Camilla Ch. 055


She psychically made him shove his cock in her pussy, which, surprising to him, was dripping wet. He, up till that time, had thought some kind of devil was making him rape a non-consenting girl; but she was loving the sex! This was obviously all her doing, not some invisible force.

In complete control of his body now, she made him thrust violently inside her; she screamed and flooded the grassy area with her come. She made his hands grab her tits and squeeze them aggressively; up till this time, he'd always been a gentle lover, but she was making him into a wild satyr, and it frightened him.

She released him temporarily, letting him pull his cock out of her overflowing pussy. She got on all fours, with her legs spread out wide and her ass pointed out so her anus was visible. Just when he was about to put his now not-so-erect penis back in his pants, she made it quickly get hard again, and she made him get behind her. Having wiped her come in and around her anus, she made him shove his cock inside.

"No! Please!" he moaned as she made him fuck her asshole, thrusting as aggressively as he had been made to do in her cunt. She wasn't properly lubricated as she had been before, so his large cock ripped some of the tissue of her anal walls. She wasn't worried, since she knew she could heal soon. The pain was as thrilling to her as the pleasure was. After she'd had enough ass-fucking, she released him again. He pulled out, and lay on the grass trying to catch his breath. But just as he was about to do up his pants, again she regained control of his cock, hardening it.

Now she was kneeling before him, and she made him put his cock in her mouth. She kept him relatively immobilized, for now she was the one to do most of the work. He tried to pull away, but couldn't. Looking up in his eyes, she was troubled to see him not enjoying her cocksucking; so to weaken his resistance, she caused a release of dopamine in his brain to make him enjoy the blow job she was giving him. Now the look in his eyes was a conflicted one of pleasure and fear; this still annoyed her, so she decided to finish him off quickly. She accelerated his arousal as she had done before with other lovers, when she'd wanted to finish giving them head quickly. He came in her mouth, and she swallowed it all. Finally, she released him for good; he quickly put his spent penis in his pants, and he ran away in terror.

She put her shorts back on and wrapped her torn shirt around her chest; then she phoned Candice. "Hi, it's me, Camilla. When do you finish work?"

"Soon," Candice said. "There's practically nobody here, since it's only Monday night. So they say I can go home soon. Why do you ask?"

"Can you get a cab and find me at...Queen's Park? We can split the fare when we get home."

"OK," Candice said. "Am I fucking your dad tonight?"

"No," Camilla said, licking the blood off her lip. "He's not ready for that yet. Just be here as soon as you can. Bye." They hung up.

As Camilla waited for the cab, she could feel her lip healing; and the soreness on her breasts, in her vagina and in her rectum was also going away fast. By the time the cab arrived, Camilla had completely healed.

She approached the cab with the wild look of a madwoman in her eyes; it frightened Candice to see Camilla look that way, especially with her shirt torn off. Camilla got in the cab, and they drove off.

"Camilla!" Candice asked. "What happened to you? You didn't get raped, did you?"

"No," Camilla said, staring straight ahead of her, still with that wild-eyed look. "I'm too powerful to be really raped. Let's face it: I am a goddess."

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