tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDrugging My Sister For Them

Drugging My Sister For Them


I ran as fast as I could through the open field. It had rained earlier, and the ground had become muddy and slippery. I looked behind me to see that them are still chasing me. Just as I began to be more careful of my stepping, I fell, sliding on the slippery, wet grass. As I began to recollect myself to be back on my run, I heard heavy footsteps stopping next to me. My heart raced even faster.

A strong hand grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me up, making me look up at his grinning face. I dropped my head in defeat.

"Hey hey hey, no need to be so sad..." said Steve, grabbing my hair and making me look up at him. His friend, Mike, laughed next to him as I was humiliated on my knees. I struggled to break free, but his grip on my hair, plus now the assistance of his friends holding my arms behind me, made me helpless.

Steve slowly unzipped his pants in front of my face. The stench of his sweaty crotch pierced my nose. I couldn't believe it was happening.

"Now, now, Chris... no need to be so excited... You had your chance to avoid this..." Steve said in his sleazy tone as he worked his pants. I shut my eyes tightly. I begged for his mercy on my knees, bellowing, crying.

"Okay, okay, okay, I'll do it, I'll fucking do it!" I screamed at the trio. The duo laughed out loud. My arms were let go. Steve still had a grip on my hair. I looked up to see why he wasn't letting me go. Instead, he whacked me across my face with his half hard cock. I screamed in anger.

"Better your sister sucking my cock than you, right Chris?" said Steve, letting go of my hair. I fell back on my butt, humiliated. He tossed me a little bag of powder.

"Call me when it's done, buddy."

Steve pushed my chest with his foot, tipping me over. They laughed again as they walked away.

I walked home in a daze. They had been chasing me for weeks now. Ever since that day he got a glimpse of Michelle at school, she had become their obsession. Jokes about sleeping with her and talking about my her sexy body. I had been laughing it off, but then I realized it was serious when Steve asked me to slip date rape drug to my sister so he could have some fun with her.

Michelle had a petite, slim figure as she kept fit with yoga, and she was very attractive. She had long, golden blond hair which looked great with her tan body. Her breasts were ample and firm, her waist was always tiny from working out, and she had a small, round butt that looked great on her curvy body.

Now I've given up. I had been chased for weeks, each encounter ranging from a mild-push around to a beat-up, which I could take. But they've gotten worse. I was warned that it would happen, but I didn't think it could. "Either your sister, or you." were his words. Just two days ago, they had me cornered in the shower, telling me I was going to receive it prison style if I couldn't provide Michelle. And today, well, you read what happened.

I opened the door to my house and slipped inside quietly. My sister came out to greet me. She was wearing a tight black long-sleeve and jean shorts, showing off her sexy curves and tan legs. Her shirt ended just below her midriff, showing off her hip bones. I knew why Steve wanted her so bad. I would too. She was a goddess.

"Hey honey," says my sister, before kissing me on my cheek. I cringed.

"Hey Michelle," I mutter as I throw my wet backpack against the wall.

"What happened?" She said, pointing at my streaked pants.

"I slipped on the grass." I reply. I can't bring myself to look at her.

"You should've been more careful hon, want me to take a look at your knees?"

"No, it's okay Michelle, thanks." I tell her, pushing her away slightly. She looked taken back a bit. I wish I could apologize for what I was about to do. She turned around to go back to the living room. As I looked her walk away, I cringed even more. I wished she didn't dress so sexy.

I was pouring some ice tea for myself when my phone buzzed. The text message read "Have you done it yet?", and it was from Steve. I sighed, and took out the crushed powder. After a deep sigh and messing my hair in frustration, I poured the contents of the little bag into the ice tea, then stirred it in. I poured myself another glass and went to my sister.

"Hey Michelle, I got a glass of ice tea for you." I told her and set it down on the coffee table. She smiled thank you, and brought it t her lips for a sip. I couldn't bring myself to meet her eyes, but I watched as she pouted her glossy lips against the cold glass and sipped drugged drink. I sat down next to her and watched the television with her.

Two commercials later, she was asleep on the sofa. I poked her thighs for a bit to stir her, to see if she would wake. I wished that she would wake up. She didn't even budge.

Reluctantly, I texted Steve.

"It's done."

I guess they were waiting outside. It didn't even take them a minute.

They barged in through the door. Steve shouted on top of his lungs, "Michelle!" and laughed out loud. I stood by my passed out sister as they approached.

With no acknowledgment to me, Steve turned the corner, leaned down to my sister, slid his hand up her smooth legs. He nudged the legs apart and massaged her pussy over the shorts.

"Kids, this is top shelf." said Steve, grinning. His fingers dug beneath my sister's shorts and probed inside. He grabbed the crotch of the shorts and moved it to the side, revealing her hairless, smooth pussy.

"Mmmmm... Sexy!" laughed Steve as his fingertips traced the pussy slit. His darker and dirty hand contrasted against my sister's smooth, soft skin. Steve pushed his middle finger against the bottom of the slit, and it slowly slid in.

"Can I leave?" I asked Steve. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Nah buddy, why don't you just sit there, on the floor. You don't want to miss out on this good stuff." He turned his head and grinned at me, his fingers slowly fucking my sister's pussy.

Steve pulled my sister's legs off of the couch, bending her over on the cushions of the sofa. He then roughly pulled her tight jean shorts along with her panties. Steve immediately spanked her, leaving a huge red hand mark. I winced.

"How can you keep your hands off of this fine slut?" asked Steve as he cupped my sister's pussy mound. He squeezed the flesh and slid his thumb inside, then turned his head toward me.

"I'm asking you, Chris. How do control yourself with this sexy piece of fuckmeat in the house?" This time, louder.

"I... I don't know." I dropped my head in shame.

"Be honest with me buddy, you ever jack off to your sister?" He asked me again. Mike and Tim laughed out loud.

"No, really. Answer it." He glared at me.

"... Yes..." I wished I could crawl into a hole.

"You pervert!" shouted Steve, laughing with his friend.

"I bet you wish you were right here... doing this..."

I lifted my head up to see Steve's thumb disappear again into my sister's exposed pussy. He leaned forward and snaked his tongue around my sister's pink asshole, and then slowly slid it inside.

"Such a nice girl..." Steve said, still admiring my sister's backside. He licked the pink hole one last time, then unzipped his pants.

"We already have a deal worked out for fucking your sister, Chris," said Steve as he sleazily pulled out his cock. "Mike is going to fuck your sister's pretty face first. Me, as you see... I'm going to fuck your hot sexy Michelle in her ass. And then we'll mix it up a little... I'll fuck her in her mouth while Mike's fucking this slut's pussy, who knows."

"And Mike, excuse me for going in first. After all, it was my idea to begin with." said Steve with a wink. He turned back to Michelle and grabbed her waist with his large hands. His hand easily stretched over Michelle's round little ass, and his thumbs pulled apart her buttcheeks. Admiring the view, he held open one butt cheek and spat into his hand, then rubbed it around his cock. I dropped my head in shame again.

"Ahhhhh... fuckk..." I heard Steve moan. The tip of his cock had already disappeared into Michelle's little ass, and rest of the his cock slowly followed in. He pulled his cock out and applied more saliva on his cock, before pushing it back inside. Slowly, but with force, he pushed his cock all the way up Michelle's asshole.

"Chris, your sister's ass is so tight... And this view is... Well, you know."

I watched as Steve slowly slid his thick cock in and out of Michelle's ass. It was incredible how such a big cock could go inside of her. Steve moved his hands up under Michelle's shirt and roughly handled her breasts. With a loud rip, Steve pulledout Michelle's bra from under her drugged body.

"How do you like me fucking your sister, Chris?" Steve asked as he pushed up Michelle's shirt above her tits. He squeezed her nipples, and grinned at me.

I didn't want to admit it, but from another person's point of view, it was rather sexy watching Michelle bent over the couch with her small body being ravaged.

Steve gripped Michelle's hair and pulled it up, making her face turn sideways. He leaned down and kissed her, gently sucking on her lips. He then slid his tongue inside Michelle's mouth. He licked her lips, then snaked around in her mouth. Not soon after, he was literally licking Michelle's face, slobbering all over her.

"Fuck yeah," Steve said as he pulled his mouth off of her. He slid his hands under Michelle's body again, gripping her tits tightly. He then lifted her up and threw her on top of the coffee table.

"I'm going to ruin this little ass for life," grunted Steve as he spanked Michelle left and right. I winced at every slap. They were too loud to not leave a mark on her.

Steve held open Michelle's buttcheeks again and shoved his cock back inside. He pulled back slightly and shoved harder. I noticed Michelle wincing slightly even though unconscious.

"Go.. go easy on her," I told Steve. I guess he didn't hear me.

"So fine.." said Steve as he kissed up Michelle's back. He leaned tightly against Michelle, pressing his cock into her as far as he could. He churned into her slowly, as if he were feeling every square inch of her little ass around his thick cock.

"Fuck... fuck...." grunted Steve as he began to pound Michelle from behind. His fingers dug deeper into her waist as he sped up, ruthlessly smashing Michelle's petite body with his large frame. It made me worry that Michelle would snap from being fucked so hard. A minute of fucking Michelle's ass as hard as he could, Steve moaned loudly. His intense face turned into a large grin, as he slowly fucked my sister. He turned his head and gave me a smirk, and looked down at Michelle's ass. A glob of cum dripped from Michelle's asshole as Steve pulled his cock out.

"Enjoy that show?" said Steve as he rubbed his cock against Michelle's asshole. He slid back inside easily and fucked her for several more strokes before standing up, leaving my sister bent over the coffee table.

"My turn now," said Mike as he walked up to Michelle. Steve and Mike did a little fist bump as they walked by each other.

Mike eagerly walked around the coffee table and lifted my sister's head up by her hair. He looked over at me and gave me the widest grin. He watched my face twitch as he pulled my sister by her hair off of the coffee table to face the couch. Standing in front of the couch, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock. Mike then whipped his cock across Michelle's face, then again, then again.

"Look Chris..." said Mike as he pointed his cock toward Michelle's mouth. He slid his thumb into the corner of Michelle's lips, pulled her mouth open.

"She's sucking my cock, guys." said Mike as he slid his cock inside Michelle's mouth. He pushed in far, making the back of her throat bulge.

"Michelle looks so sexy with my cock in her mouth, Chris." taunted Mike again.

Mike sat back down on the couch and pulled my sister closer to her. He wrapped Michelle's long blonde hair around his fist a couple times, and slowly lowered her mouth onto his cock. He pushed her head down, watching his cock slide into Michelle's mouth.

"She's lovely." said Mike, then held Michelle's head with both hands. He slowly fucked Michelle's mouth while looking down at her face. He steadily increased his speed, sometimes pushing up his hips against the downward motion of her head. His breathing became heavier.

"Hey Steve, why don't you get behind this little slut and have another go with that little pussy?" Mike looked over at Steve, who was enjoying the show.

"Don't mind if I do, bro, I just wanted to give you some alone time with her before I wreck that fine body again." said Mike. He pushed the coffee table away with his foot and knelt behind Michelle. He held Michelle's hips and propped them up.

"Is this going to be alright?" asked Steve as his hands roamed over Michelle's tight ass. He gave Michelle a loud spank.

"It's fine with me, bro." said Mike as he continued to use Michelle's mouth as a fuck sleeve.

"I.. I want to go." I said to Steve, begging. I didn't want to see them fuck my sister at the same time.

Ignored, again.

Steve slid his thumb into Michelle's glistening pussy. A bit of his cum from earlier slid down. Thoughtlessly, Mike shoved his cum into Michelle with his finger.

"Am I shaking her too much?" said Mike.

"Nope, you're fine." said Steve, getting his cock ready for my sister.

I watched as Steve fucked my sister. Sister or not, she was a hot girl getting fucked hard. My cock had been hard, and anymore of watching them would have me cum in my pants.

It looked like Michelle would snap in two any moment. They were going too hard on her.

"Hey Chris?" said Mike, breaking my thoughts.

"Look at this, Chris..." he said with a grin. His cock was all the way down my sister's throat, and he pinched her nose shut.

"Don't do that!" I screamed at him, taking a step forward to show I meant it.

"Mmmmm, her throat is spasming... It's like her throat pussy is squeezing my cock around... I think she might want air?" Mike said, leaning his body forward, locking her in from involuntarily jerking her head.

"Please, stop! Stop that! You'll kill her!"

To deaf ears, again.

Holding Michelle's head under his chest, Mike slowly grinded his pelvis. He moved his hips back and forth slowly, his eyes tightly closed. I noticed his legs jerk. He was cumming straight into my sister's throat.

"Let her go, please! You already came!"

"Mmmm, so good," said Mike, grinding his hips more. He held Michelle tightly as Steve began to pound Michelle harder, keeping her body in place.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck yeah Michelle, take my cum you cumdumpster!" shouted Steve as he fucked Michelle furiously. He smacked Michelle's ass hard and fast, at least a dozen times.

"Your sister is a SLUT! Chris, you hear me? YOUR, SISTER, IS A SLUT!" screamed Steve, pulling his cock out, letting globs of his cum drop to the floor.


"I'm done." I said to them. They were sitting on the couch, watching TV.

"Already? You sure you cleaned her good?" said Mike, not even looking up.

"Yeah, I did."

"Did you have to get your hand in there to clean her pussy and ass?" said Steve, laughing.

I did, but I didn't reply.

"Let's go check her out, bro," said Mike, getting up, "lead the way Chris."

They followed me upstairs to her bedroom. I had tucked her into bed.

"She naked in there?" said Mike, nudging me.

"Yup... Her clothes are in the washer still.." I said.

Mike hopped right in, spooning her. I saw him move around under the sheets. He threw out his boxers.

"I'm fucking your sister's ass, Chris. Did you want to see?"

"No, I didn't." I replied, turning around to walk out.

"Go watch TV," said Steve, pushing me out of the room.


Two whole hours. I listened to the grunting upstairs for two whole hours. I listened as they pounded her into the walls, and into the floor. I heard them high-fiving each other, screaming out loud in adrenaline. I winced at every loud bang, but it didn't stop me from stroking my cock to my sister get fucked so brutally. Finally, they called me again. I reluctantly went back upstairs.

"Chris." said Mike, looking at me. His body was covered in sweat. He stood up, tall, with his hard cock hanging proudly over the crumpled body of my sister by his feet. Her hair was messy with some strands stuck together with cum. Her face, her tits, and her ass had cum all over it.

"Yeah.." I said meekly.

"Chris." said Steve. I turned to look at him.

"Chris." said Mike, grinning.

"What do you guys want?" I screamed. I almost broke out crying. I didn't deserve to be bullied like this.

Steve stepped behind me, and closed the door.

"Strip down." said Mike as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Please don't make me fuck her," I begged. I thought it was what they wanted. They would do it, just so they could laugh at me again.

Steve smacked my head from behind, knocking me over.

"You're a fucking pervert, Chris. You know that?" said Steve, disgusted.

I began crying as I stripped down. My imagination ran wild. I didn't want to suck their cocks, I didn't want to get fucked. If they made me choose between me fucking Michelle and myself getting fucked, I would fuck Michelle.

"Put this on," said Mike, grinning. It was one of Michelle's underwears.

"Oh god, please don't do this, please!" I bawled out, crying loud. If I had to fuck Michelle, I didn't want to seem like I was eager to. At least they wouldn't tell people that at school.

I put on Michelle's panties, my hard cock sticking out the side.

"Now kneel here, we're gonna take a picture. This way, if you ever tell anyone about this, or if you don't care of this good enough, there will be pictures of you, Chris, in your sister's panties, with your freshly fucked pretty sister." said Steve with a grin.

Just a little disappointed. They weren't going to make me fuck her.

"Smile, faggot." said Steve, and clicked his camera.

"Time to get going," said Mike, putting his boxers back on.

"I guess so, but don't you remember wanting to do one more thing to Michelle?" said Steve, looking at Mike.

"Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to piss." replied Mike, grinning his stupid grin.

They stood over Michelle, with their dicks pointed at her. I moved away from Michelle, and stood up. I watched as they urinated on my used sister. They mostly pissed on her face, then her tits, then her ass.

"More cleaning job for our hero," said Mike.

"Oh, and Chris, we'll definitely be back." said Steve, walking out of the bedroom.

I heard them run down the stairs, laughing. I listened carefully as their belt buckles jittered downstairs.

"WE'LL BE BACK!" shouted one of them

I sighed to myself. How long till Michelle wakes up? Those assholes had pissed all over the carpet, too. I wished they hadn't.

She still looked beautiful after all that fucking. Her wavy hair still fell on her face perfectly, and her lips still glistened pink. I traced up her smooth legs, her little used pussy, her little used ass, her little used mouth, her soft round tits.

"One more cock won't hurt," I tried to convince myself as I got behind her.

I was jealous of them. I was jealous of how they got to fuck my big sister. I wanted the same. She was more mine than theirs. Why shouldn't I get to have her?

I pounded into her with all I had. I wanted to damage her more than Mike and Steve had.

I shut my eyes, feeling every little inch of her tight pussy grasping onto my cock. I moaned, called Michelle names, spanked her little ass, shoved my thumb up her well-used asshole.

It didn't take me long to fill her up.

Then I had another go. This time, in her ass. I was convincing myself in my head that Michelle was indeed a slut, having been double penetrated by her little brother's friends. Only sluts do that, right?

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