tagErotic CouplingsCamilla Ch. 002

Camilla Ch. 002


Camilla did move out of her mother's home (Camilla's parents had divorced when she was six). Now that she was making lots of money as a lap-dancer, she could easily afford her own apartment. Furthermore, she and a friend shared the rent. In fact, she'd been looking for a place a few weeks before the fight with her mother. The day after she turned eighteen, she got the lap-dancing job at Luvlee's, and immediately started looking.

Now that she was settled in her new place, the day after her encounter with Mr. Grisham, she was feeling much better; she was also ready to make things spicier between her and her teacher. She walked into her English classroom early after lunch, long before the others would come to class, so again she and Mr. Grisham were alone. She locked the door and walked over to his desk, where he was sitting and grading homework.

With that same inexplicable boldness as she and he had the day before, she sat on his lap, facing him. "Camilla," he said. "We shouldn't do this here..."

She put her finger on his lips and said, "I know. We won't do anything here now, but I want to say thank you for yesterday. You were so sweet and kind to me." With her extraordinarily accurate intuition, she sensed his fantasy: to be with a shy, submissive girl, and she played the role perfectly. She gave him her new name card, with the Luvlee's address on it, as well as her cell phone number. "This is why I had a fight with my mom."

"You're a lap-dancer?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes," she answered, 'shyly' looking away, and with a naughty smirk.

"Sweetie," he said, concerned, "what do you want to do work like that for? You're a smart girl. You don't have to do that for money. Stay with your mom and go to university after you graduate."

"Stripping can pay for my university next year," she insisted. "Easily. Besides, I've already moved out, and I'm not going back." She started grinding on his erection.

"Camilla, think it over," he sighed. "Do you really want...a bunch...of beer-guzzling pigs...ogling you?"

"It's not so bad," she said. "A lot of...the men are...really nice. Oh!"

"You'll run into...some rude types fast." He put his hands on her behind.

"Luvlee's has...bouncers for that." She pulled up her miniskirt so his hands would touch her panties, which were now all that was separating his fingers from her buttocks. "Do you like that better?" she asked, still grinding.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned, squeezing her buttocks. "Maybe I should...go over there...and see you." He pulled on the top elastic of her panties, let go, and let it snap on her behind. She let out a sharp but gentle moan in response, looking in his eyes in a way that told him she would permit him to do that again.

"I'll be there tonight," she said to encourage him to come to Luvlee's. "From 6:30...to 1 AM." She continued to grind on his phallus, feeling its tip massage her clitoris as it had the day before. Feeling his right hand move up her back and touch the strap of her brassiere, she said, "You can snap my bra if you want."

He snapped it hard against her back, and she let out a light grunt from the sting she felt on her spine. "Sorry. Did I hurt you?" he asked.

"It's OK," she said. "You can do it again; I don't mind. I want to please you."

"So you'll be there tonight?"

"Yes, from 6:30...to closing time."

"OK, I'll be there." He smiled at the prospect of seeing his lovely student in the nude.

"Really?" she giggled 'shyly'.

"Yes." He moaned in pleasure at her grinding. "I can't wait."

"Oh, God," she blushed. "My teacher's gonna see me naked."

"OK, wait. Maybe I shouldn't come."

She frowned. "You don't wanna see my body?" She stopped grinding for a few seconds.

"Oh, no, it's not that. It's just that I don't want to make you feel embarrassed."

She started grinding again. "Oh, only a little embarrassed. But I'm a little excited, too." She giggled and turned her head away. "I worry that you'll see a flaw in me."

"Oh, nonsense. What flaws could...a beautiful girl like you...possibly have?"

"I dunno. Maybe you won't like my nipples. Maybe you'll see a blemish...on my skin that I...don't know about. Maybe I have...too much pubic hair. Maybe not enough."

"I'm sure you'll look like a goddess," he insisted.


"I'll be worshipping you."

"Oh, sir, you're so sweet to me." When she reached forward to kiss him on the cheek, he moved his head so his lips met hers. They paused in surprise. Looking in each other's eyes, they saw only approval. Pressing their lips together, they plunged their tongues inside each other. Their tongues rolled and slid along each other. Mr. Grisham put his hands on her breasts and gently squeezed them. She put her hand on his phallus and pinched it. He grunted in delight.

She got up, turned around, and flipped her skirt up so he could see her pretty white panties, which tightly embraced the round contours of her perfect buttocks.

"White today, eh?" he asked approvingly.

"Yeah," she said. "Do you like 'em, sir?" She pushed her buttocks out at his face, and swayed her behind from left to right.

"Yes, I do. You don't seem so shy about showing yourself off now."

Her miniskirt still up, she bent over so she was looking, between her legs, back at him, and she said, "Well, if you're gonna see me naked, seeing my underwear's only easier." She put her finger over her panties where her clitoris was and tickled it. Her legs spread wide apart in the shape of a lambda, she studied his eyes, looking back, upside-down and between her legs, to see if what he saw pleased him. This was all-important to her. She was happy to note that, indeed, he did like what he was looking at.

Then she sat on his lap with her back to him and rubbed her buttocks against his phallus again, but this time more aggressively. "This is what it will feel like, sir," she groaned, looking back at him. "Only it will be...my bare bum...massaging your penis. Oh!" she moaned with pleasure.

They heard voices in the hall. Mr. Grisham looked at the clock: it was 12:50. Class would start in ten minutes. "Uh-oh," he said, pushing her up off his lap, however reluctantly.

"That's OK," she said. "We can continue this tonight." She turned around and flipped her miniskirt up so he could see the front of her panties, which hugged her crotch tightly in a delicious camel-toe. He couldn't resist touching, and after fingering and tickling her where her clitoris was for a few minutes, "Oh!" she orgasmed.

"Go to the washroom and clean yourself up," he said. "Hurry, before we're seen together." She quickly left the room. He got some tissue and wiped up any drops of her come that got on the floor.

Seven minutes later, class started. Camilla and her teacher were fortunate that no one saw them together; he, however, was unfortunate that he had to let his erection, not five minutes ago like the barrel of a shotgun, shrivel into total flaccidity. He hoped for better things that night.

Camilla came into class two minutes late: cleaning took longer than expected. Pretending to disapprove of her tardiness, he said coolly and sarcastically, "Camilla--how good of you to join us."

"Sorry, sir. Here's my homework," she said, giving him a duo-tang with an essay inside. She sat at her seat, in the front row right before his desk. He wisely didn't open the duo-tang then.

He spent the first half-hour of the class discussing Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. He pointed out the importance of the Induction's relationship to the play as a whole, interpreted the play's themes, and discussed its controversial attitudes about the sexes. Admiring, as she saw it, his erudition, she gazed into his eyes with her hand on her cheek, sighed, and thought, He's so amazing. When discussing a witty exchange of dialogue between the play's two most unlikely lovers, he quoted Petruchio's line to Kate: "What, with my tongue in your tail?". Seeing Camilla smirk suggestively at this quote, he blushed.

Soon, he gave the girls a writing assignment. Now he could sit at his desk and look at the homework, Camilla's duo-tang being on top. He opened it, and saw her damp but cleaned white panties fall into his lap. Obscured by the duo-tang, they weren't seen by any of the girls, but Camilla saw his reaction.

A few minutes later, when he'd noticed her legs wide open, he 'accidentally' dropped his pen on the floor between his and her desks. He went over there and got down to pick the pen up. Full of lecherous expectation, he was fortunate to find it just under her desk; looking under the desk to pick it up, he was, however, unfortunate to see her crossing her legs at that very moment. He'd just missed seeing her vulva: she'd timed her leg-crossing precisely. Getting up with the pen, he saw her smirking, her eyes telling him he wouldn't get to see until that night.

This girl isn't shy, he thought. She's a tease.

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