tagBDSMCalled to the Headmaster's Office

Called to the Headmaster's Office


It's the end of my senior year, just weeks until graduation, and seeing that most of my work is finished, I've been finding it hard to care. I turned 18 a couple of months ago and despite my efforts, I haven't been able to convince my mom to let me take the GED.

I don't want to be here and why should I hide it? I've been rolling into class late a lot, sometimes not bothering to show up at all. I had a feeling it'd catch up to me eventually, so I just roll my eyes and shake my head when I get called into your office.

I stride down the empty hallway toward the office, where your matronly secretary scowls and ushers me directly into your presence, then sharply closes the door behind me. You are the headmaster and, judging by your cold, appraising stare from across your imposing wood desk, you are not pleased. I sit down in an ancient leather chair and and roll my eyes slightly as you begin to lecture me on my disregard for the rules and the importance of being on time. You stand and tell me that I've been warned plenty of times and since it's obvious that the niceties have failed, it is time for more serious punishment.

I raise an eyebrow, at least until you pull a ruler from your desk drawer, and then I blink. I look up at your face to gauge your seriousness as you slightly bend the ruler, showing me that it is rigid, yet somewhat flexible, then slap it quickly against your palm. It dawns on me what you intend and I swallow hard as I realize that that ruler probably is going to hurt quite a bit.

You look at me, eyes narrowed and say, "Naughty girls who flaunt the rules get their backsides reddened." You smack your palm with the ruler again, this time more forcefully. "Stand up and bend over my desk, this instant."

As I move to obey, my mind begins to race. My cheeks flush with embarrassment, knowing that you are going to spank me. I step in front of the desk and lean forward over it, my ass in the air and my breasts feeling the cool wood through my shirt. I hide my burning face and hear the swish of clothing as you move closer to me. I feel you lift the hem of my skirt over my ass and onto my back. My cheeks burn redder as I envision the now-clear view of my panties and everything underneath.

The intervening seconds feel like an eternity as I wait anxiously for your next move. I'm in the process of wondering, and then you bring the ruler down on my ass. I was right; it really stings and I grit my teeth. You raise your arm and bring it down in the same spot several more times, creating an intensely sensitive and painful spot. I cry out a little, involuntarily.

"Bad behavior does not go unpunished," you lecture, and bring the ruler down again, this time on the other cheek.

I exhale through clenched teeth, fighting a groan. The ruler comes down again and again, varying your ever-stronger strokes so that my entire ass becomes red. "Naughty girls who don't learn have to be spanked," you say.

With each blow of the ruler, you become more forceful and my ass more red and sensitive. It becomes difficult to stay quiet, and I begin to gasp each time the ruler strikes my skin. You pause a moment, place your palm on my ass, and lean forward to speak in my ear. Your hand lightly strokes my tingling ass as I feel your warm breath on my ear and hear you say, "I know this is what you need, because you cannot discipline yourself."

You lean back up and quietly ponder for a moment. I feel your hand on my ass, then up to the waistband of my panties. "Oh, God," I think, but it's too late because you're already sliding them down. You pull them down over my ass and leave them on just below my cheeks. I know my ass is bright red and I'm mortified to know that you can probably see how wet and swollen my pussy is getting. I can hear the lightness in your voice and know you're pleased with your handiwork so far, "Such a bad, disrespectful girl deserves a real, bare-assed spanking."

I whimper softly at the idea that there's more to come. You step back slightly and I brace myself, as you bring that wicked ruler down with a hard, stinging slap. You tan my ass with it, bringing it down over and over, causing me to jump at each blow. My ass is getting so sore and I start to wonder how much I can take. I hope each blow is the last, but you continue on bringing your arm down again and again, lecturing me. I feel each slap of the ruler more intensely and more painfully than the last.

Just when I wonder how much more I can take, you pause again. I hear you set the ruler down and can feel the heat of your body near my inflamed skin. You run your palm over my now bright red skin, which is radiating a lot of heat. The skin of your hand is a pleasing torture, it is both erotic and a painful reminder of your beating. You gently stroke the skin of both ass cheeks and my face burns more as I feel you lower your hand to brush over my wet, swollen lips. I am so tense and turned on that I moan shamelessly; your touching between my legs has sent another rush of wetness. I can't help but move my hips slightly as your fingers slide along my slit to rub my clit briefly, then back up to tease my opening.

I hear you pick up the ruler and I let out a groaned sigh of frustration. I am so wildly turned on and quivering with desire and anticipation that I can't help but cry out with each strike of the ruler. You strike again several times, hard, unbearably in the same spot, just to watch me writhe and beg you to stop with my cries.




Over and over, expertly covering my ass with strikes as you beat me, not a patch of skin spared. You continue to lecture and berate me for my bad character, but I can't focus on your words anymore. Each blow hurts worse than the last and my ass is hot, sore and stinging. I don't think I can take much more and helpless tears spring to my eyes. Just when I'm about to cry or to beg you to stop, I hear you set down the ruler and come up behind me. I breathe a sigh of relief and sag on the desk, trying to catch my breath.

Your fingertips tease and taunt as they play over my sore, tingling skin. I can feel the wetness beginning to drip down my lips. You run your fingers down between my legs, and lean over me. I can feel the hardness of your cock through your pants, pressing into my hip. Your fingers begin to explore more aggressively, sliding through the slick wetness, feeling how swollen my lips and clit are, and I moan. Your fingers tease my clit, slide down my lips, then I feel one slowly slip inside. I can no longer hold it in and give a long, loud moan as your finger slowly makes its way into my pussy.

I give a groan of disappointment as I feel your finger exit. I hear your zipper slide down, a short rustle of clothing,and then feel the head of your cock pressed against my pussy lips. "Oh, God," I groan, as you take my hips in your hands.

In the next moment, you ram your hard cock all the way inside me. I give a deep-throated moan as I feel your cock parting my tight pussy, opening it up until you're as deep as you can go. You rest there a moment, holding your cock deep inside, enjoying the feel of my pussy and how it pulses around your cock. You comment on how hot to the touch my ass feels against your skin, with a small, sadistic chuckle.

Then, my hips in your hands, you make a point to pound against my sore, red ass, driving home my punishment, reminding me with each thrust. You lean forward and ask in my ear, "How does that spanking feel now?" You drive into me, slapping my ass hard with your hips. "Your pussy is so wet, you really are a dirty, dirty girl..."

All I can do is moan and work my pussy on your cock. I want it so bad and it feels so good to be taken like this. You reach a hand up under my shirt, push my bra up, and squeeze one of my breasts, making the nipple hard. You pinch it, which causes my pussy to squeeze your cock. You give a grunt of pleasure and continue to drive your cock in and out of me. I keep getting wetter and more turned on and I feel like I could take it forever, but soon your thrusts come faster and faster and I know you're going to come.

One hand squeezing my breast, the other on my hip, you drive your cock forcefully into my pussy, working closer to orgasm. Your breathing gets faster, your thrusts faster and harder, and I know you're close. Finally, the hand on my hip flies up, and you get a tight fistful of my hair, pulling my head back and holding it there. You let out a long, throaty groan, thrust a few times shallowly, then plunge your cock deep in me. You hold me tight against you as you ride out your climax in a series of breathy groans.

When you are finished, you slide out of me and give my ass one last hard slap with your hand and tell me to get dressed. You give me a stern look and say that you hope I've learned my lesson.

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