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Yeti Love


This was my first mountain climbing expedition to the Himalayas. I had climbed smaller peaks in the States, but now I was heading to the big leagues. I was also going to be the only female on this trip. That always causes problems, but I planned on getting to the top. We made it into Nepal and then took a plane to a remote landing strip. It was another two weeks before we arrived at base camp.

Before I knew it, we had arrived at the first camp on the mountain. As the only female I got a tent all to myself which was great. The first night on the mountain the wind was really whipping up. I snuggled into my sleep bag and tried to get warm. I just couldn't fall asleep. Then I felt my tent starting to move. I thought the wind was going to tear it apart, then I heard a ripping noise.

I got out of my tent in a hurry only to see an opening in my tent and a large hairy arm coming through. I froze where I was and I nearly screamed. I was suddenly pulled out of the tent only to look up at a hairy monster. It was a yeti from what I understood about those creatures. He threw me over his shoulder and we took off. I tried to scream, but the wind was too loud. No one heard me. I must have passed out shortly after.

When I awoke I found myself in a large cave. I was resting on bed of tree branches. Where they came from I could only guess. It wasn't but a few minutes then the yeti who captured me entered the cave. He was huge, almost seven feet tall. He had long brown hair on his body and I could smell a foul odor coming from him.

I tried to slink away, but he walked over to me and started to howl. I got really scared. I thought he was going to kill me and use me as his food. The yeti started to paw at me and pulled my coat off. He wasn't so gentle with my undergarments. He literally shredded them with the long nails of his fingers. I was lying there naked with only my boots still on.

He lowered his head and started to sniff me. I looked over and saw something that really scared me. This yeti's cock was hard. It must have been nearly a foot long. It was dripping from the tip of his monstrous cock. It was also very thick. The yeti reach down and grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs apart.

"No please, don't!" I was crying out to him. That wasn't going to stop him, but I didn't know what else to do. He got down on his knees. That big yeti cock was aimed right for my opening. He push the head of his cock to my folds and then he entered me. I nearly passed out again. It hurt like hell, that giant prick was splitting me open.

This yeti didn't fuck gently either. He was trying to feed me every inch of his rod. I don't know how, but he finally got his cock into me almost all the way. It felt like a large tree branch was stuck in me. Then he started to fuck me hard. I started to scream immediately, but that only seemed to get him more excited. The yeti had my legs pushed back and he drove that huge dick into me as hard as he could.

I am ashamed to say that I was orgasming as he took me. I was gushing my womanly juices all over that yeti cock. He had me cumming like crazy. Once I had squirted my juices on his cock he roared and flooded me with his yeti cum. It was if someone poured a bucket of fluid into me. My pussy had a tight hold on his dick and I was milking all his seed from him.

He managed to cum for almost ten minutes straight it seemed. When he finally pulled out all his seed came gushed out of my pussy. I was lying there just shaking like mad. My yeti lover got up and walked to the opening of the cave. Two other yeti stepped inside. They made some grunting noises between themselves then the other two walked over to me. They both sniffed at me and started to howl like wild animals.

One yeti came over and grabbed me by the waist with his big hands. He picked me up as if I were a piece of paper on the ground. He smelled horribly, a wild musky scent. I looked down and saw he was hard also. Not at long as the first yeti, but big enough. He held me up right above his swollen yeti cock and then he lowered me onto his crown. He then thrust into me. I nearly lost my breath.

He began fucking like a crazy person might. I felt his hard prod stretching my pussy once more. He just lifted my body and then pounded me with that hard yeti cock. I felt like a rag dog as he took me as his yeti friend had. I was losing control of myself. I came again. When I did cum that made him fuck harder. I lost count how long he fucked me until I felt his hot load shooting into my belly. Again the cum came pouring out of me.

He finally lifted me up off his thick yeti cock and dropped me to the floor. I was totally spent, but it didn't matter. The third yeti came over and flipped me onto my stomach. He pulled me onto my hands and knees and he mounted me. I was so full of yeti cum he actually slid into me easily. Once more I was taken. This yeti howled wildly as he jammed his yeti rod into me. This time was the worst as my pussy felt all raw from the previous two fuckings.

He had his large paws on my waist as he pounded me. I didn't think it possible, but I came again. I had no idea where all my cum was stored, but he aroused me even more than the previous yetis. He seemed to be younger and smaller than the other two, but he fucked me the longest. We both were moaning by the time he gave me his hot yeti juice. He drove his cock all the way in and just held it there as he flooded me.

This time I did pass out. When I awoke the cave was silent. I could barely get to my feet, I ached so much. I reached down and felt myself. Yeti cum was dribbling out of my pussy and I could tell my pussy lips were all raw and swollen. I found my coat and I pulled it on. I went to the cave opening and there were no sign of yetis. I figured this was my one chance and I started to run.

I was exhausted, but I kept going. I was scared if they caught me I would become their fuck slave for good. I tried to walk in the general direction of where I thought the mountain might be. Luckily, it seemed as if the yeti cave was only a few miles walk from base camp. I was so weak I could barely raise my voice to let anyone know I was there.

I fell to the ground and soon I was found by some of the camp staff. They questioned me as to where I had been, what had happened to me these past days.

All I could manage was a weak, "Yetis took me."

They all gave me a curious look, but they could see the state I was in. Soon I was sleeping and they called a helicopter to fly me out, I was so wasted. It wasn't long until I was flying back home. I became a hermit. I didn't want to see anyone or try to explain that three yetis had raped me. Even some male friends called and I wouldn't talk to them. I just wanted to be alone.

Every night I would have the same dream. I kept seeing those yetis fucking me and I would wake up and my pussy would be all wet. Could it have been that I still wanted to be fucked by them? I thought I was close to insanity. A few months finally went by and I started to come around, but I didn't get my period.

I got worried so I went the the drug store and bought a pregnancy kit. Sure enough I tested positive for being pregnant. I nearly went out of my mind. The only sex I had had was with those three yeti wild men. I had to be pregnant by one of them. Now I am sitting frantically wondering what to do. I am beginning to show and I can't imagine what will come out of me if I deliver this baby. What would you do?

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