tagLoving WivesCaller ID Ch. 02

Caller ID Ch. 02


The rest of the weekend went by with nothing exciting happening except when she got a call from Roberto. Jessica answered the phone on Sunday afternoon and giggled when she told her mother who it was on the other end.

"He's cute, isn't he?" she giggled. "A real Italian."

It was a quick conversation with Roberto wanting to know what time practice started on Monday evening. He asked if she wanted him to pick her up but she declined and said that she preferred to drive her own car to practice.

"That was a little strange," she thought when she hung up the phone. "He's a little forward for a 19-year old but maybe he's just trying to be nice."

Roberto became a little more familiar with her at each day's practice. He was a big help with the high school girls. He called her Miss Phillips and he let everyone know that she was the boss but it was after practice that his attitude changed. He always hung around and helped her with what she called her "homework." She thought it was cute that he had asked permission to use her first name and he called her "Moggie" when they were alone. He definitely knew his soccer and she enjoyed the exchange of comments about various players and made plans to give extra help to some of the girls who were having problems or could use a few extra tips.

They usually stood next to her car using the narrow hood for a desk as they sorted their papers and designed plays for the team. She became accustomed to his habit of standing behind her and leaning over her shoulder. Each time he pointed something out he would reach around her and she could feel his body pressing against hers. She didn't object to his close presence and in fact she enjoyed it. He would frequently extend his arm under hers and it was during those times that she became aware of her growing attraction to him.

The first time that his hand brushed across the side of her breast she gave a little jump but thought it was just an accident and forgot about it. A few days later he did the same thing but this time he kept his forearm pressed against the side of her breast as he pointed out some flaws in her play diagram. She found she liked the contact and she didn't pull away or move so that he was no longer touching her. He repeated the contact a few minutes later and this time she allowed herself to enjoy the sensation to the point where she felt her nipples become engorged in the confines of her sports bra.

The thick material of her bra did not make her arousal visible but she felt a warmth spread through her body that concentrated itself in her groin. Her face felt hot and she held her breath as she waited for his next move. To her disappointment or relief, she wasn't entirely sure, it didn't come and he backed away from her and began to gather his gear in preparation for leaving the field.

She followed suit and gathered her belongings and arranged them in the back of her PT Cruiser. When she stood up to close the hatch she found him standing behind her and staring at her with a little smile on his face.

"Was he looking at my butt?" she wondered and closed the hatch.

He waited at the driver's door and removing his towel from around his neck he wiped his sweat from his face and neck and placed the towel on the roof of the car before opening the door for her.

Maggie had to duck under his arm to slide into the driver's seat and in doing so she found her face only inches away from his almost naked chest. She inhaled the smell of his sweaty body and was mildly surprised that it didn't offend her. Pausing for a moment she lightly sniffed the air and found to her surprise that his slightly sour odor heightened the arousal bubbling in her crotch. Glancing up at his face she saw him smile and she thought she detected a little smirk as she lowered herself into her seat and he closed the door for her.

"Careful, the little snit knows what he is doing!" she rebuked herself. "Now don't act like a fool."

He was saying something but she wasn't paying attention because the bulging crotch of his thin soccer shorts was almost touching her face. A flash of desire raced through her body and wildly crazy urge came over her when she seriously contemplated rubbing her face against him before she snapped out of it and fumbled for the keys in her purse.

Inserting the key into the ignition she started the car and turned back towards the door to find him squatting alongside of the car with his face in the open window.

"Buona sera, good evening. See you tomorrow," he whispered through another one of his smiles. Dropping his eyes he appeared to be staring at her lips and she unconsciously wet them with her tongue.

"I don't have any lipstick on," she thought and shaking her head in annoyance at her perverted attraction to this young man she turned to the front and shifting the car into gear she said her own goodbye as she pulled away faster than was necessary.

Marvin was home when she got there. His office hours were usually over at five on Thursdays.

"Hi, sweetheart!" he said when he greeted her out by the pool. "How was your practice?"

"Pretty good," she replied. "The team is shaping up. I'm going to take a shower. I'll be right back down."

"Do you need any help?" he smiled. "I'll be glad to wash your back and your front if you want."

"No. The girls will be home soon. Why don't you put a pizza in the oven? They'll be hungry."

"OK, but my offer is still good for later."

Maggie examined her body in the full-length mirror on the closet door. She thought she still looked good for a 41-year old mother of two. Even though the flirting encounter was exciting and arousing, it was also frightening. She knew that she was walking on dangerous sands around Roberto and she would have to be careful to not let the situation get out of hand. Roberto's attention to her made her feel young and vibrant to the point where she almost felt like one of the girls she was coaching.

"You fool!" she said into the shower noise. "He's only a kid and you're married."

Marvin fell asleep in his chair while watching the early news but he jumped awake when she said she was going to go to bed. The girls were already in bed or at least they were in their bedrooms.

Roberto's attentions were still fresh in her mind when Marvin pulled her towards him. She didn't resist and after a few kisses she got into the mood and responded to him. She could feel her panties getting wet and she pulled them off before they got soaked. Marvin was already nude when she had returned from the bathroom and he helped her off with her tee shirt and immediately attacked her breasts.

He was not the most considerate lover but he almost always brought her to a peak of arousal and satisfied her every time they made love. When he rolled over her and knelt between her legs she had a sudden flash image of Roberto's dark chest and arms. The only light was coming from the cracked bathroom door and when she reached down and fitted Marv into her opening she saw Roberto again.

Maggie's passion rose to a peak in record time. She raised her hips and aligned them with Marv's so his penetration was deeper than usual. She heard herself grunt with pleasure when he pushed into her and she met each one of his pushes with one of her own.

She tried to recall Roberto's scent but all she could smell was Marv's deodorant as she fought to reach her climax. Marv crushed his lips against hers and they panted into each other's mouths until they reached a climax with that perfect timing that comes from long-married practice.

Marv rolled off of her and lay facing her as his breathing returned to normal.

"Um, that was nice!" he said and kissed her before rolling over and settling himself to go to sleep.

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