tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCamilla Ch. 116

Camilla Ch. 116


Dr. Petrovich, 61, walked into Camilla's room to take a look at her for the first time. A nurse, in her late fifties, was gently laying a fresh sheet over Camilla's bed, covering her body with it up to the shoulders.

"How long has she been in this coma?" he asked the nurse.

"Oh, months," said the nurse.

"Wow. What caused it?" he asked.

"Severe trauma," she said. "Surely you remember that nasty news story a few months ago, don't you? Her in that...bizarre situation, with all the sexual activity, and all those people watching? It was too much for her, too much for any girl. And she's so pretty, too."

"Poor thing," he said. "Keep me notified if her condition changes." He left the room and the ward.


Armand was in his hotel meditating, psychically communing with Dr. Singh and the spirits of Agape, Don, and Candice.

All this time she's been in this coma, Candice observed, knowing that those masked bastards are raping her son; and you won't let her go, so she can let go of her life, enter our world, and save him.

"She's afraid," Armand said. "She knows there's no guarantee she even can save Eros. Besides, he doesn't want to be saved: we all know that. None of you even wants him out of hell yet, anyway."

The chances of rescuing both of them from the hellish realms are getting better all the time, thanks to Eros, Candice insisted. He's slowly but surely converting the people's psychic energy of lust and fear into that of love and hope: we all know that, too. She should know that, you should know that, and you and she should be encouraged enough to help him.

We know you don't want her to die, but she must, as painful as that may be for you, Don added. As long as she's in the physical world, the masked men will find new ways to torment her, especially if Eros continues to weaken their power. We all hope he will succeed in thwarting the masked men's ambition, that of turning the world into a gigantic fascist state, whose repression they'd say is justified by the out-of-control lust and fear noted in the people. If Eros succeeds in stopping the masked men's plan, they'll still have enough power to continue hurting her. And they'll really want to torture her then, for they'll want revenge.

You want my daughter to stay alive because you're in love with her, Agape mentally told Armand. But as long as she's alive, she'll be a slave to her desires, and therefore at the mercy of the masked men.

In the other world, she can be rescued from hell and brought into the heavenly realms, Dr. Singh communicated psychically from Vancouver. There she'll have a much better life than she could ever have here.

She'll be made pure of sin, Don added. Like a child, pure and innocent, as Jesus says we all must be to enter heaven. In fact, we'll make sure she takes on a child's form when she's in heaven, to help her take her mind off of sex. That should keep her from wanting to return to hell.

And keeping her from wanting to return to hell will be vitally important to us, Agape told Armand. If she returns there, after all our efforts to free her from those realms, what if she--still addicted to desire, and in her state of increasing mental instability--does nothing more than shift back and forth from realm to realm in that inferno, and finds herself trapped there forever? Maybe we could get her out again, but what if she keeps going back after our every rescue of her? It would be a state of everlasting madness for all of us. She must be delivered from the hell of this physical world, then taken out of the hellish realms once and for all...or all is lost.

In the heavenly realms, she'll be happy, Armand, Candice told him. Don't you want that for Camilla? Heaven is like a Buddhist Pure Land, right next to the realm of Nirvana. It would be a perfect resting place for her.

Our psychic efforts, along with the help we're getting from my former AIDS patients like you, are making some progress in reversing the lust and fear energy that the Satanists are spreading all over the world, Dr. Singh pointed out. But Eros' invaluable assistance is making our progress seem non-existent in comparison, the way the morning sunlight makes a candle by a window increasingly redundant and unnecessary.

Release her, Armand, Agape begged him. Release her from the psychic bonds you put her in so she can let go of this world.

Let her have some peace, perhaps for the first time in her whole life, Don said.

We can't keep up this psychic barrier against the masked men forever, Candice told Armand. Sooner or later, they'll break through it and hear what we're communicating about. Then they'll know what Eros is doing. We can't let them know that, and reverse his efforts.

Armand thought for a minute about what they'd been saying. Then he said, "Eros can defeat the masked men--completely, I'm sure, eventually draining them of all their power. When he finally does, she'll be forever free of them, and I'll marry her. Then we'll meditate together, she'll grow in spirituality, and she'll have peace."

The masked men, though incapable of knowing what psychic conversation Armand was having with Dr. Singh and the spirits, were aware of his resolve not to let her go, and of his desire to have her to himself.

"Good work," said the Montreal leader to the other masked men in his mansion. "Armand's mind is putty in our hands."


That night in Montreal General Hospital, an orderly brought a male friend of his into Camilla's room, careful not to let any other staff see them enter.

"OK, here she is," he told his friend, pulling the sheet off her body. "So, John, what do you think of her? Isn't she hot?"

"She's awfully pale, Jay," John said. "She looks like she's dead."

"Oh, yeah? Well, check out this body," Jay said, gently removing her hospital gown and revealing her nakedness to John. "If she seems dead to you, doesn't that kinda give you a feeling for necrophilia?"

John's eyes greedily poured all over Camilla's body, salivating at the sight of her large breasts and black pubic hair.

"Yeah, actually, it does," John said. "She is kinda hot, in a Goth-girl kind of way. Why are her nipples black?"

"I don't know, but they're just as tasty as pink ones. I should know: I sucked on 'em myself a few weeks ago, when no one else was around. Have a free taste right now, if you don't believe me."

"Not with you watching, pervert. Anyway, here's my money. A hundred bucks, right?" John handed Jay a wad of bills.

"That's right." Jay counted his money. "Now, do whatever you like with her, but be gentle, OK? Don't leave any marks on her body for the nurses or doctors to see, and let's hope she doesn't suddenly wake up."

"Right, we don't want her pulling an Uma Thurman on me," John said, laughing. "I can't believe you got inspired to start your pimping business from watching Kill Bill, knowing how things turned out in that movie. Don't you learn anything from the mistakes men make in movies?"

"You're not learning any more than I am," Jay said, putting the money in his pocket. "Movies don't teach people anything, anyway. They just make us want to imitate what we see. Well, have fun." He stood there a minute.

"What the fuck are you doing? This ain't no peep show. Get out of here."

Jay laughed and left the room.

John locked the door, took some Vaseline out of his jacket pocket, and quickly got naked; then he climbed on the bed, grabbed her legs, and spread them out wide and up over her head so he could see both her pussy and asshole. Whoa, her asshole's black, too, he thought as he aimed his hard-on at her anal orifice. Fucking a sleeping girl; I've always wanted to do this. He got some Vaseline on his fingers, lubed her rectum with it, and slid his cock in.

As he continued shoving his cock in and out of her tight asshole, he grabbed her tits and squeezed them aggressively, not at all concerned about being gentle, as he'd promised Jay.

"Oh," he moaned, loving how her anal lips squeezed around his shaft in a tight sucking sensation. "You are...so fine, Camilla. You're gonna...make my...cock explode. Unh!" He continued pumping her ass for another two minutes.

Not wanting to come before he'd tried out her pussy, he pulled his cock out of her ass, then went down and wrapped his wet lips tightly around her left nipple. Jay was right, he thought as he sucked, making her tit bob up and down. They're just as tasty as pink nipples. He pulled up on the nipple, then his lips let go of it; he smiled as he saw her tit bounce down. Then his lips embraced the right nipple, and he sucked on that one for a while.

After that, he let go of that nipple and aimed his hard cock for her pussy. He was surprised to note how wet the pussy of his comatose partner was, but he was happy that he didn't need to use the Vaseline to lubricate her. So he just shoved his cock in and began pumping.

"What a nice, wet pussy," he sighed, not at all worried if anyone outside heard him. "Ah!"

Camilla's pussy was wet because, though unable to feel anything physical, she nonetheless could psychically sense the presence of a man enjoying her. Scanning his mind, she learned that he was a garbage truck driver...in her opinion, one of the least worthy men there were of having her delicious body. Had John been a professor, a doctor, or a businessman, she might have tolerated, or even enjoyed, the sex...but not a garbageman.

Her pussy was wet not from enjoying the sex...not at all, she was outraged. She was wet because she was using her psychic powers in preparation for gushing out a new kind of come. With Nigrovum's aid, she was visualizing her come as an acid that, though leaving her body perfectly unscathed, would eat deep into John and kill him.

He was thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt faster and faster, shoving it with more and more force. He loved watching her tits bounce back and forth with her shaking body.

"I'm gonna...make you bleed, bitch," he groaned. "Oh!"

She sensed he was about to come. Not wanting any of his unworthy come inside her, she made herself come. Her Nigrovum-altered come gushed out all over his cock and balls, the acid burning into them and making them disintegrate before his horrified eyes.

"What the...fuck?!" he gasped as he saw the the acid continue eating into his body, destroying his exposed intestines and stomach. He screamed and fell off the bed, lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood.

Who made who bleed, bitch? still-comatose Camilla thought to herself, in deep satisfaction. I'm getting a little tired of men controlling my body.

Hearing the scream, Jay rushed into the room, shocked at what he saw and clueless as to who was responsible. He looked everywhere in the room, but saw no possible culprit. The only other person he saw in the room was Camilla, lying naked and unconscious on the bed, as if at peace.

She sensed his presence, scanned his mind, and learned that he was the one responsible for letting John fuck her. Sensing that he'd sucked her tit once before, too, she was as infuriated with him as she had been with John.

Being in an unconscious state made it much easier for her to focus on her visualizations. She used Nigrovum to imagine Jay's head throbbing with pain, and burning up in heat, as if a small fire was growing in his brain.

He put his hands up on his temples, rubbing them and moving his head back and forth as he felt the pain and heat steadily increasing. He moaned and whined.

"What the fuck...is happening?" he groaned, feeling the throbbing grow more and more intolerable.

Finally, his head exploded loudly, spraying his blood, flesh, and pieces of his shattered skull all over the room. She had his blood all over her, but she didn't care. She'd had her revenge.

With her expanded psychic consciousness, she now knew that the Muslim men she'd killed in Bali, the same way she just killed Jay, were innocent of terrorist inclinations, and she regretted those murders. These murders, however, she was glad to have committed, for she sensed that Jay had been prostituting comatose women for some time, and John was going to be a regular...John.

Much, apparently, should be learned from the mistakes men make in movies.

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