tagErotic CouplingsCamilla Ch. 003

Camilla Ch. 003


It was about eleven o'clock that night at Luvlee's, and Mr. Grisham still hadn't arrived. Camilla, about to go onstage and do her third and last striptease for the night, was getting anxious: was he going to come at all? She was really hoping he would come when she was going onstage so she could slowly reveal her naked body to him in a gradual, dramatic way. This being her last time onstage, and him still having not arrived, she was losing hope.

Normally she went onstage full of joie de vivre, having already spotted at least a few reasonably attractive male patrons in their late thirties or early forties (her preferred age for lovers) for whom she could enjoy undressing. This time, however, she wanted to get naked in front of only one handsome man, and it seemed as though he wasn't coming at all. She walked onstage in black high heels, a lovely black evening gown, and a brightly made-up face, including ruby-red lipstick, but also with a frown on her face.

Because of her downcast spirits, she danced to her first song with uncharacteristically mechanical movements, though all the men watching her (as well as a few lesbians) didn't seem to mind. The dress was low-cut in the front to display her magnificent cleavage, and slits along either side of the dress revealed her silky legs.

By the end of her first song ('Sexy MF', by Prince), she'd removed her dress to reveal the same white lace bra and panties she had worn to to school that day, those Mr. Grisham had played with (he'd given her back her panties first thing after class, saying he wanted to see her strip out of them that night). Again, because he still hadn't arrived to see, this was the first time she was to remove clothing reluctantly. Still, her audience was thrilled. During her second song, 'Horny', by Mousse T. and Hot 'n' Juicy, she removed her bra (at the first chorus) and her panties (near the end of the song) with the same reluctance. The crowd cheered. When the song ended, she removed her high heels, with her back to the audience.

When the third song (Madonna's 'Justify My Love') began to play, she turned around to face the audience. As she walked to the front of the stage, she saw Mr. Grisham standing by a chair at 'perverts' row', right by the stage. And he saw her. Naked from head to toe.

With a thrill going up her spine, she felt his lustful eyes burn her as they looked up and down her body. For the first time, he saw her soft, round breasts--those smooth, creamy vanilla scoops topped with raspberry nipples. He saw that small, fluffy tuft of brown pubic hair on her mons veneris, her milky legs, and those ten grapes of toes on her pretty feet, upraised, only the balls of which touched the stage. Breathing heavily, she shivered with pleasure as his ravenous eyes studied her nudity. She then turned around so he could se her soft, round buttocks; she turned her head back to see if they pleased him--they did. He wondered what delectable arcanum hid within her anal cleft. He then sat and watched the rest of the show.

She turned around again to face him, and got down on the floor. She bit her lip 'shyly' as she spread her legs. Her vulva looked like the inside of a halved grapefruit, and was just as mouth-watering. There was no hair around it, only the tuft above; this wasn't the result of shaving--her pubic hair was naturally lacking in excess. She pulled her labia apart so he could see her vagina: he wished he had a flashlight. Her legs already as wide open as possible in a vivacious display, she pulled her legs up over either side of her head so he could see her anus--a sweet swirl of caramel. He was drooling in delight.

After giving him a generous amount of time to acquaint his eyes with every delicious millimetre of her (no longer) secret places, she rolled over and got on all fours. Her behind pointed at his face and her legs wide apart, her vulva and anus were again fully exposed for his gluttonous eyes. Again biting her lip in feigned timidity, she looked back at him as he enjoyed what she so willingly showed him; her eyes looked into his, and they said, "This is all for you." Her vulva from behind looked like a small, pink eclair: her labia the ripples of strawberry-flavoured cream decorating the middle of the eclair. Her anus, now open, looked like a miniature, coffee-flavoured donut...or a chocolate Cheerio.

The song ended, and the audience clapped unenthusiastically, annoyed that Camilla gave unfair attention to Mr. Grisham. Leaving all of her clothes at the side of the stage and taking only her purse and panties, she got off stage and approached him.

"Does my body please you?" she asked 'timidly', putting her panties in his shirt pocket.

"You're far lovelier than I'd imagined," he sighed.

"Really?" she giggled. "You must have seen some flaws."

"No, not at all. Your breasts, behind, genitals, even your anus is delicious."

"Really?" she turned around and opened her buttocks so he could see that puckered prune again. "Men like to have anal sex with girls, don't they?" she asked with eyes and mouth agape, affecting childlike curiosity.

"Oh...yeah!" he gasped as he looked at that lovely brown eye. He started tickling it, and she allowed him to continue tickling.

"Do you want to go into a private room with me? As I lap-dance you, you can touch me--all over."

"Twenty dollars a song, right?"

"Yeah, but you don't have to pay: I like pleasing you."

"No, I'll pay, sweetie. What parts of your anatomy are off-bounds?"

"None. I cleaned my vagina and rectum thoroughly before I started, so no matter how deep you put your fingers inside, you won't get any stinky smell, or poo, on them."

"Wonderful," he sighed, and they got up and went into one of the private rooms.

Another song began, and she sat on his lap, rubbing her soft buttocks again his hard, pointy erection. She moaned with pleasure as his hands fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. Then she got up, turned around, and pushed a knee against his penis. Her breasts went around his face, and she squeezed them against his cheeks. She put one nipple in his mouth, then the other soon after: he sucked most enthusiastically. His right hand went between her legs to stroke her already very wet vulva, and the fingers of his left hand crawled into her anal cleft. She pulled her left buttock wide open so he could have access to her anus. Soon his right index and long fingers were all the way inside her soaking vagina, and his left index finger was all the way inside her rectum. The finger in her rectum massaged the side of her anal wall that neighboured her vaginal wall, and this increased her pleasure three-fold. She moaned most musically in his ear, which she also nibbled on, tongued, and blew into.

He pulled his fingers out, and she turned around. Bending over, with her legs wide apart so he could see her vulva and anus only inches from his face, she asked, "Do you wanna have a taste?"

His tongue plunged into her vagina, then licked her anus. Opening her anus, he slid his tongue inside as far as it would go. "What, with your tongue in my tail?" she asked in sighs, paraphrasing Petruchio's bawdy joke from English class that afternoon. After giving her the most vivacious anilingus in human history (so far), he turned the squealing girl around and vibrated his tongue on her clitoris. After a few thrilling minutes of frantic licking, she splashed her orgasm all over his face.

"I lost track of how many songs went by," he said, licking the come off his lips. "How much do I owe you?"

"Nothing," she sighed. "You are amazing."

"Oh, come now. I should pay you."

"You're so sweet, sir." She pulled her legs down and sat on his lap, careful not to wet his pants again, as she had the day before. "So, you want to take me home with you and have sex with me, right?"

"Well...I'd love to. I mean--I don't know where I'm getting my boldness to do what I'm doing with you, risking my teaching career and all. But do you want to?" he asked nervously, careful to get her consent.

"Oh...yes!" she sighed. "Mr. Grisham, my naked body is yours to play with. Do whatever you want with me."

"You shouldn't be so permissive with men. Some are nasty."

"Why not? You're not gonna hurt me, are you?"

"Of course not, sweetie."

"Then take me home with you so I can satisfy you."

It being about a quarter after one in the morning, they left the room, her walking to the door leading outside, still naked. "Don't you want your clothes?" he asked her.

"No," she said. "I wanna be always naked for you. Is your car near here?"

"Yes," he said, not knowing at all where she was getting her boldness from, either. They snuck out the now-closing bar and got to his car, amazingly without anyone apparently noticing her nudity.

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