tagGroup SexCamp Followers Ch. 2

Camp Followers Ch. 2

byWalt W©

Genevieve and Sherry lay alone now in the tent. The last of the men had finished with them over an hour ago and they were still too exhausted to more. Laying on the bale of hay, Gen could feel cum still spilling out of her pussy. Running her hands over her body. She felt huge patches of dried semen on her breasts, stomach and thighs. She giggle to herself when she found the still warm pool in her belly button. Looking over, Gen saw that Sherry was in much the same condition she was in. Sitting up to better see her sister, Gen felt a gush of stored cum ooze from her pussy. Walking to the door of the tent, Gen was confused by the lack of activity outside.

Peering into the darkness, Gen could see the first rays of the rising sun peeking over the treeline. "God", she thought, " We've been here all night". Stepping outside the tent, Gen felt the coolness on her naked skin. Walking around the side of the tent she saw now the camp was empty. Several campfire still smoldered and she soon found a kettle of still warm water. Standing in the now growing light, she now began to wash herself . Sherry, now awake, called to her and Gen invited her out and he two women used the remainder of the water to wash each other thoroughly.

As they returned to the tent for their clothes, Gen heard the sound of galloping horses approaching from the west. Running her, the naked women rounded the corner of the tent just as a company of Union cavalry reined to a stop in front of them. The troopers dismounted as the two ducked into the tent. Gen heard the men laughing and heard one say, " If it's good enough for those Rebs , it's good enough for me". Looking at Sherry, Gen said, "Well sister, lets give them a real show."

Throwing open the doors of the tent, Gen and Sherry , still naked walked defiantly to the center of the group of men. Looking at the troopers , Gen said " Gentlemen , we have drained the reserves of the South and now will do the same for the North". Without further words, she grabbed the nearest man and deftly unbuttoned the fly of his pants. Reaching inside she pulled the man's limp cock out and bending over devoured it with one swallow. The man groaned as her cock began to harden in the woman's hot, moist mouth. Within a few seconds , Gen's mouth was full of still swelling cock. Pushing herself back, her eyes widened as she continued to watch the man grow even larger as she stroked him. Gen now held the largest cock she had even seen in her two hands. She realized that both her hands together would not encircle it and the length was at least a foot and a half. Several men laughed and pushed her forward saying, "Ma'am, say hello to Horse." Still mesmerized , Gen muttered "Hello" still staring .

The other men, by now had pulled a bale of hay from the tent and had thrown a blanket over it. Pushing him backwards, Gen guided Horse to the impromptu bed. As he fell backwards unto it, she pulled his trousers completely off and leaned over him trying to get the head of his cock into her hot mouth. Unable to do so, she climbed on top of the bale and straddled him. Her pussy, now dripping wet was poised above him as she began to lower herself. Inching downward, she felt herself being spread open by hands from behind. Sherry was going to help. She gasped as she was entered. The sheer breadth was more than she had even known. With the first few inches inside , she felt Sherry's hands on her hips pulling them forcefully downward. "God", she screamed as she was totally filled. As she began to move up and down, engulfing the man almost fully, gutteral moans escaped her. Quickly, a man was in front of her, filling her mouth with his hard cock. Groaning loudly, Gen bounced up and down on Horse and sucked furiously on the cock in her mouth. Months of built up cum did not last long as the man grabbed her head forcing himself deep into her throat. Swallowing and sucking, Gen drained the man while continuing to fuck the man under her. Gen was now shaking violently from the orgasm triggered deep inside her. Cumming endlessly, Gen impaled herself fully, grinding against the man. As she was cumming again, a large , fresh cock was brushed against her lips and she was now sucking it in.

Gen felt she had orgasmed a hundred times by the time she had sucked the last of the twenty troopers dry, and Horse showed no sign of slowing down. Sherry had been sucking the men to erection but now wanted her own pleasures . Not wanting to share at this point, Gen continued to fuck the monster cock inside herself and orgasm continually. Sherry, looking at the men said, "Help me boys and you'll see a real show."

On her instruction, additional bales of hay were brought and placed so the would be in front of Gen, only a couple feet away. To their surprise, Sherry said,"Now boys, unsaddle that stallion and bring him over." As the horse was lead to her, Sherry reached under him and caressing, teasing, lured his cock from it's sheath. Kneeling under him she began to stroke the huge cock as it expanded ever bigger , and with the men cheering her onward began to lick the length of it. Sucking the end into her mouth , she stroked its full length and the standing, moved to the bale of hay. Gen , still being fucked, watched as her sister lay back on the hay. With her legs now on either side of the horse's flanks, Sherry grabbed the huge cock and began to guide it into her pussy. The horse began pushing into her rapidly filling her fully with each stroke. Each woman was now spasming with each stroke of the cocks inside them. Gen was further aroused by the sight of the massive horse's cock being buried into her sister. Snorting now,the horse lunged forward and as Sherry screamed in delight and pain, pumped what seemed a gallon of thick , creamy cum deep inside her. At the same time, Horse grunted and plunged deeper into Gen, filling her with silky, white cream . As both women collapsed, spent the two cocks, now softening, slid out of their gaping pussies.

Too weak to move, both women were left laying in pools of cum under the morning sun. Having fucked a massive cock and sucked twenty more dry, Gen could only begin to imagine how Sherry felt as she let the stallion fuck her. Later she would ask. Now she only wondered what could happen next and drift off into sleep.

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