Camp Kink


Author's Note: this story has a little bit of everything... hot sex, a little bit of alpha-male, a little bit of BDSM, a little bit of spanking, a fair amount of exhibitionism/voyeurism, a little bit of anal play, etc. etc. Because of its length and the fact that it's hard to categorize, I put it in the novella category. Please don't forget to vote by indicating the star level at the end of the story! Thanks and Enjoy!


"Bye! Goodbye!"

Bradley and Christine waved out the window as they drove away, followed by the enthusiastic farewells of their daughters Brandi and Joyce.

Enthusiasm welled up in Christine as she reached over and caught Bradley's hand, just as his was leaving the steering wheel to reach out for hers. The mutual gesture made her breath catch in her throat; it was the first time in a long time that they'd both reached for each other simultaneously. The first time in a long time that they'd held hands at all.

It seemed like a good omen for the weekend. This was supposed to revitalize their marriage after all. Bradley had planned it and Christine had gone along with relief. They were only in their mid-thirties, but after two babies Christine had started to feel like she'd lost her mojo... it wasn't just the late nights and the dirty diapers, it was also the changes to her body. The sags, the wrinkles, the white stretch marks that were still marring what used to be a perfect stomach. She knew that it was partly her own insecurities that had fed into their dwindling sex life, along with the lack of time and energy, but the fading of their sex life had also fed into her insecurities.

Just ten years ago they'd been having plenty of wild kinky sex, both before and after their wedding. Then she'd had Joyce a year after their wedding and Brandi followed two years later... now they'd been married for eleven years and plenty of it had been wonderful but she'd started feeling like their closeness, their intimacy was dying. She didn't want to be one of those couples who only stayed together for the kids. And she'd also started worrying that Bradley might end up having an affair if she didn't start doing more in the bedroom.

Unfortunately while she had no problem getting horny when her husband wasn't around, as soon as he turned up again she couldn't stop obsessing over the way her body had changed and aged since their first year of marriage, the way their sex life had already started to die out, and whatever confidence her hormones had given her quickly shrank away. Then Bradley had come up to her and told her about a weekend camp, away in the woods, that couples could use to reconnect. There was even a camp ten miles away for the kids, a kind of joint venture that allowed the kids a fun weekend of activities while their parents worked on their relationship.

At one point in their marriage Christine might have protested that they didn't need something like this, that the premise was silly or unnecessary, but all she'd felt was relief that Bradley was on the same page as her - and that he'd rather work on their marriage than find an affair on the side. She just hoped he wasn't trying to rekindle their marriage purely for the kids. And she hoped that they didn't have to spend the entire weekend hashing out all the things that had gone wrong... he'd mentioned a nearby hot spring and "activities" so hopefully that meant they'd get to do things together.

Good grief, when was the last time they'd even gone on a date? And when they did go on a date, they always had to come home and quietly have sex. In the dark, at her insistence. While she worried about the fat rolls that he must been feeling and the way her thighs jiggled around his body even if he couldn't see her. Sex had become so stressful.

"Hear that?"

"What?" Christine asked, turning away from the window to look at her handsome husband. He'd aged too, of course, but she thought the grey in his dark hair made him look distinguished, the few wrinkles forming on his face lent him gravitas, and he'd barely gained any weight. A little, of course, and he'd lost some muscle tone, but for a guy in his mid-thirties he was still a fine specimen of a man and she'd seen more than one woman check him out when they were out together.

The blazing grin he gave her only enhanced his good looks. "Nothing! It's completely quiet! Isn't it great?"

Christine had to laugh even as she conceded that it was definitely very nice. Their girls' constant babbling was gone, the forest was silent, and for a moment it felt like they were the only two people in the world.

"I'm really glad we're doing this," she said enthusiastically, shyly giving his hand a squeeze. It almost felt strange to be alone with him, knowing that they were about to spend a weekend together. A little zip of excitement went through her body. A whole night alone together where they could be as vocal as they wanted... and she wouldn't have to feel bad about having him turn off the light because they'd be in a tent so it would be dark anyway!

"Me too," he said, squeezing her hand back as he turned onto a gravel road.

He was relieved to see the excitement in his wife's eyes. Hopefully she retained that excitement when she discovered exactly what kind of camp he'd brought her to. They'd always been pretty kinky and they'd had some damn interesting sex over the years, but he'd never pushed her boundaries like he was going to this weekend. It had only been by chance that he'd heard of Camp Kink in the first place, he'd been online cruising his regular porn sites when a forum about spouses who had lost their connection had caught his eye. One of the guys on the boards there swore up and down that Camp Kink had helped his marriage in a myriad of ways.

The Camp had several aspects going for it, according to him. It was a clothing optional camp, although the idea was the end the weekend as a nudist camp, and he said it helped him and his wife with some of their trust and communication issues. Bradley could definitely see where he'd have a major problem sustaining an argument with Christine if she was wonderfully, gloriously nude. That had given him more than one fantasy after talking with the guy on the forum. The camp was also a BDSM camp, the people who ran it had classes and various presentations throughout the weekend for all levels of interest. Or you could just hang out and do your own thing.

They'd done some domination and submission stuff earlier in their relationship, although that had slowly dwindled over the years, but it was something that Bradley would love to get back into. He thought Christine would too, once it had been presented correctly. Their sex life had gone from great to infrequent and he wasn't entirely sure what to do about it. Her responses to certain things had changed so much over the years and they didn't have time to explore what turned her on anymore. In some ways it had become easier to jerk off than to get his wife in the mood, and that was something he wanted to work on this weekend too.

Assuming that Christine didn't decide to run for the hills once she realized what kind of camping weekend he'd basically tricked her into taking.


They found their assigned campsite and got their tent set up without incident. Although they could hear voices, laughing and talking (although the words were indistinct), indicating that there were people nearby, they couldn't see any of them. Something Bradley was rather grateful for at the moment because he didn't know whether or not any other campers were already participating in the themes of the weekend.

The first of which, of course, was nudity.

Something that he would need to talk to Christine about as soon as possible. Definitely before she looked into her bag and discovered that he'd switched what she'd packed with a bag that he'd packed for her. At the time, surprising her had seemed like a good idea. Much easier than talking her into it. But now he was feeling rather nervous.

It had been a long time since they'd done anything with dominance and submission in the bedroom. What if she wasn't interested anymore? Especially considering that the weekend would require her to be submissive to him in front of other people. Something that they'd never done before, although when they'd shared fantasies with each other they'd both discovered that they each had a secret exhibitionist streak, they'd just never gotten up the courage to do anything with it. All of their play had been in the bedroom - although that had been hot and heavy for the first few years of their marriage. Bondage. Spankings. Role-play. Nothing too rough, but always a hell of a lot of fun.

Why had he let that slip away? WHEN had he let that slip away?

"Um... honey..." His wife's voice sounded a little faint, a strange questioning note in it as if she wanted his confirmation for something.

Bradley looked up to see her standing by the picnic table at their site, her hands still on the bag that she'd just set down on the table, and staring at something. His head swiveled around and he let out a low, almost inaudible groan.

So much for cluing in Christine gently.

"Hello neighbors!"

A cheerful looking couple that looked to be in their forties were descending upon them, completely bare-assed other than their sandals. Obviously they'd been to the camp before and felt completely comfortable walking around in their own skins and nothing else. The big, welcoming smiles on their faces said that they were friendly and there wasn't anything lascivious or blatantly sexual about them; if he had already had a chance to talk to Christine he might have even welcomed their presence. The man was mostly fit, mostly bald, and about the same height as Bradley, while the woman - Bradley guessed his wife since the only thing they WERE wearing besides footwear was the glitter of wedding bands on their ring fingers - was curvy in all the right places and a few places that most women considered the wrong ones, but she wore it well with her short blonde bob and completely shaved downstairs.

It was an effort for him to focus on their faces, but he did his utter best. From the rules he knew that Dominants were allowed to look and admire the more private areas of the submissives' bodies, but he didn't know which of these two was the submissive, and besides it felt a little wrong to be blatantly checking out their welcoming committee.

"Welcome to Camp Kink!" The woman beamed at them, bouncing up to Bradley and holding out her hand. She bounced quite nicely too. "My name's Jane and this is my husband Lucian."

Out of the corner of his eye Bradley could see his own wife mouthing a repetition of the name, although he couldn't hear her actually saying anything.

"Call me Luke," the man said cheerfully as he shook hands with Bradley, Jane already having moved on to greet Christine. "We just thought we'd come over and introduce ourselves, this is our fifth year here so we like to go around and meet all the newbies." He lowered his voice, his eyes flicking over to where Christine was putting on a brave front and desperately trying to go with the flow now that she'd been confronted by two completely naked people who apparently didn't care that they were showing their goods to the world at large. "Is she going to be okay? I know a lot of people start off shy, but we like to start as we mean to go on. We didn't mean to embarrass you two."

"Oh well..." Bradley hesitated and then shrugged. "I might not have been completely forthcoming with her about exactly the kind of camp this is."

Luke laughed, a loud guffaw that caught the women's attention. Looking over at them, Bradley caught the glare that Christine sent him. Obviously unhappy that he'd omitted a good bit of information about their upcoming weekend. But she wasn't throwing a fit. Yet.

"Well we won't stay too long then," Luke said, still chuckling as he looked at Bradley with unholy amusement in his eyes. "No wonder she looked so shocked to see us. Just remember to go over the rules with her before you come to the common area."

"Yeah, I'd planned on having a talk with her after we'd finished unpacking, before we went over there," Brad said with a rueful shrug.

"Is this a surprise vacation or something?"

"More like a surprise counseling session. We're here to reconnect and get some of the spark back."

Nodding, the other man clapped him on the shoulder. It felt a bit weird to be touched so uninhibitedly but a completely naked man that he'd just met, but at the same time it kinda felt natural too. "That's how Jane and I started out and let me tell you, the spark hasn't left since. It's about making the time for it, and you're already on the right path." He chuckled again. "As long as your wife doesn't spend the whole weekend shooting daggers at you."

"She won't," Brad said with more confidence than he felt. "If she hasn't already exploded all over me, she's not going to. Besides, she used to like it when I took control, which is another reason why we're here."

"Well best of luck to you, we'll be off then. We're one campsite over, take a left down the road to get to us. Feel free to stop by at any time for questions or just a chat, I'm sure we'll see a lot of you over the weekend."

"It was nice to meet you," said Brad.

They clapped hands together again and then Jane trotted back over, picking up on some secret signal that Luke was ready to leave. At least that's how it seemed to Bradley. Christine followed at a slower pace, her eyes both wary and angry. This was it. She was either going to demand they go home or she was going to fall in line with what he'd planned.

Drawing himself upwards, Brad crossed his arms over his chest and raised one eyebrow at her. His heart was pounding wildly. He really wanted them to stay, but he wasn't entirely sure why their sex life had changed so much over the years or if she even still wanted him to be the dominant, controlling man in the bedroom that he'd been when they first married. But if he was going to attempt to return them to that pattern then he was going to do it NOW. Either she agreed or she didn't, but he knew what he wanted and he hoped to get her on the same page.

Seeing Brad draw himself up, his deep brown eyes turning stern and uncompromising, sent a little zing through her body, despite the fact that she was angry with him. When was the last time he had looked at her like that? Like he was in completely in charge and if she didn't step lightly her butt was going to pay for it? And why did she find that so sexy even when she knew she should be furious?!

The things that Jane had just told her had shocked her. The other woman hadn't realized that Christine really hadn't known what kind of camp this was and she'd been enthusiastically describing some of the activities that the camp offered.

Flogging classes. Nude nature hikes. Spanking demonstrations.

It had excited Christine as much as it had made her anxious. Actually, if she were being honest with herself, if it wasn't for the whole "nude" thing, she would have just been pretty excited all around to have Bradley spring something like this on her. Talk about getting their sex life going again!

But she felt uncomfortable being naked in front of her husband, how could she go bare-assed in front of strangers?

"So..." she said, trying to figure out exactly what to say.

Bradley waited, feet firmly planted shoulder width apart, arms crossed over his chest. He looked relaxed and confident, which threw her completely off balance because some part of her had expected him to be apologetic, to be trying to explain to her why he'd done what he'd done. Instead he was looking at her like he was already mentally undressing her with his eyes. Everything about him said that he was in charge of the situation.

Her nerves ratcheted up another level. On one hand, she loved it when he looked at her that way, like he was going to pounce on her at any second and bend her over their picnic table to have his way with her. On the other hand, she couldn't help but worry that he was picturing her younger, twenty-year old, pre-child body. After all, the clothes she wore hid a multitude of sins and her body wasn't exactly visible through the large t-shirt and slightly baggy jeans she currently had on.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she finally asked rather than making any kind of wild accusations, since she really didn't know what his motivation might have been.

"I wasn't sure you'd say yes if I did," he said calmly, letting his arms drop as he walked to stand right in front of her. Christine's heart beat faster as he approached, her head tilting back to keep her eyes trained on his face. How long had it been since she'd felt this kind of sensual excitement? He held her gaze effortlessly, his dark eyes pinioning hers, and she was suddenly twenty four all over again - hot, aroused, and hopeful rather than her true depressed, uncertain and shy self. "I figured it would be easier to get you here and then tell you. Easier to ask forgiveness than permission."

"Are you going to ask for forgiveness?"

He studied her face, cupping his hand under her chin and almost making her jump with surprise as his thumb ran over her lower lip. It dropped open, leaving her panting as he pressed the tip of his thumb into her mouth and her tongue automatically flicked out to lick it.

"No. And I don't think you want me to."

Christine's pupils dilated as he pushed his thumb into her mouth, her lips closing around the digit and sucking like it was a small cock. He could feel her tongue rasping over the sensitive pad and he almost moaned, but he held it in. Instinctively he knew that this moment was important, he was starting the weekend the way he meant for it to continue - with him firmly in charge of where they were going.

At what point in their sexual relationship Christine had actively started pulling away, rather than just truly being too tired or stressed, he wasn't sure, but he could tell from her reaction right now that she needed this. She needed him to take charge. Not quite in the way he'd used to, when she'd been as likely to initiate sex as he'd been only to give him control once they'd started, but to push her boundaries and to push her into a place where she could let go of the control over her own emotions and sensuality that she'd bound herself in over the past years. And it felt good to take charge again, to see her responding; it gave him hope that their relationship wasn't just going to keep spiraling downward as they moved further and further away from each other.

All it would take was some effort. He was certainly willing to make the attempt.

In fact right now he just wanted to take her into their tent and pile drive her into the ground. But that wasn't what the weekend was about.

"Come on," he said, pulling his thumb away, enjoying the flash of disappointment across her face. "Let's finished setting up and then we can go find the bathrooms and the lodge."


Glaring at her husband's muscled back, Christine tramped along the path. Fortunately they didn't have to start off the weekend completely nude but Bradley had insisted that they not go to the common areas fully clothed. It was a good thing Luke and Jane had come by earlier or Christine would have never gone along with it, but she didn't want other people to feel uncomfortable that she was completely clothed while they weren't. That was the only reason she'd allowed herself to be talked into wearing nothing but a pair of panties and one of Bradley's t-shirts.

Sort of talked into, anyway. If that's what the threat of being spanked followed by capitulation could be called.

When Bradley had picked out what she was going to wear she knew that he was trying to ensure that she was mostly comfortable, because she'd immediately balked at going in nothing but her underwear. As if she was going to show a bunch of strangers her stomach's fat rolls! So he'd backed off of that and said she could wear his t-shirt - no bra - and her panties. She'd tried to balk at that too before he'd sternly told her to wear what he demanded or she'd be going in one of her t-shirts with a thong so that everyone could see her reddened bottom after he finished spanking her.

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