Calliope's Daddy Ch. 02


"You will be Calliope, and don't try to schmooze me like that. It will not work, if you break the rules, you will be punished," he looked at her sternly, even though inside he was totally enchanted by the girl he was getting to know more about.

In the personal care aisle, he surprised her by happily chatting about panty liners tampons and the timing and strength of her cycle. Men and boys she knew avoided the subject like the plague. He bought her a decent razor rather than the cheap disposable ones she usually got and bought a myriad of hair accessories for her including a straightener when she asked. The trolley was way past full when they finally got the check out.

They passed a newsagency as they were heading back to the car and she looked up at him to ask a question then closed her mouth thinking she shouldn't push her luck. Always acutely aware of the girl, he stopped and looked at her, "You were going to say?" he prompted her.

"Well", she hedged, "Would it be okay if I got some art paper and pencils?" She saw the surprise on his face, "It's just I like to draw. I am not great but I enjoy it and if I have some free time maybe..." her voice trailed off.

Padraic stood near the counter with the cart as she went into the shelves and picked up a visual diary checking the pages were nice thick paper and some soft lead and coloured pencils a nice new sharpener and big soft eraser. Pursing her lips she looked at the soft chalky pastels in a box and shrugged, 'No harm in asking,' she thought to herself.

Padraic happily bought everything she had chosen and they left heading for home. The short distance flew by and as he pulled into the garage he turned and smiled at her. "I have been wanting to get you home since we left this morning. We wont be doing big shopping trips like that again for a while. Come on baby, out you get." Leaving the shopping in the car he took her hand and pulled her into the house and into the living room. Falling into a chair he pulled her across his lap and growled down at her, "How many broken rules today, baby?"

She squeaked, her mind raced, as she wriggled, "But, Daddy. I was sorry I won't do it again. Please, Daddy." She felt the buzzing start within her again intensely and she squealed as he smacked her ass.

"How many baby? Answer Daddy," his voice was thick and deep as he caressed her squirming ass smacking it again to hear her squeal.

"The first three and three more Daddy, six," she cried out as his hand descended again. "Six!"

"Good now count as I spank you, Baby. If you don't count we'll start again," his hand descended harder than he had ever smacked her before and she cried out...

"Owwwwwwwwwwww, Daddy..."

"You can count, can't you, baby? Let's try again," his hand smacked her again leaving a large red print.

"One!" Callie yelped breathlessly, his hand rapidly descended again on her other cheek as she cried out "Two!" and then "Three."

"Good girl," he growled as he stopped to rub at her cheeks feeling the heat emanate from them, Raising his hand again he delivered three more harsh blows as she counted between sobbing cries. Picking her up, he carried her to the dining table and lay her on her back with her legs dangling from the end. He pulled her panties off and parting her legs he pushed his thick fingers into her warm wet hole to retrieve the buzzing toy. His other hand turned it off and he lifted it to her lips, "Open baby, suck this toy clean."

She was whimpering as he fed her the toy his fingers still fucking her roughly as her hips rocked. Discarding the toy to undo his jeans he leaned over her, loving the tear streaked face that looked up at him, his deep voice low and thick with desire, "Tell Daddy what you need little girl."

This answer she knew, he needed to hear her beg every time he had taken her, "Fuck me Daddy please. Fuck me like only Daddy can."

Stepping out of his jeans and boxers that had fallen about his ankles he pulled his fingers from her dripping hole and pushed into her unrelentingly until he was totally embedded. He pulled her feet up to his shoulders and bent forward almost doubling her over as he growled, "Yes Daddy knows how you like it, baby, hard and deep"

Reaching forward he mauled at her small breasts pinching the nipples through the fabric of her shirt as he pounded into her. Pulling from her suddenly he flipped her over handling her like a rag doll, the red ass meeting his eyes as she entered her again on a different angle. Picking up the discarded toy he pulled his cock out of her again rolling the toy in all the slimy little girl juices that gushed from her. Entering her roughly again the sound of her cry was music to his ears. "Daddy's little slut loves being fucked, doesn't she?"

"Yes. Oh Yes Daddy fuck me Daddy," Callie could feel all the butterflies filling her tummy again as her legs began to shake.

Padraic watched her, his lust urging him on, her words making him impossibly harder as he parted her ass cheeks and pressed the small toy to her puckering hole. She lifted her head and howled like a bitch as he forced it into her, "Yes even your ass is Daddy's, dirty girl," he smacked her already red ass and roared "Cum" at her, "Cum on Daddy's fat cock."

She toppled over the edge of the abyss, his pain and pleasure sending her where he wanted. Her pussy clenched and clamped around his cock in spasms milking at him as he came with her roaring out his desire. He collapsed over her breathing raggedly. "You are such a fucking hot sexy bitch, my baby. Daddy can't get enough of you."

Pulling out from her and standing up he caressed her tiny red ass. Her tight muscles had expelled the toy as soon as his hand had let it go and he felt his cock twitch at the thought of fucking her ass one day soon. He ran his hands up pushing the shirt to her shoulders. He carefully unlaced her corset and let it hanging from her as he picked up the still quivering girl and carried her to the bathroom. Turning on the taps he started the bath running as he undressed her.

"You make me a very happy Daddy, Callie," he smiled down at her. "Clean daddy's cock for him baby," He said quietly. She knelt before him and looking up she lapped and licked the drying cum from his cock and balls before suckling him into her mouth and feeling him begin to harden again. Picking her up into his arms he kissed her, "Enough for now, baby. I still have the car to unpack. He placed her gently in the bath and squirted in some bubbles before shutting off the water. "Relax for a few minutes. Daddy will be back."

Callie let the warm water and soothing bubble lotion ease the discomfort from her ass and pussy as she soaked. She touched the chain about her throat he was very generous to her today. He had spoilt her in many ways. It was the public humiliations that made her cringe. She knew she could handle the spankings and honestly she had never been fucked quite the same way and her orgasms, wow, he knew how to make her cum hard. His face appeared in her mind, the one that said he was pleased with her. She was sure she could win him over and hold the power in this bizarre relationship if she could just keep him happy.

Her mind played over his words to her, "I adore you, little girl," he had said. Her mouth twisted as she tried to work out the meaning behind his words. Callie had had to be independent as a child, her father's early death and her mothers drinking and distractions had lead her to rely on herself. She didn't have close bonds with anyone really. She resented her mother, she barely knew her grandparents, and the man she now called Daddy, had once been the closest thing to family she had before he disappeared from her life for a number of years.

She dated a bit but she was quiet at school and mostly overlooked. She didn't understand her friends that fell in love and seemed to change. The closest relationship she had formed at school was with her history teacher, Mr Lewis. He had fascinated her with his stories about one culture or another. He was probably the same age as Padraic, she mused. She had had a school girl crush of sorts on him. He made her feel safe in his own way, just letting her hang out away from the mean girls who ruled the school and listen to his stories. She compared the two men in her head and smiled and admitted there was something she enjoyed about being with older men.

'Yes,' she thought, 'I can wrap Daddy around my little finger. I just have to please him, like tonight. He said he was a very happy Daddy.' She thought some more, there were much worse options, her vivid imagination went to a big woman named Bertha who looked a little like Delilah, waiting for her at the prison gates and she shuddered. Her mind was spinning and she felt a little lonely after being in his constant company all day long, "Daddy," she called out, "Can I get out now?"

Padraic smirked, one day and she was already asking his permission for basic things. Training this girl would be easy. He left putting away the groceries and went back to the bathroom. "Okay, baby, out you come," he held a big fluffy towel open for her. She hopped out and he scooped her up in the towel hugging her tightly, before rubbing her down with the towel and leading her out the dining room, "All the new things are on the table. I bought you some jammies from the lingerie place. See if you can find them," he pointed to the bags on the table and went back to the kitchen.

It was an open plan house and only the breakfast bench separated the kitchen from the dining room. Callie held up a couple of pieces of skimpy clothing, "This one?" she asked for the third time.

"No," he smiled at her, "Daddy will find it," he went through the bags quickly and pulled out an almost transparent blue baby doll nightie, "here put this on and come sit up at the bench and talk to me while I make dinner."

"I am glad you don't expect me to cook. I am a whiz at microwave dinners but that's about it. Mum really wasn't the Martha Stewart type," Callie grimaced.

"Didn't you learn at school?" Padraic asked.

"I could have I suppose but it was an elective subject and I wanted to do history instead," she explained.

"Guess it was a bit different when I was at school," he lamented, "You like history then?"

"Oh yes," my history teacher was wonderful, "Mr Lewis made it all seem so very real somehow."

Padraic raised an eyebrow at the name, "I know a teacher, Carl Lewis, maybe the same one?" he asked.

Callie looked up in surprise. "I think that was his first name, small world I suppose. He was very nice to me."

"Oh I just bet he was. A sexy little girl like you in his class," Padraic smirked. "Would he give you a character reference if we asked? Or were you a bad girl at school?"

Callie laughed, "No I was the quiet bookish type while I was there. Why do I need a character reference?"

"You are being charged with prostitution, Callie. Every little bit helps. We an ring him later and ask I have his number somewhere," Padraic stopped seeing look of horror on Callie's face.

"Oh no do you have to tell him why I need it?" Callie almost whined.

Padraic reached out and stroked her cheek, "Carl is a Daddy Dom, baby. He wont think badly of you. He is a dirty old man that will probably be quite delighted that you became a little whore and now are a Daddy's girl."

Callie looked up at him, he said it so matter-of-factly like it was something to be proud of rather than feeling the deep humiliation that she felt at having to tell Mr Lewis what she had become.

Seeing her blush and pout, Padraic changed the conversation. They chatted on about their shared love of history and his pleasure that she wouldn't mind his watching the history channel rather than MTV. This made Callie giggle. Eventually he put a chicken Caesar salad in front of her and sat beside her to eat.

Callie picked at the salad, "Eat it all baby, then you can have a treat," he said softly, "You need to eat better if you are going to keep up with Daddy." He flexed his biceps making her giggle again.

Sighing Callie speared a cos leaf curling it into her mouth. Padraic smiled, he purposefully hadn't bought many treats shopping knowing he had plenty here at home already, but from the things he had put back that she wanted he knew she would like what he had in stock. They finished eating after some cajoling by Padraic for Callie to eat all of the salad and he left her to clean the kitchen while he put away some more of their shopping.

Coming back into the kitchen he took out two bowls and placed two brownies in the microwave. Winking at her, he went to the freezer taking out a large tub. Placing the hot brownies in the bowls he covered them with her favourite mint choc chip ice-cream and drizzled chocolate ice magic over the top. Callie grinned but before she could grab her spoon he picked up the dishes and walked into his study. He placed her bowl on his desk and pulled up a chair for her as he sat on the opposite side with his

They ate silently as Padraic pulled out an old phone book and leafed through the pages before picking up the phone. "Hello, Carl. It's Paddy. It's been a long time huh?" He paused.

"Yeah, it took me a while to get over her but I am a Daddy again," there was a pause as the other person spoke at length. "I am just going to put you on speaker for a moment, Carl, so my little girl can hear."

"Sure, mate," the strangely familiar voice radiated from the phone and Callie froze mid bite. "Like I was saying, you are welcome to come back to Sunday school again. We have a nice little group now."

"Yeah Odin told me he and Suzie still go, but I am just a little concerned about one thing," Padraic smirked at Callie. "Tell me, Carl, do you still teach high school history as well as lecturing at night sometimes?"

"I have scaled back, mate. Only do two days at high school now, spending more time at the university," Carl chuckled.

"I think you might have taught my little girl a few years ago, Carl. She speaks very highly of you if it's the same Mr Lewis. Her name is Calliope," Padraic waited through the long pause.

"Yes," Carl said slowly, "I remember a little Calliope but nothing happened. She was a student for goodness sakes, and well under age."

Padraic chuckled, "Oh I wasn't accusing, mate. It's just she has got herself into a bit of trouble and could use a good character reference from someone of your standing in the community."

"Such a sweet girl she was, innocent and naïve. How could she be in trouble?" Carl mused. "Calliope, are you listening? Are you alright?"

"Yes Mr Lewis," she said in a shaky voice, "Daddy is being very good to me and says he can keep me out of jail."

"Jail?!" Carl asked incredulously. "You were always such a good girl Calliope what happened sweetie?"

Callie gulped and with tears shining in her eyes she couldn't answer. Padraic cleared his throat, "Why don't you call by tomorrow Carl? I can take the character reference and you can see her."

"Yeah, that would be good. How does three sound? I have classes in the morning," Carl seemed to be considering his schedule, "I could make it earlier if you need."

"Three's fine, Carl. You have my address?" Padraic asked.

Padraic repeated his address for Carl and they exchanged small pleasantries before Carl spoke directly to Callie again. "Don't worry, Calliope I will help as much as I can, be a good girl for your Daddy now."

"Yes Mr Lewis," Callie almost whispered.

The phone call ended and Callie burst into tears. Padraic got up and came around the desk to her picking her up and cradling her in his arms. "Baby don't cry. He can help us in your defence."

"Why him?" she sobbed, "I don't want him to know why I got arrested." Callie sobbed pitifully, "He was so nice to me at school," she stopped short of admitting her crush on him.

"It's been a big day, baby, bedtime for you I think," he kissed her teary cheeks and walked with her in his arms to her room.

As he lay her down in her bed she clung to him, "Don't go," she said in a small voice.

Laying down beside her Padraic kissed her tenderly, lingeringly, "I wont leave you baby, not ever. Daddy is here." They continued to kiss deeply and passionately he pulled her against him as they made out. Lifting her leg over his hip he entered her slowly and with feeling fucking her slowly and gently. Time seemed to go slowly as they kissed and fucked slowly lovingly his hand moving between them to tease at her clit, "Cum for Daddy baby, cum with Daddy."

Small delicious waves rolled through her body as she quivered in is arms and felt him pulse inside her filling her with cum. So very unlike their earlier encounters Callie looked up into his face with wide green eyes and kissed him again deeply, whispering, "Thank you, Daddy."

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These are my favorite kind of stories. So many with Doms portray them as cruel monsters. I have to laugh at the reference to "Big Bertha". My grandma's name was Bertha but she was about 90 lbs. soakingmore...

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