tagErotic HorrorCall of the Wolf Ch. 02

Call of the Wolf Ch. 02


'A werewolf then?' Alex asked as they lay in the remains of Nikole's living room. The lamp, shelves and even the coffee table were destroyed, their debris littered the room carpeting it in a thin layer of splintered wood and glass. She looked up into his eyes as she lay on one side pressed up against his naked form tracing nothing across his chest with her fingernail. It was about four in the morning, they hadn't slept at all so far and he really couldn't risk trying to sleep with his shift starting in a couple of hours. Strangely though he felt great usually if he stayed up this late his eyes would be burning and he'd have horrible tired pains coursing through his body.

'Mmhmm.' She replied softly kissing his shoulder as she cuddled closer. Her body bore the scars of their lovemaking the night before, she was covered in bruises and bloodstains from various cuts that slashed across her skin.

'So how come I've never changed before?' He asked stroking her hair.

'I gave you a catalyst last night to sort of awaken it inside of you. It wouldn't have worked without me being here to focus your feelings.'

'Certainly did that.' He growled at her digging his own nails into her arm as the now familiar aggression flowed over him, his soft member that had been laying across his thigh began to stiffen as he remembered the night before. Nikole's own face tightened into the seductive shape she had worn before when she had been trying to coax him into giving in to the beast she had awakened. Her hand slid down his stomach then wrapped around his erection and gently began to stroke him.

'So how come I didn't turn into a wolf last night then?' Alex asked growling his approval.

'You won't until the full moon, if it's what you want I mean. You don't have to you know, stay with me.' Nikole replied suddenly turning away her head fearfully.

'I don't have to change?' He asked grabbing her hand as she tried to move it away and turning her face back to face him.

'No, it'll be like last night, you'll be able to resist the urge if you want to.'

'So the howls in the woods and all those other urban myths?' Alex asked making the connection in his mind.

'Were me yes.'

'I thought you said you needed someone else to focus yourself?'

'Well we do, but.. Well.. It's complicated but they weren't really the person I needed.' She replied now looking crestfallen. 'They didn't really like what I'd done to them, I always changed at the moon but they resisted then left. I never spoke to any of them again' Nikole stated looking miserable again. Alex thought for awhile, he barely knew this woman after all but he did feel the spark of attraction, his mind wandered for awhile before he spoke again.

'Exactly like last night?'

'Yes, exactly. Only we'll probably do it inside the woods so we don't attract any unwanted attention to my house.' She replied with a coy smile. Alex's cock was now fully erect in her small hand, he grabbed her hair in his hands and pushed her face towards it.

'A week until the full moon.' Alex thought glumly as he flipped over the bacon on the large grill in his kitchen. The raw meat sizzled on the huge hot plate as it cooked slowly, his eyes travelled to the large monitor on the kitchen wall then widened in shock. According to the time displayed next to the meal order it had only taken him just over a minute to fully prepare the full English breakfast, he hadn't even been thinking about it he had just moved in automatic as the order had came up. It was seven o'clock in the morning, his shift had started at six and this was the second time he had noticed a significant change in his speed and efficiency, opening up the kitchen was usually a timely process but he had completed it in about twenty minutes. He had double checked to make sure he had gotten everything completely right but to his amazement he had done a better job then usual. Nikole had told him there would be significant upgrades to his strength and stamina but he hadn't expected such a powerful improvement. A smile crossed his lips as he plated up the breakfast and sent it down in the dumbwaiter, this was going to make his job a hell of a lot easier, the only thing that would be slowing him down was how long it would take to cook the food. Grabbing a clean washcloth he wiped the surface he had been using down and leaned back against the gantry and looked around the kitchen for some odd jobs he could be doing to pass the time. Just as he was moving to clean the underside of the massive steak grill the phone on the kitchen table began to ring with an inside tone, crossing the kitchen quickly he picked up the receiver.


'This food was sent down very quickly did you probe it?' A sharp female voice asked quickly. Alex rolled his eyes, his bitch of a manager Kate was always criticizing him and never let an opportunity pass to give him a bollocking for failing at his job.

'Yes Kate.'

'Well it looks okay. Be careful though yeah?'

'Okay.' Alex replied slamming the receiver down onto the phone, rolling his eyes he got back to work.

Nikole scraped the last remnants of the detritus that was her former living room into the bin and sat down on the sofa. That too was in poor condition with deep scratches etched into the fabric and the stuffing was sticking out in parts, it was all fine to her though it could all be replaced if needed but somehow she doubted it would last very long. Her blue eyes scanned the room then focused on the digital clock flashing on the front of her DVD player, it was only seven thirty! Alex had said he wouldn't finish work until four that afternoon which gave her eight and a half hours to kill before he came home. He had taken everything extremely well, at least better then any of the others had. Some had been willing to try it out for awhile at least but when it came to the full moon they had all bottled out and gone their own ways. Alex on the other hand had embraced it fully as soon as she had been honest with him, a smile crossed her lips as she thought about it. He was very nice, had been a real gentleman until she had given him the potion and then he had turned into a beast, her body was covered in the evidence of that she thought with a wide grin. She had drank the potion so many times now she was convinced that she had never really changed back into a proper human, she had been stuck in the in between for such a long time she could sense good men from bad ones. Crossing her legs over she spread out on the couch, he had said how beautiful she was before they had began the ritual a little bit cheesy perhaps but still a nice compliment. She had always considered herself to be too fat and unattractive but he had been very sweet to her, she wondered if she should have tried to have a normal relationship first with him just for awhile just to see how it was but dismissed it almost immediately. This was who she was and if any man was right for her they would have to make peace with that fact. Lost in her deep thoughts she didn't hear the doorbell until the third time it chimed, shaking herself out of her daydream she walked to the door and opened it.

'Good morning Miss, I was hoping you'd sign for this packa.' The postman's voiced trailed off as he looked up from his electronic device and stared at her. Nikole wondered what he was looking at then looked down as well. She hadn't gotten dressed yet! She was about to blush fiercely then slam the door when a scent filled her nostrils, the male was aroused by her, she could smell it! Alex was not the only one to become overwhelmed by the sexual aggression their new species shared, her mind raced quickly trying to fight it but her body moved faster. She placed her hands on both of the door ways and leaned towards the bewildered postman.

'Is it a big one?' She asked seductively.

'I...Think so.' The man stammered.

'Well you better come in and give it to me then.'

'God yes do me harder!' Nikole screamed trying not to make eye contact with the postman as he lay on top of her thrusting. God this is horrible! Her internal voice of reason yelled at her as she grinded her hips to meet his downward plunges. The man was probably in his late fifties, was covered in wrinkles and was boasting about a four inch cock. The wolf part of her howled in pleasure and arched her back as he groaned out and kissed her as he moved into her with the strength of a much younger man, she hoped it was just the adrenaline coursing through his system. If she had accidentally infected him she would probably just give up on the whole werewolf thing and try being a normal human. Nonsense! The wolf in her growled at her, he's not Your Male! He is here to serve your needs, they all are! Her mind was filled with images of men queuing up, completely naked while she lay spread eagled on a bed waiting to be sated, What about Alex? The reasonable part of her mind asked. Another image filled her head of him smiling and cuddling her while taking care of every single one of her needs both physical and emotional. He will understand, he will feel it to! He will take lesser females to sate his own thirsts but will always come back to us, he is Our Male! The Wolf hissed back, grunting in pleasure as the postman grinded on top of her. Really? Nikole asked her reason and wolf hopefully.

'Of course!' She moaned out as he spread her legs out further to get deeper into her body.

'Of course what?' The man asked panting.

'Nothing baby now give me all you've got.' Nikole said staring up into his eyes, her own blue ones were now filled with lust and understanding.

'And there we go.' Alex whispered to himself as he placed the final lunch order into the lift and sent it down. The lunchtime rush was finally over and he could now clean up his kitchen or that's what he would usually do at this time, if he hadn't been doing such a damn good job of keeping up with it while he worked. At least he still had all the plates and cutlery from lunch to clean when all the customers were done eating that would keep him occupied for probably ten minutes, he thought grinning. Idly he sprayed the microwaves down with a sanitizer and began to wipe them down, they didn't really need it but he was buggered for something to do at the moment. The kitchen door's burst open and Kate stormed in looking thunderous.

'Get this place cleaned up right now...Oh.' She said looking around, spinning on the spot, her small build seemed to grow with her increasing anger.

'How did you do this? You've got help haven't you? You've been stealing my bar staff to help you keep this place clean!' Kate asked triumphantly her hazel eyes glowing with rage.

'Nope it's all my own work.' Alex replied in an infuriatingly calm tone while his own dark brown eyes glowered at her.

'Don't you look at me like that, I'll get you in trouble for insubordination.' Kate said waving her finger at him menacingly. She was actually a lot younger then him but her eyes were aged and hardened after years as a manager, she had learned over the years to keep people at arms length so they wouldn't harm her or her career. She had long blonde hair which she kept in a tight bun at the back of her head and always wore sensible shirts and trousers. Kate was now stamping her foot at Alex impatiently.

'So how did you do it then?'

'I'm just that good.' Alex snapped cleaning the microwaves more fiercely then before.

'I don't like your tone young man.' Alex let out a growl of frustration before he could stop himself, the wolf in the back of his mind wanted to tear out the bitches throat.

'What the hell was that? Did you just growl at me?' Kate asked surprised and confused. 'You're a total freak you know that right. A total freak.' Alex span around then marched towards her, his face contorted with rage.

'And you're a worthless bitch.' He snarled at her. Her face filled with joy as she looked up at him.

'Oh that's it matey, your finished now. Firstly I'm going to suspend you and then probably fire you.' She said with a huge grin, then stopped as Alex's large muscular hands gripped her shoulders.

'Oh no your not.'

'Figures you'd be good for something you worthless shit. Fuck me harder asshole!' Kate screamed out bent over the kitchen gantry while Alex stood behind her ramming his long hard dick straight into her waiting wet pussy.

'Do you really have to talk you stupid slut? Shut up and take it bitch!' He snarled at her happily as he pushed himself against her ass. It had started out as technically rape, the argument had gone on to police charges for touching her before he had grabbed her and bent her over the table. Pulling down her trousers he had slapped her buttocks until he had felt better then got his own hardening dick out, suddenly he had realised what he was doing and stopped. He was about to start apologising before she had said:

'Don't pussy out on me! Do me dickhead.' Whereupon he had grabbed her hair in one hand, pushed her panties aside then thrust his erection into her and began fucking her brains out. It wasn't the same as it had been with Nikole, there was no affection involved here. He wanted this bitch to learn that he was the Alpha around here, he wanted this cheap slut to understand that her ass belonged to him and she was just here to service his needs. The Wolf lunged at her through his cock, it begged him to ram her so hard she bled, it screamed at him to wrench her hair from her head. He had never felt so out of control with rage in his entire life and to be honest he was loving it but he wanted Nikole here, he wanted his female to watch him conquer a lesser slut he wanted her to see him as Hers. The phone rang as he growled and grunted against Kate.

'Shut up retard I need to get this.' She hissed reaching over and grabbing the phone. Alex quieted down but only because he didn't want anyone else to know he was wasting his time on this whore.

'What is it?' She barked down the phone signalling Alex to carry on even though she was talking.

'And? I'm busy up here, Alex needs a good talking to he's been particularly useless today.' She winced in pain as he tugged on her hair sharply.

'No don't come upstairs I'll be done shortly.' She replied slamming the phone back down.

'Why is it everyone in this dump is a useless piece of shit?' She asked pushing back against him as his dick slammed deep into her warm tunnel.

'Maybe because your such a worthless manager?' Alex replied with a hiss.

'Fucking prick, fucking useless prick, you're the worst you know that? The absolute.. Oh My God!' She bellowed as she slammed back hard against his dick, her entire body seized up as pleasure tremors surged across her body then she collapsed forwards completely exhausted as she recovered from her orgasm. Alex continued to thrust into her a few more times before his own cock spasmed inside of her and released his white sticky load, he grunted and pulled himself out of her the put his trousers back on and got back to work if nothing had happened. The wolf was sated, it crept to the back of his mind and quieted down.

'Bas...Bastard you could have just got me pregnant.' Kate said shakily getting to her feet and pulling her own clothes back on.

'That's your problem bitch, now get out of my kitchen.' Alex growled at her as she tried to keep her balance unsteadily. As she walked past him slowly she stared up at him with the same anger she wore before they had fucked.

'I want to see you in my office later.' She snarled walking to the kitchen door.

'I'll bring a condom this time.' He called out after her.

Alex walked up the long gravely path to Nikole's cottage with an extremely heavy heart, he was feeling incredibly guilty about screwing Kate. He had just proven himself to be just as worthless as the rest of Nikole's former prospective mates and was not looking forward to the rest of the evening. Looking glum he knocked softly on her door and hoped she wouldn't answer, to his dismay she opened the door after barely a few seconds and stared up at him with her piercing blue eyes, she was still completely naked. He followed her into the house slowly when she beckoned him in, it looked as though she too was completely preoccupied with something else.

'I've made dinner and the living room's pretty much cleared.' She called out from the kitchen as if they'd been living together for years.

'I've got something I want to talk to you about first.' Alex said clearing his throat as she walked into the room looking fearful. She sat down next to him, her naked form looking exquisite in the afternoon sun streaming in from the patio window.

'Okay.' She whispered her eyes tearing up, this was how it always went when they wanted to leave. I just want to talk they always said.

'Today at work, I um. I had sex with my boss.' Alex said looking away not wishing to look into those accusing piercing blue eyes.

'Well if that's what you've decided I won't stop you. Wait a minute what?' Nikole asked blinking back the tears, the sense of fear being replaced by a rising relief.

'I fucked my boss Kate.' Alex repeated.

'Oh. Is that all? That's all you wanted to talk about?' Nikole asked with a huge grin across her face.

'Well. Um.. Yes?' Alex asked completely bewildered.

'Oh sweetie don't worry about that. Your body is changing into something different, we're both going to feel incredibly horny and aggressive over the next few days and if the other one isn't around we're going to need to find some other way of sating our thirsts. I had sex with the postman today, really old guy to. Yuck but it was the only way I was going to get rid of the urges I felt. Besides we've only been together one day and no one said we were exclusive just yet.' Nikole said throwing her arms around him and kissing him on the lips which he returned gladly.

'Your really not mad? You looked upset I thought you could smell her or something.'

'No! I was upset because I thought you'd changed your mind that's all baby. Now come on let me get you some dinner.' She said walking out of the room, Alex watched her disappear around the corner with the feeling he'd just dodged a bullet as well. Smiling he leaned back on the couch then his eyes flew open as he just realised something.

'Wait a bloody minute! What Postman?!'

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