tagBDSMCamilla Ch. 025

Camilla Ch. 025


Again, Camilla threw away the come-soaked paper towels that were on the bed when she'd masturbated; then she went to the bathroom to pee, and went back to bed to sleep for an hour. Candice came home around 6 PM, and went into the bedroom to give Camilla some more cough mixture.

"How do you feel?" Candice asked as she brought the spoon of cough mixture to Camilla's mouth.

"Much better," Camilla answered before taking the spoon in her mouth. "I'm almost 100%; I should be fine for tomorrow's tests."

"Good," Candice said. Then she saw the hole in the wall. Camilla forgot to put the pencil can in front of the hole. "What's with the hole there?" Then Candice saw the camera lens. "Is our neighbour filming us?" she whispered.

"Let's talk outside the bedroom," Camilla said as she got out of bed. "He may have a microphone." They went to the kitchen, and Candice started making dinner for them.

"Did you already know about this?" Candice asked.

"Well, yeah," Camilla said. "But I always put a pencil can in front of the hole so he wouldn't see you."

"That's not good enough!" Candice said angrily. "If you're right that he has a camera too, he can hear every thing we say. It's an invasion of privacy. We've got to make him get rid of that camera; tell the landlord, and have that pervert evicted."

"Well, if we involved the landlord, the neighbour may just hide the camera, so we'd have no evidence," Camilla said. "Why don't we make him stop his voyeurism the way we stopped Mr. Pierce? It would be a lot more fun that way."

"Yeah, that could work," Candice said with a wicked smile. "We could even involve Mr. Pierce in this."

After dinner, having fully formulated their plan, they studied for the next day's tests.


Camilla breezed through her history examination. As she was writing, she blew a kiss at Hanson, who smiled but tried to ignore her. Later, Hanson dropped his pen on the floor near Camilla's desk. When he bent down to pick it up, he couldn't resist looking under her desk: she wasn't wearing any panties! She knew he was looking, and put her hand on her vulva, opening her labia so he could get a better look. Then he came to his senses, reminding himself that he had a wife, and got up and went back to his seat.

In art class, she had to apply all she'd learned by drawing a picture in charcoal. When Mr. Langella saw her finished drawing, he was shocked: it showed, from left to right, Williams, Knowles, Burgess, Langella, and Johnson carrying a naked Camilla. Williams and Knowles held each arm, and Burgess, Langella, and Johnson held her legs, all three of them standing between her legs. Though the drawing didn't accurately render their faces or hers, it was obvious to Langella who the people were supposed to be.

He asked her if he could talk with her privately; they went into another room.

"Did we hurt you last Friday night?" he asked of their sexual encounter.

"No," she reassured him. Then she smiled slyly and with affected modesty taunted him with these words: "But you did rape me."

"Oh, come on," he said, half-nervously. "You loved it."

"I resisted," she purred coyly. "I should call the police."

"You came copiously," he insisted. "Not even a radical feminist would believe you if she'd seen your come there."

Then she pulled on his tie to get him close to her, and in his ear she whispered, "Your cock made my pussy smile." She licked his ear, briefly fondled him in the groin, and left the room, saying, "Let's do that again sometime, but in your home."


After doing their phys ed examination, which included jogging several laps in as short a time as possible, Camilla and Candice checked the shower area for hidden cameras. There were none. Then they met Pierce in his office and checked for any new DVDs of girls showering; again, none.

"I'll be teaching in a different school next year, so you won't need to check the showers anymore," Pierce said. Then, apprehensively, he added, "But what about my sexual penance?" (He was clearly enjoying it.)

"We're glad you asked, sir," said Candice. "We were about to invite you to our apartment this evening. Wanna come?"

"Sure," he said eagerly. "What time?"

"Any time after six should be good," Camilla said. Then she gave him her card and said, "Our address is on this. See you soon." Then the girls left.


After the girls went home, Candice took some cough mixture and blew nasal mist up her nostrils, for she had caught Camilla's cold. She would feel much better for when Pierce was to arrive. Having changed into a tight white dress with red spots, Camilla left the apartment to bring a friend back. She got on the elevator with Jim having already got on.

As the elevator was going down, she looked up and down at him. Face to face with her, he was much shier than the raunchy-mouthed voyeur who'd watched her masturbate. "You're him, aren't you?" she asked with a sly smile.

"I'm sorry?" he timidly asked, playing dumb.

"You're him. Our next-door neighbour, the watcher," she insisted, grinning. The elevator reached the basement, and they walked out to find their cars. His was beside hers. "You're him, I know."

"Oh, no," he stammered. "I'm just visiting him. I o-often visit your n-neighbour. We're brothers."

"I see," she said, easily seeing through his cowardly lies. "What's your name?"

"Oh, uh...if you don't mind, I'd prefer to remain anonymous," he said as he clumsily opened his car door and got in.

"Well, Mr. Anonymous," she said, bending over his window after he closed the door; she showed off a generous amount of cleavage, with a few millimetres of areolae showing. "Why don't you come by our apartment tonight? You can know more of me that way."

"OK," he said, smiling. "What time?" He started his car.

"Oh, maybe seven or eight. OK?"

"Sure," he panted. "See you then." He started backing his car out of his parking spot.

"Bye," she said. She smiled as she saw him drive away. Then she got in her car and drove off to get her friend.


When Camilla returned with her friend, Mr. Pierce was already there. Candice had had him stripped naked and tied, at the wrists and ankles, to two pillars on each side of one of the entrances to the kitchen. Camilla's friend, a gay 18-year-old named Michael, was drooling with lust at the sight of Mr. Pierce's frontal nudity. The man and the boy recognized each other: Pierce had taught him a few years ago at a different school, and the boy had always found him attractive; so seeing him there, naked and tied up, was like a dream come true.

Though sexually humiliated, Pierce, always a masochist, was also getting excited; he was even getting an erection.

"Please don't hurt me, Michael," Pierce said in a tremulous voice.

"I don't plan to, sir," Michael said as he bowed before his former teacher's phallus. "I want to please you." He put Pierce's penis in his mouth and started sucking. The bi-curious side of Pierce enjoyed it, while the homophobic side of him shook with fear.

The doorbell rang. "Our neighbour's here," Camilla said. She removed her dress and shoes. Naked, she opened the door. "Hi," she said.

"Hi," Jim panted while looking up and down her delicious body.

"Looks a lot better in the flesh than on a camera, doesn't it?" she asked.

"Th-that wasn't me," Jim insisted. "That was my brother, I guess."

"Right," she said. "Come on in." They walked into the living room area. Jim was shocked to see Michael fondling Pierce's erection while kissing his buttocks. Pierre's humiliation--and arousal--doubled with his new spectator.

"Holy fuck!" Homophobic Jim screamed. "Who are those queers?"

"Hey, don't call them mean names," Camilla chided. "They're my friends. Only Michael is gay. The naked man is our gym teacher. He's doing sexual penance."

"Sexual penance?" Jim asked. "For what?"

"For watching us showering with hidden cameras," Candice explained. "We hate having our privacy invaded like that." Jim shuddered at these words. He sensed he was in a trap.

"If someone wants us sexually, he should tell us directly," Camilla added. "Not hide behind the anonymity of a camera, him knowing us but us not knowing who he is."

"B-but I never," Jim insisted. "M-my brother, maybe..."

"We know, Mr. Anonymous," Camilla 'reassured' him.

"Some guys are so pathetic," Candice said. "Prying into our private sexual worlds, all cocky, shouting four-letter words as they judge us and jerk off, safely unknown to us; and they don't even have the courage to tell us who they are. What cowards."

Michael got up and walked toward Jim. "Get away from me, you faggot!" Jim shouted as he backed away. "Don't you even think about fuckin' my ass!"

"I'm not thinking about that," muscular Michael said as he neared Jim. He punched Jim in the face, knocking him to the floor. "I'm thinking about kicking your ass." MIchael kicked Jim several times. He let Jim get up, then said, "Now get your camera out of that wall, or you'll be the one tied up and naked!" Jim ran out of the apartment.

"Bye, Mr. Anonymous," Camilla sang.

Candice laughed hysterically. "Thanks, Michael," she said.

"My pleasure," Michael said. "Look, I'd love to stay, but I have some important stuff to do at home. No need to drive me back, Camilla; I'll take the bus. Mr. Pierce, call me some time; we need to get together." He blew Pierce a kiss and left. Pierce, remembering the skill with which Michael sucked, had some serious thinking to do.

Candice got naked while Camilla untied Pierce. He lay on the floor on his back. Camilla sat on his face while Candice stroked his cock to get it hard. She got on top of him, and put his erection in her welcoming vagina. She moaned as it went deep inside her, sliding in and out. He put his tongue deep inside Camilla's vagina, tickling her G-spot. Then he took his tongue out and sucked on her clitoris. His lips embraced her labia and gently pulled on them. Then he enthusiastically licked her anus. As Candice continued bouncing on him, nearing orgasm (as was Camilla), she got on idea. "Make a little room, Camilla," she said. She pulled Pierce's phallus out, and went over to Camilla. Both girls aimed their vulvas over Pierce's face. The girls fingered each other's clitorises and took turns sucking each other's breasts. Camilla would kiss Candice on the cheeks and lick her ears, careful to avoid kissing her on the lips, because of Candice's cold. Candice fondled Camilla's breasts, gently pinching her nipples. Finally, the girls orgasmed. Camilla gushed all over Pierce's face, and Candice noted a few drops of her own come drip on his nose.

"Bukkake!" Candice shouted.

"A bukkake baptism," Camilla added. Both girls laughed.

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