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bySean Renaud©

A full white moon hung low in the still dark blue night sky yet to be joined by an entourage of stars. If it hadn't been so damned cold it might have been beautiful. Instead it was just a reminder for Jessica that she was out on this stupid camping trip with her stupid friend Sakura. It was of course Sakura's fault that Jessica had chosen to wear a cute pair of boy shorts instead of long legged thermals. Normally in California she didn't really have to sacrifice cute for comfort. It was also Sakura's fault that the fire wasn't going very well. At least those were better answers than accepting any personal responsibility for her own discomfort.

There was one thing that was genuinely Sakura's fault and that was the lack of fire. She'd headed off into the woods almost a half hour ago to hunt for wood for the fire and should have been back instantly. It was true the girls hadn't thought to bring an axe but wasn't the forest made of wood and therefore burnable? Jessica didn't understand why she was freezing her tooshie off and why Sakura was no where to be seen when it was obvious that their came was literally surrounded with stuff they could burn. "Hurry up!" Jessica called into the night.

The response she got wasn't human. It was the nervous yipping of a coyote. At least she was fairly certain that was the sound a coyote made. As a city dweller the majority of her contact with coyotes had also involved a roadrunner. Jessica reached for a hefty rock for comfort as she waited for a responding call. After a few minutes the only thing that responded to the yipping canine were crickets.

Unlike in her home in the suburbs where the crickets were nothing but an annoyance there was something about the outdoors that made their song almost beautiful. Jessica couldn't keep herself from smiling. Even with the increasing chances that she was going to freeze to death she smiled at nature's beauty.

Sakura had been right that it was hard to experience the beauty of nature from the city. Jessica just wasn't in love with the sounds of the forest even in the night when the occasional owl caused a long silence in what could otherwise be counted as a symphony of nature.

"Hey you! Hanging in there?" Sakura shouted as she entered the clearing. Even dressed in several layers of heat trapping clothing and a wool coat there was nothing Sakura could do to hide her curse of curves.

"I'm fucking freezing you cunt! Hurry up!" Jessica snapped ducking into her sleeping bag. Even in the bag she was a long way from comfortably warm. She wasn't going to say anything about it, not after her brother had offered his mummy bag that was rated down to negative fifteen instead of her cuter sleeping bag that had never been any place colder than her living room.

"Keep your panties on." Sakura shouted quickly arranging the wood she'd gathered in the fire pit. She didn't even look cold, she wasn't shivering and it looked like she was able to use her hands just fine to get the fire started. "Just don't get too close. Wouldn't want a stray ember to set your bag, or your hair for that matter on fire. Also it'd be pretty bad if you rolled into the pit when you fell asleep." Sakura warned setting her bag several feet from the small fire.

"So how did I let you talk me into this again?" Jessica moaned staring first at the fire then up into the sky. Now that it was completely black all of the stars were out. She realized then that a life in the city had robbed her of the stars. She'd never really seen them before tonight it almost made it worth the freezing cold.

"I promised I'd keep you warm." Sakura answered inching her sleeping bag closer to her Jessica's.

"You're doing a pretty shitty job of that." Jessica snapped wrapping her arms around her chest and ducking farther into her sleeping bag.

"Then let me fix that." Sakura replied. "You knew how I planned to keep you warm when we left."

"Yes I did." Jessica purred unzipping her sleeping bag. "I just didn't think you'd take so long."

"Sorry" Sakura replied unzipping her sleeping bag and pulling it closer to Jessica's. "I thought you could be a little more patient." Jessica unzipped her sleeping bag as well and the two bags were zipped together to form a single double bag before Sakura slipped in. "I was only gone long enough to get a bit of firewood and now I'm not even going to use it."

"No you're not, but I think you can keep me warm other ways. And if I need to see I've got a flashlight. But my sleeping bag doesn't keep me warm." Jessica purred. "It'll keep me from freezing to death for a while but you, you keep me warm."

"Do I?" Sakura whispered slipping into the sack and wrapping her arms around her lover. "How exactly do I do that?" Already wriggling out of her clothing Sakura scooted closer to her already nude companion. "I tried to build a fire to keep you warm."

"Why not use the fire that's already here baby?" Jessica rumbled lacing her arms around Sakura and pulling the two women together. Jessica's breasts easily dwarfed Sakura's bee stings but both of them loved the sensation of grinding their bare breasts together when they kissed. "It's already hot, it just needs a little stoking." IT wasn't in Jessica to be subtle. She took Sakura's hand and thrust it down between her legs moaning suggestively at the same point. "You know how to start a fire don't you? By rubbing two sticks together?"

Sakura took the hint clearly enough pushing a pair of fingers into her partner's twat. Two was enough for a moment, in and out, twisting, curling and reaching every sensitive spot she was aware of. Sakura quickly moved her tongue into position to dance closer, over Jessica's inner thighs and down closer to her lips. Each time her soft lips got closer Jessica moaned and squirmed trying to get hips in the right position. Sakura's tongue danced away though each time though, never quite letting Jessica get the pleasure she ached for. Sakura's tongue moved expertly over Jessica's clit, thrusting, twisting and spinning over her clit. She ignored Jessica's legs slowly wrapping around her head squeezing each time Sakura's tongue grazed her just right. Jessica's hands slowly slipped down over her body caressing her breasts and over her smooth stomach down to tangle in Sakura's dirty blonde hair. She tangled her fingers in Sakura's hair pulling her closer to her. Sakura responded by holding her tongue firmly and thrusting it into Jessica wriggling it around inside her.

Jessica's legs clenched as she felt the electricity down to the very tips of her curled toes. Her pussy clenched down around Sakura's tongue trying to pull her farther inside her. Jessica's beautiful brown eyes were clenched shut like her teeth so the only sound escaping her lips was a suppressed moan. Finally her body collapsed down onto the sleeping bag and Sakura's hair slipped from her grasp. "Oh my god." Jessica smiled looking down at Sakura's smiling face.

The Asian gave one last parting lick before moving up into her lover's arms and kissing her cheek gently. "You're yummy."

"Don't say that!" Jessica said slapping Sakura's arm playfully.

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