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Camp X-TA-C

byMany Feathers©

Dale looked up from his newspaper and smiled inwardly to himself. His wife Joy had just then come into the kitchen heading immediately towards the sink where she stood rinsing out her coffee cup before pouring herself a fresh one. He smiled, because she really was a joy to look at, never failing to arouse him whenever he saw her, especially when he saw her as she was now, wearing only a man's tee-shirt and nothing else. Her tight firm little behind was peeking out at him beneath the short hem of the tee.

At thirty-five years of age, and just over five and a half feet tall, Joy was a remarkably attractive looking woman who appeared much, much younger than she was. Her hair was lusciously dark and fell easily well past her shoulders whenever she chose to wear it down, unlike at the moment where she had it pinned loosely on top of her head in preparation for her morning facial. She had firm full breasts that had that look of maturity to them even though they had never had children together. Dale could clearly see them in his minds eye even though she now stood with her back towards him.

"Morning honey!" Dale heard his wife addressing him though she hadn't as yet even turned around to face him directly.

Dale felt a familiar twitch between his legs and nonchalantly reached for his rapidly growing member in order to readjust himself. Even before he could respond back to her with a morning greeting of his own, Joy spoke, now pouring her coffee.

"Doggy style in the hot-tub later tonight," she said as easily as if she'd been talking about the weather.

"What?" Dale finally responded back to his wife with a confused tone of voice.

"You were playing with yourself," she answered now turning around facing him, taking a simple slow sip of her coffee as she did. Dale saw the playful look in her eyes as she peered over the rim of her cup towards him.

"No I wasn't!"

"Yes you were," she stated mater of factly, still grinning, then taking another sip.

"I swear she has eyes in the back of her head!" Dale thought to himself. And then as though she could also read minds, Joy added.

"And no...I don't have eyes in the back of my head, I could see your reflection in the window."

"Gees, she's a mind-reader too!" He considered before replying. "I wasn't playing with it, I was readjusting," he said somewhat sheepishly.

"Ah huh."

Joy crossed the short few feet between them leaned over and gave him a quick sweet kiss on top of his forehead, then took a seat across from him at the table. Dale's eyes had followed the telltale movement of his wife's lovely full breasts as they moved ever so subtly beneath the thin confines of the light cotton tee-shirt. Her nipples already hard, pressing against the material, outlined now in wanton expectation.

"No really," Dale stated once again in his defense.

"Well, ok then," Joy finally relented. "I guess I have to trust you."

It was part of the game. A game they had been playing now for several months and one in which they had both found a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm for continuing. The rules were simple. Either of them would often and secretly masturbate with every intention of reaching orgasm. But they had to do so with the other person somewhere in the house at least while they did. If caught, then the "catch-ee" as they'd joked, got to name the price of catching them. Which as Dale thought about it wouldn't have been a bad thing at all, doing his wife "Doggy-style" as she'd termed it, but that was part of the game too. Being honest, as they had to be with one another for the game to continue with the same sense of secrecy and pleasure that it had been. And likewise, that same honesty was extended in the person who was able to masturbate without being caught, then informing the other of it later for the same type of reward being asked for: something of their choice or desire to be submitted to at their place of choosing.

"Besides, I wouldn't make it that obvious," Dale said defensively.

"What's obvious, is that you're hard," Joy giggled reaching her hand beneath the table and clasping her husbands firm thick throbbing erection.

"Well, what the hell do you expect?" He grinned mischievously. "Just seeing you dressed like that would raise the dead!"

Joy laughed, releasing his throbbing member much to his dismay, until she pulled the loose fitting tee-shirt up and over her head. "We still have some time before Bob and Cheryl come over this morning, wanna?"

Dale answered by standing up, his erection poking wickedly through the loose fold of his now open bathrobe, all that he'd been wearing to begin with.

"I guess you do," she smiled scooting her chair, turning it towards him as he stood in front of her, her warm inviting mouth only then encircling him, cutting off whatever words may have been trying to form inside his now pleasured mind.


They had only known Bob and Cheryl for a few months, meeting them shortly after moving in next door. Almost immediately the four of them had become fast friends, Joy and Cheryl nearly inseparable, which was ok with the guys as they had quickly become good and fast golf buddies as well, though their mutual interests didn't end there. Cheryl was a fiery little redhead, though unlike Joy, she wore her hair short with spikes of frosted blondish orange streaks in it that gave her an even wilder look which fit her outgoing personality. And also unlike Joy, Cheryl's breasts were considerably smaller, though very "perky" as Bob often commented, frequently reaching over to flick the tip of one whenever he thought he could get away with it without getting smacked. Something that still happened quite often. Not that Cheryl really minded, because she didn't. And she was always reaching over to pinch Bob's ass anyway. So all in all, things fairly evened out in that department.

Bob was equally attractive looking in a completely opposite way. He almost looked more like one of those rugged western cowboys with a constant five o'clock shadow about his face that never diminished no matter what time it was. And well over six feet, he made Dale look even shorter at just under.

"So where is this place again?" Dale asked his wife.

"Cheryl said it's about a two hours drive away from here," she said packing away a few things in an overnight bag for them. "Which is why we decided to get a room and spend the night at least, rather than turn around and drive all the way back."

"But a camp?" Dale stated once again less than enthusiastically. "I'm not sure I really want to spend a weeks vacation going to camp!" he emphasized. "The last time I had to do that, I was ten years old and bored out of my mind for the month I was forced to stay there."

"This isn't the same kind of summer camp you went to," she responded. "At least I hope not," she added just under her breath.

Cheryl had heard about it through a co-worker of hers that had been going there every year. It was a "camp" for adults, for adult fun and entertainments, and not for the timid or unadventurous spirit. Not that either of them was that, but Dale still had his reservations about it even so.

"It's a nudist camp!" He'd stated initially upon hearing about it.

"No...its not!" Joy had tried explaining to him. "Yes, people can be nude, but it's not a requirement to be so, any more than its required that anyone wear clothes if they choose not to. Its about the freedom of it, and participating in the activities together, having fun!"

Dale still envisioned a group of 60 and 70 something's all standing in a line trying to learn how to do the hula together, with nothing on but their smiles.

"I'm still not so sure about this," he pouted as Joy finished packing away their travel bags.

"That's the whole point of going up today and having a look-see, meeting with the camp counselors and finding out just what we can expect if we decide to sign up for a week."

"The drive up would be a nice one", Dale considered. That and the fact they'd be going up in Bob and Cheryl's new convertible had sounded like fun.

"And besides...didn't Cheryl and I promise we'd flash some truck driver along the way?" she added with a wicked looking smile.

"Well, there was that," he mused, then followed Joy out to the car where their friends sat patiently waiting.


As was usually the case with Bob driving, Joy took the passenger seat next to him while Dale and Cheryl shared the backseat. Since the boys and girls spent so much time together, it was during their forays out together that they would often pair up in this fashion, as the conversations were usually livelier and friendlier this way. Not to mention much more interesting whenever the girls were in a particular 'mood' as they obviously both were this day. They had barely been on the road less than an hour, already beginning the gradual ascent into the mountains, when Cheryl unbuttoned her blouse which she had worn specifically for this purpose, allowing her "perky" breasts to peek tantalizingly free, as Dale periodically reminded himself as they continued driving along.

"You're incorrigible!" Joy laughed glancing back over the seat towards her friend.

"Well we did promise!" she responded with feigned innocence.

"Yes, you did!" Bob agreed, reminding her.

Joy had worn a red with white polka-dot bikini top and a pair of white, tight-fitting shorts. Deftly, she reached behind herself unclasping the catch, but rather than removing her top completely, she just allowed it to hang there supported by her full breasts.

"Just in case," she winked back at her husband. "I'd hate for Bob to get a ticket for indecent exposure!"

"I'm not the one exposed," he laughed back.

"Ah...but you are growing harder, and I'd say that at least qualifies for indecent exposure!" Joy quipped.

They had been together long enough that such banter back and forth amongst themselves had become the norm. They had hot-tubbed together naked on several occasions, so being in various aroused states around one another came as no surprise. They had even gotten fairly soused one evening, and ended up making love in front of one another, which they had all found very erotic and very arousing. But they hadn't crossed any lines beyond that, at least not yet anyway.

Ahead Bob spotted an eighteen-wheeler heading down the two-lane highway towards them.

"Here comes one!" He announced unnecessarily, as the girls had already spotted its approach.

"Ready? Cheryl asked already lifting herself up slightly away from the seat, clasping the bottom corners of her blouse within her hands.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Joy responded readying herself as well.

Moments before the big rig came at them, both women sat up proudly displaying their magnificent breasts to the driver, receiving in kind as they hoped that they would, a nice long blast of the drivers horn as he passed, along with a friendly wave.

Settling back in their seats, neither woman covered herself up, content at least for the moment to drive topless, the feel of the warm hot summers sun dancing and playing about their exposed femininity.

"So tell me about this so called summer camp," Dale asked turning towards Cheryl, enjoying the view as he did.

"All I know is what I've already told Joy. One of the women I work with, she and her husband have been going there every year now for the past four years. She told me that it was something they didn't think they'd enjoy the first time they went either, but found out just how wrong they were. She also said it was something we had to experience for ourselves, and then decide. But to keep an open mind about it. A 'very' open mind."

"That's it? That's all she'd tell you?"

"Pretty much. But I know Darlene. And if anyone has a wild side wilder than hers is, I'd like to meet them."

"Me too!" Bob laughed from the drivers seat. "I've only met her once at a Christmas party, but she was running around half the night trying to get as many people as possible, men and women, to kiss her breast, then autograph it. By the end of the evening, she was covered in signatures!"

"Yeah well, that may be good and fine and all that. But the last thing I want to do is learn how to canoe, weave baskets, or learn the hula."

"Well, you would be naked!" Joy teased. "That could be fun, especially the hula part," she added.

"Yeah right."

"Oh come on now Dale sweetie," Cheryl teased. "Joy and I would both be naked too ya know. Wouldn't you enjoy watching us riding horses or hiking off someplace together for a nice friendly picnic?"

Dale couldn't help but smile over that one. The image of the two women riding together brought up delicious naughty little thoughts to mind.

"We'll see," he finished, not willing to so easily give in to all of this. "We'll see."


"According to the brochure, the turn off should be just around the next bend," Joy stated glancing up from the pamphlet she'd been giving directions from. The girls had already mad themselves presentable once again, much to Dale and Bob's dismay, but their drive up the canyon had been interesting to say the least.

"There!" Cheryl pointed out, the first to catch the small sign near the turn off.

"Camp X-Ta-C", Dale read shaking his head. "I wonder how many actually put two and two together," he commented.

"Well I'm sure they don't want it to appear too obvious," Joy told her husband. "The brochure guarantees privacy as well as security," she added.

They drove up the winding dirt road another half mile before reaching a security gate where an armed guard checked their I.D.'s, matching them against a scheduled appointment list before letting them through.

"You'll find the main lodge off to your right about another mile up this road," he stated stepping back and waving them through the security gate.

"You sure this isn't a prison facility?" Dale questioned still less than enthusiastic about coming here in the first place.

"Well it certainly will be if you keep thinking like that," Joy responded, giving her husband an aggravated look in the process. Dale thought better of responding afterwards and settled down in his seat for the short ride to the lodge.

"Here we are," Bob proclaimed as the enormous rustic looking lodge came into view. "Camp Ecstasy!"


There were actually two separate entrances into the main building. Off to the far left was what appeared to be the guest check in area. To their right, a sign indicated the general office business entry where they'd been directed to come. Upon entering, they were greeted by a young woman receptionist who checked off their names and invited them to have a seat while she contacted the camp director to let her know they were all here.

"There's refreshments and snacks while you're waiting," she pointed out. "I'll let Marsha know that you're here." With that the young attractive looking woman exited through another side door and returned a few minutes later. "She'll be with you shortly, she's currently finishing up with another couple," she informed them.

"Excuse me...miss?" Dale asked the receptionist. "Do you have another brochure, something a bit more detailed about what type of activities and such is offered here with the stay?"

The young woman smiled demurely. "Marsha will go over all of that with you inside," she said simply. "She shouldn't be any more than a couple of minutes."

It was true, the small pamphlet that Joy and Cheryl had been given hadn't explained much, just enough to spark some curiosity with phrases like "An adult experience unlike no other", and "Adventure and excitement in a pristine outdoors environment for the uninhibited explorer".

Just then a buzzer on the receptionist's desk sounded. "She's ready to see you now, please...follow me."

The four of them quickly stood and stepped behind the young woman into yet another hallway, leading into a massive, rich, though still rustic looking area that at first, the four of them took to be yet another waiting area. "Please, have a seat, Marsha will be right out." With that, the young woman left.

There were a number of plush leather chairs and a long couch that sat in a horseshoe like configuration in front of a massive looking oak desk. Upon it were neatly stacked forms long with a nameplate that read: Marsha Devarow - Director. Off to the left everyone noticed a fully stocked bar with a sign reading: "Please help yourselves". Easily seen were a variety of soft drinks, along with several wines and a fully stocked bar of 'mini's for just about every hard alcoholic beverage imaginable.

"Well hell, I'm going to pour me a wine!" Dale stated crossing over towards the bar.

"Get me one too!" His wife asked him.

Bob likewise joined Dale at the bar, though he quickly poured himself a scotch, fixing his wife Cheryl a light white wine. And though it was indeed still early in the day, they all felt a little excited, even apprehensive for one reason or another, and thought the alcohol a good idea for putting them in more of a relaxed mood. They had each just retaken their seats when the sound of a nearby door opening alerted them to the fact that someone was indeed about to join them. What they didn't expect, was to see a tall attractive brunette enter the room through that door, entirely nude!

"Hello, I'm Marsha Devarow," she said smiling. "Camp X-TA-C's director," she said emphasizing each syllable of the camps name exactly the way it appeared on the signage."

"Holy cow!" Bob exclaimed a second later voicing everyone's surprise in the process.

Marsha grinned walking over to sit at her desk. "Welcome," she said pausing for a moment, letting the still stunned foursome more fully digest her nudity before continuing. "The reason I am nude, is for several reasons. First to quickly let you be aware of the atmosphere of the camp. It is certainly not a requirement that you be nude while you're here, but many will be. Secondly, you are awarded special activity points for coming nude, or being nude at most of the activities. And trust me, there is plenty of incentive there for those who wish to participate, like 50% off of next years booking just for one. And finally, it helps me in getting an idea whether or not I think a person, or in this case persons are right for our camp and will be able to fit in and enjoy themselves. One major rule we have here and follow, is just because you may be interested and willing to pay for your stay, it doesn't mean we will even accept you unless we're confident that you're not only aware of what we offer here, but that you can participate and thus enhance everyone else's enjoyment and reason for being here. So, that being said, let me go through with you in greater detail about what camp X-TA-C is all about!"

Marsha spent the next hour going over a detailed list of the camps accommodations as well as many of the various activities. Dale couldn't help but smile inwardly at the flushed cheeks of his wife's face, as well as Cheryl's as they all listened. Even Bob shifted somewhat uncomfortably in his seat as Marsha answered several delicate questions courteously and professionally.

"Well, anyone have any other questions?" she asked. When it appeared that no one did, she then invited them for a camp tour. "Once again, as part of our incentive to participate, we're offering a hundred dollars off per person if you're willing to disrobe and join me on the tour naked. There's a pair of complimentary sandals for each of you that you can take with you, and bring back if you decide to stay with us, either way they're yours to keep." With that she stood expectantly waiting for the four slightly embarrassed people to make up their minds.

"Hell, I'm game!" Cheryl said leading, and immediately began removing her clothing much to Marsha's delight. "There's a bank of lockers right over there," she said pointing, along with a selection of sandals for you to wear." Dale wasn't too surprised when Joy, not to be outdone by Cheryl's boldness, began undressing as well.

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