tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCamilla Ch. 055

Camilla Ch. 055


"So you still don't think that was some kind of spirit fucking you in your sleep?" Candice asked Camilla the next morning as they got dressed.

"Maybe there's something self-destructive in my sub-conscious," Camilla said. She put on a white dress shirt and a black skirt. "Or maybe if I just got laid--by men, in the flesh--more often, I wouldn't do that to myself."

"Maybe Nigrovum's making us crazy, what with you and that priest."

"I'll be good." Camilla did her hair up in a bun, then asked, "So, you're off to find an apartment today?"

"Yep," Candice said. "I'll bet Nigrovum can help me find one fast, and, I hope, close to here."

"Concentrate hard," Camilla said. "I think that's how it works. Have you noticed it's like having actual living beings inside your blood, helping you realize what you're wishing?"

"Yeah, it's weird. Microscopic aliens or something."

"With some kind of advanced technology." Camilla put on a pair of black high heels. "That's what Ravinder thinks Nigrovum is, anyway. It's like if you think hard enough, and imagine what you want vividly enough, visualizing every detail, those tiny black eggs--or whatever they are--are sending out energy everywhere, connecting your mind to the person you want to control, or finding exactly what you want to find, often within very short periods of time. I hope we don't get overcome with power."

"That's what we need to be careful about," Candice said. "That might be what eventually drives us crazy. Didn't you say that's what Dr. Singh warned us about? Tampering with the spirit world?"

"Yeah, but I'll be careful. I'll use it only for good, for making people feel good. I'll be using Nigrovum to find a job today, too."

"Do you wanna find a stripping job, Camil? Then you can tell me about it."

"I'm not gonna get back into stripping quite yet, but I will soon enough." Camilla started putting on makeup while saying, "Bob e-mailed me and said he's gonna be in Toronto by the end of next week. He thinks he and I can do a POV porn video with a secretary fantasy; so I, as an actress, have to do my research. So I'm getting a secretary job."

"But Camil, you've never done that kind of work before. Who'll hire you?"

"A handsome, well-endowed, highly-sexed, forty-something man, that's who," Camilla answered while putting on dark red lipstick. "Nigrovum will help me locate the right office, then I'll do my cat moves on the guy."

When the girls finished tarting themselves up, they sat on the bed and meditated, knowing the Nigrovum would pull them to the right places like magnets.

Candice visualized an apartment just blocks away from Agape's home, one with a reasonable monthly rent and agreeable, non-meddling neighbours. She could feel her body gently vibrating as the Nigrovum emitted energy out from her in a growing circle. It was like millions of tiny eyes were looking all around the area for a suitable room for rent. After a few minutes of intense focusing, she felt a psychic tug and went out the door to find the place, not wanting to break Camilla's concentration by saying goodbye.

Camilla visualized a downtown office in a big building where a major corporation was headquartered. She also imagined a handsome, forty-something man for a boss, one who, mesmerized by her charms, would be willing to hire her despite her lack of experience or knowledge of secretarial work. As with Candice, Camilla could feel her body buzzing with a strange kind of electricity radiating outward, traveling through the monad that unites everything (to use the language Ravinder used in his e-mails when explaining his thoughts on Nigrovum to Camilla); she was convinced this energy would find just the kind of place she wanted to work in. After ten minutes of deep concentration, she too felt a psychic pull, and followed her instincts out the bedroom door.

"Using Nigrovum sure beats looking through the classifieds," she said as she went out of the house.


Camilla found herself in the waiting room of an electronics company, where she and a few other women were waiting to be interviewed for a secretary job. After about fifteen minutes of waiting, she was told to go into the boss's office for her interview. As she approached the door, she undid the top three buttons of her shirt to show off an ample amount of her bra-less cleavage.

She walked into the office and saw a good-looking man in his mid-forties, with brown hair streaked with grey, and brown eyes. He got up from his seat and eagerly shook the hand of this lovely young girl.

"How are you?" he said with a grin. "My name is Miles Holland; have a seat." She sat at a chair on the other side of his desk.

"I'm Camilla Mennon," she said while looking deeply into his eyes. She visualized his penis getting erect, which it immediately began to do.

"Uh, OK," he stammered. "Let's, uh, begin then."

"What do you want to know about me?" she asked with a suggestively girly grin and shrugged shoulders.

"Y-you s-seem rather young to be l-looking for a j-job as a secretary." She used Nigrovum to make him say, "How old are you, sweetie?" He couldn't believe he'd called her that.

"18," she said with feigned shyness.

"My goodness," he said; then she made him say, "You're just a little baby, aren't you, sweetheart?" Again, he surprised himself.

"Yeah," she said with a giggle and a 'shy' turning away of her head. He was amazed that his sexist remarks, however involuntary they were, didn't offend her. "I'm just a little girl." She giggled again.

"Can you type?" he asked, squirming in his chair from his growing erection.

"Um...not very fast," she said with another giggle and pretended blushing.

"Well, with practice, you'll get faster," he panted. His erection was getting sore from poking through his underwear. "Do you know shorthand?"

"Um...no," she said with a timid shake of her head and an 'embarrassed' giggle.

"That's OK," he said. "It isn't an essential part of being a secretary anymore. D-do you have a-any secretarial experience? Any r-references?"

"No," she said, giggling even louder this time. Hire me anyway, she thought, psychically sending him the message.

"W-when can you start?"

"As soon as you want me to," she said with a sexy grin.

"How about t-tomorrow morning? N-normally I d-don't come into the office until about 11 AM, but if you get here at about 8:30, I can sh-show you the ropes."

"You mean, you'll train me yourself, sir?" she asked with wide-open eyes and her mouth agape. She stood up and leaned forward so he could see more cleavage; a bit of areola was showing.

"Y-yes, of course, honey," he said again, surprised by his words and her unruffled reaction to them.

"Thank you, sir; you're so sweet!" she said with more grinning and giggling. They shook hands. She walked over to the door with a swaying of her hips; after opening the door, she looked back at him, and with a doe-eyed expression said, "I'll be here at 8:30 sharp tomorrow morning, waiting for you to teach me my new job." Giggling again, she breathily said, "Goodbye, Mr. Holland." She left.

He just sat at his desk for several minutes, stunned. The best of blow jobs never got my dick that hard, he thought. "How the hell am I gonna 'train' her?" he whispered. "How am I gonna keep from cheating on my wife?"

As Camilla walked out of the building and along Bay Street, she said to herself, "Let's face it: I'm a goddess, thanks to Nigrovum. My power is growing..."


That night, back at home, Camilla changed out of her secretary outfit and into even more alluring apparel: a tight, sleeveless, and belly-less white top that her nipples seemed to be trying to rip their escape through; and those same skimpy low-rise Daisy Duke denim shorts she'd worn to Mr. Leroy's oral test--the ones with the triangle cut where her buttock cleavage, sans panties, began to show. Still with her bright harlot makeup on, she went downstairs with her purse and joined Agape in the living room.

He was sitting on a big chair listening to music and drinking from his third glass of bourbon. When she entered the room in her risque attire, she turned around slowly to give him a full display. Grinning, she asked, "How do I look?"

Shocked at how she looked, he stammered out, "V-very lovely." What do you want me to say, girl? he thought; T-minus nine? I'm your father.

"A little too scantily-clad, Daddy?"

"A little too sky-clad," he said in slurs. He got up and, always the protective father, closed the living room curtains so no lecherous passers-by would see how provocatively his daughter was dressed. "Did you get a job?"

"Yep," she said. "I'm gonna be a secretary."

"A secretary?" he asked as he sat back down. "You don't know how to do that. You need to be taught that first."

"Well, it's either that or I become a stripper with Candi--"

"A secretary job is fine with me," he said. "But don't dress like that, OK?"

"Of course I won't dress like this, Dad. I have appropriate outfits for my new job." And sexy ones, she thought. She then opened her purse and pulled out a bag of cannabis she'd got from Candice late that afternoon. Seeing how obviously tipsy her father was, she suspected he wouldn't mind.

"What's that?" he asked. "Marijuana?"

"Yeah, Daddy," she said. "D'you wanna party with me?"

"Well, sure. I haven't smoked pot since my undergraduate years, but what the hell. Where'd you get it?"

"From Candice," Camilla said while sprinkling the cannabis on a paper.

Why am I not surprised? he thought.

"She got both a stripping job and an apartment today. Amazing, eh?"

"Yeah," he said after taking another sip from his glass. "How'd she do all that so quickly?"

"Let's just say we have friends in high places. She's stripping at a place called Club Ritz downtown. I met her there after she called me and told me she got the job. She's working there right now. She got the pot from a customer. She'll be home later tonight, and she'll move out tomorrow." Camilla rolled the joint, sealed it by sucking on it sensuously while looking her father in the eyes, and then gave it to him. "Wanna start 'er off?" She gave him her lighter.

"OK," he said, and lit the cigarette. As he inhaled, she got a beer out of the fridge and returned for a few puffs. Then she gave him the joint, sipped her beer, and got down on all fours to look through his CD collection, which was on the floor under the CD player. As she flipped through his CDs, she spread her legs wide open and pushed her behind out: with the triangle cut in the back centre of her low-rise shorts, she (unconsciously?) exposed her anus, which pointed out straight at him. He immediately turned his head away, coughing more from what he saw than from his last inhalation of pot. She found The Best of The Doors, and put it on, fast-forwarding to the song 'We Could Be So Good Together."

Relieved to see her turn around and sit on the floor, he reached over to give her the marijuana cigarette. She took it, inhaled, and got up. She walked over to him on his chair and gave him the joint. As he took it from her, she suddenly sat on his lap. "Oh, this is great: partying and spending time with my daddy." She kissed him on the cheek and grinned while looking gleefully in his eyes.

"Aren't you a little old to be sitting on my lap, sweetie?" he asked.

Hugging him, she said, "Oh, come on, Dad, it's been so long since I had a chance to cuddle with you. Please let me."

She decided to do an experiment--psychically giving him another erection. In his stoned, drunk state, would he resist her psychic influence? If he didn't, pot and drink would be enough to weaken his will so Candice could seduce him later; no stronger, and therefore more dangerous, drugs would be necessary. On the other hand, if he resisted the temptation to commit incest with Camilla, that would all the more prove how slanderously her mom had spoken of him when she'd got custody of Camilla after the divorce. It would also show how sweet, kind, and perfect a father she had. She closed her eyes, focused, and caused his penis to grow slowly, gradually, and almost imperceptibly erect.

After a while, he started squirming uncomfortably in his chair, not at all understanding why he was getting excited. The very notion of having sexual feelings for his daughter was alien and unthinkable to him, and he shook with agitation and fear. "What the hell?" he said, trying to make her get up so he could.

Not letting him, and pretending not to know what was happening, she said, "Relax, Daddy. Is the pot making you paranoid?"

"No," he said. "My body is. Why am I...?"

You sweet man, she thought; you'd never use me sexually, I always knew that.

And yet, part of her was disappointed; this feeling frightened her, for his thick erection, almost seven inches, was starting to turn her on! She suddenly got up, shaking as much as he was.

"I've got to use the washroom," he said, quickly walking over there in embarrassment.

"OK, Daddy," she said with an equally red face. "I think I'm gonna go for a walk." Taking the joint and her purse, she went outside.

She walked through the neighbourhood smoking the rest of the joint. My God, she thought, I've got some bad ideas swimming around in my head!

She decided she needed to get laid, by a man this time, rather than just Candice; for she hadn't been with a man since those few POV videos she'd made with Bob, and after getting fired from Luvlee's and the trauma of that party in the mansion, she'd been made relatively chaste. She assumed the lack of cock was what was driving her crazy: her intense dreams, her tempting of Father Josiah, and her excessive affection for her dad. That Nigrovum could have had anything to do with it was something she didn't want to think about.

She walked out of the neighbourhood and found a major road; an empty cab was driving by, and she hailed it.

Getting in the back seat, she said, "Take me downtown, please."

"Where specifically?" the cab driver asked.

"I'll tell you later; just take me downtown for now." He started driving.

Meditating for several minutes, she visualized a cafe frequented by York University professors. Fighting off the effects of the marijuana so she could concentrate better, she vividly imagined a man with the good looks of Liam Neeson in the movie Chloe. Five more minutes of concentrating went by, and she could feel the psychic energy emanating out of her in rapidly growing circles; she soon felt that psychic tug that told her, like a compass, where to go.

"So, where are we going?" the cabbie said. "We're downtown, on Yonge Street."

Though she didn't yet know Yonge Street from Finch or Bay, she instinctively knew which direction to go in, so she just kept saying, "Turn left", "Turn right", and "Go straight" until she found the cafe the Nigrovum was leading her to. The cab driver parked in front of the cafe; she paid him and got out of the cab. Standing before the door to the cafe, she took a deep breath and went in.

She saw a man sitting alone, drinking a cappuccino and reading a newspaper. In fact, he even looked rather like Liam Neeson. "I love you, Nigrovum," she said. She bought a coffee and went up to his table.

"Excuse me," she asked with a smile. "Can I borrow your sugar? There's none at my table."

"Sure," he said, handing his sugar container to her.

Taking it, and working the Nigrovum on him, she said, "Sorry. Can I join you? I'm new in Toronto, and all alone." She pouted pitifully.

"Sure," he said with a smile, suddenly finding this pretty young girl inexplicably charming. "I don't normally chat with strangers, but you look...intriguing."

"Must be what I'm wearing, which isn't much." She giggled.

"Oh, I don't mean your clothes--well, not only them," he said with a chuckle. "It's something about you, in your eyes. What's your name?"


"That's a pretty name." Her eyes were drawing him in.

"Thanks. What's your name?"

"Alex. Are you a student?"

"Yeah, I'm starting my first year in York next month. I can't wait." Her eyes seemed to sending laser beams into his pupils.

"What are you studying there?" Alex asked.

"English and French lit."

"Really? I'm a prof there. I teach courses in mythology and religious studies."

"Wow!" she said, already turned on. "That's fascinating. I'd love to study that."

He leaned forward, saying, "You know what myths I find the most intriguing? Those of Zeus's affairs with mortal women." His body was vibrating from her eyes' lock on his.

"Tell me more: I think Zeus is hot. There's a great painting of him by Ingres," she said in a breathy voice.

"You must mean Jupiter and Thetis. Her fingers tickle his chin, to tempt him."

"Yeah, that's the one. I think it's sexy. Tell me about his affairs."

"Well, he appeared before Leda as a swan, and he ravished her. Eggs were hatched, giving birth to, among others, lovely Helen of Troy." Though she wasn't using Nigrovum on his penis, she was giving him an erection.

"Were the eggs little black ones?" she asked.

"What?" he asked with a sneer.

"Never mind. Let's go outside, to the park nearby." She quickly gulped up the last of her coffee, which had helped her sober up.

"Well, alright. My wife will be expecting me home in a half hour or so, but what the hell." They left the cafe, and went into the park.

"Who else did Zeus rape?" she asked, walking arm-in-arm with Alex.

"Well, there was Io, Alcmene, and Nemesis, which was a variation on the Leda story. There were many others, and many other gods who chased after mortal women, or after nymphs."

"Isn't that like the 'sons of God' and the 'daughters of men'?"

"You mean Genesis chapter six, the beginning of the story of the Great Flood?" Alex asked.

"Yeah," she said. "They sound similar, as if the Bible just stole the story from the pagans."

"That's a very acute observation, coming from a cute observer."

Giggling, she said, "Thank you. Zeus is the sexiest of all the gods."

"He was always my favourite: so powerful, and such a womanizer."

"You're kind of like him, I think."

Knowing what she was implying, and very tempted to enjoy her even without the influence of Nigrovum, he nevertheless said, "Well, that's very flattering, but I really have to be going. My wife--"

"And I'm kind of like Nemesis, don't you think?" Now she started to use Nigrovum on him, and his partial erection was growing. "Your nemesis."

"Oh, wait, sweetie," he said, feeling himself slowly losing control of his body, and wondering if she was somehow causing that loss of control. "You're very lovely, but I'm a happily married m--"

"You're Zeus, and I'm Nemesis," she said, looking intensely in his eyes. "Rape me." Her blue eyes had temporarily turned black.

His lust was growing into a fire that shot all through his body; he couldn't understand why he couldn't control it. "What are you, some kind of modern day witch?" His erection was poking a bulge in his pants; in too much pain to leave his cock inside, he unzipped his pants and pulled it out.

"Ravish me, Zeus. Have your way with me." So I can have my way with you, she thought.

He felt his hands pulling forward to grab her; horrified, he resisted as best he could, and looked around to see if anyone else was in the park. No one was there but this 'rapist' and his 'victim'.

Wanting to be punished for thinking unnatural thoughts about her father, Camilla continued conjuring Alex: rape me, Zeus!

Finally, his hands were pulled to her, tearing her shirt off and causing her large breasts to wiggle when exposed to his hungry eyes. She pretended to resist him to make her rape fantasy more real. Controlling his mind, she made him punch her hard in the mouth. She fell to the ground, her lip bleeding and swollen; she made him get on top of her and pull her jean shorts off. She kicked at him, pretending she didn't want sex; but he was the one who didn't! What if police had come, and seen him with her? What devil was possessing him to do this? What if his beautiful wife, whom he dearly loved, were to find out about this?

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