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Going Goth


"Those inconsiderate little bastards," Brittany Crawford muttered as the headlights on her Chevrolet Caprice illuminated the driveway of her home crammed full of cars. Her younger sister Nicole was having another party with those creepy friends of hers and now she'd have to park in the alley. She hated parking in the alley because old Mr. Leonard would always be afraid to pass her in his ancient Chrysler and come knocking on the door asking her to move.

She drove around to the alley, then carefully down and parked by a gate in the high board fence that enclosed the back yard. Removing her radio, she shouldered her back pack, locked the car, unlocked the gate, went in, relocked it and trudged across the frosty lawn to the back door.

Brittany could hear the discordant sound of Goth music playing at full volume on her father's sound system when she was halfway across the yard; it put her teeth on edge. He'd have a cow if he knew someone was touching 'his baby'. She was two years older than her sister and her friends, most of which had or were close to turning eighteen, yet she felt immeasurably older than them.

She unlocked the back door, entered, relocked it and put her backpack and radio on the bench in the mud room. Removing her boots and jacket she padded into the kitchen in her stocking feet basking in the warmth.

Looking around disgustedly at the empty pizza boxes, snack food bags, soda and beer cans and spilled food that littered the kitchen table and counters, she filled the tea kettle, lit a burner on the stove, placed the kettle upon it and began looking for some tea in an adjacent cabinet. Finding some, she took a teacup from the rack, a teaspoon from a drawer and the sugar bowl from the counter and carried them to the table nudging a clear space among all the debris.

Closing the kitchen door to block some of the noise from the family room, she sank gratefully into a kitchen chair, rested her elbows on the table, held her head in her hands and sighed. Between working all day at the Bargain Barn and attending classes at night at the local Community College, she returned home most nights bone tired.

For the millionth time she regretted her partying through high school and barely graduating at the bottom of her class. Her parents had envisioned her going to the state university since they were alumnus of said institution, but with her dismal academic record she was lucky to be accepted at the community college on academic probation.

Brittany sprang to the stove as the teakettle began to shriek hoping no one at the party heard the noise. In the mood she was in, she wanted no part of those pasty faced, gloomily dressed Goth friends of Nicole's. She prepared a cup of tea with her customary spoonful of sugar, sat down and sipped it thoughtfully. If she could maintain her high GPA for two more semesters, she would apply at state again and hopefully this time she'd be accepted. It would be great to live someplace new and not in her parent's house.

Her reverie was interrupted by the kitchen door banging open. Her sister Nicole barged into the room carrying an ice bucket, weaving slightly with a silly grin on her face. "Hi sis," she chirped, her speech slurred, "Come join the party." Brittany shook her head in annoyance; Dad had said no beer or liquor at any party in his house, yet here Nicole was, tipsy and, she feared, talkative.

"No thanks, Niki," She replied, "I'm beat. I'm gonna shower and go to bed."

"Aw c'mon sis, everybody wants ta see ya, ta see my sexy big sister," Nicole said, opening the refrigerator's freezer and removing a container of ice. She attempted to fill the ice bucket and spilled half the ice on the floor, the cubes skittering everywhere on the shiny vinyl. "Whoops, shorry," she said, hiccuped and then giggled, "I only had one beer, honest."

Muttering to herself, Brittany took a broom and dustpan from the closet and began picking up the errant ice cubes. Nicole collapsed into a kitchen chair and watched her sister with a vacant look on her face. She was dressed in what Brittany referred to as "Slut Goth" attire; white face makeup, black lipstick, heavy eye liner, black tank top, short black miniskirt, black fishnet stockings and black thigh high boots. Her naturally blonde hair was streaked with black and hung straight down her back to her waist. With her legs splayed apart, Brittany could see her black thong panties clearly and she wore no bra, allowing her firm breasts to move about under the thin material of her tank top, stiff nipples plainly visible.

"If Dad finds out you've been drinking in the house he's gonna have a fit," Brittany said, dropping the last of the ice cubes in the sink and putting the mop and dustpan back in the closet. "Your butt will be grounded until you graduate this summer."

"You aren't gonna tell'im are ya," Nicole said, frowning. "We're only havin' some fun, yanno."

"No, I'm not gonna tell him," Brittany replied, "But you and your wannabe Vampire friends better clean this place up and get rid of the evidence, 'cause I'm sure not gonna do it."

"Yeah, yeah, we'll clean it up," Nicole said, lurching to her feet, grabbing the half-filled ice bucket and wobbling out the door. Brittany sighed, sipped her tea which had grown cold and went to warm it in the microwave.

"Hi, Brit," said a voice behind her. She turned to see Niki's best friend Theresa standing in the doorway, "Can I have a drink of water?"

"Sure, Teri," Brittany replied, "Help yourself."

Teri was dressed similarly to Niki, except her stockings were patterned and her shiny black hair was cut in a stylish bob that framed her heart shaped white face. Her black lipstick and kohl rimmed grey eyes gave her the appearance of a demonic angel. The black tank top she wore was tight against her braless jutting breasts and her stiff nipples were clearly visible against the fabric.

Brittany saw Teri was walking unsteadily and was afraid she'd drop the glass into the sink. She filled it successfully, took a drink, turned around, leaned against the counter and grinned at the now seated older girl.

"You should come in and dance with me ... I mean us," she said happily.

"Thanks, Teri, but I'm very tired, some other time, maybe."

Teri frowned, "Aw, just one dance, c'mon. We'll dance slow, it'll be fun." She stood unsteadily before Brittany, took hold of her hand and attempted to pull her to her feet. Brittany resisted then thought 'Maybe if I dance with her she'll go back to the party and leave me alone'.

Brittany was surprised when Teri held her tight, took the lead and began to whirl them about the room, humming a tune Brittany didn't know. Teri's body was warm against her own, her rigid nipples poking Brittany's own generous breasts. As they danced, Teri rubbed her pelvis against Brittany and she was becoming aroused in spite of herself.

"Y'r very pretty, y'know that?" Teri said her breath hot on Brittany's neck.

"You're very pretty yourself, Teri," Brittany replied, her arm sliding lower on the girl's waist holding her tightly. She was enjoying this. The young girl's perfume was subtle and erotic and her hair smelled wonderful.

"Y'think I'm pretty?" Teri said happily. "You're so sweet to say that. I always thought you we're pretty even when I was a kid." She giggled, "I had the biggest crush on you then."

'Something's telling me she still does," Brittany thought wryly, then gasped as a wet tongue licked her earlobe. They continued to dance about, Teri humming and Brittany becoming more aroused by the second, her panties were damp and the feel of the girl's body was intoxicating. Teri was becoming excited as well; her nipples were rock hard rubbing against Brittany's stiffened peaks and her breathing had become shallow.

Teri stopped dancing and kissed Brittany hard; tongue seeking entrance to her dance partners mouth. Brittany met Teri's tongue with her own and they explored each other's saliva filled mouths, grinding their lips together. Teri pushed Brittany's hand down on her ass and moaned as the girl's palm encountered warm flesh, she wore no panties and wiggled her butt cheek seductively.

Brittany was rapidly losing control. She had never kissed a girl before, much less felt her up, but the feel of Teri's firm ass, her soft lips and wiggling tongue were awakening feelings in her she never knew she had. Teri had her hand on Brittany's ass, squeezing her firm flesh through the denim material. They rubbed their pussies together getting wetter and wetter, deep kissing and moaning into the others mouth.

"Hey, you guys got any more beer?"

A tall, slightly built young man dressed in a Victorian mourning suit burst through the door and stopped dead looking at the girls locked in an embrace and kissing hungrily. They jumped apart as if electrocuted and began smoothing their clothing. "There ... there's some in the cooler on the porch," Teri stammered; Brittany said nothing but felt herself blushing profusely. The boy turned and left leaving the girls staring at one another.

Teri moved forward, took Brittany's face in her hands, kissed her gently on the lips, said "I'll see you later, baby" and ran out the door. Brittany, moving as in a daze, went to the stove, removed the kettle from the burner, washed and dried her teacup, put it in the cabinet and leaned her head against the polished oak door. "What just happened here?" she said aloud.


Lying in her bed, Brittany couldn't seem to go to sleep, her mind racing as thoughts of what had happened earlier in the kitchen made her feel warm all over, her palm still tingling where it had rested on the warm globe of Teri's firm ass. What the hell was going on? She didn't like girls in that way, but with Teri it seemed so right. 'She's just a kid', she thought, 'I'm no cradle robber'. Still, her lips were so warm and full against her own, her velvety tongue sliding over her teeth and meshing so sexily with her own, the way her body felt against hers, firm and soft and yearning ... she bit her lip as she rolled her stiff nipple between her thumb and forefinger, sending jolts of pleasure through her body as her other hand crept down her body, slipped past the elastic waistband of her panties, over her shaved mons and teasingly circled her throbbing clit.

In her mind it was Teri's fingers pleasing her, rubbing her pussy lips, then her clit, stroking the heated flesh causing her to moan and gasp. She slipped a finger into her increasingly wet pussy and moved it around, caressing the oh-so-sensitive pink flesh, driving her wild. Another finger joined the first, searching for the spongy pad just inside her throbbing cunt that made her shudder in delight when she rubbed it. She began pulling on her increasingly sensitive nipple, loving the pleasure pain that shot directly to her gooey pussy. She could feel a trickle of her juices rolling down into the crack of her ass, wishing she had something to push into the puckered hole.

Brittany's fingers worked faster in her pussy, her hips rising from the bed as her passions rose and she felt the first tremors of a powerful orgasm building deep inside her. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and sucked her juices from them, mauling her breasts and rubbing her thighs together, further stimulating her throbbing clit. She spread her legs wide, dipped her fingers in her juices and began to rub her swollen clit furiously, wanting to cum and cum.

Her orgasm hit her like a thunderbolt; arching her back, her body shaking in spasms of ecstasy. She pushed the fingers of her other hand deep inside her gushing pussy, pumping furiously, frigging her clit as her orgasm went on and on, screaming "Oh God, fuck me Teri, fuck me," until she collapsed, breathing heavily, a flood of cum pooling under her ass, soaking the sheet and mattress. She was suddenly afraid; what if someone had heard her screaming, especially screaming Teri's name? She listened, but heard nothing. Relieved, Brittany slid away from the wet spot, licked her fingers clean, stripped off her soaked panties and went instantly to sleep.


Music from her clock radio roused Brittany from her slumber. She sat up in bed, yawned and stretched, her pussy and nipples still tingling from the night before. After a hot shower, she toweled herself dry and combed her blonde hair out before the bathroom mirror letting it air dry. After putting on her bra and panties, she was looking in her closet for a clean Bargain Barn t-shirt and a pair of jeans when Niki strolled into the room with a cheery "Hi sis," wearing only a sheer peignoir and no panties. She hopped up on the bed her palm landing on the wet spot in the sheet, went "Ew!" slid away from it and sat cross legged, her shaved pussy on sexy display.

"Hi squirt," Brittany replied, "That was quite a party you had last night."

"Yeah, it was. It wasn't my idea to bring the beer, y'know."

"It sure didn't stop you from having some of it."

"A lot of it actually. Hangovers are a bitch."

Niki was silent for a few minutes while Brittany finished dressing, and then said "She's hot for you, y'know."

"Who is?" Brittany replied, knowing exactly who Niki was referring to.

"Teri. She's had the hots for you, since like, forever," Niki said, grinning.

"Oh really," Brittany replied, irritably, "Just how do you know?"

"We're BFF's, we tell each other everything, besides, you shoulda' seen her last night after you guys made out in the kitchen. She was all hot and bothered and her pussy was soaked."

Brittany was blushing and becoming aroused remembering their encounter and she snapped "We were not making out, she asked me to dance, so we danced that's all."

Niki snickered, "That's not what Ronnie said. He said you guys were sucking face and grabbing ass."

Brittany felt herself getting more embarrassed, a flush creeping over her face. "Well, yeah, she did kiss me, but she was drunk, she didn't know what she was doing."

"Whatevah," Niki replied. "Actually, I think it's neat, I mean my big sister and my best friend lezzing out like that, it's hot."

"We were not lezzing out," Brittany shouted, "Stop saying that!"

"Hee, maybe you weren't but she sure was. She's got it bad for you."

"I gotta go to work," Brittany said, rushing out the door. She'd had enough of this conversation. As she went down the hall, Niki stood in the doorway of her room calling to her in a sing-song voice "Brit and Teri sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g ..."

"Fuck you!" Brittany snarled, slamming the front door shut.


A week passed, and then two as Brittany maintained her routine of working and attending college. She had noticed that her sister and Teri never hung out at their house any longer. Before, Teri was there all the time; the two of them were virtually inseparable. Niki wasn't around much either, so she must be at Teri's house. It was just as well Brittany thought, best to put that night in the kitchen out of her mind. Still, her thoughts wandered from time to time remembering how soft Teri's lips were and how her bare ass felt in her hand.


Brittany lifted the last case of dog food onto the shelf and sighed. She hated stocking shelves even more than being on the clean-up squad. She was happiest running a register where she could see and talk to people. Her hands, arms and back ached and she wished she could go home instead of attending classes tonight. She leaned against the shelving to rest for a moment when she saw Teri walking down the aisle toward her. Her approach seemed tentative and Brittany wondered what the problem was.

Teri was dressed all in black, as usual, and Brittany thought she looked cute in her outfit. As she drew closer, Brittany saw that her face was drawn beneath her white makeup and her eyes were red as if she'd been crying. She stopped before her and, lip trembling, she asked in a soft voice "Are you mad at me?"

Brittany felt sorry for the young girl and replied "Of course not, Teri. Why do you think so?"

"Y ... you n...never called me, or texted me or anything," she replied sadly, "I thought you were mad at me for what we did in the kitchen that night." Her eyes filled and tears ran down her cheeks, coursing through her make-up.

Brittany pulled a handkerchief from her jean pocket and dabbed at the sniffling girl's cheeks, blotting up the tears. "I didn't think I was supposed to call, sweetie. I'm sorry if I upset you." She felt the urge to take the girl into her arms and comfort her, but certainly not in the aisle of the Bargain Barn.

"I thought it was so nice when we were together," Teri continued, trying to regain her composure, "You're a really good kisser."

"You're a darn good kisser yourself," Brittany replied with a grin. "You really got me hot."

'Oh my God', she thought, 'did I just say that to her? I must be losing it!'

"I did?" Teri said, brightening considerably, "You get me hot just seeing you."

Brittany didn't like where this conversation was going so she said "What are you doing here; you shopping or what?"

Teri shifted nervously from one foot to the other and said "I asked Keri if you were working today and she said yes. I came by to see if you were still angry with me. Now I know you're not and that makes me happy."

"Aw, I could never be mad at you sweetie," Brittany replied, stroking the girl's cheek. Teri smiled and brought her hand up to hold Brittany's against her face, then she kissed her fingers one by one and sighed.

'Crap, here we go again', Brittany thought and said "I should get back to work, Teri."

"I know, I just wondered if you'd like to come over to my house this Saturday night. I'm having some friends over to play games and listen to music."

Brittany wondered what sort of games they would be playing and said "That's awfully nice of you, sweetie, but I don't think I'd fit in very well with your group."

"Sure you would," Teri said, "Everybody knows you; the guys are real nice and the girls too, say you'll come over, please."

She looked so eager Brittany just couldn't say no. "Okay, I'll be there, what time?"

Teri jumped up and clapped her hands "Yay! Seven o'clock too soon?"

"I get off here at five so it won't be a problem," Brittany replied, Teri looked so adorable when she smiled and her eyes sparkled. She felt the urge to kiss her, but Teri beat her to it. Her lips were soft and warm and Brittany welcomed her tongue into her mouth as Teri welcomed hers. They parted reluctantly realizing where they were and Teri said happily "Thanks so much, Brit. We're gonna have so much fun," then turned and practically skipped down the aisle, waving 'Bye' over her shoulder.

Brittany watched her go and the thought rose unbidden into her mind 'She's so cute and sexy'. She shook her head to clear it and went back to stocking shelves already looking forward to Saturday night.


Searching for just the right outfit to wear to the party, Brittany settled on a skirt and blouse combination in bright colors and tied her hair back in a ponytail. Feeling daring, she decided to go braless and wore only a wispy thong. The feel of her nipples rubbing on the silky material of her blouse felt so erotic. Carefully applying her makeup in the bathroom mirror the thought struck her 'It's like I'm going on a date.' Slipping into a pair of yellow pumps, she walked down to Keri's room to see if she wanted a ride to the party but she was gone. 'Left already I guess' she thought and shrugged; she'd see her there anyway.


When Brittany arrived at Teri's house, the driveway was empty. "Looks like I'm the first one here" she mused aloud as she parked her car, locked it, climbed the front porch stairs and rang the doorbell. "Just a minute," Teri called from inside the house, then there was the sound of running feet and the door flew open, revealing a breathless Teri practically falling into Brittany's arms.

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