tagErotic HorrorCalled by the Coven

Called by the Coven


The bark of the tree I leaned against as a wave of pain washed over me was rough and cold against my palm. As far as I knew, my life had begun there in those woods less than five minutes ago. I couldn't remember how I had come to be there or anything else that came before. I couldn't even remember my own name.

All that I knew was that I was in some woods, naked, alone, and in a great deal of pain. And that something up ahead was calling to me, beckoning me. I raised my hand to my head against the blinding ache, but no blood or even lump met my touch. Nothing to indicate why it hurt so much or why I couldn't remember.

I wanted to collapse there at the base of that tree and rest for awhile. But, the insistent call pulled me stumbling onward. I couldn't run, but staggered quickly, reeling from tree to tree, moving slowly but inexorably to whatever was waiting for me impatiently.

The clearing caught me by surprise as I staggered through brush, reaching for a tree that wasn't there. I caught the brunt of my fall on my hands and knees rather than plowing my nose and exposed groin into the ground. Dead leaves crunched and slid beneath my weight. I wanted to scream from the sensory overload that was nothing more than white noise singing up through my arms and legs and from there up my spine as if it would knock aside the top of my skull to escape.

At a crunching footstep, I looked up to see bare toes sticking out from under a crimson robe. I tried to tip my head back to follow the voluminous folds, to see who was standing over me, but my remaining strength deserted me. Rough prickly detritus from the fall jabbed at my skin as I fell to lay face down.

"The summoned has arrived." A voice said from somewhere far away as blackness consumed everything.

The darkness receded to find my situation changed. No longer lying face down in a bed of dry, dead leaves, I was face up on something smooth and hard. A quiet murmuring, just below the threshold to make out words seemed to come from all around me. I twisted my head this way and that to find myself on a raised stone dais surrounded my figures in shrouded in red that were chanting and swaying with their hands on each others shoulders.

"Help." I moaned through the wracking pain that radiated through every part of my body.

The figures ignored me and continued to chant and sway. I wondered who they were, if I knew them. I wondered what they were doing and why they were not helping me.

The figure at my feet stepped forward. The circle closed behind her. Her hands pulled back the hood to show her face for the first time. Blonde hair framed a face that was just a little too square to be pretty.

"Help." I groaned, looking right at her, trying to meet her eyes.

But, her eyes didn't seem to see me. Her lips continued to move, whispering quiet syllables that I couldn't quite make out. The crimson robe parted beneath her hands and dropped away from her shoulders, baring her proud, firm, breasts.

I blinked at the sight, unsure what she was doing. I needed real medical help. Why would she possibly be undressing?

I watched as she leaned over me, her face lowering towards my groin. I could feel the puffs of warm air against the skin of my limp, flaccid member. Then her lips were parting to take it into her mouth.

I screamed hoarsely as a feeling like the pins and needles from a leg that had gone to sleep seemed to stab into my crotch. If her lips had been blades, flaying the skin from me, it could not have hurt worse.

Yet, as her head began to bob up and down, the pain lessened. I felt my loins stir in response to the moist warmth of her mouth suckling at me. It was not pleasure precisely, but a relief from pain so great that it was almost pleasure in it's own right.

By the time she pulled her mouth away from my cock, I was fully erect and had begun to enjoy the attentions she was lavishing on it. Enough so, that I groaned in complaint as her lips pulled away from me and rejoined the chant.

One knee slid onto the stone between mine and then the other. Too weak to move, I laid there and watched her rise above me and walk forward on her knees until she moved them out from between my legs beside my hips.

I groaned again, in pleasure this time, as I felt a hotter, wetter sensation engulf my cock than her mouth. The pain I felt ebbed completely from my thoughts as I watched her begin to undulate her body above mine. It seemed that every nerve ending in my body was focused on feeling her sweet pussy sliding up and down and back and forth the length of my swollen shaft.

I had a moment to feel her shudder above and around me before a head was interposed in my line of sight. While my attention had been focused on the blonde riding me, a brunette from somewhere near my right shoulder had removed her robe and stepped forward.

I felt cold air on my cock as the heat engulfing it disappeared, then fingers wrapped around my shaft and began moving. All I could see was a mass of dark hair as the new one moved her head toward my chest. I could feel her breath puffing with each word of the chant against my nipple.

Sudden, excruciating pain shot through my nipple and across my chest. The pins and needles feeling was back and seemed to poke and jab me radiating from my right nipple to my right shoulder. The muscles there bunched and cramped against the pain.

As suddenly as it hit, the pain faded. I could feel her tongue licking my nipple, circling it, then her lips sucked it into her mouth.

My cock had softened some from the jolt of pain, but stirred anew as her fingers moved up and down it while her tongue and lips teased my nipple.

I felt more than saw her climb up on the stone table, with the top of her head filling my vision. As she straddled my hips, she lifted her head and I finally saw my torturing lover.

Dark hair just a little too unkempt with black makeup around the eyes and upon the lips kept her from being truly lovely. But, nothing kept the feeling of her sweet pussy opening to slide down my shaft from feeling beautiful. Her heavy chest bounced in time with the rhythmic motions as she rose and fell above me. Her lips moved in the cadence of the quiet chant.

Not pain, exactly, but a distracting discomfort nonetheless pulled me back from my enjoyment as she lost the rhythm and twitched once, twice, and then stilled.

I turned my head to see a thin, almost waifish redhead astride my hand. So short and thin, she almost looked boyish with her flat chest and her ribs showing. But, what my fingers were feeling as the numbness faded was definitely all woman.

Almost as soon as the raven haired woman vacated her place riding me, this little nymph leaned over and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. Both of her small hands were wrapped around me, jacking me up and down and up and down as she sucked on the tip. In my hand, I felt her lovely pussy swell and open to me, allowing me to slip my fingers inside her.

She had to jump to get her knees on the table. As open as she had felt in my hand, she was still achingly tight as she pushed down onto me. My cock felt like it bent before entering her with an almost audible pop.

Her voice came louder, over the others chanting, almost a yell, and I could tell what they were saying for the first time.

"Hastile penitus mergi vestra solida me." They chanted. "Audire me facies tibi flagrans amor et libido. Numquam voluptas ut adducat ad me ut unum corpus nostrum."

My left hand was still all but useless to me, lying limp at the end of my arm. But, I reached up with the right which had been returned to my control. Now that I had heard the small sprite astride me all but scream the words, I couldn't not hear them

"Hastile penitus mergi vestra solida me. Audire me facies tibi flagrans amor et libido. Numquam voluptas ut adducat ad me ut unum corpus nostrum."

Over and over they chanted those same words. Another blonde took the place of the redhead, then another brunette, followed by another brunette. Twelve in all shed their robes and stepped forward to touch me almost as the last was finishing. Wherever they touched me I felt... better. The pain was diminished. I felt stronger.

"Hastile penitus mergi vestra solida me." They droned, swaying around me while one of their number rode me. "Audire me facies tibi flagrans amor et libido. Numquam voluptas ut adducat ad me ut unum corpus nostrum."

As each finished riding me, they resumed their place in the circle without picking up their robes once more. I was only dimly aware of them, focused on the next to stroke and touch and lick my and then mount my now throbbing cock.

As the twelfth dismounted me and regained her place in the circle, I raised myself on one elbow to look around me. Twelve nude women stood with their hands on the shoulders of a woman to either side of her. Twelve women had shed their clothing and come to me. Touching me. Mounting me. Riding me.

The thirteenth, the one that had been at my head, stepped forward and the women that had been to either side of her closed ranks.

This one, the thirteenth, did not doff her clothing. Nor did she take another step towards me. Something deep inside me screamed in frustration. I do not know how I knew, but I knew that this was not how it should be. She must give herself to me, to complete my healing, just as these others had.

I spun around on that stone dais and stood on my own legs, strong and proud without a need for support. There was no pain left. There was only emptiness. A feeling of incompleteness. Angry that she might hold herself from me, I took a step towards her.

Then stopped, confused.

What was going on? How was I able to stand when I had been so weak? Why did it feel right that twelve women had given themselves to me and wrong that the thirteenth held back?

"Hastile penitus mergi vestra solida me. Audire me facies tibi flagrans amor et libido. Numquam voluptas ut adducat ad me ut unum corpus nostrum."

I stood staring at the cloaked and robed figure, the only on in the clearing still covered. Something about this felt familiar. As if I had done it before. Many times.

I seemed to hear a voice over the others and saying different words.

"Numquid scis me, fili mi, pater mi, virum dignum dilecto meo?" It seemed to say. "Septuaginta annis, et venisse et abisse. Cycli incipit novus."

Somehow, I knew that the words had come from that shrouded form. Somehow I knew what they meant. I folded my arms and nodded at her.

There would be more. There always was. I knew this even though I could not remember how I knew it.

"Nolo ire." She said. "Non enim in loco exspecta vicissim se redituros, septuaginta anni."

"It must not be." I replied, out loud, in English.

I heard one of the women behind me gasp that I would defile this sacred rite by speaking other than in the tongue.

"This world is too fragile for both of us to remain." I said. "We have this night. This rite. That is all that is left to us."

Her hands slipped the hood back to reveal her glory.

Thick waves of auburn hair like rubies spun into threads cascaded across her shoulders and down her back. My heart ached as I looked at her perfect, heart shaped face.

Each of the other twelve had some flaw that marked them as human. Not so, the proud woman standing in front of me.

Flashing sapphire eyes studied me. One corner of her mouth twitched up in a half smile, jerking that side of my heart with it.

"What do we care if the world ends?" She asked. "I weary of only having this one night every seventy years with you. I would walk this world with you even if it meant it would end tomorrow."

"And I would go on enduring cycles of seventy years without you so long as it meant being with you once more at the end of it." I replied. "Seventy years walking this plane for one night. Seventy years bound in that other for another. Until the sun goes out, so long as I know you are waiting for me at the end of those seventy years."

Her hands went to her robe and I watched that golden skin that almost seemed to glow with it's own inner light come into view. My pulse pounded in my ears and I clenched my fists to keep from reaching for her.

"But, what if we didn't have to wait?" Her voice poured into my ears as smooth and sweet as honey. "What if I have found a way for us to be together tomorrow night as well? And the next and the next? What if I have found a way for us to break the cycle and be together as we were always meant to be?"

My memories were returning. Not all of them, no. But enough. Enough that I knew that she always had a plan.

"I will listen, Lauralthensala." I said, motioning for her to continue.

The robe dropped away and I shuddered in sheer aesthetic appreciation. Long, lean perfectly formed muscles moved beneath flawless skin. Her unearthly beauty tugged at me and bartered with my rationale to follow her and do her bidding as it always had.

"So formal, my husband?" Lauralthensala laughed. "Then, hear me Gilthanus. Come to me. Take your bride. Bring me and let yourself go as you do. Draw from my handmaidens, as always, yes. But, pour into me as you take from me and I will be able to remain."

What she said was counter to the way it had always been. Never in all the long years had we been able to achieve climax together. When it was my turn to walk the earth, she would drench me with her sweet fluids. When it was her turn to walk the earth and I was to be bound away, it was my turn to fill her with my seed. Never did we each reach that pinnacle of pleasure together.

And then it came to me. The rite was wrong. Already twelve had serviced themselves upon me. There should have only been eleven. She would have been the twelfth. And I... I should have been the thirteenth member of the rite, the focus.

"Laurelthensala, what have you done?" I asked.

"What we should have a long time ago." She said as she lowered herself before me.

I hissed in pleasure as her perfect lips touched my hard shaft. Looking down, I saw her eyes flashing at me as if lit from within as my head slipped inside her mouth. A low moan escaped my throat as her perfect cheeks concaved with suction and my shaft slid further and further inside.

No. I suddenly knew what she was trying to do. And she would not succeed. I grabbed her shoulders and roughly pulled her to her feet.

Stooping, I gathered her in my arms and lifted her as a groom should carry a bride to her wedding bed. Turning, I carried her to the stone bier I had lain upon while twelve women had ridden astride me. I could feel the power thrumming around us as the twelve continued to chant and sway.

I laid her across the bier with her head hanging off and stepped forward to touch my swollen cock against her lips. She could choose to open her mouth and take me back inside or not as she wished. I pried her thighs apart and lowered my mouth to the treasure that had lain hidden there.

Her nectar was as sweet on my tongue as I had remembered as I spread her with my hands and suckled at her pussy. She groaned and I felt her suckling on me in return.

It was to be a race then. She would try to bring me first and in doing so would remain while I was bound once more for the next seventy years.

I felt her throat open as she tried to swallow me and pressed two fingers inside her as I sucked hard on her tiny nub of a clitoris. I pulled my hips back, away from the pleasure that was coursing through me from her mouth. Her hands reached around me to cup my ass and pull me into her once more.

In response, I cupped hers with the hand that was not delving inside of her, searching for that magical spot and lifted her to press her more firmly against my mouth. She would climax before I did. I would make certain of it.

To my surprise, she pulled me from her mouth.

"Fuck me." She said.

I lifted my head from between her thighs and removed my fingers. I lifted her head and turned her body over and around so that she was face down with her head pointing away from me.

"Oh, yeah." She said. "Mount me like the bitch I am. Hump me from behind like the dog you are."

I entered her roughly, aiming for that spot my fingers hadn't quite been able to reach. My shaft sank in to the hilt, slapping my groin against her perfectly rounded ass. Drawing back, I pressed forward again, settling into a rhythmic thrust, neither hard nor soft and gentle but somewhere in between.

As the twelve continued to chant tiredly, Laurelthensela began to push back against me, harder and faster. I held onto her hips and tried to control the speed and strength of her thrusts back.

"Harder." She panted. "Faster. Deeper. Give it to me good."

Anger began to bubble up inside me. Here beneath me was my wife, the woman that I loved. Taking me inside of her was my daughter who I brought into being every seventy years. Humping back against me was my mother who brought me into this world every seventy years. Fucking me was my sister who had come into being at the same moment I had.

And rather than enjoying fucking me, she was trying to fuck me over. To send me back to oblivion for another seventy years in her place. To walk the Earth for seventy years in mine. She was trying to make me climax first, to drink the power I had accumulated from her twelve acolytes into herself.

I began slamming into her harder than she was slamming back into me. Faster and faster. Harder and harder.

One of the twelve fell face down. The chorus from the remaining eleven was ragged and tired.

"You can fuck my ass if you want." Laurelthensala panted. "You seemed to like that when we tried it before."

Something inside me cracked wide open. It didn't matter which of us stayed and which of us went. Seventy years without her was oblivion whether I spent it here or beyond.

I stopped moving and pulled out of her.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

I pressed my hands against her hips and turned her to face me. Thinking back, I could not remember the last time I had kissed her just to kiss her. It was always about the transfer of power from one to the other. For so long that was all it had been.

Softly, tenderly, I touched my lips to hers. They were so soft and warm against mine. The last stone brick surrounding my heart shattered beneath that brief touch.

"What are you doing?" She asked again, staring at me.

"I love you." I sighed. "I know what you are trying to do. Fine, I will go back in your place."

"What?" Laurelthensala said. "I wasn't-..."

"Shh." I laid my finger across her lips. It seemed to lay perfectly in the cleft that ran from just beneath her nose, across those lips, to her chin. "We are almost out of time. Just... let me make love to my beautiful wife before I go."

I lowered her beneath me and noted that three more of the chorus had fallen. Fainted or died.

It didn't matter. They were all dead from the moment they had taken me inside them. They died so that I could live. And I was willing that life to the most perfect creature ever created. The woman that I loved.

I lowered myself atop her, shifting my hips so that I brushed my tip against her nether lips. Her eyes were confused as I gently pressed, slipping inside of her, sheathing my throbbing shaft within.

When I felt that moist warmth engulfing me completely, I leaned my face down close to hers.

"I love you with all my heart." I whispered. "Always have and always will. I followed you out of heaven and I have never regretted it. My heaven is wherever you are and my hell is being without you."

With that, I touched her lips with mine once more and was surprised to feel her mouth open up to mine. Her arms wound around my neck, pulling me close and I felt her tongue tap my teeth. I tasted something salty and pulled away to look down at her as another tear slipped from the corner of her eye.

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