeste smiled at the gardeners as they watched her walk naked across the yard to the Tower Dungeon entrance and kneel down after pressing the doorbell. Calista had decided to meet Celeste herself rather than have Ella or Beth greet the slave girl. She opened the door and smiled, "Welcome to my Dungeon again, sweet Celeste," she told her. Celeste was special to Calista and she loved her deeply.

The kneeling girl looked up at her Mistress and returned the smile, crawling into the Dungeon entryway. Calista told her to follow her as she began to climb the stone steps to the Tower Dungeon. Celeste crawled behind her Mistress, climbing the steps on hands and knees. They entered the Dungeon and Calista motioned for Celeste to crawl to the center of the Dungeon. She closed the heavy oak Dungeon door and walked to her slave girl, helped her to stand embrace and kiss her tenderly. Celeste sighed as she embraced her Mistress and passionately returned the kiss. Calista fondled the slave girls' lovely breasts and pierced nipples as they kissed, then held her at arms length to look at the naked slave girl's vibrant body and her nipple rings.

Mistress Calista dropped to her knees in front of her slave and rubbed her face against Celeste's delightful body reaching up to rub the girl's already erect nipples. Celeste sighed and looked down at her Mistress and gave a short gasp as she felt the fingertips on her hard nipples and rings. Calista grasped the girls' lovely asscheeks to hold her as she softly kissed her pussy several times, parting her sweet cuntlips to lick the nectar oozing between them. Celeste moaned, her head tilted back as she gasped from her Mistress's mouth pleasuring her pussy. Calista licked her way up Celeste's young body, pausing to kiss and lick each nipple, then kissed her again probing for her tongue.

Celeste moaned, as she tasted herself on Calista's lips, opening her mouth and swirling her tongue around her Mistress's tongue. "Ummm, sweet one, today I'll take you even deeper in your quest for pleasure/pain, love," Calista whispered as they kissed tenderly once again.

"Mmmm, yes Mistress," she replied as her Mistress grasped her wrists, placed restraints on them, locked them together and fastened them to the overhead chain. She activated the chains motor to lift Celeste's arms over her head. The slave girl felt the coldness of the clamps press against her skin, as she looked deep into her Mistress's eyes as her arms were drawn up. Calista nuzzled Celeste's sweet breasts then moved to her Implements and Toys table to return with a tiny pad lock. The slave sighed deeply as she looked at the padlock, wondering about its intended use.

Mistress Calista brought the slaves nipple rings together to pass the padlock through them and snapped it closed locking it. Celeste's eyes opened wide, as she looked at her nipples and breasts, feeling them pulled and held together by the tiny padlock. She groaned with pain and pleasure. "Your magnificent breasts are pulled inward to be held tightly together by their weight and gravity, sweet slave girl," Calista said softly. Celeste felt the tug of the weight of her breasts pulling on her nipples and she moaned. Calista bent to the girls imprisoned nipples to lick them both at the same time, moaning with pleasure as they instantly hardened even more as Celeste gasped.

Mistress Calista spread the slave girl's legs wide and told her to stand still as she moved to the table. Celeste stood stoically with her legs spread wide, without moving a muscle. Her Mistress returned with a box of clothespins as Celeste watched trembling, with her mouth slightly open. "These are unique clothespins that I had specially made, love. They have tiny pins embedded inside the jaws of the clothespins to heighten your pleasure," Mistress Calista said softly. Celeste swallowed hard as she looked carefully at the clothespins as a shiver coursed through her lovely body. "The pins will prick you, love, but are too small to break your skin, however you will know that the pins are there," she told her softly.

Celeste nodded to her Mistress, murmuring that she trusted and loved her Domina. Calista kneeled to kiss the girls' pussy again, licking the nectar that seeped from her cunt. The chained girl moaned as the soft lips brushed against girls' warm twitching pussy. Mistress Calista clasped her right cuntlip in her fingers and snapped a clothespin on it just below the erect and throbbing clit. Then she quickly snapped another, opposite the first, on her left cuntlip. Celeste took deep breath as she felt the tiny embedded pins pinch and prick her nether lips. The slave girl trembled slightly as the pins pricked the girls' cuntlips as she moaned.

Mistress Calista flicked her tongue over Celeste's clit as she placed another clothespin on her right cuntlip, a clothespins distance away. The slave girl winced as she took deeper breaths as her 'pleasure' increased. Celeste groaned in pain while Mistress Calista continued snapping the pins on both cuntlips with a gap between them until she reached the bottom of the girl's pussy. Celeste felt the pins pricking the lips of her pussy and tried hard to relax and remain still. She felt her cuntlips begin to burn as the tiny pins dug painfully into them. Calista began to snap a clothespin across both cuntlips in between the gaps until the girls' cuntlips were tightly closed shut, with the tiny pins pricking her pussy.

Celeste winced and groaned as the pins pressed deeper into her cuntlips while the pressure increased. Mistress Calista continued to snap clothespins, one next to the other, in a line from her pussy down the girls' inner thigh to her knee, then did the same to her other thigh. Feeling the pain deepen, Celeste closed her eyes, whimpering as she tried to concentrate. Breathing heavier,

Celeste listened as Calista told her, "I can see the 'pleasure' in your face, love, as you grimace from 'delight' and 'joy'." The slave girl nodded 'yes' as her nipples grew taut and even harder, pulling hard against her breasts weight. Mistress Calista licked the girls' clit again, swirling her tongue all around it until it swelled to stand erect and engorged.

Celeste moaned from the mixture of the pleasure and pain from Calista licking her clit, and quivered slightly as the pins scraped at the girls' body. Her Mistress looked up at Celeste as she snapped a clothespin on the girls' sweet little clit, very tightly.Celeste bit the bottom of her lip from the pain rising from her swollen and sensitive clit. Calista stood up to kiss her slave again then began snapping clothespins from her armpits, in a line, toward her tits. Celeste kissed her Mistress back as she felt the pinches and pricks of the added clothespins upon her body. Grimacing, she watched as Calista brought the pins to her breasts and began to snap the clothespins in concentric circles toward her nipples.

Celeste breathed hard as she tried to control the pain, whimpering as the pins burned her tits, cuntlips and her painfully throbbing clit. Reaching her areolas, Calista circled them with clothespins, snapping them on so they pinched a bit of areola flesh and breast flesh at the same time, to heighten her slaves' 'pleasure'. Celeste groaned as she felt her juices flowing warm within her as they seeped from between her pinned cuntlips. She arched her back and whimpered as Calista did the same to her other breast and areola, then concluded by snapping a clothespin on the tips of Celeste's nipples. The slave girl winced and sobbed as her pain in her nipples caused tears to run down her cheeks. Breathing hard she swallowed and thanked her Mistress.

Mistress Calista moved behind her to lick and kiss the lovely firm asscheeks and began to snap clothespins on them too, pinching the girls' ass flesh together, then pinning it. She placed several vertical rows of the sharp clothespins down both asscheeks. Celeste groaned and clenched her tender ass cheeks as the sensation of pressure and pins permeated all over the girls' body. Calista spread her asscheeks wide, causing intense burning where the pins were being pulled, and drew her tongue down the cleft of her slave girls' asscrack to her sweet rosebud. Celeste cried out softly then felt Calista's soothing tongue caress her little tight asshole.

Calista kissed and licked the girls' tight, pink and puckered asshole several times swirling her tongue around and over it. Celeste began to relax her asshole and moan in pleasure. Lubricating her sweet asshole with her tongue and saliva, Calista inserted a clothespin inside Celeste's asshole and let the jaws snap shut. The slave girl screamed and flinched in pain, gritting her teeth to fight back the pain. The tiny pins dug into her anal flesh searing and burning it. Calista inserted another below the first as Celeste wiggled against the burning pain, sending tears rolling down her cheeks.

The Mistress inserted two more on either side, completing the decoration of the slave girl's beautiful body. Panting, crying and hurting from all the different sensations throughout her body, Celeste felt the pain pinching, burning, and searing her anal flesh. Calista moved in front of the girl to embrace and kiss her, telling her how much she loved her and encouraging her to endure the horrid torments. Celeste was lowered to her knees. The movement caused the pins to pull, stretch and pinch even more. Calista gently grasped the back of her slave girl's head and brought her mouth to Calista's sopping wet pussy, telling her how aroused she was by Celeste's ordeal.

Celeste looked up into her Mistress's eyes, breathing harder as her Mistress said, "Kiss and lick it, love." The girl opened her mouth to her Mistress's lovely pussy and kissed it softly. "Show my pussy how much you love it, sweet one," Calista whispered to her. Celeste's tongue licked from the front to the back of her pussy then back again. Her Mistress held the girls' head tightly as she sighed and moaned with pleasure. Each of Celeste's movements sent new burning sensations throughout her pinned body as her tongue licked Calista's clit, sucking it into her mouth and flicking her tongue around it. Her Mistress stroked her slave girls' hair, running her fingers through it as she moaned and bent to kiss Celeste's forehead as she pleasured her.

As Celeste moved with each lick and kiss, she felt the pins pinching all through her body. The slave girl relished her Mistress's nectar as her tongue darted in and out of Calista's pussy. "Oh, yes, Celeste," Calista groaned in absolute delight. The slave girls' nose rubbed on her Mistress's clit as her swirling tongue thrust deeply in and out throughout Calista's pussy. The Domina began to rotate her hips and pussy in her submissives mouth as her juices flowed heavier. Celeste felt the pins prick her thighs, genitals and breasts with each of her movements, she winced with each pin prick, but continued to gather all of Calista's juices into her mouth.

Mistress Calista breathed harder as her slave's magic tongue devoured her, darting deep and swirling around inside her, nose rubbing her clit harder and faster. "Ummmm, I love you sweet one...love you," she moaned as she twitched each time the relentless tongue passed over her clit.

Celeste's tongue began to lick circles around Calista's clit as she felt it being sucked deep inside her slave girls' mouth. She groaned with lust and passion as the ever present tongue swirled around the swollen pearl then darted inside Calista's pussy. "Oh my God, that's so wonderful sweet one," she cried out over and over again.

Celeste, still wincing from pain from the pins, drew her tongue in figure eight's around her Mistress's clit faster and faster. Calista's legs began to wobble as she held on to her slave's shoulders to steady her self.

"Oh my God!" Calista cried as she sensed her orgasm swiftly rising. She laid her head back and closed her eyes tight. Feeling her Mistress's orgasm close, Celeste's tongue swirled around the swollen and hard clit, flicking, licking, sucking and driving her Mistress toward the edge. Calista grabbed her own nipples and pulled them hard as she shuddered while the tongue licked her shamelessly. "OH GOD!" Calista screamed and exploded in a savage orgasm, her pussy squirting torrents of juices all over Celeste's beautiful face, mouth and tongue as she shuddered cumming hard again and again. She held slave girl's shoulders tightly, digging her fingers into them. Celeste relished her Mistress's juices as she swallowed the sweet nectar.

Celeste felt the pressure of Calista leaning on her shoulders, but her tongue didn't stop its relentless rhythm around her clit and inside her Mistress's pussy. Mistress Calista held her slave girl's shoulders tight to prolong the wonderful sensations as she would spasm and cum with each swirl of the tongue on her clit and cunt. Calista's body trembled as she nearly swooned. Her legs betrayed her and she dropped to her knees gasping for air. She fell heavily upon Celeste, hanging on tightly as her mind reeled from the pleasure bestowed upon her. Celeste groaned as she felt the pressure of her Mistress upon her. Tears welled up in her eyes as the clothespins ravished her soft tender flesh from her Mistress's weight.

Calista's face fell between her slaves' head and up stretched arms, as her breathing remained labored. She fought to retain consciousness as the intensity of her orgasm had consumed her. Celeste brushed her head against Calista's, happy that she had pleased her Mistress. Calista's eyes fluttered open after a few seconds. She wilted and slipped down her slave's body, to lie limp on the Dungeon floor, panting and gasping. Her little titties heaved, as her breathing was slow and heavy. Celeste cried out and sobbed, as the pressure forced the pins to dig deeper into her flesh. She looked down at her Mistress lying motionless, with her bosom heaving, for several moments.

Celeste was panting and breathing heavy too, as she tried to compose herself. Mistress Calista looked up at her slave, her mind still dazed from the severity of her orgasm. The slave girl smiled at her Mistress, as she slowly regained her senses, forcing herself to sit up. Calista moved to embrace Celeste, to kiss her passionately, repeating over and over how much she loved her. "Oh, Celeste, I don't ever remember cumming that hard, or that long, sweet one. You have drained me love," she gasped while Celeste blushed. They paused for a few moments to catch their breath then Calista stod to activate the chain and painfully lift her slave girl to her feet.

Celeste closed her eyes, tears streaming down her face as she winced in sweet agony. "I going to snap off each clothespin with my buggy whip, love. Would you like that?" Calista asked her slave girl. Celeste nodded and mumbled 'yes if it pleased Mistress'. "It will sting and leave tiny welts and marks where the pins fly off as the whip strikes your lovely soft flesh, love," Calista told her. Celeste took some deep breaths, swallowed hard and nodded again, signaling that she understood her Mistress. Calista kissed her slave girl and whispered, "Yes love, it pleases me that you are entering so deeply into my world of sweet pleasure and pain."

Mistress Calista moved to her table to select the long thin braided leather buggy whip. Celeste trembled as she watched her Mistress carefully, as she prepared to endure the new sensations. Calista returned to her and kissed her deeply once more, telling it was all right to cry out at the pain. Celeste nodded as Calista took careful aim at the slave's sweet throbbing clit. She raised the whip high and swiftly struck at the clothespin on the girl's clit. Celeste screamed as she felt the whip strike her tender clit flesh, marking her. The pin snapped off instantly with a pop as it clattered to the floor as a slight welt formed on the girls' tender clit.

Celeste cried and whimpered, taking deep breaths, as her Mistress continued to snap off the pins holding her cuntlips shut, one after another, until only the pins in each cuntlip remained. Screaming from pain, Celeste's tears welled up and ran down her cheeks as her body jerked with each stroke of the buggy whip. A lovely row of welts slowly appeared on her cuntlips as they swelled, becoming red and puffy. Feeling the heat burning her flesh from the whip strikes, Celeste cried out in pain. "Oh, sweet one...I know love, Mistress knows," Calista assured her as she paused to kiss her lips, tasting her nectar and to lick the girls' face that gleamed with her juices.

Composing her self, Celeste managed to gasp, "Yes Ma'am, I am ready to continue Mistress." Calista stepped back again to snap off the pins on each of Celeste's cuntlips until they all clattered to the floor, leaving the girls' pussy red, puffy and sore.

"Shall we continue love?"

Celeste cried harder, feeling the pricking pins popping off as her pussy began to welt and burn. "Yes Ma'am," she panted and swallowed hard.

"Good girl, Celeste," said Calista licking the girls' salty sweet tears as they rolled down her cheeks, then she kissed her cute little nose. Celeste smiled wearily at Calista, closed her eyes and breathed deeply again, trying to channel her emotions and strength to endure. Mistress whipped the pins from Celeste's thighs, alternating from one thigh to the other, until they were gone, with tiny welts and whip marks to distinguish where the pins once stood. Calista moved behind her slave and began to whip off the pins on her asscheeks, listening to her screams, cries, sobs, groans and whimpers as she quickly did what had to be done.

"OH GOD, Mistress!" Celeste screamed out, writhing in pain, feeling the pins rake her skin and the whip welt her skin. Her body went limp, tears flowing steadily as she bit her bottom lip to muffle her screams.

"A lovely set of welts and whip marks now decorate your beautiful asscheeks, love," Mistress Calista told her. Celeste clenched her ass hard as her muffled cries resonated throughout the Dungeon. Spreading her slaves' asscheeks, Calista remove the four clothespins in her tender asshole with her hands, fearing the flesh of her anus might tear if she used the whip. Celeste gasped, realizing that the removal of the clothespins from her breasts was next. Mistress Calista moved in front of her slave girl to lick her salty sweet tears again, kiss her mouth and stepped back to start on her armpits. She alternated from side to side until the pins were painfully whipped off of her armpits.

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