tagTransgender & CrossdressersCall Me Katie Pt. 02

Call Me Katie Pt. 02


This is the second part of a story following Kent Wiltshire and his journey from an independent man to a submissive slave girl. Please let me know what you think, and if there is any themes you would like to see incorporated in the future.


Ten minutes later, I find myself with a shaven head as my mistress is placing a wig on my head. Tiny needles goes into my head, and I whimper under the pain. According to her, the needles will prevent my own hair from growing out again, and will make sure that the wig will be held in place, making it feel like my own hair. She moves the hair around a bit, digging in the needles.

A few tears have been running down my cheeks, partially from the pain, but mainly because I am terrified. I am leaving my old life behind to become this woman's slave. And to become a girl, something I have never even remotely wanted, but is now forced upon me.

My penis and balls have been locked into a steel cage, and she threw the key out of the window immediately after locking the cage. The cage prevents me from getting erect, and is covered with a pale piece of cloth, hiding it and making my penis more comfortable. It still hurts though, and it scares me. Not being able to jerk off or have sex.

Furthermore, I am now wearing a pair of pink panties with a small silk ribbon on the top. I also wear a padded bra, making it looks like I have a pair of breasts. Getting into those two pieces of clothing is probably the most humiliating thing I have ever done.

I stand here, my now-shaven legs together and hands neatly folded over my crotch, just like my mistress told me to do. By now, I am too humiliated and scared to try anything. I just want to wake up from this terrible dream.

In front of me, the contents of her sports bag is laying on the couch: a pair of black stockings, a white lace-up top, a white knee-long skirt, a black corset, a black choker, a pair of black pointed 4-inch heels and some make-up.

Along with that, she has also taken up a taser, which is now in her back pocket. I have thought about trying to take it and subdue her, but again, I'm too humiliated and too scared to do anything.

"There we go." She says gently as she makes a ponytail with my new, blonde hair. It goes down to my chest, and I feel it tickle my back as she finishes up the ponytail. She then pats me gently on the shoulder and walks over to the couch, taking up the stockings. "Go ahead." She says as she hands them to me.

I obediently take them and start putting them on. I look at her briefly, seeing her watch me get dressed. I am still terrified of what will happen next, and my mind is racing. There is no apparent way out, however. If I try to run or attack her, she'll just call that police-friend of hers and I'll end up in jail. Plus, she has a taser.

Realizing that there is no way out, a few more tears escape my eyes. I try not to make a sound, and instead just finish up with the stockings.

My mistress, which I hate that I have to call her, but I don't know her name, walks over and removes the tears from my face with a smile.

"Don't cry, dear. I'll be good to you." She says, gently kissing me on the cheek. "The sooner you accept that you're mine, the better you'll feel. Now," She picks up the corset and walks around me. "I'll help you out with this corset. When you have this on, you'll have a nice girly figure, and it will also limit your movements, so you wont try anything stupid. That sounds good, doesn't it?"

"Yes, mistress." I say, my voice shaking.

"You're a girl now, dear. Make that voice of yours a little more girly." She is now tying the corset, and I feel it lock into place already.

"Yes, mistress." I repeat, now in a higher pitched and more girly voice.

"That's good." She says, finishing up with the corset. "We need a new name for you too. I've been thinking about Katie. Are you good with that, not that you have a say in the matter?"

"Yes, mistress." I say again, still in a girly voice.

"Very good, Katie." She says, moving her hand over my hair, as if petting me like a dog. "You'll be such a good girl."

Hearing her refer to me as Katie humiliates me even more. And now with the corset on, my options have been limited even more. Even if I were to do something risky, like go for the taser, I wouldn't be able to maneuver around. She could easily evade my attempt. At this point, I decide to let this woman dress me up, and I'll figure out a way later. There is nothing else I can do.

I swallow hard as she hands me the skirt and top, which I obediently put on. It makes me feel uncomfortable, yet feminine. She runs a hand over the skirt and top, making sure it's in place. Moving on, she puts on the choker around my neck, and then proceeds to help me out with the heels.

And then, there I am, standing in stockings, panties and a padded bra, with top, skirt, heels, choker and a blonde ponytail, my hands folded by my crotch and my eyes on the ground. I feel humiliated, I feel abused, but most of all I feel like a girl.

"You're beautiful, Katie." My mistress says, preparing the make-up. She starts putting it on me while saying "In time, you'll be able to put on make-up and do your hair by yourself. But the first little while here, I'll help you out."

She finishes up, then throws the make-up into her bag. She reaches into the bag, looking for something, as she looks at me with a lustful smile.

"Sit down, Katie." She says, nodding towards the couch.

"Yes, mistress." I say, sitting down.

"Cross your legs. You're a girl now, remember?" She says, fishing out a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold and a gagball.

"Yes, mistress." I cross my legs.

"Hold out your hands." She says, taking out the handcuffs. I hold out my hands, and she cuffs them together, then places the key in her pocket. She runs her hand through my hair, and I feel the needles hanging on to my head. It's painful, but I don't show her my pain.

"Come with me, Katie." My mistress says, taking her bag and then my hand. "We're going to leave this apartment now. Take one last look around, because this will be the last time you'll be seeing all of these things."

And before I can get a good look around, she leads me out, closes the door and we walk down the stairs.

On the way, my neighbor and his son are standing in the hallway, the son with his hands full of groceries.

My neighbor is an elderly man named Gerald, at least seventy years old, and his son is probably around forty or fifty. I can't really tell.

Stumbling into those people makes my face red, and I instinctively avoid eye contact with them. My mistress smiles and says "Good afternoon."

"Oh, hello, ladies." Gerald says, looking back at where we came from, then at my handcuffs. "You're friends of Kent then, huh? Must be the first time I've seen him have guests over."

"We're good friends of his, aren't we, Katie?" My mistress says, squeezing my hand.

My voice trembles with humiliation as I let out a "Yes."

She smiles, and returns to Gerald. "Well, we have to go now. Nice to meet you."

"And you too, girls, you too." Gerald replies, as we leave.

At the parking lot, my mistress unlocks her car and says "You did a good job with that man, Katie. You're going to be a very good girl for, aren't you?"

"Yes, mistress."

Without replying, she shoves me into the backseat of the car, and places a padlock in the middle of my handcuffs, then locks it together with a small metal ring fastened to the back of the passenger seat. She then takes out the gagball and says "Open up."

I hestitate, saying "Mistress, I'll be quiet. I..."

Interrupting me, she slaps me across the face. I let out a girly whimper, apparently getting used to my new voice already. This fact scares me, that she has me under control after only ninety minutes.

"You will only speak when given permission. Understand, Katie?" She says strictly.

"Yes, mistress. I'm sorry." I say pleadingly.

"And you will do anything I say. Anything!" She grabs my chin firmly, forcing me to look her in the eyes. "Even if I tell you to jump off a bridge, you'll do it. Because I control you from now on. I own you, and I can do with you what I want, because you're mine. Do you understand, Katie?"

I swallow hard, feeling another tear run down my cheek. "Yes, mistress. I understand."

"Good. Now, open up." She places the gagball in front of my mouth, and as I open up, it is forced into my mouth, uncomfortably gagging me. She locks it in place, then places the blindfold over my eyes, and slams the door shut.

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