tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCalista's Dungeon Ch. 24

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 24


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Calista looked over her appointments schedule for the day. She had a regularly scheduled weekly session with a submissive which she met several months ago. It would be a late afternoon session at six o'clock. She reviewed her notes to confirm what the young woman desired and the results of the previous sessions with her. It seemed that Jodi most liked to be spanked on her pussy and ass in addition to being humiliated before strangers. She was the sort of woman who was deeply humiliated when coerced to perform sexual acts in front of others. Jodi had only 'performed' before Calista's house staff and had yet to be exposed to total strangers. 'That's it', Calista thought, 'I'll take her to dinner at our special lounge and restaurant so she can entertain us.'

Calista called for one of her two live-in slave girls, Ella, and told her to make dinner reservations for four at the restaurant. Mistress Calista spent the rest of the day deciding how she would humiliate Jodi at dinner that evening. Jodi was thirty one years old, weighed one hundred and twenty five pounds and was five feet five inches tall. She had dark eyes that sometimes appeared to be black. Her hair was dark brown which she wore straight and fell to the center of her back. Jodi had a smoothly shaved pussy and her thirty four D breasts were wonderfully shaped. Her areolas were the right size to emphasize her seemingly always hard nipples. Jodi would be perfect to 'perform' for the 'Lifestyle' patrons of 'The Club'.

The day passed swiftly for Calista, which included a wonderfully sexual tryst with her live-in female subs, Ella and Beth. They had all bathed together which led to fantastic love making that had nearly worn out all three of them. When they had finished making love they all had to bathe again. Calista decided to take both of them to dinner as well that evening. They dressed casually in mini skirts and tight tops, wearing only thong panties and no bras. Ella and Beth were very beautiful submissives. Calista would be lost without them to love, train, help her during sessions and with the house.

The three of them waited for Jodi to arrive for her session. Jodi was unaware that she was to be Calista's guest at dinner. Soon a car stopped at the estate's gated entrance and Jodi asked for the gate to be opened. She drove the long driveway to stop a few minutes later at the Tower Dungeon entrance. Beth met Jodi at the Tower entrance and escorted her to the well appointed sitting room in the main house. Calista beckoned Jodi with her arms spread wide to embrace and kiss her full lips deeply. Jodi hugged her Mistress as she returned the kiss joyfully. Calista probed for her velvety tongue to entwine and suck it as they kissed. When her Mistress broke their kiss, Jodi sheepishly dropped to her knees with her eyes lowered to the floor.

"Jodi," Calista began, "would you like to go out to dinner with Ella, Beth and me?"

"Oh yes, Mistress, I would love to have dinner with all of you...but...but what about my session, Mistress?" she asked. Calista assured her that she would still have her session, perhaps even during dinner and of course, on her return to the house. Jodi nodded and kept her eyes lowered as her Mistress spoke. Calista bent to take Jodi's hands and helped her to stand. The submissive was appropriately dressed in a short skirt and a tight jersey top. Calista lifted her skirt to reveal that she wore a sheer thong panty without any stockings on her well tanned legs.

The outline of Jodi's bra was visible under her top and Calista told her to remove it. The three women breathed deeply when Jodi removed her jersey top then her bra. Her magnificent breasts swayed invitingly while her nipples hardened right away. Calista reached out to cup Jodi's breast in her hand to hold it for a moment. Then she lightly drew her fingertips over the lovely flesh of Jodi's breast. "Aren't they magnificent, girls?" she asked Ella and Beth. The girls nodded and Calista invited them to touch the beautiful breasts and rub the hardened nipples. Jodi gasped as the girls lay their hands on her breasts and gently rubbed her hard nipples. "That's enough for now, ladies. Let's let Jodi get her top on and we'll leave so we will be on time for dinner."

Calista tossed the car keys to Ella. She got into the back seat of the Town Car with Jodi and Beth joined Ella in front. Soon the car passed through the wrought iron gate to Calista's estate and headed toward the freeway. The Club and restaurant was in a small town a few miles off the interstate highway. Calista told Jodi to pull her panties and skirt down to her ankles. Jodi was embarrassed, but complied with Calista's demand even though she was embarrassed by the command. Jodi's face blushed as the car passed a trucker who began to honk his horn as he saw Jodi's bare pussy when Ella slowed to equal the trucks speed.

"Wave to him, Jodi, and rub your slick pussy as we drive next to him for a little while," Calista told her. Jodi bit her lip, but again complied with her Mistress's command. "Show him your wet fingers, Jodi." The blushing girl held up her wet fingers and the trucker honked several times as he hurriedly spoke in to his CB radio. Now, lick your fingers then suck them for him," Mistress told her. Jodi gasped, blushed even more, but licked and sucked her pussy juice from her fingers. The truckers' eyes were open as wide as they could go. The women laughed at the trucker's reaction as Ella pushed the accelerator to speed ahead. Ella turned off the freeway at the next exit and onto a country road.

The three women laughed at Jodi's expense while she tried to regain her composure. "Jodi," Calista said, "Ella is going to slow down a bit and I want you to kneel on the seat and bend over so your head and forearms are on the floor and your ass and pussy are pointed upward, love." Again, Jodi blushed and begged Calista to not make her do it. Calista raised her eyebrow and Jodi's lips quivered as she obediently did as her Mistress commanded. As soon as Jodi was in position, Calista drew her finger through Jodi's wet slit and rubbed pussy juice on the girls' tight little rosebud. Jodi sighed with delight when Calista slowly pushed her finger into Jodi's tight asshole and finger fucked her ass.

A few minutes later, Jodi heard a siren wailing. She was startled when Ella announced that a police cruiser was following them with their police lights flashing. Ella pulled over and stopped as Jodi tried to rise, but her Mistress held her in place with her ass and pussy fully exposed. 'Oh God,' Jodi thought as Calista forced her to remain in this humiliating position. A police woman approached the car and asked Ella for her license and registration while Calista continued to finger Jodi's asshole. Jodi was on the verge of total panic as the police woman looked inside the car. Then she hurried to the other side of the car where Jodi knelt on the seat with her head down.

Calista removed her finger from Jodi's asshole as she looked in her purse for the car registration. As Calista handed the officer the registration, Jodi felt the finger slip back into her asshole to resume finger fucking it. Jodi was horrified as the Officer tapped her shoulder to ask her, "Miss, is everything all right with you?" Jodi lips quivered as she tried to imagine the sight of her situation in the eyes of the officer.

"Yes..., yes... ma'am," Jodi replied in despair while the finger continued to move in and out of her tight little asshole. Jodi flinched with humiliation when she felt a thumb slide into her wet pussy while Calista chatted with the Officer to assure her that everything was perfectly fine. The officer told Calista that she didn't know of any law against what was going on, but perhaps the finger and thumb should come out while they were driving. The thumb and fingers were instantly removed and the Officer told them to drive carefully and safely as she returned to her cruiser. Jodi was so mortified that she shivered as Ella started the car and drove off. Calista told Jodi to sit up and pull her panties and skirt up and sit down properly.

Jodi swallowed hard as she looked at her Mistress for some sort of explanation of what just happened. "Why...why didn't she arrest us, Mistress?" Jodi asked with a look of unbelief on her face while she blushed at her humiliating experience.

"Arrest us?" Calista said, "Why should she arrest us, Jodi?"

"For what you were doing to me...when she stopped us, Mistress?" the girl's voice trembled. "You gave her the registration then... then...put your finger and thumb back inside me right in front of her..."

"No, I didn't, love...I withdrew my finger and thumb to give her the registration. The police women put her finger and thumb in your lovely ass and pussy, until she left. Did you like that?" Calista replied with a smile. Jodi was dumbstruck while Ella and Beth laughed. "Fear not, sweet one, the lady cop is one of us. I set this up earlier in the day to surprise you, love." Jodi let out a deep breath as she sat back in the seat pulling her panties and skirt back on. Calista reached out to her and took her in her arms to kiss her tenderly and hugged her lovely, but confused, submissive.

"Oh my God, Mistress, I thought I was going to have a heart attack," Jodi sighed as she wriggled comfortably in her Mistress's embrace and exhaled. Ella drove to the restaurant entrance and stopped. The women got out of the car as Ella handed the keys to the valet then followed the others into the Club restaurant. They walked past the main dining room to enter a private dining area for lifestyle customers only. The guard at the door recognized Calista and opened the door for them. The matre` de greeted them and led the way to a table in front of a small stage. There were two huge blank TV screens on each side of the stage. A single straight backed chair stood in the center of the stage as Jodi looked around the elegantly appointed private dining area.

The waiter introduced himself and the ladies ordered. Calista also ordered a bottle of Blush wine. The waiter brought a chilled bottle of Blush and poured the first glass for Mistress Calista. She tasted a small sip, nodded and the waiter poured a glass for each of the ladies. Calista proposed a toast to their first dinner together with Jodi, as they touched glasses then sipped their wine. The waiter brought their order and the four of them leisurely ate their dinner. During their conversations, Calista remarked that, "The private dining area was nearly full of Doms, Dommes, submissives and slaves." Ella and Beth looked around waving to some the people they knew. Jodi smiled softly and she thanked her Mistress for bringing her to this restaurant. "You're very welcome love," then Calista asked, "Did my friend, the police woman surprise you, Jodi?"

"Oh my God, yes Mistress, I was sooooo embarrassed."

"Yes, you were so sweet to her...she's a really lovely person." Mistress told her, as Jodi blushed. When the women finished their dinner Mistress looked deeply into Jodi's eyes as she said, "Jodi, love, I want you to slowly and quietly slip your hand into your panties and play with your divine little pussy and clit." Jodi sighed deeply and blushed, thinking that she should protest, but gazing at Calista's glaring eyes, she slowly pressed her hand under her skirt and into her panties. Calista sipped her wine while Jodi slipped her fingers into her slit. "Don't you enjoy playing with yourself for me, Jodi?" Calista asked while Jodi looked into her Mistress's eyes as she began to slowly rub her pussy and clit.

"Yes, Mistress...yes, I very much enjoy pleasing you, Ma'am," Jodi gasped, with a slight whimper, feeling self conscious masturbating in a restaurant filled with patrons.

"Of course you do, my sweet Jodi," Calista replied as she sipped her wine. "Now, turn your chair just a little so the woman sitting alone at the table next to us can see what you're doing, love. Again Jodi whimpered, her eyes pleading with Calista to relent. Calista raised her eyebrow and Jodi swallowed hard, turned her chair obediently, so the woman at the next table could see her masturbating. Jodi continued to move her fingers inside her panties as the woman glanced at Jodi. Realizing what she was doing, the woman looked directly at Jodi's lap as her tongue gently licked her lower lip. Calista smiled at the woman as she instructed Jodi to slowly remove her panties, without stopping what she was doing.

"Yes, Mistress," Jodi gasped and raised up slightly, using her other hand to slide her thong panties over her hips and down her legs as she continued to masturbate. The woman smiled as she watched Jodi remove her panties.

"Hand them to me." Jodi handed her panties to her Mistress. "Thank you, love," Calista told her as she handed Jodi's very damp panties to Ella and Beth. The two live-in submissives brought the panties to their nostrils and inhaled Jodi's essence then returned them to their Mistress. "Continue playing with your slutty pussy, Jodi," Calista said as she placed the panties in her purse. Mistress Calista sipped her wine and watched her mortified slave girl become aroused while the other woman watched her intently. Turning to woman at the next table, Calista asked her if she was waiting on anyone. She shook her head no, but her eyes remained glued to Jodi's hand as she played with herself.

Jodi moaned softly as she began to breathe heavily. "Why don't you join us?" Calista asked her. Jodi shivered when she heard Calista asked her to sit with them. The woman stood up and brought her chair to Calista's table to sit next to Jodi as she masturbated. "Would you like my sweet Jodi to play with you, Miss," Calista asked her. The woman nodded 'yes' without taking her eyes off of Jodi for even an instant. Mistress Calista looked at Jodi and commanded her, "Jodi, reach out and slip your other hand in our new friends' panties to play with her, and with yourself, too." Jodi was stunned at Calista's order. She blushed deep crimson as she reached into the woman's panties to move over her the course hairs of her bush then move towards her pussy. The woman sighed as she felt Jodi's hand touch her bush then moaned as the slave girls' fingers touched her moist pussy.

"Do you like that, Miss?" Calista asked the woman. She nodded and her breathing became heavier while Jodi pressed her fingers firmly against her wet pussy. "Jodi, I want you to try and make her cum, but I don't want you to cum, love," Mistress Calista quietly instructed Jodi. The slave girl gasped then whimpered mortified at what her Mistress was making her do. Jodi swallowed hard then slipped two fingers into the woman's pussy then rubbed her thumb on the woman's clitoris. The woman moaned softly as Jodi slowly pleasured her and felt herself swiftly rising towards orgasm. Jodi moved her fingers deep inside her with her thumb furiously rubbing her clit. "Jodi, bring the fingers you're using on your pussy tour guests lips, please."

"Yes. Mistress," Jodi whimpered, pulled her fingers from her pussy and moved them to the woman's mouth. The woman gasped and opened her mouth to suck Jodi's fingers, wet and glistening with her pussy juices. She groaned and came hard, trying desperately to hide her pleasure as her pussy clenched to milk Jodi's fingers. The woman leaned toward Jodi and whispered 'thank you', kissed her on the cheek then turned her chair around to face her table, flushed with pleasure. "Lick her juices from your fingers, love," Mistress Calista told her. Jodi nodded, smiled warmly and slowly licked the woman's juices, cleaning her fingers. The patrons applauded Jodi as she licked her fingers clean, blushing a deep shade of red.

Jodi was mortified that everyone in the dining room was aware of what she had done to herself and the woman sitting next to them. Looking perplexed at her Mistress, Calista pointed to the two huge TV screens that were replaying the masturbation scene just enacted by Jodi and the woman sitting next to her. Jodi's face flushed red with humiliation as she realized that everyone had witnessed the scene. The scene on the huge TV screens concluded with an image of Jodi licking the woman's cunt juices from her fingers. The patrons cheered and applauded while Jodi lowered her eyes to her lap, completely mortified.

The head waiter stepped onto the elevated stage to announce that it was time for the entertainment to begin. He turned to the patrons and asked, "Who would like to entertain us tonight?" Mistress Calista leaned towards Jodi and whispered for her to stand and walk to the stage. Jodi gasped and begged her Mistress to not humiliate her in front of all the patrons. Calista's stern look caused Jodi to rise up, "Ahhhh, Mistress Calista's dinner partner has volunteered," he said as he held his hand out to Jodi. Again the slave girl begged Calista not to make her do this. Jodi surrendered to her Mistress's command as the head waiter took Jodi's hand to help her onto the stage. The patrons applauded as Calista stood to address the patrons. "My dear Doms, Dommes and your guests; please meet my wonderful and lovely submissive, Jodi. She will grace us with entertainment tonight." The patrons applauded again as Jodi looked out over the patrons. "Turn around very slowly, Jodi, so everyone may see how truly lovely you are, sweet one." Jodi's eyes begged Calista not to humiliate her and her body quivered as she began to turn around slowly on stage. "Jodi, please remove your top for us, so we may see your magnificent breasts." The submissive woman blushed deeply again, nodded and slipped off her top. Her full breasts swayed deliciously, and her nipples hardened even more. Again the patrons applauded and some cheered as they viewed her magnificent tits and hard nipples while Jodi turned around slowly.

"Lift your skirt up and let them see your cute, smoothly shaved pussy and your delightful ass, Jodi," Calista ordered her. Jodi lifted her skirt to show her wet smoothly shaved pussy. "Let your skirt slip down and step out of it, love," the blushing slave girl mouthed the words, 'Please no, Mistress', but complied to stand naked. "Turn your back to the patrons and spread your asscheeks wide apart, sweetheart, to show them your lovely rosebud." Jodi's face flushed beet red and she whimpered. She turned to bend over the reached back to spread her asscheeks wide apart to reveal her tight, pink and puckered little asshole to another round of applause and cheering that resounded throughout the dining room. "Spread your legs apart Jodi, and let them see your very moist, sweet tender pussy, love.

"You're such a sweet darling girl, Jodi. Now stand up and turn around for us. I want you to lift your left breast to your lips and lick your nipple for us." Jodi sighed at her Mistress's command. Reluctantly she lifted her breast to lick her nipple. "With your other hand, please rub your cute wet little slit." Dreading her instructions, Jodi whimpered, but unwillingly complied again. "When you think you may cum, I want you to stop, switch to your right breast then continue to rub your clit, dear." The patrons gazed at Jodi's magnificent breasts. It was obvious that her breasts were natural and they wondered how they defied gravity. When Jodi felt the first signs of impending orgasm, she stopped and switched to lick her right breast while she moaned with pleasure.

"Continue to entertain us by sucking your nipples alternately, while you rub your sweet pussy and lovely clitoris, Jodi," Calista ordered her. Jodi's face was beet red from her humiliation and she shuddered when she touched her clit. She moaned softly as she rubbed her pussy and clit, while her juices ran down her inner thighs. "Jodi, stop rubbing your pussy and move your breasts together so your nipples touch, then suck both of your nipples at the same time." Jodi's eyes pleaded with her Mistress to not humiliate her further, but Calista ignored her. She cupped her breasts and lifted them to lewdly suck both of her nipples at the same time. Jodi moaned as a woman came onto the stage to kneel before her and lick the juices from her inner thighs, kissed her pussy then returned to her seat.

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