tagMind ControlCamilla Ch. 095

Camilla Ch. 095


On the seventh day of Camilla's predicament in the public aquarium in Montreal, she was being gang-banged by two spirits: those of a younger man and an older man she'd met one night thirteen years before, while visiting another strip joint in Toronto, called the Solid Gold. The boy's invisible cock was in her ass, and the older man's was in her pussy. Cell-phone cameras never stopped getting video of those two gaping holes as her naked body continued to hover over the water tank.

Since Camilla was experiencing another out-of-body vision of an old memory, Dr. Singh and the spirits of her loved ones couldn't communicate with her; they were aware, however, of what she was thinking when she relived her memories.

The intensity of Camilla's desire is lower when she re-experiences her past, Agape observed. And when she ejaculates into the water, the lust-energy in the Nigrovum is not as strong as when she' s present-minded and conscious of these uninterrupted gang-rapes she's suffering. This lowering of energy could be a good thing.

How? Candice asked.

With lower levels of lust-energy in her Nigrovum, Agape explained, the masked men will have less effective Nigrovum to use on all those people on the other side of the glass of the water tank, watching her in the viewing area like zombies watching TV. That lowered energy will make it not so easy for the masked men to enslave the masses to their desires. Camilla knows this: she has a plan!

Well, that'll help a bit, Don acknowledged.

I can sense that she's also trying to unravel how all of this really happened, Agape added. The masked men's use of mind control caused her to do everything they wanted her to do--vote them into power, get many other people to vote for them--and she was made completely oblivious as to whom she was really helping.

We could have told her that, Singh communicated from Vancouver. If only she hadn't blocked us.

Yes, but now she wants to see it all unfolding for herself, Agape told them. She's feeling remorse for what she's done. This could motivate her to want to redeem herself, and sacrifice her life to spare the world from the masked men's tyranny, a tyranny of blind indulgence.

Candice asked, If Camilla dies, the masked men can reanimate her, and make her keep on coming, if artificially.

True, Singh explained, but her lust level would quickly drop to zero after her death, as Agape's had when Camilla reanimated his body after he died. When she committed incest with his fresh corpse, his spirit wasn't there with her. There was no lust-energy in the Nigrovum in his ejaculation. Nor will there be in hers after she finally dies.

And there is our hope, Don said.

With less lust in the energy of the Nigrovum in her body, the masked men's control of everyone will be less sure, Agape concluded. Camilla understands this. She just needs to give up her life, to bring that lust to zero.


Camilla's memory visions brought her back thirteen years in the past, to when she was in her house in Toronto with five-year-old Eros. It was summertime. She, with her black-haired, pale 'Goth' look, had just finished taking a shower, and she wrapped a towel around herself before leaving the bathroom to go into her bedroom. Having absent-mindedly left her bedroom door ajar, she dropped her towel by her bed.

She sensed Eros coming, and that he psychically knew she was naked. She squatted down on the floor and grabbed the towel as he ran into her room.

Covering her front with the towel as he got up close to her, she said, "Sweetie, Mommy doesn't have her clothes on. Please leave my room till I'm dressed."

"But Mommy, I wanna--" he began, trying to get a peek at her bare ass.

"Nice boys don't wanna see their mommies when they don't have their clothes on," she said firmly.

"But Mommy, you see me when I have a bath."

"That's different, sweetie. Mommy isn't thinking dirty thoughts when she's giving you a bath. Go outside, close the door behind you, and wait until I'm dressed."

"But Mommy, it's not fair."

"Baby, I don't want to use my power on you, but I will if you keep this up. Go outside."

"But Mommy," he whined in frustration.

"Sorry, Camilla," Emily said as she came in the room. She took the unusually big boy by the arm and tried to take him out of Camilla's bedroom. "Wow, he's not so easy to move anymore."

"Let me go!" he said angrily. "I wanna see Mommy."

Camilla looked deep into his eyes. "You'll go with Emily now." Within seconds, he was no longer struggling to get free of Emily.

"I'll go with Emily now," he repeated, now docile. He walked out of the bedroom quietly with Emily. She closed the door after her.

His Oedipus complex is so strong! Camilla thought as she put her clothes on. He's getting out of control. I can't believe what happened last week, when he actually came into my bedroom, and I was having sex with Danny. I was so horny during the sex that I was too distracted to sense Eros' presence psychically. I'm gonna have to have another place for when I have sex with young guys like Danny or Chris, guys who still live with their parents. Maybe I can rent out Candice's old apartment, just down the street. It'll bring back older, happier memories of her. God, how I miss her; and how I miss Daddy! In Eros, I can psychically feel their energy, since he's partially made with the Nigrovum from their come. Feeling their energy makes me feel as if they're still with me--it makes their loss bearable...or almost bearable, anyway. The bubble I have around me, the one that numbs my emotions, still keeps the pain of their loss from tearing me apart psychologically. I don't know how my sanity would stay intact without that bubble.


Indeed, Camilla did go to that apartment building Candice had lived in; Camilla was lucky that no one was renting out Candice's old room at the time, and so Camilla now rented it.

Paying for the extra place wouldn't be a problem for her, since she was making such a large sum of money as a lap dancer at Club Ritz. The inheritance she'd received from her father, which included his old house, also made it easier for her to cope financially with all her expenses.

Now she had a place for lovers, at a safe distance from all-too-curious Eros.


That night, Camilla went out partying with Ron, Vera, and Mercedes after Club Ritz had closed early due to electrical problems. The four of them found another strip joint several blocks away from Club Ritz, the Solid Gold. They sat at a table by the stage and ordered some beers.

The stripper onstage at the time, naked but skinny, older, and unattractive, had just finished her last song. She got off the stage.

"What a skank," Mercedes said in Camilla's ear.

"Yeah," Camilla said. Then she saw a cute young man, tall, thin, and blond, walk into the bar. She looked at him and grinned invitingly. He blushed and sat at the tip rail. "What a cutie he is! I'm going onstage and getting naked for him." She immediately got up and started towards the stage.

"But Camilla," Vera said. "You don't work here. They won't let you."

"Oh, yes they will," Camilla said, using her psychic powers to 'inform' both the DJ and the stripper about to go on that it was now Camilla's turn to do her floorshow. Everyone working in the bar was perfectly compliant, as if Camilla really was an employee of the Solid Gold. The DJ, mysteriously, even knew how to announce her.

"And now, everyone, let's give a big hand for this very sexy lady," the DJ said as she got up onstage and began moving around. "Here's Camilla!"

It being a Tuesday night, there weren't many people in the bar, but those who were there cheered loudly for her, especially, of course, her three friends. With her original blonde, peach-skinned look, Camilla was wearing a sleeveless red shirt, cut-off jean shorts, and high heels, as well as her usual whore-bright makeup.

The DJ played 'Situation', by Yazoo, for her first song...at her psychic suggestion. She moved like a go-go dancer to the beat. The boy watching her smiled in fascination with her beauty, and in return for the smiles she was always giving him. By the middle of the song, she'd taken off her jean shorts, revealing her pink panties. Mercedes and Vera were cheering and whistling. Though sexually uninterested, gay Ron still shouted encouragement to Camilla.

When 'Situation' was about to end, Camilla mentally suggested Yazoo's 'Don't Go' for her second song; the DJ immediately followed up with that song. Two minutes into the song, Camilla, facing the boy, pulled off her shirt with a gleeful wiggle of her bra-less breasts. He had an ear-to-ear grin on his face, which she mirrored back to him. A minute or so later, she pulled down her panties to reveal her pubic hair to him. Once the song had faded out, she removed her high heels. His dick was rock hard at the sight of her frontal nudity.

She sent the DJ a mental signal to play 'This City Never Sleeps', by the Eurythmics, which he put on right away. Crawling around the stage, and with her back to the boy, she had her legs spread out wide and her butt pushed out so he could clearly see her pink pussy and golden beige asshole. He looked, and couldn't decide which hole he wanted to kiss, lick, and fuck first. Later, facing him, she lay on her back and spread her legs, showing off her pussy; then she brought up her legs so he could see her asshole, too.

The song ended, and she got offstage. He timidly went over to her as she picked up her clothes. She was bent over, deliberately showing off both holes for him, since she sensed his approaching.

"Excuse me," he said. "Could I have a table dance?"

"Sure, sweetie," she said, still bent over and looking up at him (he was still taking furtive looks at her still-showing pussy and asshole). He will make a perfect priest, she thought; he can easily replace poor Joey. It's so sad that Joey had to go crazy and kill himself two months ago. Oh, well: those are the fortunes of Nigrovum. She put on her high heels and carried the rest of her clothes to a table where the boy was going.

Knowing exactly what Camilla was going to do, Ron, Vera, and Mercedes went over to say goodnight to Camilla.

"Have fun tonight," Mercedes said, pecking Camilla on the cheek.

"Maybe there's a gay bar open," Ron said. "Goodnight."

Vera went up to the boy. "Have fun with her, honey," she said, smirking. "I'm jealous already." The boy got quite a jolt from what she was suggesting.

"Bye, guys," Camilla said to her friends as they walked out of the bar. Then she looked back at the boy. "So what's your name, sweetie?"

"Brian," he said shyly, feeling totally intimidated by the sexy, naked woman sitting next to him.

"I'm Camilla," she said warmly, shaking his hand. "Are you old enough to be in here?" She smiled, noting his particularly boyish features.

"Yeah, I'm eighteen," he said, fishing for his ID in his pants pocket.

"Oh, I believe you, baby," she said, psychically sensing he was telling the truth. "You just look so young. Not that I mind, of course; you're a real cutie."

"Thank you," he said bashfully.

Sensing his gentleness, as well as his virginity, she then said, "Oh, you are such a sweetheart. I would totally go out with you."

Though he suspected she said that only to make him want to pay for lots of table dances, he also remembered Vera's insinuation before she left, and could only hope what he'd heard was the truth.

"I've never s-seen you in here before," he said, his voice cracking. "Are you new?"

"Oh, no, I don't work here," Camilla said. "I strip in Club Ritz, but the power there's fucked tonight. Reminds me of Luvlee's, a strip joint in Vancouver I used to work in. Their power was always going out, too."

"If you don't work here, why'd you go onstage just now?"

"'Cause I wanted to let you see how I look naked. Do you like my body?" She put her feet up on her chair, at the sides, and spread her legs so he could see her pussy again.

At the sound of her words, his jaw dropped to the floor, as it were, and his eyes almost popped out of his head. "Oh, yeah: you're beautiful," he moaned, as if he were a slurring drunk.

A new song began. "Want a table dance now?" she asked.

"Oh, uh, y-yeah," he stammered.

She got up and put her knees on his chair, pushing them against the hard-on that was bulging in the crotch of his pants. She wrapped her tits around his face, squeezed them together, and rubbed her nipples all over his nose and lips. Then she got up, raised her right leg, and put her foot on the back of his chair, by his left shoulder; she leaned forward, and pulled him by the top of his shirt to bring his face closer to her pussy, whose labia she'd spread wide open for his fascinated eyes.

After that, she brought her foot down, turned around, spread her legs, and opened her buttocks out wide so he could see her asshole again; she looked back at him to see his reaction, which was a mesmerized smile.

Then she bent over, showing off her asshole and pussy some more. Looking back at him upside-down from between her legs, she grinned and giggled at his dazed reaction.

She sat on his pointy lap and rubbed her soft, smooth ass against his hard-on, looking back at him and giggling at his ecstatic horniness. His hopes, that her interest in him was real, were now soaring.

A few more indulgent table dances went by; then an older man in a black suit came into the bar. He looked at Camilla as she was lap dancing Brian, and, recognizing her, his eyes locked on hers.

Don't you remember our date tonight? he mentally asked her. No such date had actually been arranged, but in her mind, the 'memory' of such an arrangement suddenly popped up, seeming as real as if they actually had made a date.

Embarrassed with her 'faulty' memory, Camilla suddenly got off of Brian's lap. "Oh, shit!" she said, reaching for her clothes.

"What's wrong?" Brian asked.

"Sorry, baby," she said, caressing his cheek. "I gotta go. I have a date with that gentleman over there, and--silly me!--I forgot all about it. I can't believe I forgot all about it. What's the matter with me? Look, I'll make it up to you, sweetie, I promise." She kissed Brian on the cheek. "Come to Club Ritz sometime, and we'll pick up where we left off here. I'm so sorry, sweetie. Bye." Then she went over the where the older man was sitting.

Brian watched with a frown as she gave the older man table dances. I knew it, Brian thought; she just wanted to suck as much money out of me as she could. Bitch! Strangely, as he was thinking this, he forgot that she'd never asked him to pay for his table dances.

Later that night, the older man--who was in his late fifties and had jet black hair, eyes, nails, and pale skin--took Camilla to his home It was a beautiful house in a quiet neighbourhood where, obviously, many well-off people lived. She, in the stupor he'd put her in, had left Solid Gold and got into his car with none of her clothes, taking only her purse. The psychic barrier he'd put around her kept her safe from anyone else, including any meddling cops.

They went up to his bedroom, and she lay on the bed with her legs spread wide open. He took off his shoes and black blazer, then removed his necktie and got on the bed. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his fully-erect cock. Her insatiable pussy was already soaking wet with expectation.

So horny was she that she didn't even notice the grotesque mask that audaciously lay on his bedside table, in plain view. His mind-controlling powers, of course, kept her distracted.

Indeed, she was so under his control that she would remain passive and helpless as he, in his criminal vanity, used his mental telepathy to reveal the masked men's whole plan to her as he fucked her pussy, ass, and mouth. Furthermore, she would remember none of what he'd told her that night.

As Camilla was reliving this memory, as she had relived, and would relive, all the others, only now was she perceiving--as if for the first time--everything the masked men had been doing to her and to everyone else she'd come in contact with over those years. It was a horrifying revelation, and she felt completely helpless to stop them.

When you and Candice got away from us back in Vancouver, he told her in his thoughts as he slid his big cock inside her pussy, we were relatively weak, and had underestimated your own psychic powers. You killed a few of us with your 'prayers', and so you were just beginning to discover what you could do with Nigrovum. We sensed you were leaving for Toronto, so when I followed you there, and told our contacts there that you'd arrived, it took us a while to pinpoint your exact whereabouts. He started thrusting away aggressively, as if deliberately to tear her vaginal walls, but she was so well-lubricated that she came within a half-minute of his penile stabs.

One night, almost six years ago, you'd used your power to force a York professor to have sex with you in Queen's Park, the man continued as he kept ramming his cock in her still-spewing pussy. At first, you were alone with Dr. Alex McVie, but in the middle of your sexual encounter with him, I'd arrived after feeling a powerful psychic tug that you were up to your usual naughtiness. I hid behind a nearby tree and enjoyed watching the show. After you'd come all over the grass, and allowed McVie to leave, I waited for you to get in your taxi with Candice and drive away. I used my own psychic powers to block you, to make sure you'd never suspect you were being watched. I quickly found where your come was in the dark--thanks to Nigrovum, I didn't need to see it--then I ate it and the grass it was sprinkled on. My own psychic powers grew stronger that night, since I'd acquired your talents at mind manipulation. Indeed, the expanded energy of your psychic power had then passed on from you to me. With those last words, he thrust particularly hard, and she came again.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy, which had drowned his bedsheets with her come. Then he had her roll over and get on all fours, so he could fuck her ass. She psychically lubricated her rectum for him, and he slid his cock inside.

From that night in Queen's Park, he went on as he shoved his cock in and out of her ass, it was easy to track you to the York University campus, where--stupid girl!--you had public sex with Dr. McVie again, in broad daylight. Though your psychic force field had kept everyone else from stopping you or identifying you, your power didn't work on me, of course. I was there among the crowd that day, pretending to be one of those helpless, immobilized people. When you'd left and removed your force field, I psychically made everyone want to hurry away from the scene, hurry even faster than they'd originally wanted to rush. With no one in the area, I found your come on the grass. Some of it I ate, and some of it I put in a cup with the grass it had fouled. Again, I grew stronger.

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