tagLoving WivesCaller ID Ch. 09

Caller ID Ch. 09


Megan refused to talk to or to even acknowledge her mother the next morning. The team ate breakfast as a group and boarded the buses for the return trip. She looked like she had been crying and Maggie suspected she knew what had happened but she was afraid to pursue the matter.

Roberto rode back in the other bus and Maggie sat alone near the back. She wasn't sure she knew how it happened but she couldn't deny that it did. Her lack of sleep and the aspirins she took to relieve her headache combined with the droning and swaying of the bus soon put her to sleep and she didn't awake until the bus pulled into the school where their cars were parked.

Jessica was the only one who talked on the ride home from the school. She went on about how much fun she had with the three girls who shared her room the night before. Megan didn't comment except to make a sound of disgust when Jessica said some boys they met in the lobby wanted to come up and see their room.

"I wonder where your father is?" Maggie said as they pulled into the driveway and realized Marvin's car wasn't there.

Megan grabbed her bag and rushed into the house leaving Jessica and Maggie to unload their own clothes and the bag of towels. Maggie unpacked her suitcase and piled her dirty clothes into the hamper in the bathroom. She was putting her new lingerie set into her delicates bag when Megan stomped into her bathroom.

"Did you wear that for Roberto?" she screamed at her mother. "Did he like your sexy underwear? Did he, did he?"

Maggie froze with fright at Megan's accusation.

"Megan! You stop that right now! What are you talking about?"

"I saw him! I saw him going into your room last night! Don't you try to deny it! I saw him! How could you mother, how could you?" she said and broke down into racking sobs.

"Stop screaming and calm down," Maggie said in a soothing voice. "Nothing happened. He needed some aspirin, that's all."

"Mother!" she accused between hiccupping sobs. "My room was right across the hall and I saw you open the door to him. I was getting some more ice for Laura's ankle and I saw you!"

Maggie's voice was shaking, "I said he needed some aspirin. That's all!"

"I stayed awake all night watching and he didn't come out until six o'clock this morning! You were fucking him! Weren't you?" she screamed.

"Megan Marie! Don't you dare use that kind of language in front of me! Now calm down!"

Maggie's voice was now panicky as she tried to defuse the situation.

"No! I won't calm down! You're disgusting! What are you going to tell daddy?"

Both were shouting at each other now.

"I'm not going to tell him anything because nothing happened! Now go unpack. We'll talk later."

Jessica's voice came from the bedroom, "What's all the yelling about in here? Why are you two fighting?"

Megan stomped past her and slammed the door to her room.

"It's alright, honey," Maggie said, closing the bathroom door. "I'll be out in a minute."

Maggie leaned back against the door and stood there in shock. She had no idea that anyone had seen him in her room last night. It was entirely her fault. She had let him in knowing what would happen.

Marvin stood in the darkness with his forehead pressed against the rough wooden stud of the common wall between his playroom and the master bathroom. He had heard the girls coming home and was cleaning up his model airplane project when the shouting started. Turning the light off in his room he listened to the argument and the accusations while watching his daughter and his wife through the razor blade slot in the back of the cabinet.

He didn't want to believe what he was hearing but Megan's accusation was too logical to be a lie.

"Why would she lie?" he questioned himself. "Maggie is screwing around on me and who the hell is Roberto?"

Peeking back through the slot he watched as Maggie finished sorting her underwear and stuffing it into the net bag. He didn't recognize some of it and Megan's charges came back to him.

"Did you wear that for Roberto?"

The tears in his eyes made focusing difficult but he forced himself to spy on his wife. He watched as Maggie took something out of her overnight bag and put it into the cosmetic bag she used when she traveled. After placing the bag in the bottom drawer on her side of the vanity she turned on the shower and finished undressing.

Even though he was in emotional pain, Marvin felt himself getting excited as he peeped at his wife. His rising excitement suddenly came to a halt when she pushed her panties down her legs and lifting them with the toe of one foot she took them with her hand.

The sound of the rushing shower water covered Marvin's gasp when he saw that her pubes were completely shaved.

"She must have done that last night!" he muttered under his breath and continued to watch as she carefully inspected the crotch of her panties before placing them in the bag.

Examining herself in the mirror she ran her hand over her smoothly shaven crotch and he thought she actually allowed a finger to part her vaginal lips in what looked like a caress before stepping into the shower and sliding the door closed.

The house was silent when Marvin came into the house through the door between the garage and the kitchen. Jessica was watching television and Megan was nowhere to be seen. He had just reached the bottom of the stairs when Maggie came out of their bedroom and started down.

"Where were you?" she asked without first greeting him. "We just got home a little while ago."

Marvin watched carefully as she stopped one step above him and moved to kiss him.

"I was down at the hobby shop getting some airplane stuff," he lied and ignoring the offered kiss he continued up the steps.

"On Sunday?" she asked looking up at him.

"Yeah! They open on Sunday anymore," he replied and went into their bedroom.

Maggie's mind was already in a turmoil and his refusal to kiss her sparked another panicky reaction.

"What's wrong with him? He couldn't know anything! Megan didn't have time to tell him anything! Maybe someone else saw us and called him! No! I'm just imagining things. Now don't get spooky girl. Everything will be OK. Remember, no harm, no foul."

Marvin started searching. He found Maggie's cosmetic bag and in it he found a disk of birth control pills with more than two weeks worth of pills already used and a box of a dozen condoms with four missing. The label on the birth control pack was from a pharmacy over near the college and it was made out to Maggie with Dr. Marvin L. Phillips as the prescribing physician. There were zero refills remaining on the forged prescription for a two-months supply but the date of the prescription was only three weeks ago so she still had over a month's supply left.

Tears were flowing down Marvin's cheeks as he considered the evidence he was holding in his hand. A thousand unanswerable questions flowed through his mind like a torrent of water rushing through a gorge.

"How long has this been going on? Who is he? At least she is practicing safe sex? If she is using birth control pills why does she need condoms? It takes one complete cycle and maybe she just started taking them and they haven't taken effect yet? My God! I've been having sex with her! What if she has a disease? Tests! I'll have to get tested right away!"

He stared into the mirror as if to get the answers but only his haggard looking reflection stared back.

"Why is she doing this? Am I not satisfying her? Where does she do it? When does she do it? On her trips? Roberto? He must be one of the fathers who help chaperone the girls. Where have I failed in our marriage? How about the girls? What's going to happen when I confront her with this evidence? Will she deny it? How much does Megan know? "I'll kill the son-of-a-bitch! I'll kill her! The whore! No, she's my wife. Something has gone terrible wrong. I'll have to fix it!"

"Daddy?" Jessica's voice came through the bathroom door.

Marvin had to try two or three times before he could get the words out without choking.

"What honey?"

"We ordered pizza and its here. Do you want some?"

"Yes honey. I'll be right down."

After replacing the pills and the condoms in the bag he put it back where he found it. Deciding not to take a shower, he washed his face to get rid of the evidence of his crying and put on a pair of shorts and a shirt before going downstairs.

Marv could hear his daughters arguing before he even reached the dining room.

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"All right! All right!" he said when he reached the doorway. "What's going on in here?"

"Megan says that Roberto is a pervert," said Jessica.

"I did not! I said he was creepy," responded his older daughter, Megan. "He keeps staring at my boobs and licking his lips when no one is looking."

"That's because you have big boobs and you stick them out," shouted Jessica. "You can see your nipples most of the time!"

"You're just jealous Miss Fried Eggs," Megan shouted back. "You still look like a boy! You don't even need a bra! Just a couple of band aids will do."

"Mommm!" Jessica whined. "Make her stop! She's mean."

"Yes, that is a mean thing to say," said her mother. "Now stop it and let us eat in peace."

"Yes, that would be nice," said Marv sliding into his chair. "Who's this Roberto boy anyway?"

Jessica stopped with her slice of pizza halfway to her mouth and rolled her eyes, "He's not a boy! He's in college and he's from Italy and he's hot! Isn't he Mom?"

Marvin glanced at Maggie who was studiously studying her plate during the exchange.

"Well, honey? Is this Roberto from Italy hot or not?"

Maggie's face flushed and she almost dropped her slice of pizza.

"I haven't noticed," she responded. "Please pass the salt."

"What do you mean you haven't noticed?" Megan spat in a tone that brought Marvin up short. "He's always mooning around you and you know it!"

"Megan Marie! Stop it!" Maggie warned.

"How old is he?" asked Marv watching Maggie's reaction.

"He's 19 and he's here on a college soccer scholarship," his wife replied.

"Jesus Christ! He's only 19!" Marvin said to himself.

Aloud, he continued, "How come you never mentioned him before? What's he doing in Charleston, South Carolina with a high school girl's soccer team?"

"He's helping us with our techniques," replied Jessica. "He's going back to college in the fall."

"Yeah, right! If that what you want to call techniques!" interjected Megan looking directly at her mother who was ignoring her gaze.

"No, I mean how did he get here?"

Maggie coughed and looked up from her plate. Her flush had diminished and now she looked a little pale.

"Are you all right, honey?" Marvin asked.

"Yes. Something just went down the wrong pipe. Excuse me, I'll be right back."

Marvin watched his wife of 21 years get up and walk towards the kitchen while Jessica answered his question in one non-stop stream of information.

"His name is Roberto da Silva and he's 19 and he's six foot two and he's a goalkeeper and his parents are rich and some kind of government people. Roberto has a Diplomatic Community or something."

"That's Diplomatic Immunity you twit," Megan laughed. "His father works at the Italian Consulate in Miami."

"Daddy, make her stop talking to me that way! Well anyway, they sent him to a private school in Italy," Jessica continued. "He has his own customized van and everything. He got a soccer scholarship to Florida State and he's spending the summer with his aunt and uncle in Charleston. He's real cute and he has a hunky body with a cute little ass that won't quit."

"Jessica! Watch you language!" her father admonished her. "You're too young to be looking at boy's behinds."

"He's not a boy! He's a man!" she gushed, rolling her eyes again. "Allll man!" she emphasized.

"Alright Jessica! That's enough I said!"

"She's just a horn dog," Megan advised with a snort. "First of all he's black..."

Jessica interrupted her. "He's not black! He's Italian!" she corrected her sister.

"Looks black to me," Megan responded. "Let's invite him to dinner and let Daddy decide," she suggested.

Maggie had felt herself start to panic when the girls started to argue about Roberto. She knew her face was hot and she tried her best to ignore what they were saying as she walked away from the table.

"Damn it! I wish I didn't blush so easily," she admonished herself.

Rinsing her face with cold water from the faucet, Maggie felt that familiar twinge start deep down in her groin whenever she allowed thoughts of Roberto to enter her mind.

"Maggie! Where are you? Are you OK?" Marv's worried voice called from the dining room.

"I'll be right there," she replied and patted the drops of water from her face with a paper towel.

"Are you OK, honey?" He asked looking carefully at her. "Did you hear Megan's suggestion?"

"No, what suggestion?" Maggie responded.

"She wants to invite Roberto, the Italian, the black Italian according to Megan, to dinner. Do you know him well enough to invite him?"

Maggie almost went into a coughing fit again. Steeling herself against showing any signs of annoyance or concern she said, "I know him from the summer soccer league, that's all. I don't see much of him since we started fall practice at the college."

The both heard Megan snort but each ignored it for their own reasons.

"Are we all going to be here next Sunday?" Marv asked determined to meet this Roberto.

"The Cougars have our second exhibition game of the season scheduled for Saturday at Gardner-Webb in Charlotte. We leave on Friday and we won't get back until late Saturday night. I won't feel like cooking a big Sunday dinner after we get back. Let's make it another day. OK?"

"I'll cook," volunteered Jessica. "We can get a take-out rotisserie chicken from the supermarket and I'll make my special mashed potatoes if Megan will help. Will you Megan?" she asked in a begging tone.

"I don't want anything to do with him!"

"I'll tell you what," inserted Marv. "Let's invite Mary Lou and Vince and their kids. Instead of chicken, I'll grill hamburgers and hot dogs outside. If the weather's nice we can make it a pool party. Sound good?"

Maggie sat as if in a daze and listened to the plans and suggestions fly back and forth across the table. She didn't want any part of having him in the house. If he slipped and said something there would be hell to pay but she saw no way out.

"OK," she finally agreed. "Let's make it later in the day so I'll be able to get some rest. I'll see if I can get in touch with him tomorrow."

Marvin got up from the table, "OK, it's settled. I'll call Vince and remember, tomorrow's Monday and I have office hours. I won't be home all day. "Help your mother clean up girls, I've got some more stuff to do up in my playroom. I won't be long."

"We'll clean up, mom," volunteered Jessica. "Go ahead and sit down you look tired."

Marvin had no sooner climbed the stairs to his playroom than a beam of light came through the back of the medicine cabinet. Carefully crossing the floor to avoid making any sound he looked through the slot and watched as Maggie pushed the on button on the bedroom cordless phone. The "In use" light blinked on the phone on his desk and he waited to see whom she was calling.

"Roberto? Listen! I'm in trouble! Megan saw you coming out of my room last night. I'm terrified she is going to tell her father and all hell is going to break loose around here."

She listened for a few seconds.

"Yes, I know you do...please let me finish...we have to be more careful...yes, I did...stop saying that...Roberto, listen...they want to invite you to dinner on Sunday...No! It will not be fun, at least for me...we will have to be careful and not say anything to make him suspicious...yes, it was wonderful and...I know, I know...good-bye!"

Maggie pushed the Off button and stood there looking at the phone in her hand. Marvin watched as she closed her eyes and held the phone to her chest for a moment before turning and reaching for the doorknob when the phone in her hand rang.

Marvin looked at the Caller ID on his phone just as she pushed the Talk button on the handset. The name Ronaldo, L K appeared.

"What do you want?" she hissed into the mouthpiece.

"No! One o'clock when...don't call here again...someone will hear it ring...how do I do that...alright, I'll try it but if this doesn't work don't call again!"

Maggie pushed the Off button then the Talk button and dialed a number. Marvin carefully lifted the handset from his phone and gently pushed the Talk button and found himself listening to the sound of the Weather Report. Wondering why she was calling the Weather Report he covered the mouthpiece and listened. He was just about to hang up when he heard the buzz of another call coming in immediately followed by Maggie clicking over to the second call.

"Moggie?" an accented voice said in his ear. "Moggie? Is that you?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"See, it work!"

"OK! I have to go now. Tomorrow at one o'clock. If it rings more than once you have to hang up. OK?"

"Yes, Moggie. I love you."


A chill ran through Marvin when he heard the voice tell his wife that he loved her. The whole thing was bizarre and he was in the middle of a nightmare. Replacing the handset on the cradle he watched through the slot as Maggie worked the keys on the phone apparently deleting the Caller ID. She turned again and left the bathroom leaving him in total darkness with tears running down his face for the second time that night.

Marvin tried to act normal around Maggie but he couldn't quite pull it off. Every time he looked at her he got angry and could feel himself tearing up. Feigning tiredness, he went to bed early and lay there awake. He checked the Caller ID and the Ronaldo number was gone.

Later, when Maggie quietly came into the room without turning on the light he pretended to be asleep and listened as she went through her evening routine. His stomach gave a lurch and he thought he was going to throw up when he heard her open her vanity drawer followed by the sound of a plastic case falling on the counter and a muttered "Damn."

"She's taking her birth control pill," he thought. "What am I going to do?"

Cuddling up behind him, Maggie spooned herself against him and kissed him on the back of the neck. He felt his neck hairs bristle with her touch and she whispered into his ear.

"Are you awake?"

Marvin made a little move to indicate that she was disturbing his sleep and she settled down and was soon softly snoring behind him.

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