tagLoving WivesCaller ID Ch. 03

Caller ID Ch. 03


The very next day was the first time that Roberto did anything overtly sexual with her. A thunderstorm started in the middle of practice and Maggie told everyone to go home and the kids and coaches immediately scattered to their respective cars and took off. Her car was at the other end of the parking lot so he pulled her by the hand and they ran to his van parked nearby. The climbed in through the side door and she was amazed at the customized interior. There was a TV set with a little sink and a refrigerator above it and the floor was carpeted. Instead of individual seats there was a sofa-like seat along the wall behind the driver. He slid the door shut and with the tinted windows it was almost dark inside. He reached over the driver's seat and turned on the engine to run the air conditioning before he plopped down on the seat next to her.

She was soaking wet and her sports bra and tank top were plastered tightly against her skin. Roberto pulled off his shirt and handed her a towel. She leaned forward to pull the scrunchie from her hair and she felt him tug on the towel. Looking up at him from behind her hair she felt him tug a little harder and she let him take the towel from her hands.

"Here, il mio bello, I do that," he said and covered her head with the towel.

"Bello what?" she thought. "Bello means beautiful or something, I think. What's he saying?"

She stayed bent over and he carefully dried her hair and back. She felt a twinge of fear and knew that she shouldn't be in this place with him but she was also enjoying the closeness and naughty attention. He knelt in front of her and she stared at the lump showing in the wet crotch of his shorts.

"Finito!" he said and tilting her head back with his fingers under her chin he brushed the hair from her face and looked at her.

Maggie had not uttered a sound and for a moment she thought that he was going to try and kiss her. Instead he took both of her wrists in one hand and raised them above her head. He continued to stare into her eyes and using his other hand he took the towel and patted her face and chest without actually going so far as to touch her breasts through her shirt. It was when he touched the damp towel to her armpit that she felt that familiar twinge that meant that she was oozing lubrication and her body was getting ready for sex.

"Some of my country's women no clean hair from there," he said patting her armpit. "They think that it natural and more like woman. I say yes. I like my woman like that."

Maggie was a little taken aback by his comment. "I've got to get going," she said and moved to pull her hands from his.

"It is funny, no?" he continued. "The women, they no clean hair from there but they clean it from their, how you say it, bottom, so it does not appear from swim costume." Reaching down he touched her lower belly with his fingertips before raising them to her armpit. "Are you clean, like this?" he asked.

Maggie did not know what to say and following his glance down to her cleanly shaven underarm, she watched, trancelike, as he leaned forward and kissed it. Extending his tongue he licked up the entire length of her exposed skin from just above the side band of her bra to the middle of her triceps. She followed the path of his tongue with her eyes through the hair draping her face, her body frozen by the unexpected eroticism of the moment.

Maggie heard a gasp and realized that it had come from her lips. An image of what they were doing appeared in her mind as if she were standing outside of her body and watching two strangers enjoying an intimate moment. Yanking her hands from within his she threw herself over to the sliding door and fumbled with the latch.

"I've ... I've got to get out of here. I have to get home!" she almost screamed in panic.

Roberto opened the door and she jumped out of the van and ran to her car in the driving rain.

"Good god, what are you trying to do to yourself, you fool?" she screamed out as she practically tumbled into her car.

The rain beat down and the windshield wipers were barely keeping up with it but she drove as if she were running away from something.

Marvin was surprised when she again became the initiator that night. He wondered what caused her to want sex from him two nights in a row but he dismissed it as possibly her oncoming period or something.

Maggie found herself reliving the events in the van as she walked around in a mild state of arousal. She managed to arrange not to be alone with Roberto for the next few days but she knew and felt that he was always watching her. She wouldn't admit it but she took extra care with the little makeup she normally wore and she started wearing tighter tank tops to practice.

She concentrated on the team and worked with the girls to build up their strength and stamina. There were a few cuts and bruises and some minor sprains but they were in reasonably good shape since most of them had played some soccer since school let out.

The next time that anything happened between them was on the bus ride back from their first summer tournament game on the other side of Charleston. He had asked to ride in the bus with the team but she told him that there was no room so he had ridden in someone's car.

They left early Saturday morning and ended up losing two games so everyone was a little down on the trip home Saturday night. Maggie was surprised and a little annoyed when Roberto got on the bus just before it was ready to pull out. Her annoyance was both with him and with herself since she had a fleeting moment of anticipation when she saw him walk down the aisle. He said that his ride decided to stay overnight and he wanted to get back home. Not wanting to make a scene she told him that he had to sit in the back on the bench seat with all of the extra gear.

Megan's team also rode on the bus but Maggie sat next to Trudy Brady so she could keep an eye on her. Trudy had twisted her knee during the game and Maggie made her keep an ice pack on it until they could get back and get it x-rayed.

Not even an hour into the ride home the bus got quiet as everybody dropped off to sleep. Trudy was uncomfortable so Maggie got up and let her rest her leg across the seat. There were no other empty seats and she was forced to go back and sit with Roberto. The soccer equipment filled the back of the bus and they moved a bag of balls so she could have room to sit. It was too close to Roberto for her comfort but she had no choice and it would only be for a little while.

She pretended to herself that she was afraid of what he might do but deep down she knew that she was more afraid that she would allow, or even encourage, him to make an advance, an advance that she wanted him to make.

Not willing to let him know her feelings, she made it clear that she didn't want to engage in conversation in the darkened bus. She found a laundry bag full of towels that she placed between them on the big bench seat to ensure that he knew she wanted a separation between them.

"Is hokay?" Roberto leaned over and whispered with his lips close to her ear.

His breath on her ear gave her goose bumps.

"Yes, she's fine, now let me get some sleep please," she responded.

The sway of the bus and the drone of the engine soon lulled her into sleep. She had no idea how long she had been dozing but she awoke to feel someone or something rubbing her breast. Taking stock of her situation she realized that she had ended up with her head laying on the bag of towels between she and Roberto. His arm was resting on her shoulder and he was rubbing his fingers across her left nipple. She looked down but could barely see his dark hand against the material of her shirt.

She shifted slightly and he stopped touching her and waited for her to settle down before he resumed his actions. Maggie could feel the fingers of his hand as they passed over her shirt and the thick fabric of her sports bra. He was not squeezing or fondling her but he kept his fingers extended and separated so that as he slowly moved his hand from side to side each finger would push on her nipple and then allow it to pop back before being pushed again by the next finger as it passed by before he repeated the motion in the other direction.

Crazy thoughts ran through Maggie's mind. She knew that she should immediately stop the play but she was thoroughly enjoying his teasing. She was torn between her morals and the pleasure that he was giving her. No thoughts of Marvin or the kids entered her mind as her arousal heightened each time a finger would push on her nipple. She found she was anticipating his next finger in the short span of time between his touches and her stomach muscles would react each time.

Her mind went back to the rainy day in his van and the excitement that he had aroused in her body when he licked her armpit. She had a vague idea, actually a hope, of where all of this was going to lead but she refused to allow herself to include any details because she rationalized that she was not an eager participant but just a passive one.

Making a liar of herself, she thought, "I should have worn a different bra, these sports bras are too heavy."

Pretending to awaken, she opened her eyes and turned her head so that she was looking up at him. Except for the glow of passing vehicles lighting up his face like an old time movie as they flickered by in the darkness, all she could see was the whites of his eyes and his teeth through his smile.

A strange thought crossed her mind. "Marvin's teeth aren't that white," she thought. "And he's a dentist."

Maggie was aware that he could see her eyes and face and knew that she was awake. She shifted her shoulders so that she was almost lying flat on the bag of towels and closed her eyes. When she moved her body his hand stopped its caress and rested on her breast. Maggie took the initiative and pressed her breast up into his hand and he closed it around her and gently squeezed.

Maggie felt his breath before his lips touched her forehead and she let out with a little gasp. Opening her eyes she looked into his just as a passing vehicle lit up his face. He squeezed her again but this time he also fondled her in a gentle massaging motion.

"God, he's handsome," she thought and then recovered. "What the hell am I doing? My daughter is sitting just a few rows in front of me."

Roberto lips were still on her forehead she felt them move against her skin when he whispered, "Faccio l'amore voi! I make love with you!"

Maggie gasped and coming to her senses she moved to sit up just as the bus slowed and the driver turned on the interior lights.

"Almost home," he announced over the speaker system. "Everybody up!"

It was nearly midnight when Trudy's mother dropped them off in the driveway. Megan ran ahead of her into the hall powder room because she had to pee. Marvin and Jessica were in bed and she was too tired to unpack her stuff so she left it in the foyer and started to turn off the lights when Megan came out of the powder room.

"Mom! Why did Roberto ride the bus back?" she hissed at her.

"He told me that his ride wanted to stay over and that he wanted to get home tonight. Why?"

"Did you move into the back with him after I fell asleep?" she asked in an accusing tone.

"I don't know if you were asleep or not but I moved because Trudy's knee was bothering her and she wanted to stretch it out over my seat. What are you getting at young lady?"

"Some of the girls are starting to talk. You'd better be careful. He's getting quite a reputation," Megan retorted.

"Megan Marie! How could you even suggest anything like that? I'm old enough to be his mother for God's sake! Now go to bed and let's hear no more talk like that! Good-night!"

"Talk like what," Marvin's voice came out of the darkness as he descended the steps dressed in his pajamas.

"Good-night, daddy! I love you," Megan said and gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek as she passed him on the stairs.

"Oh, nothing really" she lied. "We lost today and the girls are disappointed and they don't think we will have a winning season. I'm going to bed, I'm tired."

"How tired are you?" he said in a low voice as he followed her up the stairs with his hand caressing her butt. "Real tired or just a little tired?"

Maggie's thoughts raced through her head as she flashed back on what had happened not more than an hour ago. Roberto's touches had made her want more than what she got and now she felt guilty about betraying Marvin even though, in her mind, she hadn't done anything really wrong.

"Just a little tired. Don't go to sleep while I'm in the shower. OK?"

Marvin was surprised when Maggie came out of the shower wearing only a towel. The bedside table light was still on and she was always careful about exposing her nude body to him. They usually only made love in the dark or with the light from the cracked bathroom door illuminating the room. She patted some water droplets off of her legs before dropping the towel and climbing into the bed. Her breasts swayed enticingly as she first knelt on the mattress before rolling over towards him.

Helping him to unbutton his pajama top she pulled his bottoms off while he removed the top and as soon as he was naked she held his erection in one hand and straddled his legs to kiss the head of his cock. He thought he actually felt the rare sensation of her tongue licking him before she held it upright to guide it inside of her.

She was wet and Marv wondered for a moment why she was so aroused but he lost the thought and concentrated on the sensation of her riding up and down on him. Her lips smashed against his and her breasts pillowed on his chest as she held tightly to his shoulders while pistoning her ass up and down. She actually hurt him several times when she came down so hard that her pubic bone bounced off of his. It didn't take long for him to cum and she whimpered and moaned through her climax at the same time.

Afterwards they lay side by side while their breathing and heartbeats returned to normal.

"What got into you?" he wondered aloud.

"I don't know. I just felt like doing it that way. Thank you," she kissed him and rolled onto her side. "Goodnight!"

She arranged her body facing away from him and berated herself. Once again she had seen Roberto's face while she made love to her husband.

"My God, what am I doing? I just made love to my husband and pretended it was Roberto. He said he was going to make love to me but I can't do that to my husband and my family."

Her internal fight continued but she knew that in reality she had lost the battle and she was just going through the motions of accepting it.

Her situation was nothing new to her since Maggie had already had one affair during their marriage. Marvin had never found out about it but she lived in terror for several years that he would. It happened shortly after Megan was born and Marvin was working and back in school to become an oral surgeon in addition to his orthodontic specialty. She knew he was doing the best that he could but he was working for another dentist and the long office hours that were necessary to support her and their daughter and to pay for his college left her feeling alone and depressed.

A colleague of his came on to her at an early summer cookout at his house and she became infatuated with him and his compliments towards her. His wife was a dowdy looking woman who always appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or some kind of drugs. He kept up the pressure on her and made it a point to talk to her and compliment her at every opportunity. She finally succumbed at another cookout when Marvin was away doing his clinicals at a hospital in North Carolina. She was lonely and he was rarely home and when he was she was either asleep or he was too tired to barely even carry on a conversation.

She drank a little too much of the Long Island Iced Tea concoction being served and ended up at the next door neighbor's house on the pretense of going over there with him to get some more ice. Those neighbors were also at the party and Maggie found herself sitting on their kitchen counter with his mouth sucking on her vagina. Her shorts and panties were dangling from one leg and her thighs were squeezing his head as he brought her to a climax with his lips and tongue. She had barely recovered when his cock was inside of her and she found that she was pulling him into her with her heels on his butt and her arms wrapped around his head. She felt totally appreciated and alive as he brought her to a second, breath-stopping climax.

The guilt hit at about the same time that her feet hit the floor and she saw his cum running down the inside of her thigh when she bent over to pull her shorts and panties back up. She was on the pill so she wasn't worried about getting pregnant but she hated what she had done and for the next few weeks she would burst into tears at odd times during the day and cry herself to sleep while Marvin snored along side of her.

The guilt went away a few weeks later when she found herself alone with him and it was a repeat of the first time except this time it was on her living room sofa with Megan sleeping upstairs in the nursery. From then on there was no more guilt but only excitement coupled with the fear that she would be discovered.

He would arrange to come over to their house when he knew that Marvin was working and they would have sex for hours at a time. She rationalized it away with the thought that she knew him and knew that he didn't have any diseases she could pass on to Marvin.

As the affair continued she kept trying to relive the emotions and feelings along with the fear of getting caught that she felt the first time they did it. She encouraged him to repeat the scene with her on the counter in her kitchen but she could never quite get back to that delicious but decidedly wicked moment when she reached her first climax outside of her marriage bed.

After Marvin received his accreditation their life became more stable and she went off of birth control and they had Jessica. It was her way of telling herself that she would remain a faithful wife and mother. Her lover had moved out of the state shortly after their last tryst so she was not tempted to continue their relationship.

Marvin had a vasectomy while she was pregnant with Jessica so she never went back on the pill. After she stopped nursing the baby, she found that without the birth control pills, combined with her diet to lose her baby weight, that her breasts returned to the smaller size that they were when she first married Marvin. She missed having larger breasts and Marvin commented that someday he was going to talk to one of his doctor friends about getting them enlarged if she wanted them.

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