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Camping Night


Author's note: First of all, I would like to thank Isobael for the kind help and editing! She is just great! :-)


Of course she knew exactly what he was; he told her when they began to realize that their friendship may have become something more over the years. Quite a shock that was -- but one just gets used to things.

Love helps a lot, actually.

Recently, in the warm spring and summer full moon nights, they went out to camp in the woods near the city. They really had to be careful, not to bump into other campers, but still, these were amazing times: playing some hide-and seek, walking in the starlight or just sitting under the moon, holding hands and talking about things not meant to be mentioned by daylight.

Although they had a small tent, they almost always slept outside in the double-sized sleeping bag, which meant human form for him.

That cloudy night the thunderstorm came and went in ten minutes -- just enough for them to get soaked until they reached the tent. They had no towel or sweater, so she just peeled her jeans and t-shirt off her, crawled into the sleeping bag, teeth chattering from cold, fuming as she saw him also nude but not the least bit cold -- and most amused.

"You better stop laughing and try to warm me up," she said finally. "I don't want to catch pneumonia."

That had the effect; he also slid into the sleeping bag and hugged her tightly. Since they were both nude, this could have been arousing as usual, but at that moment she was so cold, she could not think about wanting more of his body than its temperature. She wrapped herself around his, getting as close as only possible, but it did not help; her shivering did not ease.

"I am going to freeze," she stuttered.

"You most certainly are not," he said, even now with a smile in his voice. "Just let me off for a second."

She unwillingly did as she was told, not wanting to let the source of the warmth leave even for a second, although she knew what he was about to do and appreciated the idea. It was no news for her, she already had seen the whole show many times, so she only gave a pleased sigh when he lay back beside her, already in his wolf form.

Now that was warm enough. She snuggled herself with him, burying her fingers and face into the dark grey fur and whispered thanks before she was off to sleep.

She woke just before dawn. Although she turned around in sleep, she could feel him at her back, still in his wolf form, in a strange, but comfortable spooning position. She smiled sleepily, feeling protected, loved and warm -- and then, with the awakeness, she realized how very nude she was and that he was awake already too, in more than one sense.

She drew a short breath, almost a hiccough. They have never ever done it this way before, although naturally she had been having embarrasing thoughts about it. And she knew all too well, that there will be no more chances. If rejected, he would understand nonetheless, but won't let it go so far, ever again.

Of course it was not only a choice of the mind. Her body tensed in response, and her speeding heart missed a beat, because she was fully aware that he would notice everything.

A second of silence filled her. Afraid she was not - what of? He would just no way hurt her. And there is no one near, who could walk in on them, otherwise he would have noticed and changed back already.

So what? Societal measures?

Screw them, screw them all, she thought, this one is mine, and I take it.

She moved her leg just a bit, like she was still asleep, exposing herself and drawing nearer him at the same time. She felt his breath speeding up as his shaft got now exactly to the right place to enter, yet nothing happened.

She took a deep breath. "Yes, please, yes," she whispered almost inaudibly, but he did hear. A quick motion and he was inside her, so rash that she gave an involuntarily whimper. He stopped frozen.

It was no surprise or pain, just pleasure.

"Don't you dare to stop now," she breathed, and he obeyed, entering again, this time deeper, working his way in with long, almost cruelly slow movements, which along with the strange, extreme sensuality of the whole situation made her writhe underneath him, wanting no more foreplay, no more of him being so careful, just faster, harder, more, yet his rythm did not change the slightest.

She tried but couldn't move from her trapped position to gather control, and this turned her on even more although usually she did not like such games. Pinned to the ground, all she was able to do was to grab the sleeping bag with both hands, holding on, burying her face into it, not to cry out loudly as the slow, slow waves of pleasure washed over her again and again, higher and higher, until she felt she would melt and evaporate because her body could not bear any more. Her nails dug into the material of the bag, and she cried out as her climax hit her; all her muscles spasmed, she lost the whole world around them except for him and his pleasure, for her orgasm did bring him over the edge too, and with a low growl he shot his hot load into her.

Then she only laid trembling there, wrapped in love and warmth of pleasure again, still unable to move, but feeling no need to either. She knew that now he would take his human form, they will decamp and go home -- but she also knew that life is long and there will be more rainy full-moon nights in the woods.

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