tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 23

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 23


(Fdom, oral, bi sex, with pussy, clit, nipple torment)

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It was late in the afternoon when the phone rang. Calista waited for Ella or Beth, her live-in female slaves to answer it, but remembered that both girls had gone shopping. Her two male live-in slaves were out running errands so Calista smiled at her forgetfulness and answered the phone. "Hello," she said as she picked up the receiver. The voice on the other end belonged to her friend, Robert, a Dom that she would sometimes meet at some lifestyle parties. "What a pleasure, Robert, what is the occasion for this late afternoon call?" she asked.

"No special occasion, Calista, but I did want to remind you about our conversation last week about a special female submissive that I wanted you to train. Her name is Jodi. Don't you recall us discussing it?" Robert asked.

"Yes, I do, but I thought you said that she wouldn't be available for another two weeks, didn't you?"

"Indeed I did, but she cancelled her other plans and requested that I call you to see if you can begin her training sooner." Robert replied. Calista mulled it over in her mind for a few seconds then told him that she could start the girl's training earlier. "That's great, Calista, when can you begin?"

"I can start tonight, Robert," Calista said, "have her here by seven o'clock."

"That's great, Calista. I'll give her directions to your estate and brief her on the protocol you require. I have instructed her on the fee you and I discussed and I'll bring send it to you tonight." Robert replied, and then exchanged goodbyes. Calista hung up the phone and went to her bedroom to shower and prepare herself for her new 'client'. When Beth and Ella returned from shopping, Mistress Calista told them to prepare the Dungeon for a new client and to be ready to assist her, if needed during the training session. Both girls hurried to complete the preparations in the Tower Dungeon.

At ten minutes to seven o'clock, Calista saw a new Lexus automobile pull up to the main entrance and stop. A well dressed young woman got out of the car and started up the entrance steps to the huge mansion. Beth met her at the door and brought her into Calista's study, where she usually met with first time clients. "Stand here, Miss," Beth told her, "and I'll tell Mistress that you are here." Beth quickly disappeared into the house leaving Jodi standing by herself. Jodi looked around and was impressed with the elegant appointments in the study while she waited for Mistress Calista to appear.

Calista did not keep her waiting long as she entered the study dressed only in her usual black and red silk cloak. She kept the cloak closed so as not reveal that she was naked until the proper moment that would make the most impact on the new submissive girl. Jodi gasped when she first saw Calista and she quivered a bit as Calista smiled and sat down in a large upholstered wing chair. "Hello, Jodi, welcome to my home, I'm Calista," she said as she looked deep into the girls eyes with a penetrating gaze.

"Hello, Mistress," Jodi replied nervously.

Calista smiled to put the girl at ease and told her, "I'm not your Mistress yet, Jodi. We will talk first then proceed with your initial session. If you are accepted as a submissive then you may call me Mistress." Jodi nodded and stood uneasily looking at Calista seated in the huge chair. "Put your purse down and slowly turn all the way around so I can take the measure of you." Jodi followed her instructions as she slowly turned all the way around so Calista could view her. Jodi was a beautiful girl, with shoulder length brown hair, blue sparkling eyes and a rather outstanding figure. She was well proportioned and looked extremely well groomed in her expensive blouse and skirt.

"Please remove your outer clothes, Jodi," Calista said quietly. Jodi took a deep breath, realizing that now there was no turning back, and began to unbutton her blouse. She removed it to reveal a pair of lovely breasts, captives to a form fitting bra. Beth seemed to appear from nowhere as she took the blouse, placed it on a hanger and put it on a hall tree in the corner of the study. Next, Jodi unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, handing it to Beth. Jodi wore lacy bikini panties that matched her bra, and a pair of thigh high stockings with a wide elastic thigh band. Calista saw the girl's lower lip quiver as she stood in her underwear, obviously a little embarrassed.

Calista smiled as she motioned for Jodi to turn slowly around once again. Jodi complied and revealed a nearly perfect panty clad bottom as she slowly turned to show herself to the two women. Her legs were well shaped with strong thighs and nicely formed calves. Her dainty feet were encased in high heeled pumps which she removed as Calista motioned for her to do so. Again Beth gathered the pumps and placed them on the floor next to the hall tree. "Now, show me your breasts, Jodi," Calista said quietly. Jodi swallowed hard and reached to the front of her bra to unhook the clasp. Again, Beth took the flimsy bra while Jodi stood still, obviously nervous as Calista looked at her naked breasts.

"Ummmmm, Thirty Two C?" Calista asked. Jodi nervously nodded, yes. Jodi's breasts were nearly perfectly conical, like the statue of Aphrodite. They heaved as the girl breathed deeply and swayed when she turned to the side for Mistress Calista's examination. There was no hint of sag. Her areolas were about two inches in diameter, topped by bullet hard nipples nearly a half an inch in length. Calista heard Beth sigh with envy as the slave girl looked upon Jodi's breasts and wished that they were hers instead. Even Calista's heart skipped a beat when she gazed upon those magnificent breasts with desire and lust. Jodi was ordered to remove her panties. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and her lovely breasts jiggled in unison to the delight of Calista and Beth. She stepped out of her panties to reveal a neatly trimmed brown curly bush. Her scent barely wafted to Calista's nostrils and she inhaled it deeply. Jodi's labia were distinct, but not large, and smooth without wrinkle. Her cuntlips were moist and glistened in the soft light of the study. She moved to roll down her stockings, but Calista said "No" and the girl promptly stopped and stood straight. She breathed anxiously as both Calista and Beth examined her. The situation had aroused Jodi and her clit began to exit its hood as it swelled.

"You are very beautiful, Jodi," Calista said quietly while watching the girl's nervous reaction.

"Thank you, Ma'am," she replied with some apprehension in her voice.

"Tell me about yourself, Jodi. I want to know your age, your sexual orientation and why you seek this lifestyle?" Calista asked, as she let part of her cloak fall open exposing her leg and breast. Jodi visibly quivered at the sight of Calista's small breast and the knowledge that she was naked under the cloak. Jodi swallowed hard and found it difficult to respond as she looked directly at Mistress's breast.

"I am twenty four years old," she paused nervously then continued, "I'm bisexual, but I spent two years in a lesbian relationship. That ended over a year ago when I began to date both men and women." She paused as if to conjure up some deep philosophical reason why she wanted to be a submissive then just uttered what she felt. "I have always fantasized about serving both men and women and have punished myself when I masturbate. I enjoyed the self punishment, but found it to not be fulfilling, Ma'am. I wanted to experience submission where I had no choice but to endure the discipline and sexuality imposed upon me. Only then will I truly know if submission is the lifestyle I want to embrace."

"Very well said," Calista told her. "There are many views about this lifestyle. Some see it as a means to punish and torture submissives while others view it less harshly. Pain, agony and discomfort are all a part of the lifestyle, but what matters most is the degree of pain and discomfort that a submissive craves, needs and seeks from the Dominant. Some Dominants are extreme to the degree that what is imposed on the submissive is power and control for its own sake, but not sensuality and sexuality. I have done and administered both and prefer the latter, especially for new submissives.

"To better illustrate what I mean, consider that I am not like some Domina's you may have heard about. I don't believe that this lifestyle is only about whips, chains, rope, agony and pain. I believe this lifestyle is about love and trust, with a little erotic discomfort/pain tossed in to spice up the incredible sex." Calista paused as Jodi registered a slight understanding smile on her lips, as though she completely agreed. "Some cannot even endure the slight discomfort or pain that they experience. Therefore, I shall give you a 'safe word' to use if ever you want whatever you are experiencing to stop immediately." Jodi nodded. She recalled reading about 'safe words' in her personal reading about the BDSM lifestyle.

"You may kneel with your hands on your thighs and your breasts pushed out." Calista commanded her new submissive. Jodi immediately obeyed. Calista arose from her chair and let her cloak to fall from her shoulders to the floor to stand naked before the kneeling Jodi. The girl gasped at Calista's beauty.

"You are gorgeous, Mistress," Jodi uttered as she gazed upon Calista's naked body.

"Thank you, Jodi...you are very beautiful as well." Calista walked to Jodi, bent to cup Jodi's chin, lifted it and kissed her lips tenderly. Jodi moaned softly at the tender sensual kiss. Calista broke their kiss telling her to crawl after her then turned to walk naked to the Tower staircase. The carpeted hallway scraped at Jodi's knees as she crawled as fast as she could to keep up with Calista. It the anteroom to the Tower Dungeon, the stone staircase rose into the darkened entrance of the Dungeon. Calista led the way up the cold stone steps to the Tower Dungeon. Jodi hurried to keep up with her, but it was impossible to crawl as fast as Calista could walk. Finally, they reached the top of the stone steps where they stopped in front of a huge dark oak door with large hinges.

Calista pulled on the door handle and it creaked as it slowly swung open. She led Jodi inside and turned on a single spotlight which shined on a raised platform in the center of the Dungeon. Other than the spotlight, the Dungeon was dark around its periphery and Jodi could not see the walls very well through the darkness. Calista motioned to Jodi to crawl onto the platform and remain on her hands and knees. Beth appeared naked out of the shadows to place a straight backed chair under the spotlight then disappeared back into the shadows as quickly as she had appeared. Calista sat down in the chair and motioned for Jodi to crawl to her and stand up.

The submissive girl shivered slightly from the cold in the Dungeon, but obeyed instantly. "Your 'safe word' is 'Enough', understand?" Calista told her. Jodi nodded nervously and knelt beside her Domina. Calista reached under the chair, into a leather kitbag, and withdrew a small pair of nipple clamps joined by a short silver chain. These were starter clamps, but Jodi did not know this and she looked fearfully at them. "Bend down to me, slave Jodi," Calista ordered and Jodi bent at the waist. Calista fondled Jodi's breasts as the slave girl sighed with delight. Jodi felt Calista lips close about her nipple and the Mistress's velvet tongue swirled over and around it then moved to the other nipple to do the same.

Jodi whimpered softly as Calista's tongue circled her nipples several times. She could feel her damp pussy moisten even more from the attention paid her nipples. Calista pulled out each nipple and clamped it with the nipple clamps. Jodi moaned with delight as she had expected them to hurt more than they did. The clamps bit down on her nipples, but they did not burn or sting sharply. Grasping the nipples chain at its center, Calista pulled Jodi onto her lap on her belly by her nipples. Jodi groaned as her nipples ached at being pulled. Calista added a small lead weight on the nipples chain to enhance Jodi's 'pleasure'. Jodi bit her lip to keep from crying out from the initial pain of the lead weight stretching and pulling at her tender nipples.

Calista gazed anxiously at the slave girls' lovely tight bottom as she was eager to 'decorate' it with her marks. She drew her fingernails lightly over the appealing asscheeks as Jodi trembled and moaned with delight. Next, she spread the pretty asscheeks apart to reveal Jodi's tight, pink and puckered rosebud, nestled between them. She scraped her fingernail across the girls' asshole causing Jodi to groan from the irritation on her tender rosebud. "I will deal with this delightful orifice later, sweet one," Calista advised her. "Place your hands behind your back, Jodi," she continued. The slave girl's wrists quickly came together at the small of her back where Calista captured them securely in handcuffs.

Jodi whimpered as she realized that she was now a captive of the beautiful Mistress that was about to introduce her to the life of a submissive. Unconsciously she pulled at the handcuffs as if testing them, realizing that she was now totally subject to Calista's whims, and perhaps her perversions, as well. Calista placed her left hand palm up under Jodi's belly to slide it across the girl's soft curly brown bush to stop at her wet pussy. Jodi quivered at Mistress's touch upon her privates. Calista parted Jodi's cuntlips with her fingers and placed her index finger between the girl's wet cuntlips. She pushed the base of her finger hard against Jodi's now extended clit. Jodi shuddered when her clit was touched as though electricity had shocked her engorged clit!

"Now, sweet Jodi, it's time for your first spanking," Calista said. Jodi whimpered and tightened her asscheeks and waited. Calista raised her right hand high and paused for several seconds for effect. Jodi waited for the first strike, but it did not come. She relaxed her ass muscles and at that precise moment Calista's hand thundered down hard on the captive girl's right asscheek! Jodi shrieked at the sudden pain as Calista paused to watch the imprint of her hand turn slowly into a crimson shade. Calista could see Jodi trying desperately to withhold her cries of pain, but the tear that rolled down her cheek betrayed her. A second equally hard blow reddened Jodi's left asscheek and the slave girl began to openly cry at the pain burning her ass.

She gasped as Calista began a rhythm of alternating asscheeks while she spanked the girl's ass hard. As she spanked her asscheeks, Calista began to wiggle her finger between Jodi's cuntlips and rubbed the base of her finger hard against the girl's swollen clit. Jodi's wails started to slow down as she felt a wonderful arousal from the spanking, coupled with Calista's fingering of her cunt and clit. The slave girl began to moan as the pleasure pain gripped her very being. The spanking hurt terribly, but Mistress's finger morphed the pain into distinct pleasure. Jodi could feel the first stirrings of orgasm developing deep inside her cunt.

Calista sensed that Jodi was nearing orgasm as her moaning and trembling caused her pussy to twitch around Calista's finger. "Oh, Mistress," Jodi cried out, "I think I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum!" she gasped. Calista did not respond, but continued the spanking at an increased pace that burned the slave girls' ass. Mistress's finger in her cunt and clit relentlessly drove Jodi towards orgasm. "OH GOD...OH GOD, Mistress," Jodi cried out as her body shuddered in a volatile orgasm, drenching Calista's hand, thighs and calves with the girl's juices! Calista continued to rub Jodi's clit hard throughout her orgasm and the girl rewarded her Mistress by cumming hard again!

"Yessssssssssssssss, little one, cum hard for me. Cum hard!" Calista demanded. Jodi eagerly complied with her Mistress's commands and spasmed in orgasm a third time, her breathing labored as she lay across Mistress's lap. Her ass burned as fire, but her pussy was satisfied beyond her expectations as her juices flowed heavily onto Calista's hand and legs. Jodi tried desperately to catch her breath as Calista stopped spanking her slave girl. As Jodi recovered she realized that her nipples ached from bouncing and stretching from the lead weight as she writhed from the pain of her spanking.

Calista gave the girl a little time to recover then gently pushed her from her lap to kneel before her. Jodi's face was flushed from the multiple orgasms and struggled to remain kneeling in front of her Mistress. Calista slouched forward and opened her thighs wide, revealing her drenched thighs, legs, and the wetness of her aroused pussy. As Jodi slowly raised her head to look at Calista, she saw her Mistress begin to lick her fingers and palm of her left hand coated with Jodi's nectar. She realized that she was expected to clean her Mistress's thighs and legs of her cunt cum. Jodi leaned in between Calista's thighs and began to lick them clean. Calista moaned in pleasure as the girl's tongue cleansed her.

Calista stroked Jodi's hair, while the slave girl licked her clean. Just as Jodi's tongue neared Calista's pussy she stood up and grabbed the slave girls' breasts. She pulled her to a standing position by her breasts. Jodi groaned as Calista's hands gripped her breasts as she was raised. Still holding Jodi by her breasts, Calista pulled her slave girl to a padded leather bench and sat her down. She released Jodi's handcuffs then laid Jodi down on her back. Swiftly, Calista secured the slaves wrists to the legs of the bench then moved down to Jodi's feet. She placed Jodi's feet in stirrups on the end of the bench and secured her ankles to the stirrups. Then Calista spread Jodi's legs wide apart to give her access to the girls' cunt, clit, asshole and asscheeks.

Jodi's mind was reeling as she slowly began to recover from her spanking and powerful orgasms. She wondered what in store for her, next. Calista kneeled at the side of the bench and bent over Jodi to kiss her deeply, probing for the slave girl's tongue. Jodi eagerly returned the kiss realizing that her Mistress did indeed care for her. The kiss seemed to rejuvenate Jodi and she steeled herself for whatever would next be imposed upon her. Calista broke their kiss and bent to Jodi's clamped nipples.

Calista removed the clamp from her right nipple. Jodi gasped from the pain as the blood rushed back into her nipple to restore circulation. Calista quickly covered the nipple with her mouth to suck the tormented nipple as it recovered from its clamped state. When the nipple was fully restored and hardened Calista removed the other nipple clamp and quickly soothed that nipple with her mouth and tongue. Jodi moaned with pleasure as Calista swirled her tongue around slave girl's nipples, soothing them.

Calista moved to the end of the bench overlooking Jodi's head. She lowered her breasts to Jodi's lips and the slave girl eagerly began to kiss and lick her Mistress's breasts and nipples. Now Calista moaned with pleasure. Her nipples hardened as Jodi expertly sucked them while they sixty-nined each others tits. Calista grasped the outsides of Jodi's lovely breasts and pushed them together until her nipples touched. Jodi moaned then gasped as Calista covered them with her mouth to suckle both nipples at the same time. Jodi writhed with pleasure.

While sucking both of Jodi's nipples, Calista reached out to Jodi's pussy and grabbed her cuntlips to pull at them as they sucked one another's tits. She began to lightly slap the slave's girls' cunt with her fingers as they sucked each others tits. Jodi's body jolted when she felt the sharp slap on her cunt, but continued to service Calista's titties. The next slap splattered Jodi's cunt juices from the impact and she moaned, her mouth filled with Calista's nipple. Calista continued to slap and swat Jodi's cunt. Several times her Mistress struck the girl's clit as she endured the cunt spanking.

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