tagErotic HorrorCall of the Wolf Ch. 01

Call of the Wolf Ch. 01


The music shook the very foundations of the small club as the DJ flipped between various dance tracks, the small crowd of people moved together on the tiny patch of floor reserved for dancers. Strobe lights flickered across the smoke filled club as people met each other and mingled, happy to spend the night talking with friends. Alex sat with several of his own buddies in a corner booth overlooking the floor, a group of empty bottles scattered across the table revealed a good night of drinking, the alcohol had taken its toll upon him and his drunken eyes lazily scanned the surrounding club while his friends chattered amongst themselves. He had seen a cute girl earlier in the night and was now trying to see if she was still in this place or if she had moved on to another location.

'Why don't you go over and talk to her?' His brother asked smiling taking a swig from his blue bottle.

'Who?' Alex replied blinking out of his own world of thoughts and desire.

'The redhead over there, you've been looking for her all night haven't you?'

'What?' He replied sharply, his eyes following his brothers pointing hand over to where the girl was standing at the bar. He could have sworn he had checked that area several times for the woman, but he hadn't seen her all night. She stood there by herself, wearing a short skirt that cut off a little above her knee's complimented by a grey tank top that showed off her impressive cleavage. Turning to his brother he let a small half smile appear on his features, quickly he pushed his long brown hair out of his eyes and across his ears.

'How am I looking?'

'Fine bro. Good luck!'

Casually Alex sauntered towards the bar, his large frame often made it easy for him to move through a crowded environment, he never pushed anyone out of the way or was rude, people just seemed to get out of his way when he was walking. His heart thudded in his chest, butterflies flittered in his stomach as he got closer, nervousness and low self esteem had always mired his luck with ladies, but he had learned over the years to not let it get to him, he had to try after all. The pretty redhead saw him coming as he neared her place, she smiled invitingly to him.

'Can I buy you a drink?' She asked as he stood next to her at the bar. Alex's brain shut down, then rebooted as he found himself jumping a hurdle that no longer existed. She spoke softly in an American accent, maybe she was here on vacation or had immigrated, Alex didn't care which he could work with both.

'Uh Sure, Stella please.'

'I thought you would never come over, I've been trying to catch your eye all night.' She replied ordering the drinks with a twinkle in her deep blue eyes. 'My name's Nikole.' She added passing him his bottle then nodding towards an empty table nearby.


'So, Alex. What do you do?'

'I work in a kitchen nearby.'

The night passed by in a daze, at least by Alex's reckoning, he had never met anyone he was so comfortable with. The two talked for hours and hours about anything that happened to come up, his thoughts, feelings, fears. Her own aspirations, her desires, her interests. He learned that she had indeed emigrated to England after a large period of bad luck in her life had ruined any chance of a normal life in the states. Often he had heard his friends talk about the spark they often felt when a new relationship was beginning to blossom, but he had never felt such a thing before, musing this over in his mind he was further shocked when Nikole offered to take him back to her place so they could talk for longer as the clubs in town were all shutting down.

'S..Sure.' He stammered as she smiled at his nervousness.

'Just to talk, mind you.' She said biting her lower lip and smiling coyly. Alex couldn't help but feel aroused at the thought however, his blood seemed to boil with passion as he hungrily ate up her body with his dark brown eyes. She had been sitting cross legged the entire night, her long stiletto heels making all the muscles in her legs bulge out against her soft milky skin. Every time she laughed, Nikole would shake her hair, the long curly strands of red hair would drift across her face, he found her incredibly alluring and interesting. The thought of spending the night with her, even just to talk was something he couldn't refuse. Smiling to the barman as they left, the two walked out of the club and headed straight for the nearby taxi rank.

'I always feel nervous getting a cab alone.' Nikole said as they walked down the long line of taxi's looking for one with it's lights on.

'I'm sure all those stories are just urban myths.' Alex remarked, thinking about all the rumours about cabbies raping solitary female passengers.

'Even so, I still feel better I've got a strong man with me tonight.'

The taxi dropped them off at her small cottage, small one levelled affair on the border of a large wooded area on the outskirts of town. It was technically a forest, a fair few acres of heavy foliage that was a popular spot for picnickers and hikers, there was also a rumour around town that a few years ago an escaped zoo animal had made it's home there. Occasionally strange howls could be heard emanating from deep within the woods but it had been put down to wounded dogs or foxes, once even a strange deer carcass had been found, that had been explained away by a teenage prank gone awry, Alex never ventured into the woods late at night however, just in case. He voiced his concerns to Nikole who just shook her head and laughed.

'I've never seen anything like that.' She giggled pushing her house key into the lock and letting them in. 'Take a seat anywhere sweetie, I'll just make us a drink.' Alex looked around the quaint little cottage with interest, various occult decorations adorned the walls, a bookcase full of old novels including some literature on magic. He grinned and sat down on the large cream coloured sofa which faced a large T.V but his eyes drifted off to a strange looking fetish on the nearby mantle. It was wood calved into the shape of a wolf with a vine wrapped around it.

'It's supposed to symbolize the inner struggle we all have with our bestial nature.' Alex jumped as her voice startled him, Nikole had entered the room without a sound carrying a couple of strangely shaped goblets in each hand.

'What's this? Your fine china?' He joked taking the one that was offered.

'Nah just my cups for special friends.' She replied with a small smile, sitting down next to him she stretched out her long voluptuous legs and rested them on his lap. Alex took a sip of the warm liquid she had given him, it had an odd taste, creamy with a sort of metallic aftertaste he put down to the goblet she was serving him with. Nikole drew one of her legs backwards settling it into a V shape as she watched him drink.

'What is this?' He asked as he drained his cup.

'Just something I whipped up. How did it taste?'

'Very nice, thank you.'

'Really? You enjoyed it? Your not just being polite?' She enquired sharply.

'Yeah it was very good, creamy texture, but the after taste, maybe it was just the cup though.' Alex replied dreamily, suddenly he felt very relaxed and content. Slowly he spread his arms out over the top of the sofa, leaning his head back he focused on her and smiled.

'Good!' She exclaimed suddenly in an excited tone, finishing her own cup. Alex was aware of her every smallest inflection right now, he saw the tiny muscles behind her lips move as she grinned widely, he saw her eyes alight with happiness as he mentioned he enjoyed the drink and he was incredibly aware of how attractive she was looking in the low glow of the lamp in the room. She was now sitting on her knees on the sofa, staring at him with her own eyes filled with hunger and lust, he wanted her, he had to act quickly before another male staked his claim on the female. These last two thoughts rushed into his head at once, it was strange, it was very unlike him to think of something that aggressive and direct.

'I'm feeling a bit weird actually.' He said, rubbing his face slowly.

'Weird? How?' The female replied cautiously staring at him, he noticed how her breasts heaved with every breath she took. He fought for control over the primal emotions that were now washing over him.

'Weird like aggressive?' He tried to word his feelings slowly.

'Aggressive? Sexually?' She replied, her tone changing to a low seductive hiss. He watched her, the female was almost leaning completely over him now, she had moved across the sofa with a concerned look on her face, almost crawling tentatively. But now she was on her knees next to him, her breasts were almost spilling out of her low cut tank top and her beautiful eyes were focused on the bulge in his crotch. It was too much for Alex, the lust, the aggression, her poise all screamed at him to take the female as his own. A low animal growl echoed from his lips as he undid his trousers, letting his hard dick free from its constraints.

'Suck me.' He commanded, his voice now deep and husky. Licking her lips with a smile Nikole's head moved over his erection to take him into her mouth. The warm sensation of her breath tingled him as her tongue slowly slid down his engorged member, her moist lips brushed against him as she teased his hardness before slowly lowering her parted lips open his bright red head. Sucking gently she bobbed her head as she took him in and out of her warm mouth. Alex rolled his head back on the sofa stretching his arms out across its top he growled happily as Nikole handled his member. His eyes opened wide in pleasure as electrical surges of intense satisfaction flew through his veins but it was joined by more of the raw aggression that had been plaguing his evening. He was gripped with the urge to pull her off his hardness, penetrate her and bend her to his own desires, he wanted to sink his teeth into her neck, rake his fingernails across her back and slap her ass raw. Alex growled again, this time there was a menace in his throat that had not been there before. His fingernails dug into the couch, to his surprise he felt the soft material tearing in his grip, momentarily startled he looked over at his hands. His eyes widened in shock, his arms were huge now and muscles bulged against his skin. All of his veins were standing out almost glowing bright blue in the eerie candlelight of the drawing room. What was happening to him? He wondered, his fear pushing all the aggression and sexual lust from his body for the moment.

'What's wrong hun?' Nikole's new sultry voice asked him as she looked up from his softening cock.

'What the hells happening?' He asked as his arms began to change back to their former selves. It was her turn to for her eyes to widen now but not in surprise but in fear.

'Noo!' She almost howled pulling her tank top down and letting her ample breasts spill out, quickly straddling him Nikole grinded her warm wet crotch against his limp cock and pushed his face into her now freed boobs. 'Don't fight it baby please! I've never had anyone react so quickly to it, you must be my mate.' She whispered pushing one of her nipples against his moist lips.

'Wha?' He began to question but the experience of her breasts and pussy grinding against his body was too much for him, the aggression welled back up in his stomach and took hold of his body with fierce quickness. Alex let out a long low howl of animalistic lust, his hands grabbed Nikole's waist, his fingernails dug into her soft milky white skin, once again they changed and once again his veins bulged against his skin. When he opened his eyes again they were filled with pure lust, he snarled at her through his lips and pushed her down off his crotch. Moving quickly he tore the rest of his clothes off, as he struggled out of her skirt, spreading her legs out as far as she could her pink wet pussy opened up for him and he took a long smell of her own sweet sex before falling onto her and ramming his erection deep into her body.

'I'll explain everything later.' She whispered through gritted teeth as her legs wrapped around his muscular body and his teeth sank into her neck. 'Just take me now.'

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